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I get frequently asked blogger questions all the time and thought what a better way to share with others then to outline the questions and answers in one blog post.  Often I find people don't understand blogging.  I'm going to eliminate a lot of confusion when it comes to blogging and really help strip away any confusion when it comes to blogging as a profession.  My hope is that you can walk away after reading this post and have a good idea of how blogging works and what it looks in the day to day and YES I'll be answering the famous question- how do blogs make money! 🙂

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Sharing all the frequently asked questions I get as a blogger!


Ok, let's dive into the frequently asked questions about blogging that I get!


Question #1: How Do You Know What To Blog About?


I think knowing what to blog about should come naturally and easy for you.  I think it should be a passion of yours or an experience you've had, or even something you're really good at.  It's really what you find interesting and will keep your attention.  For me it was easy to want to blog about natural living and natural beauty because I loved it so much!  It was easy for me to research more about the topic because I would do it even if I wasn't getting paid.  I know people who blog about Lyme disease and how they live a healthy lifestyle despite it, people who blog all about how to keep their home and life organized- the list is endless!  I always encourage people to make a list of what they're good at and comes easy to them and also a list of their passions.  This can really help them to see what to blog about.  


Question #2: When Do You Start Making Money From Your Blog?


You can start making money the first month you create a blog- really!  It might not be thousands of dollars initially but you can literally start creating income the minute you push publish on your first blog post.  With consistency and getting affiliate links(products you promote from brands who give you a small percentage of the sale), you can start earning money right away.  As far as making a consistent income from your blog it's up to you on where you want to take your blog but it's totally possible to start making a living off of your blog in even a year if you work hard.  I've known people who've done it and read so many stories.


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My wish for you is that you start the blog you've been thinking about in 2021!


Question #3: Don't You Ever Run Out Of Ideas To Blog About?


Never!  If anything I have to many ideas.  I always keep a running list of ideas I can blog about so I always have content to share.  In the beginning of blogging you want to establish some core posts as I like to call them that can really help you form the basis of your blog.  For instance, if you're blogging about Lyme disease, you could share things that have helped in your Lyme journey, share some of your favorite resources, and products.  You could also start a monthly series where you spotlight someone you've met that is living their best life with lyme disease and healing protocols they've used.  Then you could also have a whole section on things you could do to help protect yourself from contracting Lyme disease.  You're then able to capture a bigger audience because people who don't have Lyme would want to read.  See how the list just keeps going?!  As you are consistent your audience will also tell you what they want to learn more about too.


Question #4: Do You Have To Be On Social Media To Blog?


No!  You don't need to have a following at all to start blogging.  I didn't!  Although a lot of people look at social media as the end all, be all for a blog, it's actually not.  Your email list is far more important and your blog itself.  Instagram and Facebook change all the time, and can make it hard for everyone to see your content all the time.  With your email list(an email list are email addresses from your audience. You have them all on one email marketing platform where you can email them all at once) you're able to directly connect with your audience this way!  You can share with them the latest information right to their inbox about a recent blog post.  Social media is a great tool in your blogging toolbox but it is not the thing I would focus on in the beginning if you're wanting to make blogging a career and earn an income.  It would be something I would tackle later once you have a blog and email list in place.  


Question #5: How Do You Make Money From Blogging?


This is the #1 one question when it comes to frequently asked blogger questions!  I get it, I was the same way before I started to blog.  I didn't understand how it all worked.  I'm going to share with you how I've made money blogging.  There are SO many ways though!  

  • I make money through ads on my website.  You can sign up with an ad network once you have so many page views and start making ad income.  You can also start making ad income right away when you're just starting out with Google Adsense.  There's no page view requirement so you can literally start making money right away when you start your blog.  
  • I also make money through affiliates.  This is income as I mentioned earlier that I make from promoting a product or service, and then the brand gives me a commission on the number of sales I have for that specific product.  
  • Another form of income is through sponsored posts.  This is where you work directly with a brand to promote their products whether it's a sponsored blog post where you're sharing how you use the product, or a video, etc.  
  • I also sell my own products or services and make an income off of that.  This could be an ebook, course, guide, group coaching program, membership, one on one coaching, or even a physical product.  There are so many options!  
  • I also make money from consulting for businesses and brands.  Whether that's testing a new product or helping them before they even create the product.
  • Speaking at events.  Once you've been blogging for a bit and have established yourself as an expert you often start getting invitations to come and speak at events.  
  • Freelance writing for large publications.  From magazines, to other blogs, to books and more.

*I'm sure there are other ways people have made money from blogging but I'm sharing my specific ways I've made income.


Affiliate marketing is one way I make income from my blog.



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Question #6: Should I Design My Own Website In The Beginning?


No! Absolutely not.  Custom websites are expensive and you want to make sure you're actually going to be consistent before you start shelling out thousands of dollars.  In 2021 getting a blog up and running has never been easier!  You can literally have it up in a day and you don't need to know how to code or anything.  Instead of a custom theme you can search for blog themes and just pick one you like.  They even have FREE blog themes.  If you do pay for one it's often pretty inexpensive still- anywhere from $10-$60 dollars.  The themes they have already made are still super great and offer a lot of benefits.  


Question #7: What Is Your Biggest Piece Of Advice For A Beginning Blogger?


I love this question!  My biggest piece of advice would be to invest in a course in the very beginning of your blogging journey.  I cannot tell you how much it helped me and that was after 3 years of blogging!  I wished I would have known about blogging courses or experts that could have helped me.  It could have saved me so much time and overwhelm.  I realized blogging is like any other business, when you start a job you get trained, or you go to school for that specific career choice.  Blogging is no different.  If I would have known what I know now I could have 10x my results a lot quicker and avoided so many pit falls.  


Question #8:  How Much Does It Cost To Start Blogging?


I get this question a lot too when it comes to frequently asked blogger questions. It literally can cost you around $35-$65 to start your blog and that's for your first year!  This is also the current stat for 2021.  It's the most inexpensive business model out there!  You don't need product, or huge inventory, a building- it's pretty awesome.  If you've thought blogging was expensive- think again.  It's definitely a good business model.


Questions #9: How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Blog?


This is something that has changed over the years.  When I first started I spent my daughter's nap times, and at night when she went to bed blogging.  Anytime I could get.  I would also spend time on the weekend when my husband could watch her.  This continued for several years before I had any child care.  In the beginning I would spend roughly 20 hours a week on the blog.  Now I spend anywhere from 5-30 hours depending on the season and if I'm working on something specific.  But then I also have a virtual assistant that spends a lot of time helping me, so I have to take that in to account as well. 

That sums up my post on the most frequently asked blogger questions.   Have a question I didn't answer?  Ask below!  

As you can see there has never been a better time to start blogging!  From getting all the help you need, to virtual being the wave of the future, to creating the life you want and loving it.  Blogging hits all the marks and more.

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