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Art of Organics August Box: Sultry is here!  This box is named Sultry and what a perfect name.  The box contains a hair oil, and body oil from Prim Botanicals.  I was first introduced to Prim Botanicals body oil years ago, but their hair oil is a new product for me.  The scents and packaging of Prim Botanicals really evoke a tropical vacation and the summer sultry weather we often have.  So the theme of the box Sultry couldn’t have been a better pick!

If you aren’t familiar with Art of Organics and this green beauty box, then keep reading as I explain why this box is one to get a hold of.  Their belief is really simple-You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty.  I couldn’t agree more!  Their goal is to bring people the cleanest, best, and most luxurious products.  Claire the founder, has always been a beauty junkie and on the quest to purge her own makeup bag, she realized she wanted to share her journey with others and raise awareness.  I noticed instantly after opening the box, the attention to detail.  They name their boxes each month as well as follow a theme.  The card inside describes the products in the box so well and gave directions for application.  The box is $38, with a value of $70+ and features each month 2-4 full size products.  They have high standards for their product selection, such as being cruelty free, organic and non-toxic.  They have more specifics on the ingredients they don’t use here on their website.

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Let’s talk about the August Box…

Prim Botanicals The Body Oil-

This is a new body oil for me as I mentioned.  It comes in a beautiful glass spray bottle.  I love the spray application!  It’s rare to find a body oil with a spray application but I find I’m always drawn to a spray applicator.  When I first smelled the body oil I thought it might be too strong for me.  But then as I wore it, the scent really melted into my skin and created such a lovely scent- meshing with my own pheromones.  I apply it right after I shower to slightly damp skin.  When your skin is damp it really allows the body oil to seep right into your skin. You’re left with skin that is soft and supple.  I mean the softness really lingers!  My skin felt great the next day even.  The scent is a mixture of wild rose, jasmine, bergamot, and spicy black pepper.  You could say I’ve been wearing this body oil nonstop!

Prim Botanicals Hair Oil-

I am familiar with their hair oil from years ago.  First of all the scent is amazing!  I want to wear it as a perfume…oh wait I do! The scent is a blend of vanilla, orange, rosemary, and black pepper.  Subtle but so enticing.  I don’t use hair oils that often just because my hair is fine and thin but I do find there are times that even this fine haired gal needs a good hair oil.  Specifically when I’ve been outside a lot and the sun has done a number to my hair.  Sometimes it needs a good hydration session and a good hair oil is just the ticket.  I also love applying a hair oil before going in the pool where there is chlorine water.  The chlorine can discolor my blond hair at times and this helps to protect it by repelling the water from absorbing.  I also love how this comes in a squirt application!  So much easier to avoid over using a lot.

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Bonus- I’ve found the hair oil to be amazing for my skin too! 😉

This month’s box will have you feeling sultry all over!  Plus, smelling amazing!  Be sure to grab your box here before they’re gone!   Not only do you get quality products each month from Art of Organics but for a steal. You pay $39 each month and get access to some stellar green beauty.  You can sign up for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months!  At 6 and 12 months you start saving.  Also, each month a theme is chosen around the box.

Have you used any Prim Botanical products?

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