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This month the December Beauty Heroes Discovery: Khus Khus is in the house!  I was thrilled to see this brand in the box this month.  I’ve tried them before and couldn’t wait to sample more of their skin treats.  I also wanted to share about the Beauty Heroes Holiday Discovery- Kari Gran.  It just launched on Beauty Heroes website last Friday and it’s so good!  I’m sharing more details with you below.  If you aren’t familiar with Beauty Heroes, keep reading to see why I love it!

Beauty Heroes was founded by Jeannie Jarnot.  A longtime spa director herself and healthy beauty expert.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie at IBE, and she is truly one of the sweetest people.  Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty service that selects only the best clean beauty brands.  Each month you can find one to two full size truly heroic products in each box.  The products typically range from skincare to haircare products.  However, every 3 months Beauty Heroes offers a makeup box as well that’s optional for members or non-members.  I absolutely love their “Use Less, Love More” philosophy.  By only getting one or two products, you allow yourself to truly experience them.  Of course you can trust their picks, as they are strict on their integrity standards.  What’s not to love about this whole concept?  As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such a movement.

Thoughts on Khus Khus Bleu Body Wax-

Can I be honest, I really thought I had tried all the body oils/lotions out there…then I tried this body wax by Khus+Khus and I was quickly mistaken.  This stuff is pure luxury.  First off it smells amazing.  I’m not into super fragrant products and this product is the perfect balance.  With ingredients of blue tansy, and blue yarrow this wax is perfect for helping with inflamed skin, as both are anti-inflammatory.  I received this at the best time.  I had just fallen on some ice and sprained my elbow.  The Blue Tansy is especially great for bringing relief to tired sore muscles, strains, etc.  I started to apply it daily, sometimes twice a day.  I would apply at night, because that is when it would start to ache, since I wasn’t moving it.  I can honestly say it felt looser and more limber while using it.  Also, if you have eczema or irritated skin, this is a great was to soothe your skin. A little goes a long way.  It instantly absorbs into your skin, no greasy feeling and leaves you hydrated the whole day.  I have to say the wax is really more of an experience from start to finish.  It awakens me in the morning and soothes me at night.  I can’t get enough!  Plus, can we talk about the luxe packaging?  It’s housed in a dark glass jar.

Honest Beauty Review

Thoughts on Khus Khus Sans Age-

This facial serum is so luxurious.  It smells amazing first off!  The rosehip and Chamomile in it are so fresh and vibrant.  I love the ingredients too. Simple, yet powerful. I really loved seeing Helichrysum oil in the serum.  It’s long been noted to have anti-inflammatory activity, as well as lymph drainage and detoxification properties.  Really just a home run when it comes to a facial oil ingredient!  The formula is slighty blue tinted from the blue tansy.  It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves my skin feeling so balanced and hydrated.  Loved waking up to clear, even skin!  I’ve been using this on the daily and can’t get enough.  Very impressed with the results so far and exited to continue using it!

Kari Gran Holiday Discovery-

This is a special holiday box that will only be available while supplies last- so definitely get on it while there’s still some left!  It features Kari Gran’s newest product The Essential Balm and a tinted Lip Whip in either Jolene, Suji Red, or Jeannie.  The Essential Balm really keeps with Kari Gran’s mission and ethos to only use what you need and to keep things simple.  I love that about their brand.  This balm can be used for so many things.  From a facial moisturizer, to an eye balm, a cleansing balm and even a primer.  Really it’s what you make of it and what works for you.  It has incredible texture and feel.  A little more slip than a traditional balm and almost melts into your hand when applying it.  I can’t wait to take this on my next trip!  It really would be all you need.  Did I mention the color?  A bright yellow and the smell- I get notes of calendula and jasmine.  I’m totally into this new product and can’t wait to keep finding new ways to use it!

Natural Beauty Box November Roundup

You all know I’m a huge fan of Kari Gran Lip Whips!  I can’t get enough.  These little jars of goodness are seriously so decadent.  One of the few things that really keep my lips moisturized.  So really getting a tinted Lip Whip is the best of both worlds!  You not only get hydrated lips but some serious moisture-sign me up!  I received the color Jolene- a berry hued lip that makes a statement.  I can’t get enough!  Such a perfect color for the holidays!  Grab your Kari Gran Holiday Discovery here!

Get your December Beauty Heroes Box here!  If you’re not a member of Beauty Heroes yet, subscribe here!  This box is full of the top green beauty products.  Also, this month be sure to check out the Beauty Heroes Beauty Store.  Full of past heroic products and a ton of other green beauty must have items.  If you’re already a member of Beauty Heroes you always get 15% off in the Beauty Store.  Every month Beauty Heroes offers a Love More Promotion.  This offer is for non-members and members.

In celebration of its 10th year, KAHINA Giving Beauty created a special gift featuring its Hero products. Receive a three-piece KAHINA GIVING BEAUTY PACK with your purchase of $125+ ($30 value).  Your Love More gift will automatically accompany your Beauty Store purchase of $125+. No code required.

Have you tried any of these products?

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