I really love how wide they are.  It helps to keep everything inside the diaper.  The diapers don’t smell at all.  Another thing I love!  We have had two blowouts using them but both times it was when my husband had changed him. I’m not pointing blame but he didn’t pull the diaper sides out like I usually do.  😉 I mean all you moms can feel me on this!  I love how they are softer than some other natural brands that I’ve used in the past too.  They mold to the baby’s body instead of being stiff and scratchy.  

They come by bag, case or you can even order a sample.  I love that they offer samples!  Such a great idea. Get a sample here. I got the case of size 1 diapers and it has lasted me for almost a month!  They also have training pants too- something I’m excited to try for my 3 year old.  

As I mentioned earlier, Nest diapers are stopping the landfill epidemic with diapers and instead are creating diapers that can be composted.  It is not like traditional composting you might think.  For more information on composting Nest diapers, check out their website here.

I asked my hubs what his thoughts on the diapers were and he said great.  That he would definitely recommend.  I feel the same! I’m so excited to finally have a diaper that feels good on my baby, works and is good for the environment.