Best Of Natural Beauty For February 2020

It’s that time of month again where I share the best of natural beauty for February 2020!  I love sharing this post with you and giving you the latest scoop on all the clean beauty goodness that is happening.  Each month I share what I’m loving in natural beauty.  Sometimes the products are all new and sometimes they might be old but I rediscovered them and I can’t help share with you!

This month is another stellar lineup- I mean what’s new?!  Green beauty just keeps getting better and better every year.  


Natural Facial Highlighter

This natural highlighter is everything! Doesn’t give you a glittery highlighter look but a natural look.


Venics Organic Diamond Melted Glow Highlighter

If you’re wanting a lit from within glow, look no further Then Venics Organic Beauty.  This organic highlighter takes any sallow complexion and instantly adds a lit from within glow in seconds.  I love how the formula is not greasy or glittery.  Often it’s hard to find a highlighter in organic makeup that doesn’t seem like a strobe light hit your face.  Especially as I’ve gotten older I just want a healthy glow, nothing overdone.  This achieves such a pretty natural glow.  It’s made from a blend of 15 botanicals that are infused with antioxidants that actually nourish your skin at the same time.  It’s the best of both worlds!  A highlighter that looks natural but also is filled with good for your skin ingredients.  All the ingredients are vegan, and cruelty-free.


Venics Organic Beauty

This highlighter doesn’t mess around! On the left I have nothing on my face and then on my right I have on the K Color Highlighter.


It comes in 4 different shades.  I’ve been loving their new K Color Highlighter shade, a pretty pale gold that looks so soft and subtle on the skin.  I apply it with my fingers- making it super easy to achieve a glow in a pinch.  Once I apply the product I just blend in with my fingers to create a smooth and subtle look.  You want to apply the highlighter anywhere the sun would naturally hit you to create a glow.  I apply it in the middle of my forehead right above my eyebrows, upper cheek bones, bridge of my nose, upper cupid’s bow, and middle of my chin. Really wherever you want a little glow!  This highlighter is so multi-purpose.  I also love the packaging!  It comes housed in a frosted glass jar with a bamboo cap- super chic.  Check out all the colors here!



Natural Prebiotic Body Wash

This is my favorite natural body wash!


Aleavia Body Cleanse

So this product isn’t new to any long time readers here but I couldn’t not share my current favorite scent I’ve been using from them.  Their Orchid Body Cleanse smells so lovely!  It basically transports you to Hawaii the minute you open up the bottle- and I’m all about that.  Aleavia is all my family uses for a body wash.

They are a completely natural prebiotic skincare line, that specializes in putting the friendly bacteria back on your skin. Here is a quote from their website-

“Aleavia products are alkaloid based bio-stimulants which actually feed a wide variety of friendly microorganisms on the skin causing the healthy bacteria to go into a feeding frenzy. This ultimately results in much higher activity levels of normal friendly bacteria. Over a short period of time, the “good guys” will completely overwhelm any harmful bacteria, virtually eliminating skin disorders of many types. Our skin care products accomplish this on a molecular level using a combination of 100%-natural, organic, and environmentally safe ingredients.”

They also help balance the ph of the skin, all while conditioning it.  Now, you may be thinking they must put a ton of ingredients in their products…but that’s not the case!  They use just a handful of ingredients and all completely natural. I’m obsessed and I think you will be too!  Check out their whole line here.  


Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara

This mascara adds separation, length and tons of volume!


Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara

This mascara is SO good!  I can’t believe it took me over a year to finally try it.  I had heard that it was ok but nothing special and so I didn’t think to try it.  I finally bought it because I had so many of you ask me what I thought about it and I wanted to actually see for myself.  Was I wrong!  This mascara not only separates but adds length and so much volume.  I also love that it doesn’t smudge on me or flake.  It has a big brush that really helps to get those drama lashes.  I’ve gotten so many compliments and people who have asked me what mascara I’m wearing.  You know it’s good when you’re not talking about mascara and people keep asking what mascara you’re wearing.  Check it out here!


Beautycounter Countertime Cleansing Oil

When you purchase a cleanser yourself for the second time as a beauty blogger, you know that it’s good!


Beautycounter Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil

This cleanser is the best.  I’ve shared so much about it on my Instagram stories, but I couldn’t let another best of natural beauty pass without spotlighting it. What makes it so special?  Allow me to explain. The cleanser is a spin off of Asian skincare.  You apply it to dry skin as an oil but as you add water it emulsifies into a milky consistency.  It removes all my makeup effortlessly, no stinging and my skin doesn’t feel stripped after using but it also doesn’t feel oily.  What I really love is how easy it is.  You don’t need to get a washcloth damp and wipe it off.  You just rinse the product off with your hands.  It’s the best. I’m hooked!  I literally use this every night- it’s that good.  Oh and it also has the plant-derived retinol in it- so you’re also giving your skin a ton of the good stuff.  Trust me I have a variety of other products I could use but I keep reaching for this one over and over.  Did I mention the smell?  AH-MAZING!  I have so many cleansers at my disposal but I bought another bottle of this!  Yes, I personally bought another bottle of this because it’s that good.  My friend and fellow clean beauty blogger Sarah from Whoorl saw me talk about the cleanser on my stories and bought herself a bottle and now sings it’s praises too!  Get the Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil here!  


Clove and Hallow Brushes

Want to simplify your brush routine? Then look no further than Clove and Hallow’s brush set!


Clove and Hallow Brushes

Clove and Hallow just released their new brush sets not long ago and let’s just say I’ve been using them on repeat.  I’ve found that people can get overwhelmed when it comes to brushes, especially if they’re not in the world of beauty like I am all day.  These brushes are the answer to simplifying your makeup routine.  They include all that you need.  A Perfecting Buffer for applying powder, liquid and cream foundations effortlessly.  The Precision Buffer is a brush that blends powder, liquid or cream concealers and the Shade + Blend Duo Eye Brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow.  All the brushes are made with vegan synthetic fibers.  I haven’t had any shedding issues with them either.  My friend literally asked me the other day if I had any recommendations for brushes that wouldn’t break the bank but performed well.  Yes, I thought!  These brushes not only perform well but simplify the beauty brush game so easily.    These would especially be great if you travel a lot and want to simplify your brush routine.  You can also buy them as a set or individually.  Check them out here!


best natural beauty 2019

Innerpeace by Innersense adds definition and texture to my hair- nothing else like it!


Whipped Cream Texturizer

Ok, so I thought I had another jar of this hair goodness tucked away in my bathroom closet…but I didn’t.  Super disappointed.  This products is definitely my holy grail when it comes to natural hair products.  It not only works for my hair but my husbands and my girls too. I use this product everyday on my girl’s hair, plus I use it and my hub’s uses it.  You could say it’s well loved.  It helps to define curls, eliminate frizz and smooth hair, as well as add a bit of texture.  I love using it on my hair after I curl it to leave it with some texture, hold and give it a tousled look.  Can’t recommend it enough!  I just ordered two more jars!  Lesson learned- always have a backup.  Get the Whipped Cream Texturizer here!


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Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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