Beauty Heroes October Discovery- Linne Botanicals

Beauty Heroes October Discovery- Linne Botanicals is here!   I was excited to see this brand in there!  I’ve only had one contact with Linne Botanicals before and loved the product.  Linne Botanicals products are made from botanical compounds.  The goal of the skincare company is to bring out your best skin.  They use ingredients across the world that are hand selected for their quality and performance.  And guess what?!  There’s not just one heroic product this month but two!  Beauty Heroes couldn’t decide which to make the signature heroic product because they were both so good, that they chose both!  If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Heroes keep reading to get the full scoop on this luxurious green beauty box.

Beauty Heroes was founded by Jeannie Jarnot.  A longtime spa director herself and healthy beauty expert.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie at IBE, and she is truly one of the sweetest people.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty service that selects only the best clean beauty brands.  Each month you can find one to two full size truly heroic products in each box.  The products typically range from skincare to haircare products.  However, every 3 months Beauty Heroes offers a makeup box as well that’s optional for members or non-members.  I absolutely love their “Use Less, Love More” philosophy.  By only getting one or two products, you allow yourself to truly experience them.  Of course you can trust their picks, as they are strict on their integrity standards.  What’s not to love about this whole concept?  As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such a movement.

Ok, on to the review!

So before I delve into the Linne Botanical’s heroic products this month, I first must give you a background on the creator of the brand itself.  Jenna Levine’s, passion for plants spilled into all areas of her life, as a farmer, designer, cook, and florist.  She was always fascinated by herbal medicine and botany, however it wasn’t until she received her certification in native plant botany and herbal medicine that her passions collided.  Her whole skincare line really came out of a love for her family.  She had a sister who suffered from acne, a mother using toxic skincare products, a father who had his own skincare issues and her own battle with psoriasis.  Determined to find a solution to her family’s skincare needs, she started creating.  Eventually more people wanted the same luxe skincare products and Linne Botanicals was born.

The ingredient quality is so important to Linne Botanicals.  From the soil it starts in to the seed- it all holds so much value.  Not only are the plants used organic but also wildly harvested and cared for in a way that they are most active and strong.  Jenna the founder, also includes minerals in her formulas, as the skin needs minerals to really shine.  I love the transparency of the brand as well.  They list all the ingredients clearly on the labels, even making sure their packaging is clear as to see the contents inside.  No stone is left unturned by this luxe skincare brand.

This month as I’ve mentioned there were two heroic products, Purify Face Wash and Activate Body Wash.


Purify Face Wash-

I actually had the pleasure of sampling this face wash about 6 months ago.  The product instantly captured my senses!  It’s unlike any face wash I’ve used.  First the smell is amazing!  It has notes of fresh lime and tea tree that awaken your senses instantly.  It foames up a little, but not overly.  My skin feels so clean and balanced after using.  It removed all my makeup effortlessly too.  My skin feels brighter and awake after using.  The product has french green clay and bentonite clay that not only help detoxify the skin but also deposit important minerals in it.  It is such a different cleanser compared to others I’ve used, because while it is detoxifying, the texture feels similar to a cream cleanser.  It’s really the best of both worlds.  You get the benefits of a detoxifying cleanser, but the end result doesn’t feel like your skin has been stripped because of the creamy texture.  Your skin feels clean, rid of makeup and restored.  This really is a heroic product in my opinion and one I keep reaching for on the daily.


Activate Body Wash-

This is the second heroic product for this month.  The Activate Body Wash is truly something special as well.  It awakens your senses as you use it in the shower.  Yes, the product looks black from the volcanic ash in it.  But it doesn’t leave your skin black! The volcanic ash in the body wash is  detoxifying as well as the forestry oak.  The combination of the two leave your skin feeling so clean.  But your skin still feels moisturized and rejuvenated with the added benefit of wild sea kelp, avocado, eucalyptus, ground vetivier and palo santo.  I literally look forward to using the body wash every time- such a luxe treat for the skin.  From the smell of the product that invigorates you, to the detoxifying properties and the soft touch of your skin after, it checks all the boxes.

That sums up the October Beauty Heroes Box this month with Linne Botanicals.  If you haven’t tried these products yet you need too- such a steal too!  This month the value is $106!!  When you sign up for Beauty Heroes your paying $38.33 a month!  Not only do you get quality products that have been vetted beforehand but you also get them for a fraction of the cost.  Sign up here for Beauty Heroes and don’t miss out on another stellar box!

Also, this month be sure to check out the Beauty Heroes Beauty Store.  Full of past heroic products and a ton of other green beauty must have items.  If you’re already a member of Beauty Heroes you always get 15% off in the Beauty Store.  Every month Beauty Heroes offers a Love More Promotion.  This offer is for non-members and members.  October’s Love More Promotion is Basic Instinct.  Turn a beauty basic into an aromatic ritual with de Mamiel’s Restorative Cleansing Balm. Receive a deluxe travel size with your purchase of $125+($25 value).  Your Love More gift will automatically accompany your Beauty Store purchase of $125+. No code required.

Start shopping!  Have you tried Linne Botanicals?



Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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