Summer Skincare Essentials

Time for some summer skincare essentials to be added to your routine.  It’s that time of year where the sun comes out all day and the season requires a few different things compared to the last when it comes to skincare.

After all you can either go through summer looking weathered and parched or fresh faced and glowing.  I don’t know about you but I definitely want the latter.

In the winter skin needs lot of extra moisture and protection.  Summer you still need moisture, but it’s about finding balance, investing in some good UV protection and products that won’t melt off your face- yes I’m looking at you humidity.

I wanted to give you the run down on my summer skincare essentials.  Things you’ll want in your skincare routine all summer long.  From my favorite serums, exfoliant, sunscreen, after sun care and more- sister I’ve got your back!

And guess what?  I’ve teamed up with my favorite brands to giveaway some of my favorite products!  Yep, giving away basically all the product.  So make sure you’re following along on Instagram here, where all the magic will be happening!

Besides having the right products it’s also important to understand how important it is to feed your body with the right nutrients.  I wanted to shed light on a few key things that are important to incorporate into your diet and daily regimen to keep your skin looking amazing even in the summer!



  • Drink water- I know simple but when our skin is dehydrated it isn’t pretty.  Drink half your body weight in water and you’ll be sure to stay hydrated inside and out.
  • Take a Vitamin C supplement- it’s shown that taking an oral Vitamin C supplement has shown to protect your skin from harmful rays. I like this Vitamin C!
  • Eat your antioxidants- eating a diet rich in fresh fruits, and veggies has shown to help keep your skin looking great while protecting it from the sun.  Antioxidants are your best friends when it comes to skincare!
  • Get Your Omega 3’s- Whether you eat them with good wild caught fresh fish like salmon or take a supplement.  Getting your Omega 3’s is essential in keeping your skin hydrated and plump. Remember not fish oil supplements are created equally.  You want to make sure your fish oil is pure.  I like this Fish Oil here!

Ok, let’s dive into my recommendations for summer skincare essentials!


Summer Skincare Essentials

These are skincare staples in the summer!

Summer Skincare Essentials

EXFOLIANT- Exfoliating is key when keeping your skin looking good all summer long.  If your skin is flaky and the top layer is dead skin, then whatever you put on your skin is just going to sit on top of it and not penetrate.  Not what we want!  Especially when you have a spendy serum or oil you’re applying.



Josh Rosebrook Exfoliant- My go too exfoliant in green beauty! This exfoliator uses a mechanical exfoliant of walnut shells, and also an enzyme exfoliant. Not only does my skin feel smooth after but it looks brighter!  It is chockfull of plant oils and active honey- a serious treat for the skin.  I’ve tried to pinpoint the smell and I’ve come to the conclusion it smells like black licorice to me-which I love or used too…haha.

So how do I use this bad boy?  I mist my skin first with a toner(love this one), per instructions to open up pores, then I massage a small nickel size amount all over my face.  Then I let it set for 15 minutes, I found that was my sweet spot.  But you can do it up to an hour.  This is another must have!  If you’ve been looking for an exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling smooth but also looking bright-this is it.  Get it here!

SERUM- You want a serum that is going to do some work for you especially at night.  A serum is meant to target specific concerns of the skin and is usually a mixture of water, and ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, etc.  The molecule structure is smaller, so it’s able to penetrate the skin and do the work, repairing, replenishing and so on. I like to think of a serum as the real game changer when it comes to your skincare routine.  It isn’t filled with a lot of extras, instead it’s loaded with all the potent, skin changing ingredients.  Usually a serum is the most expensive product of a skincare line because it’s the most activated.



Alphyn Beauty PlantGenius Survival Serum- This Serum is unlike anything I’ve used.  It’s a brightening and nourishing serum in one.  Perfect for summer.  It gives your skin all day radiance and glow.  It’s also filled with a ton of antioxidants!   From Vitamin C, bearberry leaf and licorice root extract.  Not too mention it’s filled with gentle exfoliants to promote cell turnover. It’s basically a skin’s dream!

I love how it has an iridescent effect.  My skin looks so dewy and glowing all day long.  I use it am and pm.  I apply it on misted skin and then apply my moisturizer.  You can even add a little on top of your makeup for an extra glow.  I’m hooked on this!  Say hello to your new summer serum.  Get it here!

FACIAL ROLLER- Summers are for late nights, eating things you probably shouldn’t have, anyone else hand raised?  In comes the Rose Quartz Roller.  When it comes to minimizing puffiness and water retention there’s nothing better than this Rose Quartz Roller.  Giving your skin some serious TLC.  Rolling your skin helps clear away toxins and improve circulation, evens skin tone, tightens skin and helps to minimize skin stress which causes wrinkles and fine line.



Jade or Rose facial roller-  Once you start using a facial roller you won’t look back.  The amount of congestion and fluid it releases is amazing. You will feel an overall lightness after using one.  Muscles will be more relaxed and at ease.  I use mine in the morning and at night.  It’s a little spa date for me in my own bathroom.

I follow different charts for rolling techniques.  Each roller comes with instructions.  I apply an oil first and then use my roller.  My skin looks more awake, fresh and less puffy- you’ll become addicted!  Get your roller here!

BODY BUTTER- This is a must for skin that’s been in the sun all day long!  Not only does it help seal in moisture but helps keep your skin from flaking.  It also provides a protective barrier.



Aillea + Organic Bath Co. Citrus Lemongrass Body Butter-  This fabulous collaboration is between Organic Bath Co. and Aillea- sounds like a match made in green beauty heaven. The scent of citrus and lemongrass literally wakes me up and feels so refreshing.  I apply it after I shower and my skin feels so hydrated.  It is a whipped body butter and turns into a nice oil when applied to the skin.  I love that it comes in a glass jar.  Plus, there are only 5 ingredients and they’re all organic!  Get the Body Butter here!


Summer Skincare Essentials

Maya Chia is one of my favorite natural skincare brands!

MOISTURE/RESURFACING MASK- This is key for keeping your skin looking hydrated and revived.  Skin takes a beating when it’s out in the sun all day long.  It’s important to replenish it with key nutrients and vitamins.  This helps to keep it looking happy and not dry and parched.  I love doing a moisture mask after a long day in the sun.



Maya Chia’s Refresh Mint Mask- This is their newest product and one I’ve fallen hard for.  It’s a resurfacing moisture mask.  It takes a drab complexion and instantly awakens it and gives it a glow.  If your skin is feeling less than, this mask is for you.  It uses 4 different types of acids, enzymes, moisturizers to help slough off dead skin cells, hydrate and give you your glow back.  A little magic potion in a bottle.  I apply it to dry clean skin.  Once applied I let it sit on my skin until its dry.  Then rinse off with warm water.  My skin is left with a glow, and smoothness that makes your skin look radiant!  I’m so excited to keep using it and see my skin improve overtime. Get it here! 

FACIAL OIL- This is a must in the summer.  Not only is skin feeling dry from the elements and sun but it also needs key nutrients to nourish what’s been taken.  I love an oil that’s a little richer and also provides some antioxidant benefits too. A two fold approach to keeping skin looking in tip top shape.




Maya Chia’s Pure Supercritical Chia Oil-  Especially great for those with dry skin that can’t quite get hydrated.  It also works amazing on fine lines.  Although it is heavier, it still absorbs so well.  Your skin feels plump and soft.  Even a dry patch around my nose didn’t stand a chance with this oil.  It calmed even my normal redness around my t-zone I get.  A rich, extremely hydrating oil, that absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel greasy, and makes you look younger…what are you waiting for?!  This is great for even the most sensitive skin.  I apply it after my serum morning and night.  Get your Pure Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil here! 

HYDRATING MIST- A hydrating mist is essential for summer skin.  Skin quickly can get parched and a mist not only helps to restore moisture but also restore ph balance to the skin.  I love carrying a mist in my pool or beach bag.  My skin stays moist and refreshed throughout the day.



Maya Chia’s The Optimist- I get SO excited for any new Maya Chia product and The Optimist was no exception.  This gem is housed in a dark glass bottle, preserving every last drop of goodness.  Smells divine with hints of neroli, sweet orange, and ylang ylang.  The formula itself feels so hydrating on the skin and refreshing with white tea, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients- just to name a few.  I can’t forget the actual spray function.  It works so well!  I know it might sound funny, but after trying hundreds of mists in my day, the spray function is actually quite important.  You don’t want the mist to feel like it’s attacking your skin or spraying you in the eye!  The Optimist sprays so well all over the face.  The founder Susanne nailed it!  I use mine in the morning after cleansing my skin and at night before my serums.  Get it here!

GLOWING SKIN- Who doesn’t want glowing skin?  But especially in the summer.  The combination of sun kissed skin with a slight glow is enough to make anyone swoon a little.  I’m a sucker for a healthy glow and when your skin needs a little help I’m also all about creating your own glow.



Maya Chia’s Highlight Of The Day- What is Highlight Of The Day?  It is this bottle filled with liquid radiance- I know sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.  It comes in 3 shades.  Golden hour- a golden, warm champagne radiance and Happy Hour- a cool pink toned radiance, Afternoon Delight- a peachy-pink golden glow.  You apply it really however you want!  I love applying mine on my upper cheek bone, bridge of my nose, in the upper middle section of my brows, cupid’s bow, and middle of chin.  All the normal places you would use a traditional highlighter.  You can even apply it on the inner corners of your eyes to wake them up.  You can apply it over your foundation or mix it with your foundation or just wear it by itself.  I’ve done them all, and love the effect it gives.  You literally look like your lit from within.  As a mom, these have been serious game changers!  I look more awake and they last.  Get them here! 


Summer Skincare Essentials

I love getting summer essentials for skincare from The Choosy Chick, they always have something for the whole family!

SELF TANNER- Who doesn’t want to look like they’ve already been in the sun, even when they haven’t?  That would be me.  Having a little sun kissed skin always helps to make everyone look a little more put together.  It hides imperfections too.  Plus, after being all wrapped up in the winter months it’s nice to have a little self tanner on hand before the big dip in the pool for the first time.



ECO Tan- Love this self tanning lotion.  It’s a great buildable lotion.  You can always apply more if you need more color.  It doesn’t smell like a normal self tanner.  You know that smell.  It comes in a tube and is a cream/lotion.  It can be used for face or body.  I made sure to exfoliate before application.  I would apply to dry skin.  I noticed it took about 6 hours or so for me to see a difference in color.  The color looks so realistic and natural.  Nothing fake looking.  It really blends so well too.  I noticed a difference after one application but after two I really looked like I had a good tan. Get the Invisible Tan here!

SUNSCREEN- It goes without saying that sunscreen is vital for the summer months.  No one wants to look extra crispy! If you haven’t ditched conventional sunscreens you really need too.  Read all about why they toxic in a blog I did here.  Sunscreen also helps protect you from everyday UV damage that we all encounter.



Raw Elements Sunscreen Lotion-  I really love that Raw Elements has a pump version now.  This formula also comes in an eco tin and is great for all over body.  It does leave behind a more white hue but when rubbed in well it’s not as noticeable.  I love how moisturizing it felt on my skin.  It’s also very water resistant-up to 80 minutes before you need to reapply.  Overall, I was impressed with the performance of this sunscreen.  It’s a really great pool sunscreen or at the beach sunscreen when your in and out of water all day.  It really holds up so well.  It didn’t burn and my skin didn’t feel sticky.  A great sunscreen for kids and adults!  Get yours here!

LIP MOISTURE/PROTECTION- People often think of hydration for their lips but they don’t think of protecting them from the elements.  Even more important!  The skin on your lips is the most fragile and just like the rest of your body takes a beating from the sun.



Raw Elements Pink Lip Shimmer- Not only can you protect your lips with SPF 30 but you can also keep them looking pretty with this pink lip shimmer. Just a subtle pink tint and hint of shimmer.  It’s also moisturizing.  They have a variety of options if you’re not into pink or shimmer.  Check them out here!

ALOE VERA GEL- After a day in the sun, your skin often wants nothing more than to be cooled off.  Aloe helps to take away the heat and soothe irritated skin.  Many aloe vera gels you buy are just full of added synthetics so it’s important to know which one you’re buying.  You just want the real stuff!



Badger Aloe Vera Gel- This is the closest thing you’re going to get to literally having an aloe plant with you at all times.  It’s the real deal and contains pure aloe.  I love applying this after a day at the pool or beach.  My skin feels instantly revived!  I love that it comes in a tub for easy application. Get it here! 

BUG SPRAY- Anyone else need a bug spray in the summer?  The critters like to come out in full steam and I’m all about protecting myself with something that isn’t toxic.  Most bug sprays contain harmful ingredients that you don’t want being sprayed near your body.



Badger Anti-Bug Spray- This spray is completely nontoxic!  You don’t have to worry about spraying this on you or your kids.  When used according to the instructions this spray works.  It contains no toxic DEET or synthetics.  It is organic and uses the power of essential oils to keep the bugs away.  Get it here! 


Summer skincare essentials

Credo Beauty has it all when it comes to natural beauty!

EYE SERUM- Having an eye serum is crucial all year round in any skincare routine.  But especially in the summer when there’s a lot of squinting from being out in the sun and overall sun damage occurring.  Since the skin around your eye is so delicate it’s important to nourish it with essential antioxidants and vitamins to restore what’s been lost in the sun.



Kahina Eye Serum- I’ve tried a ton and to be honest there’s a lot out there that don’t impress me when it comes to eye serums.  This however, is in a league of it’s own.  I can noticeably tell a difference when I use this eye serum.  I don’t have the tired eye look, it minimizes puffiness and it keeps my fine lines looking obsolete.  I know, sounds amazing huh?  One trick I’ve done since the beginning is to apply at night then put it in the fridge for in the morning.  Then when I apply in the morning it’s cool and perks my underneath eye area up even more.  I even mentioned this to the owner Katharine and she said yes, she does the same!  Phew, I wasn’t crazy.  Anyways, if you’ve been searching for an eye serum, search no further-this is it!  Get it here!

EYE MASKS- Have you heard of eye masks?  They’re these little eye masks that you put underneath your eyes.  I love them!!  Your skin under the eye area as I’ve mentioned is delicate and needs all the tlc you can give it.  These eye masks help to hydrate, de-puff and revive the eye area.



Honest Hazel Eye Masks- These are the best.  They come in pairs in a package.  I take them out of the package and apply them underneath my eye area.  I do this in the morning as I’m brushing my teeth.  It helps to make my mama eyes a little less tired, as well as wake me up.  They feel so refreshing and cool.  I even put them in the fridge over night for extra de-puffing action!  Trust me you need these.  Get them here!

SOOTHING NIGHT SERUM- After you’ve been in the sun it’s important to replenish your skin with a serum that’s going to give your skin the vitamins and minerals that it needs.  Skin that’s been in the sun often needs to be soothed and given ingredients that will help calm it and minimize redness.



Marie Veronique’s Soothing B3 Serum- This is a powerful serum!  It’s main ingredient B3 helps calm inflammation and help ceramide rejuvenate production.  It acts like a gel when it goes on your skin, leaving a serious glow all day long.   This serum helps to reduce inflammation.  My redness was reduced and my skin looked more even and clear.  I love that it is fragrance free and essential oil free, great for those with the most sensitive skin types and especially after skin that’s been in the sun all day.  Great for night time or day time, this is a must in anyone’s skincare routine!  Get your Soothing B3 Serum here!

TINTED MOISTURIZER- Who doesn’t want a tinted moisturizer in the summer months?  Not only does a tinted moisturizer help bring your whole look together but also protect skin.  You don’t have to sacrifice coverage just because you’re going to be out in the sun.



Suntegrity 5-In-1 Moisturizer- This tinted moisturizer is so good!  It definitely hits all the marks for a great tinted sunscreen.  From superb coverage, hydration and good tint.  Plus, it offers a broad spectrum spf of 30.  It provides spf coverage with non-nano zinc oxide.  It also comes in four colors which makes it easy to find one that matches your skin tone.  I love this tinted moisturizer because it feels more like a foundation to me then just a lotion with a slight tint.  I like a little more coverage and this provides it without looking cakey or overly done.  It wears well in the water too!  I love how smooth and even the formula looks on the skin.  Trust me, you’ll love it!  Grab yours here!


BODY SCRUB- this is key for keeping skin looking smooth and flake free during the summer months.  Have you ever been out in the sun, got a little tan or maybe sunburn and then a week or two later the flakes start showing up?  It’s dead skin and it needs to be exfoliated. This is where a body scrub comes in!  Keeping your skin looking amazing all summer long, plus so many scrubs add lots of hydration too.


Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish- This scrub is what body scrub dreams are made of.  First it smells amazing!  It sloughs off the dead skin with sugar and then moisturizes with shea butter and coconut oil.  A skin treat for sure!  You won’t want to leave home without this.  Get it here!

That sums up my summer skincare essentials!  What are your favorite skincare products for summer?  Leave me a message below!

Also, if you want to check out some of my favorite summer makeup looks, check them out here!  


Summer Skincare Essentials

Sharing my favorite natural skincare products for the summer on the blog!

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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