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Sprouts Grand Opening in Mill Creek, WA is here!  I’ve been yapping about their first store in Washington for weeks now and I’m happy to report it’s officially here!  It opens at 7 am and stays open until 10 pm everyday.  I got a sneak peek of the store last night and let’s just say I didn’t want to leave!

*This post is sponsored by Sprouts- however, thoughts and opinions are my own.

This is the first Sprouts store in Washington state and I couldn’t be more excited.  I had been to Sprouts before on vacation in California, and Texas.  Each time I would go to a store I wished there was one in Washington state.  Well, my wish came true and now I can shop to my hearts content!  I wanted to share my experience with you from last night and my first impressions, plus some of my favorite products.

My Experience-

First of all the store is so well laid out.  Every section of the store is easily labeled making it so convenient to shop there.  I know exactly where everything is at.  I love that it has everything I need but doesn’t feel too big.  I was given a tour of the store with some other bloggers and learned so much.  For example, Sprouts largest section of their store is actually their produce section- it’s huge!  I loved how I could find any type of produce I wanted and their organic produce section was quite large.  I also love how their meat is never frozen but always fresh. So you’re not paying for water- but actually the meat.  They have an amazing gluten free section as well and their bulk bin section was even larger than I remember.  I could get every type of raw nut I could want!  I was also impressed with their wine selection.  They had great organic wines available.

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It’s so fun exploring a new grocery store.  Of course I loaded up on groceries!  There were several items I couldn’t get over!  For example, they have a ton of organic spiralized veggie noodles in the refrigeration section.  I did a happy dance when I saw them!  I’ve never found organic spiralized veggies noodles- talk about a find.  I snagged up the organic sweet potato noodles and white sweet potato noodles.  I was also excited to see organic butternut squash already pre-cut in the refrigeration section as well!  And I can’t forget the organic shredded hash browns I found in the freezer section.  The only ingredient is organic hash browns!  Usually there is some other oil in there, but not with these.  Basically Sprouts is making this mama’s life a whole lot easier!

I even grabbed up some frozen organic greens to put in my smoothies.  I loved seeing staple pantry items that I typically buy there too, like Primal Palate’s dressings and mayo.  Also, simply organic spices and seasonings and Redmond Real Salt sea salt.  Plus, Siete Tortilla chips- you all know I have a soft spot for them!  They were such a good deal there, 2 for $5.  I felt like I was shopping at a familiar place because they had all my favorites but even better because they had so much more to offer!

What I love about shopping at Sprouts is the quality of products I can get there but for a seriously good price.  I don’t have to shop anywhere else either!  Usually I have to go to several stores to find all that I need, but with Sprouts I can get it all in one place.  I don’t know how many people asked if they could help me when I was shopping- they were so helpful!  Also, if you ever want to sample a product, ask a friendly team member.  Sprouts is more than happy to help you try a product.  They even offer body products, natural makeup and supplements- talk about a win/win.  For a mom, that’s priceless!

As you can see I’m pretty much head over heels that Sprouts is finally here!  I’ve already told my sisters, and sister in law about the store.  One tip I’ll leave you with is to make sure you download the Sprouts app– it’s a game changer when it comes to staying up to date on all the sales- from exclusive mobile coupons and weekly sales.  

If you haven’t checked out the new Mill Creek location in Washington do it- you’ll thank me later!  If you are in another state, check the Sprouts website to find a location near you.  Leave me a comment if you’ve been to Sprouts and have a favorite product!

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