Skincare Fridge: Is It Worth It?

Chilled serums and cool masks sound dreamy, but is a skincare fridge a must-have or just a fad? Dive in to find out.

I can’t believe it but it was 3 years ago that I first tested out a skincare fridge. So, I wanted to update my thoughts and share all the details on this skincare phenomenon that has swept through the past several years.

If you’ve never heard of a skincare fridge, allow me to introduce you to what I’m even talking about.

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Mini fridges have been popping up recently all over for skincare products.  Essentially you put them in your bathroom and store your skincare items in them.  I had heard about it a couple years ago but never really gave it much thought until I realized it was actually a thing!  Yes, there are literally companies that make just skin care fridges.  I knew I wanted to dive in a little deeper into it all and see for myself what all the fuss was about.  I mean what kind of natural beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t try out the latest and greatest?

mini skincare fridge on counter
My newest obsession- my skincare fridge!

So I bought one and began using it in my beauty routine.  I wanted to give it a good amount of time to really see what I thought and if it was worth the hype or not.  I wanted to share my experience with you here in hopes that it will help you decide if you want to hitch your wagon to this new craze or not.

As I said earlier, a skincare fridge is essentially meant to house some of your favorite beauty products and live in your bathroom.  A fridge in your bathroom?  Sounds kind of cool huh?  Yes, well it does have its perks.

What Do You Store In A Skincare Fridge?

  • Eye creams are great because when they have a cooling effect they tend to help de-puff the eyes, great for in the morning when you want your eye area to look a little perked up.
  • Aloe vera is a great skincare product that can benefit from a skincare fridge.  Sticking an aloe based product in the skincare fridge can help to enhance the product even more.  Since aloe has a naturally cooling effect it can help to give it an even more soothing cool to the touch feel.
  • Vitamin C serums can especially benefit from being stored in the fridge because Vitamin C is very sensitive to light and heat.  Sticking them in the fridge will help your Vitamin C products not to oxidize as quickly and increase their shelf life.
  • Gel skincare products are great as well as they naturally are meant to feel cooling on the skin.
  • Skincare Tools.  These are great to add to the skincare fridge. It can include jade rollers, gua sha, etc. And the cold stone on your skin as you use these tools feels incredibly soothing and reviving to the skin.  Especially great in the mornings when you want your skin to feel awake and vibrant.
  • Facial Sheet Masks.  This feels so refreshing on the skin when they are a little cool on the skin.  Even eye gel masks are perfect for adding to the fridge.  Really helps to de-puff the eye area overall.

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Mini Fridge on counter
I love being able to get even more out of my skincare products with my skincare fridge.

Why Store Products In A Fridge?

A skincare fridge can help to preserve products with its cooler temperatures.  Natural skin-care products are especially great for keeping in a skincare fridge since many of them tend to have less harsh preservatives.  A skincare fridge helps to prolong the shelf life of the product and ward off bacteria.  We know that light and heat can degrade a product quickly so we know the opposite is true for helping preserve them. The refrigerator provides the cool temperature and dark place needed.

Refrigerating skincare products can also help calm skin inflammation with the cooling effect of the products and constrict pores so they appear smaller.  As you can see there are many benefits to having a skincare fridge.

What Skincare Fridge Did I Get?

I researched and read so much on skincare fridges.  I really wanted to make sure I got a good one!  I also had some things I wanted to make sure I got with my skincare fridge and I didn’t want to spend over $50.  I saw some that I thought were really chic looking but they had horrible reviews or were over $100.  I was bummed because I thought initially I would get one of them but as I read the reviews I realized they weren’t going to be worth it if they stopped working and they were pretty pricey!  

As I looked more and more the one that kept coming up and getting awesome reviews as far as longevity and price was Cooluli Mini Fridge. Here are all the details that sold me on this as one of the best skincare fridges:

  • Four-liter capacity- This compact design is the perfect size to store a good amount of skincare products. They do offer different sizes if that is what you are looking for. 
  • Shelving- Side shelf and removable shelf in the large compartment
  • Price- under $50 when I purchased it
  • Multi-functional- 2 in 1 cooler and warmer (temperature ranges from 40 degrees below ambient temperature to 149 degrees on internal thermostat)
  • Energy efficient and noise level is ultra-quiet
  • 3 power options
  • Variety of options for colors to choose from
  • Lightweight (4 pounds)
  • Built in handle
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rated 4.4/5 stars with many positive customer reviews

*I also wanted to point out that you can also use your skincare fridge for heating items too. Sometimes you want a product to be a little warm- so this would be a convenient way to do that as well.

Check out the Cooluli Mini Fridge here!

So What Did I Initially Think Of My Skincare Fridge?

I was so excited to start testing out my skincare fridge.  It sits right on my bathroom counter.  I don’t have a huge bathroom by any means so it does take up some space but I’m willing to make the sacrifice!  It doesn’t have a loud noise.  I don’t really notice it’s even on.  I stored my eye creams, eye masks, facial tools like my jade roller, and Gua Sha, and some of my aloe based face masks.

I loved how the skincare fridge had a little shelf, plus a side shelf for eye masks or smaller skincare products.  I would get out my jade roller first thing in the morning and it would feel so cooling on my skin- I loved it!  I felt like it brought some blood flow to my skin compared to when I used it at room temperature.  I also loved applying my eye cream as it felt so cool to the touch and made my eyes feel very awake.  

I also was so impressed with how cooling the aloe felt on my skin after being refrigerated!  It really took it to the next level.  Both my husband and I had burned our skin and I applied the aloe right away and it instantly took away the burn.  I was so impressed!  So was my hubs.  There was no burning sensation at all after applying the cooling aloe.  I also loved how my gel masks felt on my skin afterwards.  It felt so refreshing.  It definitely took some of my skincare products to the next level!

The real question now is a skincare fridge worth taking up extra space in your bathroom?  Well, that’s for you to decide, but I will share my experience with you and what I think.

Mini skincare fridge on counter
I love being able to have my skincare tools cooled for my skin.

Is It Worth Taking Up The Extra Space?

For me it was worth it initially.  I think the added benefit of having a skincare fridge really helped me look forward to using my skincare products even more.  It’s fun to know that my skincare tools are in the skincare fridge and are going to feel cool to the touch as I use them.  It makes the whole experience as I do it in the morning so much more therapeutic.  I find I’m more consistent too.

Are There Other Things You Can Use It For?

Once I got my skincare fridge I realized there were many other ways I could use it!  Road trips could be made easier as it would be great to store food or drinks that need to be refrigerated, or in your office to keep some drinks cold.  

Also a great option for breastmilk storage!  Yes, I went there.  As a mama who nursed four babies, this was something I thought of.  It’s nice having a small type of cooler that can keep things cool for long periods of time.

Skincare Fridge: Is It Still Worth It?

For me it was initially totally worth it. I did realize that those who preferred a more streamlined, simple skincare routine, might not find having a beauty fridge a necessity at all.  

Three years later, I do think a skincare fridge is a novelty for sure and not something you need in your skincare routine.  It takes up more space of your counter, which I don’t love and it is just one more thing to keep up with.  I haven’t used mine in over a year now.  Not that I didn’t love using it when I had it, but I need to set up my bathroom so it’s easier to access.  Right now I don’t have a place for it.

I also think it would still make the perfect gift idea for those that are really into skincare.  It would be a fun way for them to maximize their skin care products even more.

Check out the Cooluli Mini Fridge here!

Do you have a skincare fridge?  Which one do you have?

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Cheers, Suzi


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