Best Blenders – 2021 Review

I am so excited to share with you my Best Blenders Review!  I am sharing all about the best blenders today.  It can feel like a big investment when purchasing a blender so you want to make sure you consider a few things before purchasing. I am going to share with you what I think are the most important considerations to make before choosing your blender. I have also compiled reviews by my friends and family who have used each of these blenders for years. They are sharing the ins and outs of the blender as well as what they like and they don’t like about it.  

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I’ve been wanting to do a proper blender review for you for a while.  As a fellow smoothie lover, a good blender is a necessity in my kitchen!  If you have one that works well it really can make life so much easier.  I find smoothies for me are an easy way to get in a nutrient dense meal in minutes!  I have a whole smoothie post I did on what I put in my smoothies and why here, plus recipes!

I realized though that blenders can be used for SO many things and really are a game changing kitchen gadget when making real, nutrient dense food.  

As you’ll read below I have a lot of experience with several blender brands and know friends and family who have tried several others as well.  I thought what a great resource for my community to share and help do the research for you!  My hope is that you’ll find your favorite blender and one that works in your budget.  

If it’s anything I’ve learned in my years of testing out different kinds of blenders it’s that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good blender!  In fact my favorite is around $100!


Nutrient dense food is so much easier with the right blender


Before you purchase a blender you will want to consider a few things to help you narrow down which blender will work best for you.  This can be different from person to person.  Obviously what I may love, may not be best for you.  Here are my top considerations before purchasing your blender!


1) Size

When looking at different blenders you need to consider the size of not only the blender pitcher but also the entire blender.  This is important because depending on what you have available for storage in your home this may make or break your choice.  If you want to leave the blender on the countertop, will the height allow it to fit under your cupboards?  If you plan to put it away in a cupboard between uses, what available space do you have and will the blender fit?

2) Capacity

Different blenders allow for different capacities for their blender pitchers.  If you plan to only use it for single serve, it may not be wise to splurge on a typically more costly full size blender.  But if you have a family or make larger quantities at one time, you may want a larger pitcher size.  An even better option for some is a blender that can come with both options!

3) Accessories Included

Like I mentioned above, you may want more then just the standard blender.  Different brands come with different accessories.  This can include single serve cups and a separate food processor amongst others.  Decide what you need and stick with that.  You will have less extra ‘stuff’ to find a storage spot for! 

4)  Price 

Just like most things in life, price needs to be a considering factor when deciding on the blender that you will purchase.  Price can vary immensely.  But the great thing is that even the more budget friendly blenders can function quite well!  You can save money by not purchasing extra accessories too if they aren’t needed.  

5) Ease of Use

Again depending on what you are going to use your blender for you may need very little as far as different speeds and settings go.  If one blender looks too complicated, pick a different one that is more streamlined.  Along with ease of use, I would consider if it looks like it will be easily cleaned up.  Specifically, being able to remove the blade to get it clean helps so much and it takes so much less time too!

6) Power

The power of your blender will be measured in watts.  Higher watts equals more power.  Again, depending on what you plan to use your blender for you may not need to purchase the blender with the most power, however you want to make sure you have enough.      


I have tested many blenders to find my favorites!


Best Overall Blender – Ninja

My top pick for Best Overall Blender is the Ninja.  The Ninja has so much to offer!  From choices of accessories, to high power to super easy to clean, I really think the Ninja has it all.  Not to mention all of this and you can get it for an affordable price!

Ninja Blender Reviews

Suzi’s Brother Matt and sister in law Ama’s Review- My brother Dr. Wholeness and his wife have the Ninja Blender that they have been very satisfied with!  It is easy to clean, and they use it nearly everyday.  My brother is a Naturopathic Physician and is constantly using it for smoothies and healthy vegan ice cream recipes.  You could say it gets well loved! They also had a Vitamix for years but have since become avid Ninja fans because it works just as good for them and is so much less expensive than a Vitamix.  So much so, that my brother asked for a Ninja for his birthday!  They find the power in the blender is just as powerful as the Vitamix.  They typically make smoothies, dressings and ice cream with it.  They love the single serve option and the option to use the large pitcher too.

Gurl Gone Green Team Member Becky’s Review- I have had my Ninja blender for nearly 5 years.  Mine came with the full sized blender, 2 individual cups and a food processor.  I initially wanted this blender as a means to make pureed baby food for my youngest.  I had used a smaller, cheaper blender to make purees for my first child and that didn’t hold up at all!  I have been very happy with this blender overall.  However, initially when Suzi asked me what I thought about my Ninja I told her I wasn’t sure I was satisfied because lately it was leaving some chunks of fruit or ice in my smoothies and not blending them completely.  After looking into it I was able to purchase a new blade for just $30.  Since replacing the blade (it has been 5 years so I don’t think that is unreasonable!) my smoothies are so smooth and creamy again.  I love that my blender is functioning like new and I didn’t have to spend much.  I don’t really use the individual cups often but I do like that I have the option if I wanted to.  We love to use our food processor for fresh salsa in the summers and it is the only food processor we have.  The use of the blender is also super simple and easy.  My kids like to help make smoothies and it literally takes the push of 2 buttons, which makes them happy to be involved:)  Clean up is so easy since the blade comes out.  I just make sure to rinse immediately so nothing gets dried on.  I definitely recommend the blender overall!

Suzi’s Review- I recently bought a Ninja Blender at Costco and let’s just say I’ve fallen hard for it!  I had heard rave reviews from so many people.  The final straw was my brother and sister in law saying how much they liked it even over their Vitamix- hello!  I have had a Blendtec for nearly seven years and while I have loved it, I was starting to have issues with cleaning the single serve cup.  I will go more in detail on that in the Blendtec review below.  I finally caved and bought a Ninja!  It was normally $129.99 at Costco but it was on sale for $99.99!  The blender came with 2 single serve cups and a large pitcher.  I love so many features about it!  First, it suctions to the counter, so you don’t have to worry about your blender moving around- it stays put.  I also love how the large pitcher’s blade is removable, makes it easy to clean.  The blade also goes all the way up to the top of the lid, totally different compared to most blender blades that stay just at the bottom.  The two to go cups are awesome too!  They really make whipping up sauces, or smoothies so easy.  I love that one of the to go cups has a built in tamper, making it easy to achieve thicker smoothie bowls.  I still can’t believe that the blender was only $100!  Such a steal for an amazing kitchen gadget that literally can be used for so many things!  Check out Ninja here! 


So many good blender options!


Best Budget Blender – NutriBullet

I wanted to offer a budget option for a blender because I don’t want cost to deter anyone from adding a blender into their kitchen.  The Nutribullet has been a great addition for my hubs so he can get his smoothie in at work.  Super convenient, cost effective and functional!

Nutribullet Blender Review

Suzi’s Review- I never considered myself a blender novice but I think I am!  My husband had been wanting to take a blender to his work to blend up his smoothies.  He does intermittent fasting and doesn’t eat until 10.  He makes his smoothie at home in the single serve cups and then brings it to work, sticks it in the fridge and then blends it when he’s ready to eat.  I wanted to find a relatively inexpensive blender since it was just going to be used for blending smoothies.  I read about Nutribullet online and then discovered they had them at Costco!  For $100 you get the Blender base, large pitcher and two single serve to go cups.  The reviews were pretty great, so I snagged one up for him.  I was impressed too that it had a tamp for the large pitcher as well.  Really makes it nice when you are making an extra thick smoothie or bowl and have lots of frozen fruit.  

The base also suctions to the counter making it nice when you blend.  My hubs has loved it!  I’ve had him bring it home several times to test out making different things as well.  It’s easy to clean and really has a lot of power overall.  If you’re deciding between this and the Ninja I would still go with the Ninja personally!  The Ninja is normally $30 more but like I said Costco was having a sale on it and so it was the same price as the Nutribullet.  However, I’ve checked Nutribullet’s website and they are having a Father’s Day sale right now.  For all orders of $100 or more you can save $20 off!  They even have some smaller options if you just want a single serve blender.  Check out Nutribullet here!


I have had my Blendtec blender for almost 7 years


Best High Speed Blender – Blendtec & KitchenAid

Simply put a high speed blender is typically just more powerful than other blenders. The motors have more horsepower and the blades are stronger. Unfortunately they also come with a higher price tag.  If you are a serious smoothie lover, like making your own nut butters or homemade flours then you could definitely consider on of these blenders!

KitchenAid Pro Blender Review

Lisa/This Organic Girl Review- My friend Lisa from This Organic Girl has had her KitchenAid Pro Blender for 4 years.  In the 4 years of having this blender she rates her satisfaction with it as neutral. She typically makes smoothies, soups and coffee with her blender.  She loves that the size is quite large and it can hold a lot.  It is also a ‘beast’ at blending.  However, over this same time she has noted some things she isn’t loving about it.  It has started to leak at the bottom.  Which after I looked around at other reviews I found other people saying this and it looks like this isn’t an uncommon complaint.  One review I found stated they had to tighten it before every use.  Lisa said that she thinks it could be easily fixed, but wasn’t sure how to do it.  She also finds that this blender is good for large batches of an item, but if you want to do smaller batches/single serve type mixing the base is so wide that the blade sits above ingredients (this applies to less than a cup or two).  Check out the KitchenAid Blender here!

Blendtec Blender Review

Suzi’s Review- As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had my Blendtec for almost 7 years.  I originally bought the Total Blender Classic Blender and then 2 years ago graduated to the Designer 725.  I have loved both of the blenders.  I got the Designer 725 because I wanted to use a single cup on it and not just the large pitcher.  It also had more power with some more options on the display menu.  With the first Blendtec Blender Classic I used the Twister jar the most.  It’s smaller and really was perfect for making single serve smoothies or dressings, pesto- really any sauce.  I also loved it because it made nut butter so easily!  I used to make my own nut butter a ton- then I had 3 kids! 🙂 It’s nice because you can use the Twister Jar on any of the Blendtec Blender Bases and the Blendtec GO cup– the single serve cup.  I don’t think the Designer 725 has that much more to offer personally compared to the Total Blender Classic, other than the ability to offer more options on the LED screen, a higher watt overall at 1,800 and a slightly quieter noise level when blending.  It does have an 8 year warranty whereas the Classic only has 2 years.  The Classic also only offers 1,560 watts for power.  I didn’t notice a huge difference in performance though overall.  I guess if it’s worth paying another $300 for the extras then it would be great but if not then stick with the classic.  The one more pro I would say about the 725 Blendtec Blender is you can pretty much put the blender on and leave compared to the Total Blender Classic.  However, it’s still not as great as the Ninja, since the Ninja has a suction base and doesn’t move at all!

The biggest issue I had overall with the Blendtec Blender is the Blendtec GO single serve cup.  It was SO hard to clean and it just got annoying.  There is a red rubber ring around the base of the Blendtec GO cup and it was always coming out and impossible to keep clean.  I’ve soaked it in everything I can think of, scrubbed it with a bristle pad, run it through the dishwasher and it still has black crud stuck to it.  This is why I eventually broke down and bought the Ninja.  I didn’t want to use the single serve cup anymore and since that was what I used the most, I ended up not using my blender.  I wish somehow they would fix the rubber seal.  Check out Blendtec Blenders here!


An immersion blender is so convenient!


Best Immersion Blender – Cuisinart

You can add convenience to your kitchen with an immersion blender.  These are smaller in size when compared to a countertop blender and can easily blend within a pot, jar or bowl.  This makes clean up a breeze! 

Cuisinart Immersion Blender Review

Suzi’s Review- I can’t recommend getting an immersion blender enough!  It works so well at pureeing soups, sauces, making homemade whip cream- it does so much.  It’s so easy to remove the handle and easily clean too.  I use this at least once a week in my kitchen for something.  They are close to $40 too and really can make a huge difference in the kitchen when cooking.  I wanted to include an immersion blender in my blender reviews too since often you don’t want to pour hot liquids in a plastic pitcher and blend.  Instead an immersion blender comes in so handy because you can easily just stick it right into the pot and blend that way and it’s stainless steel and not plastic. A total worthwhile kitchen investment in my opinion!  Get one here.

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Cheers, Suzi


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  1. Kristie Hayes

    Thank you so much Suzi! I’ve been wanting to get a new blender and also wondering which you use to make your yummy looking soups! Been waiting on a purchase to see what you had recommended and so this post is in time!

  2. Tera

    I agree 100%! I wanted a powerful blender that I didn’t have to constantly stop and stir to get things to blend. I was initially looking at the Vitamix but I was really having a hard time stomaching that price as I don’t use them on daily basis, after talking to a few people and reading many reviews I decided to go with the Ninja and I LOVE IT! I think I actually do end up using more often now because its not such a hassle, its so efficient. Great review!

  3. Dawn Copley

    Thank you, Suzi!
    I have been on the smoothie trend since discovering I have gastric paresis this spring. Yikes!! This is a strange condition where your nerves do not move the food in your stomach as they are digesting. I really don’t know much about it yet? Soups and smoothies with organic veggies and fruits in low fiber and low fat with very little meat is suggested . The bloating and fullness is very uncomfortable. It is as everything is just jammed in my middle diaphragm and stomach and small intestine for days.
    My blender was probably 50 years old! ????????????
    This news came out in time for Amazon Prime Day and you are always right on time to help me! I am so happy to have found your guidance this year! You have made learning about clean living and healthier living fun and interesting! I appreciate your helpful information and the work you share!


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