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I’ve been itching to share my experience with True Botanical’s newest launch- The Basics Collection.  The whole True Botanical’s line is just crazy good in itself.  The premise of the Basics line is to keep things simple.  Designed for younger skin that’s wanting to prevent future signs of aging.  The Basics line provides your skin with all the antioxidants it needs.  The line is completely safe for pregnant women and uses less essential oils compared to their other lines.  Oh and did I mention the line is also budget friendly?  It retails for 30% less! Yeah, you can get this whole skincare line- 4 products for $192!  So for under $200 you’re getting a cleanser, toner, hydrating serum and hydrating oil- kind of crazy!  And if you use my discount code- SUZITRUE20 you could save another $20 for any first time purchase over $40+.

This skincare line is going to give your skin all the nutrients it needs to combat early signs of aging.  Now I’m not in my 20’s anymore(cough, cough) but I’m closer to them then 40 so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about with their new line.  Well, let’s just say it didn’t disappoint.  In fact, I found myself reaching for it again and again.  I may not be 21 but this collection made my skin feel like it was back in my 20’s!  You can read about my past experience with True Botanical’s here.

Hydrating Cleanser-

This cleanser is one of my new favorite cleansers.  I had some other cleansers I needed to review but I kept wanting to use this one because it was so good.  It is a milky consistency and smells so light.  I get my face damp and then add the cleanser to my face in circular motions.  It not only gets all my makeup off-yes mascara included but leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not stripped.  I wish I could let you all sample some to see how great it makes your skin feel!  I’m addicted to it!  And the price…crazy good!  $32!!  I mean you can’t beat that price.  Snag your Hydrating Cleanser here!

Hydrating Mist-

Love this mist too.  A lot of mists are water based but not this one.  It’s full of green and white tea that offer straight nutrients to your skin.  The mist goes deep into your skin’s layers to hydrate.  The mist is also anti-inflammatory, soothing and delivers some serious anti-aging ingredients to your skin.  I love the aloe they put in it.  Feels so cool and hydrating to the skin.  Oh and the price is only $22- can’t get enough!  Get your Hydrating Mist here! 

Hydrating Serum-

This serum gives your skin a serious shot of nutrients!  A lot of serums on the market just sit on top of your skin- essentially doing nothing for it.  This serum is the opposite.  It penetrates deep into the skin with ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, sodium alginate and green and white tea leaf extract.  These ingredients help provide your skin with lasting hydration, help improve skin texture and give it antioxidants to help protect it from stress and damage.  I use it after cleansing, misting and the oil.  The perfect finishing product!  Grab it here!

Hydrating Oil-

Last but not least the Hydrating Oil.  This oil is power packed as well.  It hydrates your skin but doesn’t leave it feeling greasy.  I apply it before the Hydrating Serum and after the mist.  This oil not only hydrates your skin but helps protect it from the elements.  It’s full of so many power house oils, like chia seed, jojoba seed, red raspberry seed, hemp seed and green tea seed.  My skin drank this up and felt so balanced afterwards.  I would wake up with happy, calm, moist skin.  Get your Hydrating Oil here!

That sums up my True Botanical’s Basics Collection review.  This line is SO good.  It not only is clean, and performs, but also is budget friendly.  Need I say more??  You can even save money by buying them bundled together.  They offer different bundles depending on what you want.  Also, don’t forget to use my coupon code: SUZITRUE20 to save yourself $20 off any first time purchase over $40+!  Get your Basics Collection here!

Have you tried the Basics Collection?