5 Fall Makeup Trends

I’ve got 5 Fall Makeup Trends on the blog today!  Often you see runway looks and instantly think there’s no way I could pull that off in real life- anyone else feel me on this?  I mean they look cool on the runway but if someone saw me wearing the look in the grocery store they might take a double take.  I’m all about standing out, but sometimes there’s a line!

Well, I’ve got some fall trends that not only are easy to achieve but also won’t make you look like your trying to hard.  From using bronzer as blush, to crimson lips and a few things in between, I’m breaking it all down today.  Keep reading for all the deets!


    1.   Plum/Vampy Lips-

I love when the weather starts to turn cooler and the leaves change color, then I know it’s time to bust out my vampy lips!  Crimson lips instantly make you feel made up and put together.  Maybe you only have 5 minutes to do your makeup- swipe on some concealer, do your brows, add a few swipes of mascara and put some crimson lips on.  It instantly takes your look from drab to ohh lala!  The richness and warmth of crimson lips gives me all the fall feels.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- First make sure your lips are smooth and there’s no chapped skin.  If there is I recommend exfoliating them using Henne’s exfoliating balm.  Next, apply a light lip balm(I love this one by Vapour) and then use a lip primer to even out lip tone.  If your lips are too red, it can compete with the color of lipstick or stain- not pretty.  You want a clean blank canvas.  Apply a lip liner(love Spanish Rose by Au Naturale), and then add your crimson lip.  If you are using a lipstick I recommend using a lip brush to apply it.  I’ve found the application goes on so much smoother and precise.  I really dig this lip brush!  It’s actually a highlighter brush by RMS Beauty but works flawlessly for lips.  Loving the lip stain by Au Naturale in the color Hero– the perfect vampy lip for fall.  Also, Crunchi’s lipstick in Pomegrante and RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek in Illusive for a more subtle look.  Now go give someone a smooch!


   2.  Bronzer as blush-

I know sounds strange maybe, but I promise it’s not!  Now you can keep your bronzer going strong all year long.  This look is    perfect for the days when you want to look pulled together but natural.  Think thick brows, dewy skin, a touch of mascara and bronzer.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- You want a warmer bronzer, not necessarily a contouring bronzer.  This will help warm up those cheeks.  Avoid anything too shimmery though, as you you want it to look hip and modern.  I love Teri Miyahira’s Explore Bronzer.  It has some warmth but not too much.  I use a big powdered brush and apply it to the apples of my cheeks.  You’re now runway ready!

Dewy skin

3. Dewy Skin-

This was one runway trend that was so hot for fall 2017.  Who says you have to look all matte and white in the winter?!  Dewy skin has been all the rage and isn’t going anywhere.  What is dewy skin and how can you achieve it?  I thought you would never ask!  Dewy skin looks fresh and young and has a slight moist look to it.  You look alive and awake with dewy skin.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- First I start with a face oil before applying any foundation.  This helps to hydrate skin and make sure it’s all happy and moisturized before foundation.  Next I mix my liquid foundation with a luminizer using my Pure Beauty Blender.  I get the Beauty Blender damp first.  This expands the blender quite a bit.  Not only does the damp beauty blender help to thin out the foundation but it also leaves a little moisture behind on your face.  I add a few pumps of a luminizer to the back of my hand and a few pumps of liquid foundation and blend them together.  I’ve been loving Gressa Luminous Complexion Fluid lately!  It really gives that lit from within glow.  I also love Maya Chia’s After Hours Highlight of the Day– staple in my makeup bag.  If you want even more glow or dewiness, add a little more highlighter after foundation application. I always apply the highlighter where the sun naturally hits my face.  TaDA!  You now have a dewiness that no one can take away!

5 Fall Makeup Trends

  4.  Eyeliner all around the eye-

Bold thick liner all around the eyes is all the rage.  It instantly creates a statement and makes your eyes standout.  Often people think that lining the whole eye can make it look smaller, however, if done right it can actually extenuate and bring out the eye.  It’s all about softening the edges and not creating harsh lines.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- Use either a black gel liner(love Hush and Dotti’s gel liner) or ZuZu Luxe liquid liner(another fave) and start from the outer corners of your eye and create a slight wing.  Then continue on until you get to the corner of your eye.  Next line the bottom lash line.  I like to do my water line and then go back and do my lower lash line.  It pulls my whole look together and really helps my eyes standout.  Then one you’re done lining your eyes, take a smudger on the end of your eyeliner pencil and blend out the corners and top and bottom lash line.  This helps to soften the whole look.  Voila!  Instant eye lift!


  5.  Metallic Eyeshadow-

Yes, I just went there.  Metallic eyeshadow is so in and so much easier to achieve then you think. This look brings out all the warmth and fun of the season.  Your eyes look instantly dressed up and ready for an evening out or party.

  • Here’s how to achieve it- You want a shadow with some shimmer in it.  Now I’m not talking teenage shimmer here, but sophisticated warm coppery tones or cooler icy tones.  GIA minerals has so many pretty loose metallic shadows.  I’m loving their Brown Belle lately.  I also love Crunchi’s pressed shadows.  The colors Curiosity and Fearless are so pretty!  I like getting my brush wet and dipping the brush into the eyeshadow.  This helps to bring out the shimmer and really make it pop!  I just do my crease and then I dab a little onto an eyeliner brush and line my lower lids with it.  Your eyes just went from drab to fancy!


Did you like this?  Well then I think you would LOVE my cheatsheet on creating flawless eyeshadow application with zero creasing!

Those are the 5 fall makeup trends I’ll be sporting this season!  What are you loving?  Leave me a comment!



Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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