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So excited to share my Back to Basics Box Review.  They launched their first box in November of last year, and let’s just say each box is a treasure chest!  The Back to Basics Box might seem like the new kid in town, but you wouldn’t know it with their top non-toxic product picks.

So what’s The Back to Basics Box all about?  Allow me to explain.

There are 3 options when choosing a Back to Basics Box:

  1. Household Combo (45.99) which includes 6 products- 2 women’s beauty products, 2 men’s beauty products and 2 household cleaning products
  2. Eco Chic Chica (29.99)which includes 2 women’s beauty products and 2 household cleaning products
  3. Go Green Gent (29.99)which include 2 men’s beauty products and 2 household cleaning products

I first heard about The Back to Basics Box from my friend who was friends with the founder, Ashleigh.  I interviewed Ashleigh on my podcast a few months ago and was blown away by her own personal health journey.  In a nutshell, she tells the story of how she went from being confined to a wheel chair, to thriving in her health using homeopathic medicine.  You can check out her full story on my podcast here.  Today she is a homeopathic practitioner.  She realized much of her days as a practitioner were spent detoxing people’s homes and wanted to do something about it.  She then created The Back to Basics Box in hopes that it would help people easily detoxify their everyday lives.

I just love the whole mission and mandate behind the box.  Back to Basics takes you on a journey each month through your personal care products, and cleaning products, to create a healthier toxin free life.  They take the guesswork out it.  They’ve vetted and scrutinized each product to bring you the very best in each box.  After a year, you will have completely detoxified your life!  Finding clean and healthier options can seem daunting and overwhelming, but Back to Basics makes it so easy.  Each month they not only give you the products, but also give you a card for each item listing why you should swap it out.  I love the education they provide!

I truly believe in this box.  Often subscription boxes can just lay around the house and products don’t get used.  Not the case with The Back to Basics Box.  You truly will use all the products in each box!  The box is so practical in nature and doesn’t repeat itself with the same products.  I’m always excited to see what’s in each box, because I know it’s products I’ll actually use!

On to the review!  I couldn’t wait to share my experience with this month’s Eco Chic Chica Box.

True Cleaner-

This all purpose cleaner is in a league of it’s own.  It uses only 5 real ingredients to clean surfaces.  You won’t have to worry about breathing in toxic chemicals or be concerned about touching the counters after use.  Plus, it smells minty fresh!  It left my granite countertops sparkling clean, my daughter’s desk perfectly white and my bathroom all shiny.  This stuff is SO amazing!  It comes with the 5 ingredients in the spray bottle.  All you have to do is fill the rest with tap water and shake it up.  I love that you can virtually use it on anything- from countertops, windows, bathrooms, and appliances.  I’m slightly addicted to this new found fave and will be using it from now on!

Organ(y)c Cotton Rounds-

I was so excited to see these rounds in this month’s box!  Not only are they made with 100% organic cotton but they’re so soft too.  I had been looking for a replacement for when I travel.  I typically use a reusable cotton round for removing my eye makeup with and to apply toner.  However, I like something that’s disposable when I travel.  This is the perfect solution!  Not only does it remove my eye makeup easily, but there are no random cotton pieces leftover on my face.  These are also great for those with sensitive skin.

Au Naturale Lip Gloss in Passionfruit-

I haven’t tried any of the new lip glosses from Au Naturale and was excited to see them in the box.  The formula on these is just so smooth- the perfect consistency for a gloss.  It doesn’t feel gunky at all.  Plus, it smells like fruit-so good!  The color Passionfruit is a great dusty pink hue that will virtually look flawless on anyone.  I was sold when I saw it!  I can’t tell you how many people have asked what color I am wearing on my lips- it’s so pretty.

Erbaviva Buzz Spray-

Where has this been all my life?!  But really!  I’m not a DIY kind of gal, most of you know this by now.  But I hadn’t found a bug spray that was clean without having to whip up my own.  This makes life so much easier!  Erbaviva uses a mix of organic and biodynamic essential oils that have been proven to ward off all the bugs.  Just spritz yourself and your clothes before going outside.  I usually get bitten if I’m outside at night, especially in the summer, but not when I used this!  I literally had not one bug bite- I’m sold!  Everyone needs this in their life…everyone.

That sums up my review of the July Eco Chic Chica Back to Basics Box.  I can’t stress to you how practical this box is.  It will help you detoxify your life stress free!  Sign up for a Back to Basics Box here!

Have you heard of any of these products?

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