A Bronze Makeup Look for Summer in Just 8 Steps

Summer isn't gone yet! I am hanging on to every last bit of it and sharing with you how to achieve a flawless bronze makeup look in just 8 steps.

We all want an easy, breezy and not to mention bronze makeup look in the summer. Well, I am sharing everything you need to know to get just that. Everything from the products I use to achieve the look, to the exact order I apply the products and more.  Sometimes people assume achieving a bronze makeup look is hard, but it’s not and you can get it in just 8 steps. You will have bronzy, glowing skin in no time!  

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Contour and bronzer are not the same!

What is the difference between contour and bronze?

One might think bronzers and contouring is the same but they actually are not.  When you use a bronzer you are adding warmth to your skin.  The idea is to warm up your complexion and add some color to your face.  They can come in a variety of formulas from cream, to liquid and powder.  Some bronzers will offer a matte finish but many will have a shimmer finish to them.  

Contouring is all about enhancing your face and dimension.  With contouring you want to add shadows to the face.  This will give the illusion of a more chiseled chin, higher cheekbones, fuller lips, etc.  Contour products are usually a concealer or highlighter and are often grayish in tone to create that shadow effect on the skin.  They also can come in similar formulations like bronzer, cream, liquid and powder. 

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MOB Beauty M37 Golden Brown Bronzer is great bronzer for those with medium skin tones

What is the best bronzer for my skin tone?

Finding the best bronzer will really depend on your skin tone. You will want to choose a bronzer that looks more natural and adds just the right amount of bronze. Here are my picks for best bronzers:

Best Bronzer for Fair Skin

You want to look for bronzers that aren’t too dark and not too orange.  It’s easy for fair skinned gals to turn orange quickly when using the wrong bronzer. Coup de Soleil by Westman Atelier is a great option for fair skinned.  It goes on subtly so your chances of applying too much is going to be hard.  It looks very natural too and isn’t too deep.  Ilia’s NightLite Bronzer in the color Drawn In is a great bronzer for fair skinned too.  I also love this bronzer because it’s a true matte.  So you don’t have any shimmer in it.  Shimmer can draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles so easily.  

Best Bronzer for Medium Skin

You want to look for bronzers that are a little darker in pigment and color so they show up on your skin.  Too light and you won’t notice it.  I also really like Westman Atelier’s Coup de Soleil for medium skin as well.  It’s subtle and looks very natural but still adds warmth to the skin.  It’s just so easy to use and not overdo it!  Ilia’s NightlLite Bronzer in Novelty is another great matte bronzer with no shimmer. It’s a step up in color from the fair skin Ilia Bronzer I recommended above.  I also like MOB Beauty M37 Golden Brown Bronzer.  It’s also a matte bronzer and highly pigmented. It looks natural but also can act almost like a contour as well. Westman Atelier’s Face Contour stick in Biscuit is another great option for a bronzer.  It’s a cream stick bronzer so looks very natural, yet adds some warmth and dewiness to the skin.

Best Bronzer for Dark Skin

You really want a deeper, richer bronzer when shopping for a bronzer.  This is going to help it stand out on your skin and not look too light.  I love Westman Atelier’s Beauty Butter Bronzer again but in the color Soleil Riche.  A great powder bronzer that’s easy to use and not overdo the color but also still stands out.  Ilia’s NightLite Bronzing Powder again but in the color Songbird– a deep dark taupe color.  A true matte bronzer.  More pigmented to add some depth to skin.  For a cream bronzer I really love the Westman Atelier Contour Stick in the color Truffle or Ganache.  Depending on how dark your skin is and how deep you want your bronzer.  It adds warmth but such a nice dewiness to the skin.

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How to Get A Natural Bronze Makeup Look in 8 Steps

Step 1- Apply your foundation, or base/concealer first. Check out my foundation guide to find your favorite foundation for your skin type here.  Love this concealer for all skin types.  

Step 2- Then apply your bronzer. If you’re just using a powder bronzer-  You want to apply it on the upper forehead and sides, sides of nose, along your jawline, making sure to blend in.  If you’re using a cream bronzer you’ll want to apply it first in the same places as a powdered bronzer, upper forehead and sides, sides of nose, along jawline and then blend in with fingers or a blender brush.  I love this cream bronzer from Westman Atelier.  

Step 3- If you want to set your makeup, you can do that with a powdered bronzer after you apply your cream bronzer. 

Step 4- Now apply your blush.  You want to smile and then apply on the apples of cheeks and upwards towards your hairline. Love this blush.

Step 5- Next apply a highlighter.  You want to apply this on the bridge of your nose, in the middle of your forehead and right along your upper cheekbone. Love this highlighter.

Step 6- Add some neutral eyeshadow tones.  Adding a lighter color in the inner corners of your eyes. Love this palette for getting neutral, bronzy eyes. Check out my Beginner’s Eyeshadow Tutorial here if you need help with eyeshadow application;)

Step 7- Add mascara. You can check out my full Natural Mascara Guide to find a mascara here. I have been loving this mascara recently!

Steph 8- Add a subtle lip, that’s a little sultry for a bronze look.  Love this one in Lily! 

An easy and quick bronze makeup look that you can achieve too!

Bronze Makeup Look Video Tutorial

I also have a video tutorial showing you exactly how to achieve a flawless bronze makeup look. You can check that out here:


And there you have it! You will have a bronzy makeup look in no time.

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Cheers, Suzi


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