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I've been itching to share all about W.E.L.L. Summit 2017!  It's in less than 3 months and will be here before we know it.  I really wanted to share with you guys about the event and ask you to join me for this special two day summit.  Many people never take time out for themselves, I know this because as a mom, I'm the first offender.  This event will help you take a step back and look at Wellness in every aspect of your life.  When do you get to take two days and focus on yourself?  Hardly ever.  Grab some friends and join me!  Curious what it's all about?  Keep reading to get the full scoop.

So what is the W.E.L.L. SUMMIT and why should you go?  Great question!  W.E.L.L. stands for Wellness, Empowerment, Learning and Luxury.  Imagine a two day event that focuses on self improvement.  From living well in your health, beauty, professional life, and taking some time to focus on you-this is W.E.L.L. Summit.  Experts in their fields take the stage and you get to glean from them wisdom and nuggets.  Not only will you get to hear them speak, but get up close and personal during break out sessions.  To say you’ll leave inspired would be an understatement! If you want to check out another blog post I wrote all about W.E.L.L. Summit, the schedule, and what I'm excited about- check out my post here.

Here are all the deets:

  • Summit dates Nov. 3-4, 2017 (Friday & Saturday)
  • W.E.L.L. Summit takes place in NYC
  • Grab a W.E.L.L. Discovery box-a special curated box filled with favorite W.E.L.L. brands.  An over $80 value for only $39.95! Snag your box here!


Friday Ticket- $199

Weekend Ticket-$349

VIP Ticket-$549

*VIP Ticket-(only 75 tickets available)includes VIP gift bag, overall a $150 more of free loot, VIP mentor session lunch Saturday, VIP lunch on Friday with tenoverten manicure bar, First access to register for breakout sessions on Saturday.


There are so many amazing speakers lined up- literally can't wait!!  There are a couple I wanted to highlight.  Phoebe Lapine is a wellness speaker, chef, and writer.  She wrote the book The Wellness Project.  It talks all about her journey through hashimotos and balancing it all.  As someone who has hashimotos, I'm fascinated to hear her speak and glean wisdom on how she makes it work in a fast paced lifestyle.  I also can't wait to hear from Kristine Keheley, the founder of Vapour Organic Beauty.  One of the first makeup companies in the green beauty world.  Can't wait to hear her story!    I also have my eye on Ksenia Avdulova.  She has her own blog where she posts amazing food recipes, wellness tips and travels.  As a fellow blogger, I love hearing from others who have chosen similar paths- so fun to learn how they do it!  There are so many more- take a look at the whole line up of speakers here! 

I also interviewed my friend Lisa from the blog This Organic Girl about her experience the last two years going to W.E.L.L. Summit.  She's sharing tips and advice as a veteran, where to eat, and places to check out while in NYC.  Plus, why she thinks everyone should attend!  Keep reading for all the deets!

1. Having attended W.E.L.L Summit 2 years already, is there something you look forward to every year?

I attended W.E.L.L. Summit on a whim two years ago. I saw something in my Facebook feed about a “Wellness Summit” in Boston and I asked around if anyone had heard anything about it. Because it was W.E.L.L's inaugural event – I didn't get any feedback about it but I just felt a pull towards this event for some reason. Like my own personal gravity was kicking in and was drawing me towards attending. I was on the fence about going because I didn't have anyone to go with and I didn't want to risk social equity by asking a friend to come with if it was a bust. So all of this to say, I went. Alone. And the most beautiful thing happened. The spirit of the W.E.L.L. Summit took over me. Conversations with strangers ignited like wildfire. Presenters looked me in the eye. People invested in me. I invested in others. Generosity overflowed. Grace took centerstage. It was a 12 hour experience of open minded learning + sharing. It was a personal and professional exchange like none I've ever experienced before. I was taken in and taken aback all at once. So needless to say I went back the following year. And here I am back for a third time. I look forward to all of this again and again and again.

2. What advice would you give to a newbie, that hasn't attended W.E.L.L. Summit?

Okay, good question. I have a few pieces of advice.

  • Record the speakers for your personal notes. This really helps me because it takes FOMO off my plate and I can just really relax, engage, listen and participate without being distracted by my notepad.
  • Bring your own coffee packs to make coffee in your room. I found myself on NYC time real quick which made for late nights and rushed mornings. The coffee lines were either too long or folks had to walk to a coffee shop – sometimes in the rain for a cup. Just sayin'.
  • Don't be afraid to talk and get ready to listen. Meaning, YOUR agenda? Leave it behind and see where the summit takes you. You never know. The conversation you had with that girl while waiting in line for 4pm tea? That could end up being your game changer. Come with an open mind and let fate take the reigns.
  • Take advantage of NYC! There are so many healthy and amazing places to eat plus fun things to do. I can't wait for a meal at Hu Kitchen, a ride at Peloton, a sesh at Y7 and maybe a walk on The High Line down to Chelsea Market.
  • If you are wondering which days to attend, do both if you can. But if you can only do one, it's Saturday ALL THE WAY!

3. What speakers are you most excited for?

Okay, you are breaking out the big guns now. So, this is always the hardest part of W.E.L.L. Summit. So many speakers, so little time! Attendees are given the opportunity to choose 6-7 speakers to listen to during breakout sessions. BUT there are often over 20 presenters! I mean, what is a girl to do!?

This list will change because new speakers are being confirmed as we speak. BUT I eat gluten-free and live with an auto-immune disease so I am REALLY excited to see Phoebe Lapine; gluten-free chef, culinary instructor and author speak. Also, being a woman and a small business owner I love following along with Cyndie Spiegel, she is all that and a bag of chips and I missed her sesh last year so maybe this is the year I will get to sit in on her talk! I saw they just added Rachel Pojednic, assistant professor of nutrition at Simmons College which is totally peaking my interest, not to mention Kristine Keheley!? Founder of Vapour Organic Beauty – um yeah, that's happening. I mean my list runeth over!

4. The Summit is a two day event. Do you think attendees should come a day early or stay a day later to help enjoy the experience more? And if so, any suggestions on things to do?

Do. It. All. Like, whatever you can afford, just go all-in! If you can come early take advantage of the city, see the sights, walk the city – NYC is so beautiful in the fall. Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Naked Cowboy – have fun being a tourist! That way you are freed up to be spontaneous when the summit starts and are mentally free go to lunch or dinner with new or old friends without feeling the pull of – oh shoot, I didn't get to do “that”! If you can stay a day on the other end it is nice to have a chance to debrief with a friend – or just sit with yourself and your own thoughts. It's a long two days emotionally and it really helps to talk about what you learned, experienced, how you were impacted, how you want to apply what you learned or just how things resonated with you. THAT'S the take away – the verbal processing. At least for me it is.

5. Since you're a veteran of W.E.L.L. Summit, why would you encourage someone to attend?

Um, see questions 1-4!? Ha ha! YES! Come! Suzi and I are so excited about attending this event together and we want to see you there too! If you come make sure you introduce yourselves to us! We want to meet you!

Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

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