Road Trip Essentials

I’m back and sharing my road trip essentials with you!  If you didn’t know I took a road trip with my hubs and two girls throughout California for the last two weeks.  It was so fun!  I’ll be creating a natural California guide with you highlighting all my favorite hot spots from real food, to hotels and lodging- stay tuned.

But for now I wanted to share how I travel and what road trip essentials I bring with me.  This could help you even if you’re not road tripping but just traveling in general.  I have so many tips in here for moms especially!  Because when you’re traveling with two small kids you definitely want to be prepared.  

I’m going to share the snacks we brought, the products, games/activities, and other random stuff that we didn’t bring that I wished we would have.

Since summer is just around the corner this is the perfect time to start thinking about travel essentials!


Road Trip Essentials

This sunscreen not only is super convenient with it’s spray form but also works so well!



I’m all about products that perform and these were essentials on this trip! 

Beautycounter Travel Set- I brought this travel set along from Beautycounter and it was awesome!  I can’t recommend it enough.  It has a little of everything.  It includes a hand soap, body cream, body wash, and bar soap.  It was great because my hubs loves a bar soap and I love body wash.  Plus, it’s so convenient having the smaller sizes of bottles.  Once the body wash is gone I’ll just refill it with more body wash.  If you’re traveling soon you need this set!  Get it here!

Rahua Shampoo Set- I love having smaller bottles for my shampoo and conditioner.  Rahua has great shampoo and conditioner travel sets.  I love their volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  But they also have one for color treated hair and normal hair.  My hair feels clean and not weighed down.  Been using them for years.  Snag them here!

Beautycounter Sunscreen- Ok, have you tried this stuff?  It’s kind of amazing.  I’ve tried a lot of sunscreens and this one just delivers.  It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, sprays on white but blends in as you rub it in and blocks blue light- something that we should all be considering with the new research coming out about blue light.  We went through two bottles on our trip!  That’s how much we loved it.  And guess what?!  Beautycounter just came out with a tinted version too.  Can you say awesome!  So now you not only get sunscreen protection but also a little tint with it as well.  It comes in light medium or medium dark.  If you want a noticeable difference I would go with the medium dark.  Check out the sunscreen here!

Beautycounter After Sun Cooling Gel- Planning on going somewhere warm this summer?  Then you’ll need this!  Seriously with the amount of time my kids spend in the pool aloe of some kind is always needed.  Unfortunately all the conventional brands have a ton of other chemical additives in the product.  Not Beautcounter, you’re just getting the pure stuff!  Grab an After Sun Cooling Gel here!

road trip essentials

Hanging with my girl at Cafe Gratitude! One of our favorite restaurants in southern California.


Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask-  If you’re like me and have dry skin already, then being in the sun all day can really suck all the moisture out of you.  I love this mask!  This one by Josh Rosebrook is great at adding hydration back into the skin.  You can leave it on even overnight for intense hydration.  It goes on like almost a thick frosting and just melts into your skin. I leave it on for 15 minutes and when I take it off my skin feels so hydrated! You don’t remove it with water either but just a dry cloth-helps retain the moisture! Dare I say fine lines look a little less fine if you know what I mean!  A great skin treat after you’ve been in the sun. Snag it here!

Luna Rose and Honey Mask- I love this mask!  Perfect for when your skin needs a little pick me up post swimming or after sun.  It makes my skin glow in minutes- no joke!  It apply it all over in the morning and then grab my toothbrush and then rinse off once I’m done brushing my teeth.  It feels so hydrating and soothing to the skin.  It gives a slight exfoliation too with herbal grains.  The raw honey in this mask draws moisture to the skin while soaking up all the excess oils at the same time.  What I love is that this mask can be used daily as a cleanser or as a mask a couple times a week.  It really lives up to it’s name: Glowing Mask.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!  I can’t get enough of this decadent skin treat!  Oh and did I mention it’s only $30?  Get your mask here! Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off!

Beautycounter Dew Skin- I wore this everyday on vacation! I was wearing makeup but it didn’t feel like it.  It’s light and airy.  If I felt like I needed some concealer I would just add a little under my nose or eyes with their concealer pen.  I love that it has spf 20 in it.  I put this on, plus wear a hat if I’m outside all day.  I wear the shade #2.  Check out all the colors here!

Primally Pure Deodorant- Yes, this deodorant made the cut even in 95 degree weather!  It works and works so well.  I can’t stop talking about it.  It’s that good.  My hubs loves the charcoal one and I love the blue tansy- let’s be honest though I would totally use the charcoal one too- love me some mint!  I have had no irritation at all.  Get it here!

Primally Pure Baby Oil- Since being pregnant with baby I’ve been rubbing this body oil all over belly and body.  I love knowing it’s safe to use during pregnancy, plus extremely hydrating.  My hubs can’t get enough of this either- I guess you could say it’s a family fave!  Get it here!

Primally Pure Baby Balm- I’ve also been using this baby balm exclusively on my growing belly this pregnancy.  It feels so good and extra moisturizing for my stretching skin.  I also loved using this on my girls during our trip.  I loved knowing that it was safe for me and them!  One less product to bring just for them.  Snag it here!

Aila Nail Polish- If you’ve followed me for a hot minute you know this is hands down my favorite nail polish.  It works so well!  The colors are so pretty too and it stays.  For the trip I bought a new color called California Love- perfect for our California trip.  I have to say it’s quickly becoming my fave for this spring and summer.  It just screams sun!  Get it here!

Aila Nail Polish Wipes- These are a must when I travel.  They are cloths that come in pre-packaged squares and are perfect for on the go.  No smiling the nail polish remover, no needing to bring a cotton round, you have everything you need in one little pouch- can’t recommend them enough!  Get them here!

Beautycounter Mattifying Powder- I just got this product a month ago and didn’t realize how much I would end up using it!  Especially on our trip.  It’s amazing because it literally keeps my makeup in place ALL day!  I’m talking through sweat, warm weather, pool time, my makeup still looked just as good as when I applied it.  This would be great especially if you live somewhere warm and humid- get it you’ll be so glad.  Check it out here!


Road trip essentials

These lip sheers are the perfect lippy for spring and summer!


Beautycounter Lip Sheers- This is another product I wore every single day- yes- every single day!  This is the ideal lip formula for spring/summer and on vacations in my opinion.  It is moisturizing- check, it gives a subtle hint of sheen or gloss- check and gives a little color pigment but nothing dramatic- check.  Basically hits all the marks.  I was wearing poppy all trip.  With a little tan from the sun this color just is everything!  Check out all the colors here!

Follain Hand Soap- I love bringing my own hand soap places.  Conventional hand soaps contain a ton of ingredients I avoid.  From fragrance, to sulfates, PEG’s and even triclosan.  Follain has a cute travel friendly version of their everything soap.  It comes in this 1 oz. glass pump bottle and you can easily refill it each trip.  I love knowing I’m not exposing myself to toxins!  Get it here!



Ok, food is just as important when you’re traveling and all the moms said yes and amen!  Having two kids I wanted to make sure I came prepared with snacks and being pregnant too, especially if we couldn’t find anywhere decent to eat at.  I wanted healthy options at hand.  I just bring a cooler with me and some ice packs.  Most hotels have mini fridges and I’ll just freeze the ice packs each night.  I really like Whole foods Coolers.  I have several of them and they’re so easy to clean!

Hummus Packs- We get these from Costco and love them.  They’re organic and come with just a few simple ingredients.  They’re great for dipping veggies, plantain chips or eating with some turkey meat.  I like that they have a little protein too!  

Muffins- I like making some healthy muffins for the trip.  This time I has made some paleo banana muffins.  They’re just sweetened with bananas and are great for a snack or in the morning for a quick breakfast.  I really like Paleo Running Mama’s recipes!


road trip essentials

As you can see we had no fun on vacation!


Perfect Kid’s Bars- These are smaller and great for the girls.  I like that they’re a little more filling than an average granola bar.  I don’t let them have these all the time but on road trips they’re a decent whole food choice. Get them here!

BHU Bars- I discovered these bars about a month ago and love them! They’re low in sugar and high in protein and fat.  Plus, they’re organic and contain real food ingredients.  Loved having these on hand for the trip.  Check them out here!

Organic Fruit- I brought some blueberries, bananas, and apples on the trip with us.  The girls love fruit and it’s not really messy either in the car making this mama happy!  

DIY Trail Mix- I love making my own trail mix.  Most trail mixes are loaded with inflammatory oils and tons of sugar.  Making your own is fun and is free from all the bad stuff.  I love putting mine in a reusable Stasher bag.  I like adding macademia nuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, and lily’s chocolate chips(sweetened with just stevia.  Sometimes I’ve toasted some coconut and added that too.  My hubs loves it too! I like getting some of my nuts from Trader Joe’s and Amazon

Plantain Chips- I love getting Terra’s plantain chips in the salty version.  They only have 3 ingredients, plantains, coconut oil and salt.  Plantains actually promote a healthy gut with their resistant starch too.  They satisfy that salty craving but without having a conventional chip.  Get them here!

Guacamole Packs- Wholly Guacamole has these awesome organic guac packs just like the hummus packs.  They have all clean ingredients and are so clutch when you need some good healthy fat.  Great for dipping veggies or plantain chips in.

Organic Cheese and Turkey- These are great for travel as well.  You can get organic turkey at Costco and Organic Grass-fed cheese at Trader Joes.  It’s great for the girls when they need something more than just fruit or another bar.  

Nut Butter Packs- These are a great quick protein.  I love eating these with an apple or banana.  Helps to fill me up and also slow down the sugar rush in the body with the added fat protein.  I like these ones!

Dr. John’s Suckers You bet I had something up my sleeve for when my kids were at the end of their rope!  These Dr. John Suckers are free of sugar, and artificial dyes and tasty!  I get the large variety bag from Amazon!

Smart Sweets- I also brought some Smart Sweets with us.  These little gummies are so good and sugar free as well as artificial dye free.  You can get them in bulk on Amazon and then you have these little packets.  My girls love them!  Check them out here!


road trip essentials

These two have my heart!


Random Things

There are so many random things I brought with me too or wish I would have in hindsight.  These don’t fit into a category other than random- so random it is! 

Activated Charcoal- I didn’t bring this with me but I wished I would have especially with the random bug that Finley and Gracie ended up getting.  Not that we couldn’t have gone to the store but sometimes there just isn’t a close option and it’s nice to have something really close. I was even thinking it would be good for eating out since we hardly ever do when we’re home.  This is a good one!

Supplements- I brought all my supplements and I’m so glad.  I haven’t gotten sick and neither has my hubs and hopefully we don’t- knock on wood.  It might have something to do with this- who knows but I can only imagine it helps.  We love Seeking Health Supplements and Elite Fuel.  This is what I’ve been taking from each.  

Dr. Wholeness Kid’s Multivitamin- I did not bring this with me and I’m still kicking myself!  I felt so bad.  I had it set out on our counter but forgot it.  Call it pregnancy brain I don’t know.  My kid take this religiously and it’s interesting that for the first week they didn’t they got sick.  Just really bummed I didn’t have it with me.  When traveling it’s crucial to have immunity up.  Can’t recommend this kid’s multivitamin enough!  Get it here!

Electrolytes- I’m so glad I brought my electrolyte packets from Seeking Health.  These are clutch for me daily but especially when I’m traveling and in the sun.  The sun can quickly dehydrate you and electrolytes are essential for keeping you hydrated with all the right minerals.  I just add one of these packets to my water and thats it!  They come in plain, berry and orange.  Get them here!

Imagination Magnets- This was such a fun game for my kids to play on the road trip!  It’s a magnet board and then it comes with cards with different images on them.  You take the magnet shapes it comes with and create the different shapes based off the cards.  Bonus you can find this on Amazon!

Magnetic Drawing Board- I’m pretty sure most of us had these as kids!  Well, my kids still love them.  I got this from amazon too.  Kept them busy!  They would switch toys too.  Great for my 2 year old and 4 year old.  Get it here on Amazon!  

Washable Markers and Drawing Pads- I know it sounds simple but when kids have blank paper and markers a lot can happen!  These are clutch for the long road trip.  We got them both on Amazon too.

Back Seat Organizer- I bought one of these before our trip and now I’m wondering what we did before it!  It’s so handy!  It keeps everything organized.  I know exactly where all the essentials are.  No sifting through a bin.  I had some wipes in there, a brush and hair ties for the girls hair, water bottles, tissue, Clean Well Wipes, extra diapers, easy to get to snacks, garbage bags and some lotion.  I’m so excited to reorganize it for our daily use!  They’re so cheap on Amazon too!  Check them out here!

Laundry Detergent- I wish I would have brought some laundry detergent with us.  My mom brought some and saved us but on the way back Finley threw up in the car and we had to use random laundry detergent at a laundry mat when we washed her clothes.  Needless to say I washed them twice when we got home to get out the smell- so awful!  We stayed at a condo for a week so we had a washer and dryer.  My mom brought some Molly’s Sud’s with her thankfully.  Just a reminder next time to pack some!  I prefer powder when I travel- less mess!

Clean Well Wipes- Ok, not sure what we would have done without these on the trip!  From kid spills, to just cleaning things in general, to throw up.  Yes, you heard me right- vomit!  My oldest got sick on our trip and threw up in the car.  These were so clutch.  Not only did they help to disinfect but they also helped to take away the smell.  Clean Well uses the power of the essential oil thyme to kill germs.  I’m always going to have them in the car!  Get them here!

Well that sums up my road trip essentials!  I want to hear what you like to bring with you- what are your essentials?  Leave me a comment!  

Stay tuned for my full organic California Guide coming soon! 


road trip essentials

Sharing my road trip essentials on the blog!

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Cheers, Suzi



Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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