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Another month, brings a new Beauty Heroes Discovery!  Love this time of the month.  I get giddy to see what's in my Beauty Hero Box.  It never gets old.  This month it's all about Mahalo Skincare's newest addition- The Bean Antioxidant Mask.  Mahalo is a luxurious line all on it's own and I was excited to sample such a special creation!  If you are new to Beauty Heroes allow me to introduce you to my favorite green beauty box.

Beauty Heroes was founded by Jeannie Jarnot.  A longtime spa director herself and healthy beauty expert.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie at IBE, and she is truly one of the sweetest people.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty service that selects only the best clean beauty brands.  Each month you can find one to two full size truly heroic products in each box.  The products typically range from skincare to haircare products.  However, every 3 months Beauty Heroes offers a makeup box as well that’s optional for members or non-members.  I absolutely love their “Use Less, Love More” philosophy.  By only getting one or two products, you allow yourself to truly experience them.  Of course you can trust their picks, as they are strict on their integrity standards.  What’s not to love about this whole concept?  As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such a movement.

Before I spill the details on this month's heroic product, I have to fill you in on Mahalo Skincare itself.  Mahalo was founded by Maryna, after years of living a holistic lifestyle, she realized the connection between mindfulness and thankfulness.  She became aware of the connection they have to balance, which can be manifested within rituals of self care.  This brought her to the art of skincare and how taking time for oneself with luxurious skin treats is about as self giving as one can get.  She then formulated and created Mahalo Skincare- a line that is free from toxic chemicals and instead filled with clean, active ingredients that are found in the earth.

The line is oozing with luxury, from the bamboo wood container that houses the signature products, to the scents and performance.  I've sampled several of Mahalo's products in the past and one that stands out in particular as a fave is the Unveil Cleanser.  I remember gushing over it because it was and still is one of my favorite cleansers.

The Bean Antioxidant Mask did not disappoint.  It's filled with pure ingredients that literally are nourishing the skin as it sits on top of your face.  It like a thick mud but not drying like you might assume.  It goes on easy and then dries.  However, my skin doesn't feel dry after using it.  Instead, it feels like it just received a surge of adrenaline to the skin- in the best possible way!  I know, weird way to describe it but my skin was more awake and the blood flow to the skin was so apparent.  It was as if my skin had a good workout and was shining from the inside out.  It smells divine.  A sweet smell with notes of cacao and vanilla, ylang ylang and sandalwood.  My skin also feels much smoother, and clear.  It's evident the mask actually gets in and detoxifies the skin.

The ingredients in the mask are superb.  With antioxidants ingredients like cacao, asaxanthin, edelweiss, tomato lycopene, carrot, sandalwood, sea buckthorn and so many more!  The sidekick this month is the perfect companion to the mask, the Bamboo Treatment Brush.  This brush is made from synthetic fibers, and is great for applying masks in general.  The Bean Mask especially!

I would hop on this month's Beauty Hero Box if you haven't signed up- it's a good one and it's going to go fast!  I say it each time, but the value of Beauty Heroes is crazy good!  This month alone the value is $100!!  When you sign up for Beauty Heroes you're getting it for about $38.33!  I mean what are you waiting for?!  Sign up here!

Also, this month be sure to check out the Beauty Heroes Beauty Store.  Full of past heroic products and a ton of other green beauty must have items.  Every month Beauty Heroes offers a Love More Promotion.  This offer is for non-members and members.  During August only, customers can receive an exclusive Love More gift of their choice with their $75+ purchase. This gift with purchase is available to members and non-members who shop with us. The August Love More Promo Codes are as follows:

Sun Body Oil – Use Code LAUREL
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Get your shop on!  Have you used Mahalo's new mask?