Clean Beauty Box Roundup- April

The clean beauty box roundup for April is here!  Can anyone believe it’s April?!  So crazy.  It feels like time is flying by.  This month is full of all the natural beauty boxes. If you’re new each month I share all the details on the best natural beauty boxes in clean beauty.  Some come out at the beginning of the month and others come out a little later.  I update the post as things roll out!

First up this month is Beauty Heroes and Boxwalla.  Next will be The Detox Box and The Clean Beauty Box.

*Be sure to check back as I update the blog post as things continue to roll out.

Beauty Heroes- Mukti Organics


A hydrating mask like you’ve never experienced!

The brand Mukti is from Australia and really is a pioneer when it comes to incorporating their native resources into their products.  Their mantra is to be organic, sustainable and ethical in all that they do.  Their formulas are the real deal and don’t contain any unnecessary fillers.  Just potent botanical ingredients that do the work for the skin. I love that their ingredients are third party tested, ensuring that products are in fact eco and meet their strict criteria. They have an advanced extraction method that helps them to preserve the products so they are represented in their most potent state.  They really take it to the next level when it comes to creating something truly special in a skincare brand. I feel like there are two heroic products for this month, even though technically one is a sidekick- read on to see why! Love that you can get this Australian brand at Beauty Heroes.

Deep Cleanse Antioxidant Masque- This green hued masque is unlike any mask I’ve used.  I love how this masque came at the perfect time.  The seasons are changing and spring is coming upon us.  Just as the seasons change, so does our skin.  This masque really helps to set the skin up for success in this new spring season. Not only does this masque detoxify but also uses enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin.  You might think the masque is drying like so many masques, but it’s actually not.  Instead this emollient masque stays very much like pudding on the skin, giving your skin all the antioxidants, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids.  You can thank ingredients like coconut, macadamia nut and jojoba oils for all the extra love.  The green hue comes from matcha and chlorophyll.  

I would apply a thin layer to damp skin, and then let the masque do it’s magic.  After 5 minutes I would rub in circular motions and massage the jojoba beads all over my skin, polishing my face.  Then rinse.  You’re left with baby soft skin!  Such a skin treat indeed.  

Age Defiance Eye Serum- This eye serum is good.  Although I can’t speak to the long term effects because I haven’t been using it that long, I can speak to the overall feel and consistency.  I love how fast it absorbs under the eyes- no greasy residue feeling.  My eyes also looked brighter overall the next morning.  It includes a blend of potent peptides, as well as emu apple and quandong.  These all work together to help diminish dark circles and puffiness.  Plus, with a heavy does of aloe vera and shea butter, your eye area will feel light and airy.  A new fave for an eye serum. 

This Beauty Heroes Discovery is valued at $180, but you can get it for $58.95!  Get it here before they sell out.


Boxwalla- TWELVE Beauty


Another winning box from Boxwalla!

In case you’re not familiar with Boxwalla– allow me to introduce you.  This box delivers some of the best of green beauty.  I find that’s what sets them apart from other green beauty boxes is their thoughtful curations.  I always find they go out on a limb and really find brands and artisans that I haven’t heard of- which I love!  If you’re into trying new brands and discovering people that truly love their craft- this box is for you.  I also love that this box is bi-monthly versus every month.  It helps me to savor each box and really get to know the products.  Their selections are always cruelty free as well.  

A quote from Boxwalla’s website sums up Twelve Beauty as brand-

The April Box features the award-winning Spanish brand Twelve Beauty, founded by Pedro Catalá. Sporting a Master’s in Cosmetic Science and a PhD. in Natural & Formulation Technologies, Pedro creates magic by combining the beauty and potency of nature with the rigors of science.

Twelve Beauty Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil- This facial oil is nothing short of extra in every way!  It’s made with unsaponifiables.  Now you might be wondering what unsaponifiables are!  

They are fractions of plant oils that are brimming with incredible vitamins and minerals, capable of repairing the skin’s barrier in a very short span of time by stimulating its filagrin production.

They are not easy or cheap to extract, however, Twelve Beauty made sure to include 4 of them in their Frontier Facial Oil!  It’s pretty cool how this oil can work for any skin type.  From dry skin to oily skin and even sensitive skin because of it’s base of Meadowfoam and Sacha Inchi oil, which is full of linoleic acid that suits most skin types.  

The oil feels rich on the skin but still soaks in so well and leaves behind no oily residue.  I love how soothing it feels!  

Twelve Beauty Nutritive Repair Emulsion- I LOVE this cream.  It’s the perfect everyday cream for your skin.  It is quick to absorb into the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy.  It has a perfect semi-matte finish.  It is herbal and antioxidant rich, soothing stressed out skin.  I love how this cream lasts and feels good well into the day.  My hubs is a fan too!  

This box is valued at $287!  But you can get it for $49.95- I know crazy!  I would hop on this now because word on the street this box will go fast.  You can get it until October 10th.  Get the box here!

The Clean Beauty Box- Live Botanical


Live Botanical has been a brand favorite for years!


Live Botanical is a gold mine of clean beauty products.  The line is not only organic, non-GMO, ethically wild-harvested, local, sustainable and fair trade but also budget friendly.  The maker and founder of Live Botanical, Carolyn, is an herbalist and so passionate about this skincare line! She really goes the extra mile.  She also uses glass packaging too-something I swoon over.  I mean it’s kind of rare to check all the boxes but also be affordable!

Ambient Moisture Liquid- This had me the first time I used it!  This was a new launch from Live Botanical in 2020 and one that definitely was a hit.  It’s a moisturizer, yet it doesn’t feel a like a tractional moisturizer.  It is full of aloe and feels so lightweight, yet completely nourishing on the skin.  It’s like a moisturizer but feels similar to how a serum would feel.  Full of skin loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and ceramides that leave your skin feeling dewy and smooth.  I love applying this right before my moisturizer in the morning.  It really draws even more moisture to my skin and preps my face perfectly before my makeup.  

Tidal Moon Moisture Mask- This mask just screams hydration and my skin just loves that!  This mask is over flowing with nourishing ingredients from butters, to raw honey and oils- it’s jam packed to give your skin the moisture it craves.  It’s a pretty blue color that is reminiscent of the moon.  It’s amazing as a mask but also as a moisturizer!  Just add a few drops of water to the formula and rub into the skin.  It’s really unlike any product and such a standout for the year!  Your skin will drink it up.

This is such a stellar box!  I love anything Live Botanical makes and this is no exception.  Get the box here before it sells out!  

Detox Box: Honua Skincare


This facial mist has some of my favorite skincare ingredients!

So I haven’t tried a ton of products from Honua, so I was excited to see them in The Detox Box!  Honua skincare line is based off of the healing practices and medicinal herbs found on the Hawaiian islands.  The founder Kapua Browning, the founder is a native Hawaiian herself.  She grew up on the beautiful island of Oahu.  After growing up in the sun she started to notice skin damage in her early 20’s.  She studied aesthetics, herbalism and after years of practice created what is now Honua Skincare.

Being a native Hawaiian, her goal is to share her love of the Hawaiian culture and practice in her creations. Once you smell her skincare treats you will feel transported to the island life.  After all the skincare line is named Honua in Hawaiian, which means earth.  The founder loves to protect the land where she grew up and donates a portion of her proceeds to three organizations preserve such things as coastlines, forests, reefs and wildlife.

LIHAU Facial Mist- This facial mist feels so refreshing, just as the name suggests, on the skin. It contains sandalwood, neroli flower hydrofoil, aloe vera leaf juice and blue tansy.  This helps to give the skin some amazing properties that are anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  It also has hyaluronic acid which helps to seal in the moisture.  It’s very soothing on the skin.  My skin soaks it right up.  I love the scent too!  Smells of sandalwood and vetiver.  

Aloha Youth Serum- This is the perfect morning serum for the skin.  It instantly wakes it up.  It’s not necessarily hydrating on it’s own.  If you have dry skin you may need an additional lotion or oil on top of the serum.  The serum’s scent is a total floral Hawaiian scent.  You’re transported to the island vibe when you smell this serum.  The consistency is milky, different than many serums.  It has a blend of Hawaiian kava kava and kukui.  It gives your skin a glow- especially great in the morning when skin needs a little pick me up.  

This box is valued at $146 but you can get it for $55!  Get the box here.

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