Organic Beauty Box Roundup October

The organic beauty box roundup October is here!  Last month was definitely one for the books.  We saw some amazing boxes.  But guess what?!  This month is no different.  We are seeing a new product launch in a box this month, plus some standout clean beauty products that will have you swooning in no time.  The organic beauty box roundup for October is just as good!

If you want to check out what these organic beauty boxes are all about, read some of my past organic beauty box roundups.  You can easily see what box might fit your lifestyle.

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Beauty Heroes does it again with another stellar beauty box, featuring the one and only Josh Rosebrook!

Beauty Heroes October Discovery: Josh Rosebrook

I was elated when I saw that Josh Rosebrook was in this month’s Beauty Heroes Discovery!  Last month’s Beauty Heroe’s Anniversary Discovery was one for the books.  Like how can you top it?!  Well, Beauty Heroes did.  This month not only are we seeing some of the best products from Josh Rosebrook’s line but also a brand new product!

Hydration Boost Concentrate- Yes, a new product that launches the same day the Beauty Heroes box launches.  It’s called the Hydration Boost Concentrate.  There are so many superpower ingredients in this product.  From Aloe vera, indian senna seed, horse chestnut, neem and cacao.  This is such an innovative product.  It’s essential oil-free, which I love and uses hyaluronic acid, humectants and phytonutrients to plump and hydrate the skin.  This concentrate couldn’t come at a better time in my opinion.  As the weather changes and gets a little more crisp we could all use a little more moisture.  I apply the hydrating accelerator from Josh and then apply the hydration boost concentrate.  It literally is the perfect combo!  It not only gives your skin a glow but penetrates to provide the ultimate hydration.

Hydrating Accelerator- This is an old favorite! This mist really does it all-from hydrating, toning and moisturizing.  The basis of the mist is aloe vera, which helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and plumps up the overall texture of the skin.  Herbs also help to calm the skin and reduce redness.  I love spraying this on after cleansing before serums/oils and also before and after a mask.  A serious skincare must in my opinion!  Plus, this little tonic smells like vanilla, can you say mmm!  I’m addicted to the smell alone.  I even spray this throughout the day for a quick pick me up of hydration.

Vital Balm Cream- The Vital Balm Cream is hands down one of my favorite moisturizers. It feels creamy to the touch-not greasy and when I apply it my skin’s dryness dissipates and I’m left with plump hydrated skin.  Ok, the smell…well it’s amazing! One of the best smelling products I’ve ever used.  It has a fresh, light smell with vanilla enveloping all of it and blue tansy and ylang ylang notes throughout-I’m obsessed with the smell.  I apply this before my foundation and it works great and at night too it’s the perfect finishing touch.  It has the properties of a balm but feels like a cream-I mean it’s kind a dream cream!  Can we talk about the color too?!  The baby mint/blue hue just looks cool.  It also comes in a sleek glass jar.  The ingredient I was excited to learn about in the product is Indian Senna Seed.  It really performs just like it supposed to in this cream.  It’s been called the botanical hyaluronic acid, it gives skin the ability to retain moisture on it’s own.  So your skin feels hydrated well after application.  It’s also made with organic, non-gmo and wild crafted ingredients.  If you’ve been searching for a good all around moisturizer this is it!!

This box is so good!  Anytime I see a box filled with Josh Rosebrook products I know it’s going to be good!  I would hop on this box before they sell out.  The value alone is $122, but you can get it for $58.95!  Get it here.

The Detox Market Box

The Detox Box this month featuring Kjaer Weis!

The Detox Box: Kjaer Weis

I couldn’t not share the October beauty box roundup without mentioning The Detox Box!  I was so excited to get the Detox Box this month!  A lot of clean beauty boxes focus around skincare which is great but every once in a while it’s nice to get a makeup box.  I love The Detox Box for that reason!  They offer a variety of clean beauty products.

This month it’s all about Kjaer Weis.  The luxe organic makeup line that offers some of the best of clean beauty.  In the box this month we are seeing one of their top selling eyeshadow colors in Charmed.  It’s a matte taupe brown color.  I’ve been wearing it non-stop and can’t get enough!  It’s especially great if you have mature eyes and want an eyeshadow that doesn’t have any shimmer in it.  Shimmer tends to sink into the creases of the eyes more, so it’s better wear a matte shadow.  This is the perfect everyday matte color.

The box also includes Kjaer Weis Eye Pencil in brown.  This is a great pencil to give your eyes that smoldering brown look.  It’s the perfect understated look for everyday.  I line the top and bottom of my eyes to give the look of a more lived in liner.  Another great everyday makeup product.  The last product in the box is Kjaer Weis Lip Balm.  This is a clear lip balm that hydrates the lips so well, while still giving them a bit of sheen.  I love that it comes in the sleek silver compact.  Kjaer Weis packaging is beautiful and also eco friendly.  You can just get a refill to go in the silver container once you’ve finished with the product- pretty cool!

This is definitely a box worth snagging!  It has a $121 value but you can get it for $55!  Get it here while it’s in stock!

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This month The Clean Beauty Box is giving us glowing skin and lips!

The Clean Beauty Box- Flower & Spice + Henne Organics-

This month for The Clean Beauty Box we are seeing Flower and Spice and Henne Organics.  I was introduced to Flower and Spice through The Clean Beauty Box in the past and Henne Organics has long been a favorite for lip products in natural beauty.

The Flower and Spice product this month is their Instant Glow Calming Exfoliator.  This is a great gentle approach to getting glowing skin.  They use a combination of AHA fruit acids and bamboo stems to reveal a glowing complexion.  Often exfoliants can be too harsh especially for sensitive skin types.  This combination really creates the perfect exfoliant for those who still want to help slough off the dead skin cells but without aggravating their skin.  I applied it to dry skin and then massaged it in.  Then left it for a minute before rinsing off.  This enzyme exfoliant will have you coming back for more!  I only used it twice a week. If you have extra sensitive skin, once per week might be better for you.  My skin felt smooth, yet not stripped after using.

Henne Organics Lip Serum- Your lips need extra love just like your skin!  This Henne Lip Serum is what lip product dreams are made of.  It’s meant to help even out fine lines on lips and plump them- Who doesn’t want that?  It’s filled with age defying oils like arctic cloudberry seed oil, lingonberry seed oil, rosehip, camellia and argan.  It comes housed in this chic black glass bottle with a 24k gold rollerball- talk about luxe!  I apply this at night and let the oils do their magic!

This box is valued at $143 but you can get it for $41.95!  Talk about a huge savings.  This would be a great box to stock up on now and then give as a gift for the holidays too.  Get the box here!

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Sharing all my favorite organic beauty boxes on the blog for October.

Cheers, Suzi


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