Pregnant With Baby #3!

So excited to finally share I’m pregnant with baby #3!  It’s been a secret I’ve been keeping under wraps for what feels like forever, but I’m so excited to finally be able to share the news with you!

I wanted to sit down with you like we were chatting as old friends because that’s how I feel about you.  So I thought a video was appropriate to share the story of how I found out I was pregnant.

I’m sharing how we found out, if it was planned, how I’ve been feeling and if we’re going to find out the gender or not.  I’ll be sharing lots more on pregnancy in the future.  Stay tuned for Wednesday’s blog post where I share all the details on natural pregnancy faves and resources, plus if I plan to have another home birth or not.

Hope you guys love the video! I plan to do more videos so let me know what you want to see in the comments of the video or blog post here.

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. Kelly

    Yay!! So happy for you….and I’m convinced it’s a boy! Love watching you on film. I’m not going to lie, I had wonderful pregnancies – no nausea or any sickness but the fatigue! ???? Hang in there and I can’t wait to follow along on the rest of your journey. You are so blessed! ???? Would love more dinner recipes. I need quick, easy, and full of nourishment. Cooking is not my greatest joy but feeding my kids in the best way possible is super important to me so I do it anyway.

  2. Alison

    Love love the video! Congratulations!!

  3. Erin

    Love the video!!! Congratulations!! So happy for you!!!

    • Suzi

      Aww thanks! We are so excited!

    • Suzi

      Thank you! We are so excited!

    • Suzi

      Haha, my hubs will love hearing that! 😉 And thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely do a video on foods for sure!


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