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I’ve got some green beauty brands I’ve been wanting to yap about!  I recently discovered the green beauty store in Canada called Vossity.  This store not only offers some of the best of green beauty but products for men and baby!  Vossity was founded by two women, Avalon and Sanja.  They both discovered green beauty in different ways, each on their own path towards a cleaner lifestyle.  They quickly realized even though products might appear natural, they may not be.  Even now, they continue to research and read up on ingredients to get the best possible products.

I love their commitment to high ingredient standards.  On their website they have a “Ditch These Ingredients” list where they list ingredients, where you find them in products, and why you should ditch them.  It’s such a practical way to educate people on the dangers lurking in their everyday products.

I’m excited to see more and more online green beauty shops popping up!  It means the message is getting out and people are wanting cleaner products.  I had the privilege of sampling some of the green beauty products Vossity offers and couldn’t wait to tell you guys what I thought.

I’ve also teamed up with Vossity to offer 10% of using code: GOGREEN.  

Axiology Lipstick in Enlighten-

I was giddy opening up the Axiology lipstick!  I haven’t tried any of their lipsticks before but have heard amazing things!  Well, let’s just say it did not disappoint.  The formula is so creamy, hydrating and doesn’t bleed.  I didn’t even need to apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick.  The color Enlighten looks very daring when you’re just looking at it- I mean it looks purple, but it doesn’t look purple on! It’s a very pretty pastel hue- but not take me back to the 80’s pastel, a very cool modern take on the whole thing.  I can wear this color with so much- addicted!  I can’t wait to try more of Axiology’s lipsticks.  The formula and ingredients are some of the best I’ve found.  Check out Axiology’s Lipsticks here! (wearing Enlighten below)

Hush & Dotti Gel Eyeliner-

I was so excited to try this!  If you’ve been in green beauty long enough you know that gel liners are hard to come by and finding ones that work are even harder.  This one comes in one color- black.  It glides on the eyes so well.  I used my new Crunchi Eyeliner Brush and it worked perfectly. If you have a hard time getting the perfect wing on your liner, this may be your new best friend!  It’s so easy to work with that it’s virtually impossible to mess up.  Unlike liquid liner that requires some serious practice and a steady hand, this liner effortlessly glides on.  It makes doing liner not such a feat and so much quicker.  No waiting for the liner to dry like with liquid liner.  The longevity of the liner was the real test- and it passed!  I would put it on in the morning and it would last all day long- for real.  I used to be obsessed with MAC’s gel liners but since going green haven’t been able to find a gel liner I loved.  I finally found it!!  Check out the Hush & Dotti Gel Eyeliner here!  (wearing the eyeliner below) 

Wearing,  crunchi foundation in 2.5, and primer, Teri Miyahira Mascara, Crunchi eyeshadow in Curiosity, GIA Blush, Crunchi Bronzer and Crunchi Lipstick in Pure and Hynt Brow cream in Espresso

Herbivore After Sun Spray-

I’ve had my eye on this for a while.  Often most products for after sun care can have a lot of added chemicals.  This one is so simple in the ingredient list.  I also love that it comes in spray form- so easy to spritz on after a day being outside in the sun.  It feels so refreshing and cooling when it hits the skin.  With soothing ingredients like aloe, lavender and spearmint- your skin will feel well cared for.  I love the smell too!  I get notes of spearmint and lavender.  I recommend this for anyone who likes being outdoors and wants to replenish the skin after coming inside.  The perfect antidote!  Check out Herbivore’s After Sun Spray here!

Herbivore’s Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar-

This soap bar is perfect for dry or sensitive skin.  Often people with dry or sensitive skin hear the word clay and go running, but this clay is very mild and gentle in drawing out impurities.  It has a very nice citrus and floral scent, nothing overwhelming at all.  I used it for my face and body.  It cleaned my face so well, even removing my eye makeup.  My skin didn’t feel dry or parched at all after but balanced.  I also loved using it for a body wash- so refreshing.  This is a great all around soap bar to have in your skincare arsenal.  It would be great to travel with too- you only need one product for cleansing face and body!  Get your Herbivore Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar here!

Inheart essential oil perfume-

When I first smelled this perfume I was a little taken back.  It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I initially thought, oh I’m not going to like this.  Then I kept using it and found myself drawn to the scent.  It’s very refreshing and bright for a scent.  It wakes you up but then mellows out.  I love that it changes too as you wear it.  At first I get more notes of Vetiver, but as I wear it I smell the sandalwood more.  It comes in the prettiest glass rollerball.  Makes it so easy for application.  Perfect for stashing in your purse and taking with you wherever you go.  Since it contains no synthetic fragrance, you do have to reapply throughout the day.  It’s made with 100% pure essential oils.  They have two other scents too!  Check all of them out here! 

That sums up the goodies I tried from Vossity!  See anything you want to try?

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