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It’s time for the Art of Organics April Discovery: DEW.  This month has been one of my favorite boxes with Art of Organics!  It truly is such a good box.  In the box this month we are seeing One Love Organics and Live Botanical.  Most people know of One Love Organics if they’ve been in green beauty for a bit, but Live Botanical is a newer brand.  I actually first discovered it almost a year ago and haven’t been able to put it down since!  The products speak for themselves and the founder Carolyn truly is a little creator of skincare treats.

If you aren’t familiar with Art of Organics and this green beauty box, then keep reading as I explain why this box is one to get a hold of.  Their belief is really simple-You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty.  I couldn’t agree more!  Their goal is to bring people the cleanest, best, and most luxurious products.  Claire the founder, has always been a beauty junkie and on the quest to purge her own makeup bag, she realized she wanted to share her journey with others and raise awareness.  I noticed instantly after opening the box, the attention to detail.  They name their boxes each month as well as follow a theme.  The card inside describes the products in the box so well and gave directions for application.  The box is $38, with a value of $70+ and features each month 2-4 full size products.  They have high standards for their product selection, such as being cruelty free, organic and non-toxic.  They have more specifics on the ingredients they don’t use here on their website.

Zuii Makeup Review

On to the review…

Live Botanical AER Aloe and Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Serum-

This serum is actually not new to me, I had the pleasure of sampling it last summer.  Truthfully, I was so excited after the first use!  It’s unlike any product I’ve used.  I apply it after toning and press it on my face.  It leaves my skin feeling a bit wet but then it absorbs and fills in lines and evens out your whole complexion.  I apply my moisturizer/oil after and then my makeup and love the end result.  My skin is dewy and moist the whole day and doesn’t look haggard.  Am I making sense?  The first ingredient is aloe, which I’m all about-it replenishes the skin and plumps it up.  Overall, the ingredient list is simple, yet the formula so effective.  Perfect for even sensitive skin! You guys need this-it’s fantastic and a staple in my makeup routine!

One Love Organics Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream- 

I was SO excited to try this out!  I’ve heard good things about Skin Dew and couldn’t wait to try it.  Well, let me tell you it lives up to the hype!  First of all I love how it doesn’t really have a scent.  If anything you get a subtle, and I mean subtl scent of fresh coconut but nothing artificial or overwhelming and even then it’s hardly there.  Something I know people who struggle to find a truly scent free product would appreciate.  It looks like a whipped cream in the amber glass jar.  You just want to scoop it up and eat it…but then you realize it’s skincare so you stop yourself!  It feels so soft and silky to the touch but not super thick like butter- definitely lighter.  However, it hydrates the skin like a thicker cream.  I apply it after my serums and love how it makes my skin feel.  It feels perfectly hydrated and not greasy.  I also apply it in the morning after cleansing and love how my makeup goes on after.  My skin feels nourished but not shiny.  If you’re looking for a face cream- this is it!

Art of Organics March Box: Luxe Botanics

I would hop on this month’s box soon if you’re thinking about snagging one.  If you haven’t signed up for Art of Organics box you can sign up here!  Don’t miss out on this fabulous green beauty box!  Not only do you get quality products each month but for a steal. You pay $39 each month and get access to some stellar products.  You can sign up for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months!  At 6 and 12 months you start saving.  Also, each month a theme is chosen around the box.

Have you tried any of the products this month?  What are your thoughts?



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