Best Of Natural Beauty Boxes- February

It’s that time again for the best of natural beauty boxes- February!  Sharing all the best in natural beauty for this month when it comes to natural beauty boxes.  If you’re new each month I share all the details on the best natural beauty boxes in clean beauty.  Some come out at the beginning of the month and others come out a little later.  I update the post as things roll out!

First on deck is Beauty Heroes and Boxwalla.  Be sure to check back for The Detox Market and The Clean Beauty Box.


Beauty Heroes- YINA



Such a fun discovery for February!


This month we are seeing a body product in the Beauty Heroes box!  I was so excited!  It’s a nice change of pace from the facial skincare products.  Originally called 5YINA, the brand is now called YINA.  The brand is founded by Angela Chau Gray, a plant biologist and Traditional Chinese Medicine nutritionist, and Ervina Wu a registered TCM dermatologist with a PhD in autoimmunology from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.  I loved hearing how they met in their Master’s program and basically formed a plan to create a holistic skincare company that was based on their multi-disciplinary practice of TCM(traditional Chinese Medicine).  It’s the best of both worlds!  Bringing together TCM and green technology to create a skincare line that balances the skin with nature.

Recovery Body Treatment- This is the perfect time to try this body treatment!  Winter in Chinese Medicine means a time for restoration and what better time to envelop yourself in a truly decadent body treatment.  This treatment helps to flush toxins out of the body.  It is a a body balm that is full of pure, active herbs that help to revive Qi, while giving life to the skin metabolism and improve immunity.  It is a full body renewal that takes place.  

“I learned that the Chinese herb, bai zhu has been used for millennia to supplement Qi, alleviate water retention and brighten skin,” Says Dr. Ervina Wu.  

Not only do you get the body treatment balm but also their Gua Sha Bian Stone in the box as well.  Making it a truly decadent experience from head to toe.  The Gua Sha is meant to help detoxify the body.  You need to help your lymphs by moving them manually.  Our lymph system doesn’t have a pump, so we have to manually help flush out the toxins.  One great way is through Gua Sha.  The Gua Sha Bian Stone is a microcrystalline tool that has more than 30 rare elements and trace minerals like chromium, manganese and zinc that help to separate toxins, so that better circulation is able to happen and flush them out.  

Just like you would use a Gua Sha on your face to help with tension and stimulate collagen, the same is true for your body.  Having used facial Gua Sha often I was so excited to see a body Gua Sha tool.  This can help with cellulite, uneven skin tone and just general circulation.  I like to think it’s somewhat similar to body brushing.  The overall Recovery Body Treatment left my skin feeling extremely hydrated and soothed.  It felt deeply restorative for this season of winter and slowing down.  I loved using the Gua Sha tool for added detoxification.  I felt like my body was getting the royal treatment!

This Beauty Heroes Box is valued at $175- but you can get it for $58.95!  Such a great deal.  They anticipate they will sell out so if you’ve been waiting to try YINA or a body product- don’t wait!  Subscribe here!                                                                                                           


Boxwalla: Poetry of Beauty and Rain



This month is all about luxurious skincare in the Boxwalla box!


I was so excited to dive into the Boxwalla box this month.  It is all about Nini Organics.  Nini Organics is a British brand founded by a brother and a sister.  They wanted to create a skincare line that was full of all the superfood ingredients.  The line not only contains plant actives but raw ingredients that are ethically sourced and are full of vitamins and minerals.  I couldn’t wait to check out these new skincare treats!

In the box is their Crimson Beauty Hydrating & Microbiome Balancing Serum,  Rain Hydrating Essence, and a sampling of the Halo Cleansing Elixir. This is a stunning combination for a skincare routine as it takes care of the first three products you use in a skincare routine.  

The Crimson Beauty Hydrating & Microbiome Balancing Serum is such rich and luxurious serum.  It feels so nourishing an hydrating on the skin.  A lot more to it then other serums.  It really feels heavier which I love.  It is full of all the things, from Rose Otto flower water & Neroli flower water.  It also has Organic Hibiscus flower which helps to give the skin some needed vitamins and minerals. You also get ingredients that help to balance the skin’s microbiome as well as help with repairing the skin.  The winning combo is felt the minute you apply it to your skin.  It feels like a living serum that is nourishing your skin upon application.

The next product is the Rain Hydrating Essence, this is a mist essence that is full of Neroli flower water, Cucumber water, Butterfly Pea extract, Alfalfa leaf, Milk thistle extracts & more.  A serious skin treat!  This combination of actives help to combat free radical damage as well as fight environmental stressors.  The essence even has lactic acid, which is a very gentle exfoliant.  This gives the skin an overall glow! 

The last product in the box is a sampling of their cleansing oil called Halo Cleansing Elixir.  This elixir performs like an oil cleanser.  You apply to dry skin and then wipe off with a warm cloth.  It smells divine!  The oil is in a base of passionfruit oil and jojoba oil.  Plus, one of my favorite oils, blue tansy that helps to calm and soothe the skin.  Your skin feels completely balanced and hydrated after using.

This Boxwalla box has luxury skincare written all over it!  Hurry before they sell out.  You can get this box for $49.95, valued at $155.  Get the box here!

The Clean Beauty Box: Rejuvenate



Indie Lee is the star in this month’s Clean Beauty Box!

After being diagnosed with a tumor, Indie Lee set out on a journey to create a truly effective clean beauty routine. Indie Lee was birthed. She is on a mission to empower and educate others on a natural lifestyle.  I’ve sampled so many of her products before and was excited to see them in the box this month!

Stem Cell Serum- This serum doesn’t mess around.  It has the perfect blend of plain stem cells, coupled with botanicals.  The stem cells are harvested once a year from France and combined with apple fruit extract.  This combination helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles and help firm the skin.  But it doesn’t stop there!  This formula also has Alpine Rose- a powerhouse antioxidant that helps give your skin a glow.  It also is filled with hydrating hyaluronic acid and bamboo extracts.  It has felt so nourishing on the skin and rejuvenating.  Like a big gulp of water with all the active benefits!  I use this morning and night and it helps to hydrate and treat my skin.  A winning combo!

Co-Q10 Toner- This is an alcohol-free toner that not only helps to prep the skin for treatments and serums but also give the skin a good dose of actives with the antioxidant Co-Q10.  Plus, it’s filled with Aloe Vera, and Cucumber that help to moisturize the skin and calm it.  It’s a great protectant to spritz on to help with skin exposed to environmental damage.  I spritz this on morning and night.

This whole box is valued at $145 but you can get it for $41.95.  Get the box here!


The Detox Box: Henne Organics



Henne Organics is taking center stage in this month’s Detox Box!


Rose Diamond Lip Exfoliant- The Rose Diamond combines sugar with coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and other organic ingredients to bring your lips the ultimate in exfoliation.  This is perfect for the winter when lips can get extra dry and can start to peel.  I love how smooth my lips feel!

Lip Serum- This is full of botanicals that glides on the lips and leaves a cooling sensation.  This serum really helps to nourish the lips with arctic cloudberry and lingonberry seed.

Lip Mask- What’s better than a mask for your face?  How about a mask for your lips?!  This lip mask leaves your lips feeling completely nourished and hydrated. It has a citrus scent and feels completely refreshing.  It’s a balm that turns into an oil as you apply it to your lips.  Filled with superstar ingredients like cranberry, sea buckthorn and evening primrose oils.  

Lip Tint In Desire- This lip tint is everything!  I love a balm that has a tint.  It’s the best of all the worlds.  It’s hydrating, yet offers a subtle hint of color.  I love applying this everyday for lip protection but also to complete my makeup look. 

This box is valued at $127, but you can get it for $55.  Get the Detox Box here!

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Sharing my full review on the best natural beauty boxes for February.


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