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Sharing my natural and organic hair routine with you in my recent video!  Everything from what products I use in natural beauty, to how I curl my hair- it's all in my newest video.  I get asked all the time about what hair styling products I use, how I curl my hair, what I use before and after I curl, so I thought I would put it all in a video so you can see how I do it.  I hope it helps you when deciding what natural hair products to buy and use to create your desired hair style.  It can be hard to find products that work and fit your specific hair type but all the products I mention in the video are tried and true and really do perform so well!  Plus, some of them are great for the whole family.  

I also wanted to share what type of hair I have.  My hair type is fine and thin.  I’m all about adding body to my hair!  Give me the volume.  I also don’t like products that add a lot of weight to my hair.  I want something that will be weightless and provide lasting volume.  


Check out my full natural and organic hair routine here!


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