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Ohh, SO excited to share the clean beauty box roundup for July with you!  It’s going to be so good.  I’m still in awe that it’s July?!  Crazy!  If you’re new here, each month I share all the best natural beauty boxes on the blog for the month.  They each rollout at different times, so be sure to be on the lookout for them and check back as they roll out. 

The Detox Box – Rolling out July 6th.

The fist box this month is Beauty Heroes!

Beauty Heroes: Leahlani Skincare


Beauty Heroes

Leahlani Skincare is in the Beauty Heroes Box this month and I couldn’t be more excited!


It wouldn’t be a clean beauty box roundup for July without mentioning Beauty Heroes. I was beyond excited when I learned that Leahlani Skincare would be in the Beauty Heroes Box this month!!  I’ve long been a fan of this amazing natural skincare brand.  One of the first I tried in clean beauty and really stood out to me.

First, before I tell you about the skincare line, I must tell you about the creator herself, Leah.  A true artist when it comes to skin, Leah dealt with her own set of skin issues.  Through her own skin struggles, she believes fate led her to pursue a career in skincare, and become a holistic esthetician.  Leah learned so much firsthand being a spa director, and then having her own practice.  This journey not only led her to find her passion, but it paved the way for Leahlani Skincare to be born.  Leah wanted to create a skincare line that would be a, “ritual and not a routine.”  Well she definitely achieved that and so much more. Oh and side note, to know Leah is to love her!  She is a serious sweetheart, and has a heart of gold.

She not only healed her skin through her creations, but has helped so many others achieve healing as well.  Every time I open a jar, or bottle of Leahlani skincare I feel like I’m getting a hand signed love note written just to me.  It may have to do with the fact that each, and every creation is made by hand.  Can you just imagine all the love, and care that goes into each bottle?  It’s no wonder my skin sings when anything Leahlani is applied!  I haven’t even mentioned ingredients, but they’re dreamy.  Organic cold pressed oils, mineral rich clays, Hawaiian honey nectars, pure essential oils, and potent botanicals are just a few ingredients that make up Leahlani skincare.  Pure goodness delivered straight to your skin-what more could you want?

This month we are seeing some of her most prized products, Meli Glow and Mahina Replenishing Elixir.

Meli Glow- Leah really knows her masks, and this one is no exception.  First the smell is unreal!  It smells like strawberry puree to me-so good.  I seriously want to eat it…all of Leah’s products have that affect on me.  This pink beauty is packed full of all the good stuff.  Things like hyaluronic acid, enzyme and vitamin rich fruits, clays, and Hawaiian Honey-just to name a few.  I applied 2 tsp. to moist skin and left it on for 15 minutes, sometimes longer…trust me once you smell it you won’t want to remove it either.  What did my skin do?  Well it literally sang a happy song!  My skin felt soft, moisturized, and radiant.  The name says it all-it makes you glow!  

Mahina- This baby quickly became a fave.  It not only hydrates your skin, but nourishes it with nutrients while you sleep.  You wake up with smooth, even skin.  One particular oil that Leah put in that I love is prickly pear seed oil.  It has been known to help brighten skin, fight signs of aging and moisturize like crazy.  A definite home run oil.  The biggest thing I noticed right away with Mahina is how much it calmed my redness.  Especially around my nose.  My skin felt replenished and soothed.  The smell is of course wonderful too!  Notes of citrus mixed with vanilla…can’t go wrong with that.  Oh and your skin doesn’t feel greasy-which I love.  

This box is unfortunately sold out!  But you can get on the waitlist for next month’s box. I would not wait to get on the waitlist- the box next month is going to be so good!  Beauty Heroes does not disappoint.  Subscribe to Beauty Heroes here!

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