Natural Beauty for 2020!

Sharing all the best for natural beauty for 2020 on the blog!  It’s finally here.  Another year gone by and so many products to share.  Each year I share a glimpse into the previous year’s product roundup by sharing the best of the best.  I vet each product and really scour to find what really stood out and made me stop in my tracks.  This year was no different.  I’m sharing the cream of the crop when it comes to natural beauty for 2020.  These products had me doing happy dances when I tried them!  

If reading my picks wasn’t enough I’m sharing my friend and fellow clean beauty blogger Lisa from The New Knew’s picks too!  She has the same high standards.  It’s always fun to see what she picks!  You might even find that there are a couple similar products we love.  Check out her post here.

We both will be sharing our top 10 products for natural beauty for 2020, plus we even have some bonus faves that we couldn’t not add to the list…I mean once a beauty junkie, always a beauty junkie.  These are faves that haven’t changed over the last year or so.  

But it gets even better!  We are each giving away our top 10 to one lucky winner!  That’s two winners!  Enter to win my top 10 faves below and don’t forget to head to Lisa’s blog post to enter to win her faves there too.

Without further adieu- let’s check out the best of the best for 2020.


Maya Chia Review

Maya Chia makes natural skincare products that give results- The Straight A Serum is no different!


Maya Chia Straight A Serum

So the Straight A Serum launched in 2020 and basically took the natural beauty realm by storm!  It was the first product that came to mind for the best of natural beauty for 2020.  This isn’t just another serum.  It’s a serum that means business and gets results…quickly.  I have been using this for a while and definitely can speak to the overall experience of it.  My skin looks brighter, more even and overall alive and not dull.  I use it at night. It contains the plant retinol bakuchiol which I’ve used before in other skincare products and it also contains moth bean extract- another plant derived retinol.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The formula also has an advanced retinol using an encapsulated Retinol.  This is a derivative of Vitamin A without BHT.  BHT has been shown to cause live damage in rats- even in small amounts.  Conventional retinol typically contains BHT.   Plus, the supply chain with BHT is very unstable.  

Besides the powerful retinols it also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  These brighten the skin and help fade hyperpigmentation.  You’re also going to get some serious hydration from this serum as well with Buriti oil, and chia seed oil.   I can’t tell you how many people have used this and have become sold overnight- literally.   A skin changing serum for sure!  Don’t forget to check out my full Maya Chia review here. Check out The Straight A Serum here.


Natural Beauty Brands

This Body Prophet is what body moisturizer dreams are made of!


Free + True Body Prophet

I discovered this stand out body lotion in a Beauty Heroes box.  If you are a natural beauty lover then you’ll want to check out this box.  They deliver the best of the best in natural beauty to your doorstep each month for a fraction of the cost.  Subscribe here.  Anyways, I instantly fell for this luxe body lotion after one application.

They actually call it a body serum.  In my mind it’s a cross between a body oil and a lotion- it’s like a creamy lotion/oil.  Whatever, you want to call it, it’s so good.  I literally finished the whole bottle and was scraping the insides for more.  For a beauty blogger to go through a product you know it’s a big deal!  I love how it comes in a glass pump bottle, makes it so easy for application.  I also love how it smells- with hints of ylang ylang, rosemary and pomegranate.  Such a light scent, nothing overwhelming.  Plus, it has antioxidants that help to protect your skin like olive leaf extract which is 2.5 times higher in antioxidants that Vitamin C or E.  It also has pumpkin seed oil, aloe vera juice and sea buckthorn berry.   The overall feel is so lightweight.  It absorbs instantly into the skin and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue.  I want another bottle stat!  If you’re looking for a new body lotion- this is it.  Get it here!




Ilia Liquid Chromatic Eye Serums

These came out in the fall of 2020 and let’s just say we quickly became besties.  It was love at first swipe!  If you’ve been in natural beauty for a minute then you know it’s hard to find a liquid eye shadow that lasts and doesn’t fade.  I hadn’t found one until these showed up.  They come in a tube that looks like lip gloss but there’s no gloss inside, instead there’s a creamy consistency that swipes on the eye effortlessly.  I apply the product right on my eye and then use my finger to blend in.  They blend in so easy!  The best part?  They stay put the WHOLE day.  Yes, not like typical liquid shadow these stand the test of time.  I love applying them underneath powdered shadows too.  It really helps the color to pop even more and gives the powdered shadow something to adhere too.  They are a great eyeshadow primer!  

I have four colors, Glean, Mythic, Sheen and Fresco- all gorgeous and layer so well on top of each other.  I’ve even used the lightest shade Glean as a highlighter!  Works so well.  I highlight the typical areas of my face- cupid’s bow, middle of forehead, upper cheekbone, bridge of nose and middle of chin.  I love how they can be used for multiple things.  Can’t recommend them enough!  Check out more Ilia products I love here.  Get them here.




Alpyn Beauty Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel

 This is another favorite that launched this past fall from Alpyn Beauty.  Read my review here of some of their other stellar products– you could say I’m obsessed with the line!  Had to include it in the natural beauty for 2020 post.  I remember opening the lid and instantly falling in love with the scent- SO good.  It smells like berry pie!  I want to eat it- trust me one whiff and you’ll understand what I mean.

It leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and soft- all within 5 minutes.  It’s a mask, a peel and a polish all in one.  If you’ve been wanting one product that does it all look no further.  The blend of antioxidant rich wild huckleberry and white willow bark instantly give your skin glow worthy results.  It also boasts a proprietary AHA/BHA blend of Citric, Malic, Tartaric, Glycolic, Azelaic, Ferulic & Lactic Acids.  It’s a mini facial in a jar.  Perfect before putting on makeup for the day to get the smoothest makeup application or at night to unwind and set your skin up for success at night.  If you’re a skincare minimalist this could be your new jam since it does so many things.  Smooth radiant skin has never been easier.  I love applying this at night and waking up to smooth, glowing skin.  But I also love using it first thing in the morning to really get my skin moving and radiant.  Get it here and use code GURLGONEGREEN15 to save 15%! 


best of natural beauty March

This cleanser does it all!


Beuti Skincare Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser 

So I have to give a huge shout out to one of my favorite clean beauty stores Aillea.  They sent me this cleanser and let’s just say I was so impressed after the first use.  This is what I expect from my cleanser.  I want it to remove all my makeup and not leave any residue- this includes mascara.  I want to be able to just rinse it off with water and not have to use a washcloth.  Now most oil cleansers you need a washcloth and I’m not saying I don’t love oil cleansers but overall I prefer a cleanser that doesn’t require an extra step like using a washcloth in this season of my life(hello 1 year old, a 4 year old and a 6 year old).  So you can imagine my delight when I used this cleanser for the first time and it removed all my makeup- yes even the stubborn mascara rinsed off with water.  Plus, my skin still felt hydrated and had a subtle glow to it.  

It’s a 3-in-1 cleanser.  I guess you could say I was into the multi-use products this last year! Not only does it act as a cleanser but also gently exfoliates with enzymes as well.  It can also be used as a facial mask if you leave it on for 5-10 minutes.  The best of all the worlds!   So if you’re needing a good cleanser, gentle exfoliant, mask- look no further!  I’m also a huge fan of the Beuti Sleep Elixir as well.  Kate Middleton is obsessed too- just sayin’. Get the Beuti Glow Enzyme Cleanser here!



Beautycounter All Bright C Serum

Natural beauty for 2020 wouldn’t be complete without the Beautycounter All Bright C Serum.  Beautycounter came out with this in the spring and it sold out right away.  This Vitamin C Serum is packed with all the things!  You apply this serum first thing in the morning before you apply your makeup.  It helps to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and environmental damage.  It’s filled with a 10% stable blend of Vitamin C that helps to brighten your complexion, while also reducing dark spots.  It also has camu camu and tumeric, heavy hitting antioxidants that help protect your skin from new hyperpigmentation.  My skin is brighter and younger looking.  If you’ve tried it then you know!  Perfect for anyone wanting to take their skincare to the next level.  Get it here!

I’ve gotten so many people hooked!  Their response is, “My skin looks so bright and even.”  I couldn’t agree more.  My skin loves it.  I love the fresh smell too.  When it comes to Vitamin C serums this is one you’re going to want to have in your skincare arsenal.  I apply mine after cleansing and toning in the morning before my moisturizer.  Get it here!


aluminum free deodorant

Primally Pure’s Blue Tansy Deodorant and Charcoal Deodorant have won my heart!


Primally Pure Deodorants

This has been a long time fave when it comes to natural deodorant.  If you’ve been around the natural beauty scene for any length of time then you know finding a deodorant that works can be hard.  Primally Pure solves the problem!  They take the natural deodorant cake in all areas.  From affordable price, squeaky clean ingredients, and smell good scents that don’t irritate the skin.  Overall, the formula works so well!  They have a couple blog posts that really help understand natural deodorant.  Check out what you need to know about using natural deodorant and also their blog post on the science of natural deodorant and why their formula works so well. 

My hubs loves the Charcoal Deodorant.  I love their Blue Tansy.  Although I tried the Charcoal and I have to say I would use that any day too!  It’s crazy because the more I tell people about their deodorants, the more feedback I hear on how amazing they are.  It seems to work for the majority of people.

If you haven’t been able to get your husband to make the switch I recommend grabbing him a Primally Pure Deodorant.  The Formula goes on so smooth and doesn’t cause any irritation.  I smell fresh all day long.  The Blue Tansy smell is just so good!  I also love how the charcoal smells minty fresh- I’m here for all the mint!  Check out all their deodorant scents here and use code GURLGONEGREEN10 to save 10%.


Natural Beauty Brands

This is your new favorite foundation! It feels like your skin but offers great coverage…Skin Twin has my heart!


Beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation

Since this just came out from Beautycounter and I can’t stop using it!  It’s such an amazing formula.  They’ve been working on it for quite some time and they did not disappoint.  Filled with skin loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid that literally give your skin a surge of hydration and draw moisture to your skin.  It offers buildable coverage. So you can opt for a more lightweight feel or you can apply more product and get more of a full coverage look.  It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything!  It truly lives up to it’s name- Skin Twin.  Your skin but enhanced.  It gives you an overall polished look without look cakey or heavy.  I apply the foundation after I’ve applied my oils or moisturizers.  It glides on so smoothly.  I wear the color 340 with self tanner and 310 if I’m not wearing self tanner.  Check it out here!


Clean beauty brands

This exfoliant does it all and leaves your skin smooth and glowing!


Mukti Organics 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant

My clean beauty skincare routine just got a whole lot better with this product this past year!  I was introduced to it back in April’s Beauty Heroes box and I haven’t been able to stop using it- obsessed!  The exfoliant had me basically after the first application but sold me the more I used it.  This has a combination of fruit acids that help loosen and rid the intracellular bonds, while encouraging collagen production.  Then once the fruit acids do their thing, jojoba esters and finely ground bamboo particles remove the dead skin.  I use this in the morning first thing on damp skin.  I rub in circular motions.  Then brush my teeth. Once I’m done I rinse it off.  My skin feels so smooth and radiant!  I use it twice a week.  If you have sensitive skin I would do a patch test first and then see how your skin does.  It smells amazing too!  Like fresh lime juice and it’s this beautiful emerald green.  This has been on repeat in my skincare routine!  You will be addicted.  Check it out here!




Christina Moss Shampoo and Conditioner

I posted my full organic shampoo post this last year.  The Christina Moss Shampoo and Conditioner was one shampoo and conditioner I could’t shake- it was so good!  What I loved about it was the fact that I could use it on my fine/thin hair and love it and my sister could use it on her thick hair and it work just as well. This is great for any hair type.  Comes in a tube and a little goes a long way.  Suds up a little and gets my hair feeling clean.  It doesn’t have a scent!  It is made for the most sensitive scalps.  I love that it doesn’t have a scent. I’ve found a lot of people are sensitive to scent near their head especially.   It’s also pretty budget friendly for a clean shampoo- $19.99!  Super impressed with the ingredients.  They really hit it out of the park with this one.  Especially great if you don’t do scents or have a sensitive scalp. Get it here!




I couldn’t let the natural beauty of 2020 post be complete without sharing some bonus faves that continue to rock my world year after year!

  • Josh Rosebrook Hair- The best natural hairspray I’ve found peeps-let it be known! I love the smell!  It has a list of essential oils but the ones that stick out to me are the rosemary and lavender.  I love knowing exactly what I’m breathing in, no hidden fragrance!  Second, it doesn’t goop up when you spray.  It actually has a mist feel.  Yeah, pretty cool.  Lastly, it just works.  With my hair being fine and thin, this product delivers hold throughout the day, volume, and doesn’t get crunchy…you know what I’m talking about.  It’s just good stuff.  I would recommend this for anyone transitioning from a mainstream hairspray.  You need it, trust me!  Grab it here!
  • Honest Beauty Mascara- This is hands down my favorite natural mascara in clean beauty currently.  I know, that says a lot but it’s true.  The formula checks all the boxes.  It offers thickness, length, separation- it’s just awesome!  The formula isn’t too dry or too wet and I love that I don’t have to apply 5 coats of mascara to see product on my lashes.  In just two coats my lashes are instantly lengthened, thicker and have overall more volume.  I’m sold!  On one end of the mascara wand is a primer and the other the mascara color.  I apply the primer first and then the mascara.  It doesn’t smudge by the end of the day either- it’s a win/win overall.  Get it here!
  • Innersense Whipped Creme Texturizer- I use this product everyday on my girl’s hair, on my hair and my hub’s uses it, I’m even using it on my little guy now!  You could say it’s well loved.  It helps to define curls, eliminate frizz and smooth hair, as well as add a bit of texture.  I love using it on my hair after I curl it to leave it with some texture, and give it a tousled look.  Can’t recommend it enough!  We can’t be without it in our house. Get it here.
  • Live Botanical Glowing Honey Mask- This mask began my love affair with Live Botanical.  I love it!  It makes my skin glow in minutes- no joke!  I apply it all over in the morning and then grab my toothbrush and then rinse off once I’m done brushing my teeth.  It feels so hydrating and soothing to the skin.  It gives a slight exfoliation too with herbal grains.  The raw honey in this mask draws moisture to the skin while soaking up all the excess oils at the same time.  What I love is that this mask can be used daily as a cleanser or as a mask a couple times a week. Use code: GURLGONEGREEN for 20% off at Live Botanical.  Shop here!
  • Beautycounter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick- I love how these feel on my lips.  They’re hydrating, give a slight sheen and give the perfect subtle pop of color.  They are the everyday lip product you won’t want to stop wearing.  I have Rose, Lilac Petal and Rosewood. Check them out here!


Don’t forget to enter to win my top 10 faves of 2020 below!


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Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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