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I’ve got some October Green Beauty Faves that I’ve been waiting to share with you guys!  These are products that I keep going back too.  I try so many products as you know, so when something sticks out I know it’s good.  This month I have everything from a new mask that I can’t stop talking about, a mascara that has proven to be the real deal and lots more makeup and skin treats.  Trust me- ya don’t want to miss this!

Let’s get to it!

Live Botanical Luna Rose & Honey Glowing Cleansing Mask-

This mask is the bomb diggity!  But really.  First of all it’s $28, yes $28 people!  The ingredients are jaw dropping and so clean and the formula works.  It actually gives your skin a glow after using.  I use it everyday- I’m addicted!  It’s the perfect mask/cleanser to use in the morning to wake up your skin.  I apply on damp skin and rub in circular motions all over.  Then I let it sit on my skin while I brush my teeth and pluck my eyebrows.  It’s usually 5-7 minutes.  The perfect amount of time to get my glowing skin on!  My skin looks fresh and vibrant after…and again its’s $28!  Need I say more?  Oh and I have a 20% off coupon too: Use Code GURLGONEGREEN – snag it here!

Innersense i Create Volumizing Mousse-

I was so excited to get this product in the mail- couldn’t wait! I’m a fine/thin haired gal and I need all the volume and lift I can get- can I get a witness??  I have tried a lot of lift sprays but no mousse in green beauty that’s worked…until now!  This mousse isn’t like the rest.  It gives my hair volume and a thick feeling all day long.  I also love the texture I get from it.  My hair can feel blahh if I don’t put something in it and this instantly gives my hair the lift I need.  It lasts throughout the day which I love. I apply 2 pumps throughout my damp hair and then blood dry my hair upside down to get the most volume I can get.  Trust me- you need this! Get your i Create Mousse here!

Teri Miyahira Beauty-

Ok, I have to talk to you guys about Teri’s makeup…because it’s SO good!  I get a box from her each month and I’m constantly amazed at the quality of products and performance.  The pigments in the makeup are so vibrant and the color pay off amazing!  She gets just the right amount of shimmer in her pigments to bring them to life but not make them look chintzy or overdone.  A couple products I’m loving from her right now are her prep and set- it feels so light on the skin and doesn’t make my skin look cakey, yet offers a great final touch for my makeup.  I’m also digging her blush duo in Conquer- it has two different colors that when mixed together create the perfect pinkish blush hue.  It goes with anything.  Her Explore powder bronzer is another fave- not too dark and not too light.  I can’t forget about her Brilliance Powder Illuminating Duo- this powder gives skin the perfect highlight and warms you up at the same time with the warmer bronze hue.  I’m telling you- her stuff is legit!  Plus, she’s having sales on stuff quite often.  Check out her full line here! 

Hush & Dotti Mascara-

So if you’ve followed me for a hot minute, you know that I’ve been obsessing over this mascara!  I usually get mascara’s and are unimpressed- this one however has been a different story.  It gives my lashes thickness, length and separation.  A great overall building mascara.  It lasts the whole day and doesn’t smear off onto my eyelids.  It’s an all around winner!  I know everyone’s eyes are different but for me it’s worked beautifully.  Grab yours here!

Maya Chia Waterless Wonder Balm-

This balm is life!  It works all year round, but especially when the weather starts to turn cold.  It not only seeps into my skin and moisturizes but also provides a barrier to protect my skin and seal in the moisture.  It feels like a balm as you apply it but then quickly melts as it touches your skin.  Initially my skin feels slightly oily but not greasy.  It goes away after 5 minutes.  I love applying this to my feet at night too for extra hydration and baby soft feet!  And the smell…amazing! It has an orange blossom scent that is divine.  It’s your go to moisturizer for anything and everything!  Get your balm here!

CV Skin Labs-

This is another hydrating product that I’ve come across and been loving.  Can you tell it’s getting colder her?!  Bring out the moisturizers.  I tried their Rescue + Relief Spray and have been loving how soothing it feels.  It’s meant to help calm irritated or inflamed skin.  Especially great for after shaving for razor burn.  It comes in a spray form and you just spray it on wherever you need lasting moisture and relief.  It seems really thin but after letting it set in I realized how hydrated my skin actually felt.  I was pleasantly surprised.  You can even keep this in the fridge for the ultimate skin cooling treat.  If you have sensitive skin this would be perfect!  Get your Rescue + Relief Spray here! 

I also have been loving their Body Repair Lotion. It feels like a thicker body lotion and comes in a pump form.  I would actually spray the Rescue + Relief Spray first and then use the Body Repair Lotion for ultimate hydration.  This is great for those with dermatitis, eczema, and inflamed skin from waxing or shaving. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy but soaks right in- which I love.  It reminds me of body lotion I used to get that just did the job great and didn’t have a lot of extra fluff.  My husband likes it a lot too!  There isn’t a smell to it- just nice and natural. Grab your Body Repair Lotion here!

Last product from them is their Calming Moisture.  This hydrates so well and is so soothing.  A little goes a long way in providing lasting hydration.  It’s similar to the other two products from the line- great for calming irritated/red skin.  This one is specifically created for your face, neck and scalp.   It’s not only going to provide moisture but relief and protection.  This is definitely going to be a winter staple.  Often times in the winter skin gets easily chapped, red and aggravated due to the harsh climates, but with this in my back pocket it won’t stand a chance!  Get your Calming Moisture here! 

Beauty Heroes Makeup Discovery- Axiology

I really can’t sign off until I mention Beauty Heroes Makeup Selection this time around- Axiology Lipsticks.  I mean this discovery is one for the books!  If you haven’t tried Axiology Lipsticks I recommend you get on them- stat.  They perform like no other lipstick in green beauty.  The ingredients are as clean as they come, the color pigments amazing and the dewy formula spot on.  I clearly am obsessed.  This month with Beauty Heroes you were able to pick from 3 different collections- Daring, Bright or Natural.  The names obviously coincide with the lipstick colors.  I chose Bright, which includes Vibration and Noble for lipstick colors and Keen for the lip crayon.  I seriously love all the colors!!  The best part of all? You can get a collection for just $45!  I know- crazy.  An over $80 value!  Snag them now, because when a deal is this good, it’s going to go quick.  Even if you don’t need any, Christmas is right around the corner!  What a fun gift to give to someone.  Get your Axiology lip collection here!  

That sums up my October favorites!  See anything you want to try?