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Sharing my natural beauty swaps in my newest video!  I've been wanting to do a video like this for a while.  I get asked a lot what is the dupe to a certain conventional product.  I thought what better way to show you some of my favorite dupes then in a video.  I'm sharing 12 of the best swaps from conventional beauty to clean beauty.

Everything from what a good swap for the coveted La Mer Cream to the popular Nars Orgasm blush.  I have the perfect swaps listed out for you.  I though now was the perfect time to release this video since we are in the thick of holiday gifting!  What better way to introduce someone to clean beauty then to swap out a conventional product for a natural one.  Trust me once they try clean beauty they'll be hooked!  I've got all my favorite natural beauty swaps in the video!


Check out the full video here!


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What are some of your favorite swaps?





favorite natural beauty swaps

Sharing my favorite natural beauty swaps from conventional beauty on the blog.