SOL Organics Luxury Down Comforter

Sharing my full experience with SOL Organics Luxury Down Comforter on the blog.  I had been searching for an organic down comforter for a while and was so excited when I finally found one.  I had wanted to get my girls a down comforter for their beds for a while.  With Gracie transitioning to a big girl bed, I wanted to get them matching duvet covers but first I needed a down comforter.  I learned a trick when it comes to getting beds made with kiddos!  Just get rid of sheets and extra blankets and just use a down comforter instead.  It makes it so easy for them to make their bed when there isn’t a ton of blankets and layers to deal with.  Food for thought. 🙂


SOL Organics down comforter review

SOL Organics down comforter takes sleeping to the next level.


SOL Organics luxury down comforters live up to their name!  They are so luxe and cozy.  They are made with hypoallergenic 100% Canadian White Down, that’s responsibly grown and harvested and a 100% GOTS organic cotton cover.  They offer an all season 700 loft fill and a summer 600 loft fill- depending on how warm you want your down comforter to be.  I got the all seasons for the girls since they won’t be using any other blankets besides these.  My husband and I have the summer fill since we both tend to run a bit warm.

I love that it’s a baffle box construction.  Making the fill even all over.  I let them air out for a couple days before I put a duvet cover over them.  They didn’t smell super strong but I always think duvets have a little smell right out of the bag and then they’re fine once aired out.

My girls love them!  They can make their bed super easy and they stay warm at night.  I love how easy it is just to wash their duvet and call it a day, instead of washing a comforter, plus sheets.  I love knowing that my girls are not being exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides with the organic cotton cover.  It gives this mama peace of mind.


SOL Organics down comforter review

Having a bad night sleep with SOL Organics Down Comforter isn’t an option!


I also wanted to share my experience with our SOL Organics down comforter. I had a down comforter in the past but it wasn’t organic.  I also sometimes would get too warm, and my husband too.  We both tend to run a little warm as I mentioned earlier, so when I saw that SOL Organics had a summer down comforter I couldn’t wait to try it!  The summer down has 600 fill, compared to the all season 700 fill as I mentioned above.  Making it a little less heavy.  I love how it lays flat and even, something that my last didn’t do.  It is the perfect temperature for my husband and I!  We both don’t get too hot and feel comfortable all night long.  I can’t recommend it enough.  It really hits all the marks for a clean organic down comforter and also isn’t too warm.  Check them out here!


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SOL Organics down comforter

SOL Organics down comforter takes sleeping to the next level.


Cheers, Suzi


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