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So excited to share my newest video on how to use a jade roller.  I’m sharing what jade rolling is, the benefits of jade rolling and how to create a routine using a jade roller.  Jade rolling has gotten a lot of buzz in the last several years.  This practice is from Ancient Chinese Skincare and has proven over centuries to create a more relaxed, uplifted and brighter complexion.  If you haven’t tried jade rolling I encourage you too!  Facial rolling is the easiest and most budget friendly way to get a face lift!  You can do it in the convenience of your bathroom and create your own spa environment.  

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how to use a jade roller, so I thought I would show you how to use a jade roller in a video.  This walks you through the whole process, including what products I use before, during and after.  


Check out the full Jade Rolling Video here!


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how to use a jade roller

Sharing how I use a jade roller in my newest video.

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