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Sharing the clean beauty box roundup for January!  Anyone else wondering how on earth it is already January?!  So ready for a new year though and I'm sure everyone else is as well.  I'll be sharing the clean beauty box roundup for January on the blog.  First up is Beauty Heroes and then I'll be sharing more as they are released throughout the month.


Beauty Heroes January Box – Fitglow Beauty


Another stellar box from Beauty Heroes- Featuring the one and only Fitglow Beauty!

I was so excited when I found out Fitglow Beauty would be in this month's Beauty Heroes Box- YES!  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Anna, the founder of FitGlow and I just love her whole outlook and ethos.  She really lives what she preaches and her skin is a testament to it.  Anna, the founder is a longtime fitness and health guru that battled sensitive rosacea skin.  She wanted products that would help her skin not turn bright red during workouts and be effective.  With over 10 years of research in plant based ingredients, Anna discovered ingredients that feed and nourish the skin. FitGlow Beauty, a Canadian born company, was created to be with you wherever the day may take you.  From yoga, to the office and everything in between.  They actually have subjects test their products while running and doing yoga, to ensure they perform in any condition…how cool is that?  Their beauty products are not only clean, and non-toxic but nourishing to the skin.  Full of active ingredients-vitamins that feed your skin, and organic extracts.  This line doesn’t mess around. They’re also Leaping Bunny certified-no animal testing happening here and gluten free. 

Night Essense- I've tried a handful of products from Fitglow Beauty but had never tried their Night Essence.  I knew it would be something special as it's Beauty Heroes heroic product for the month.  The ingredients alone really make it stand out.  From Aloe, Kojic acid, Bakuchiol- a plant-derived retinol, nicainamied- one of my favorite skincare ingredients, hyaluronic acid and rose.  This treatment is meant to transform your skin at night.  It essentially does the work for you while you sleep- sign me up for that!  It helps to hydrate the skin, brighten, as well as deliver antioxidant protection.  Who doesn't want that?!   Plus, with it's super star ingredient line up it really works at erasing the appearance of wrinkles.  It's basically your news bestie in the form of a skincare product.  

It comes in a spray form.  You mist it liberally on your skin and then follow with normal serum, oil, moisturizer.  It feels hydrating upon application and quickly melts into the skin.  I love how smooth my skin feels afterwards.  It smells lovely too.  Hints of orchid, rose, and peony envelope you.  This is one product I won't be putting down anytime soon!

Vita Rich Creme- This is the new and improved Vita Rich Creme!  This has long been a favorite from Fitglow Beauty and now they kicked it up a notch and are offering if with even more skin loving ingredients.  You get all the things you love about the original, plus more hydrating hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol, and cell regenerating glutathione.  Yeah, it just got really good!  This moisturizer hydrates deep and helps to protect the skin from trans epidermal water loss.  It also helps to support collagen synthesis and combat hyperpigmentation.  It does all of this and still has it's famous weightless feel!  

It feels very similar to the old Vita Rich Creme but enhanced with all the new actives.  I feel like my skin is getting so much in one application, besides just hydration.  Perfect for the winter season as skin is more dry and parched.  I have used it at night and in the morning.  

Night Lip Serum- Oh how I love this lip serum!!  I use this every night- yes every night.  I've been hooked on Fitglow Beauty's Night Serum for over a year.  It not only hydrates my lips and makes them feel silky smooth, but it also delivers proven plant extracts and vitamins.  These nourish the lips at night, all while fighting signs of aging.  Say bye to fine lines on the lips!  From ingredients like pomegranate plant sterols, beet extract, vegan collagen and more- these all work to fight the signs of aging.  I apply this at night as the last step in my skincare routine.  It feels rich and nourishing on the lips.

This box is so good and such a good value!  It's worth $185 but you can get it for $58.95.  Get it now before it sells out!  


The Detox Box January- Evolvh


So excited to see one of my favorite clean beauty hair brands in the Detox Box this month!

I was giddy with excitement when I saw that Evolvh was going to be in this month's Detox Box- can you say YASS!  I love this clean beauty hair care line.  I first tried their shampoo and it won me over.  I was excited to dive into some of their other styling products as well.  I love how Detox Box switches things up and offers a hair box- so fun!

Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo- I’ve been testing it out and have been super impressed with the overall formula.  My hair feels so bouncy and clean.  And the clean feeling lasts for days!  I get so much volume from this shampoo and conditioner, plus it foams too! Any hair type.  I've used it and I have fine, thin hair.  My sister has used it and she has thick, fine hair.  I have a friend who loves it and she has coarse thick curly hair. Smells citrusy.  I really smell grapefruit to be exact. This is the shampoo I've been recommending for really any hair type.  It just gets the job done!  Especially great for someone who is used to mainstream shampoos and conditioners and wants one that is going to really get their hair clean. I can go multiple days between shampooing my hair with this shampoo. 

TotalControl Styling Creme- I have been looking for a curl cream for my youngest daughter’s hair for while.  She has curly hair and I wanted a product that would help define it and give it some weightless hold and add a little hydration.  The Evolvh Super Curl Defining Cream does just that.  It really gives the curl a more defined look overall.  You are left with a smooth defined curl and no frizz.  It doesn’t weigh down the hair either.  I apply a dime size drop in my hands, then while her hair is wet I apply it all over her hair with my hands.  Then I go back through and twist some of the curls.  

UltraFlex Hairspray- This is a lighter hair spray overall.  It's alcohol free and quick drying.  It helps to refresh your style overall but doesn't leave it feeling sticky or heavy.  Easy to brush out and restyle if you want the next day.  

SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner Spray- This really helps to hydrate extra dry strands, get tangles out of hair post showering, and protect hair before heat is used on the hair.  It does so much!

Check out the full box here!  Hurry, this box is SO good.  The box is valued at $142 but you can get it for $55.  Get it here before it sells out.  


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Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

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