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In today's video I show you how I dermaplane, specifically sharing how to shave your face for women.  Are you a women and you shave your face?  Well, you're not alone sister!  I've been shaving my face for five years and love it.  My skin feels so smooth and soft.  I know many people shave their skin for exfoliation but I primarily do it for hair removal.  I've found my skin products and makeup sit so much better on my skin when I do it.  There's no powder sticking to my hairs and making the product stand out more after I shave my face.  It really creates such a flawless canvas.  I also love it because my skincare products go on so much smoother as well.  They really seep in to my skin. 

In the video I'm sharing with you all the details on what I use to shave my face, how I do it and the oil I like to use as I do it.  


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how to shave your face

Sharing all my tips and tricks on how I shave my face.