Clove + Hallow – A Comprehensive Guide (2021)

I am so excited to be bringing you a review on the clean beauty brand Clove + Hallow! Over the years I have tried some of their products but more recently I have had the opportunity to try out even more.  And, I have teamed up with Clove + Hallow to bring you all the details on some of my favorites and even some of their new products!

*Clove + Hallow sponsored this blog post but thoughts and opinions are my own.

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.


Clove + Hallow was created after the founder, Sarah Biggers, went through her own personal health journey.  She went through depression and panic attacks so severe she was bedridden.  She quickly realized after consulting with a naturopath the importance of what we put in our bodies.  This experience also led her to look into what was in the beauty products she was recommending to clients, friends and family members as a makeup artist. 

As Sarah became aware of ingredient quality and safety in beauty products, she quickly learned there was a gap in the beauty market for products that were not only clean but also worked.  She knew she could do better than what was available and so she launched Clove + Hallow in 2017.   



Clove + Hallow Ingredients

I love Clove + Hallow’s unique approach to ingredients.  They know how confusing clean beauty can be.  Especially because there are no universal standards for words like ‘clean,’ ‘green’ or ‘natural.’  And this is where their Clean15 Formulation strategy comes in.  

Developed to cut through the clutter, this standard serves as their formulating guidepost and guarantees that every product they create contains 15 or fewer safe ingredients per base formula. 1

And to define an ingredient as safe that means they have actual date to show its safety, including both natural and synthetic ingredients.  



Clove + Hallow Makeup & Skincare

With the skincare industry expected to become a $181 billion dollar industry by 2025 (2), mixed with the fact that the industry has very little regulation, you know you are going to want to carefully select the brands you choose to invest in.  With Clove + Hallow’s high standards and Clean15 strategy, you can feel good about investing in these products for your skin care routine!

Makeup is no different than skincare.  You need to know the brands you are buying aren’t just claiming to be ‘clean’ or ‘natural.’ Rather, that they actually can prove they are.   

In a new study from the University of Notre Dame, it was found that more than half of the cosmetics sold in the United States and Canada are awash with a toxic industrial compound associated with serious health conditions, including cancer and reduced birth weight. (3)

Thankfully with Clove + Hallow’s standards you know you are purchasing the highest quality in makeup that has been made with only the safest ingredients.  Check out my favorites below in my review of Clove + Hallow 



Clove + Hallow Review:

Conceal + Correct Concealer

This concealer feels surprisingly light, despite it’s ability to cover redness and blemishes.  It’s totally a creamy formula overall but doesn’t feel heavy like you might imagine.  I can wear it under my eyes and it doesn’t look cakey which I love.  I also use it under my nose and some on my cheeks where I have hyperpigmentation to help conceal.  It blends in effortlessly and looks just like your skin!  I even use this on my whole face for just an overall spot treatment when I don’t want to wear any foundation but just want a little coverage that looks flawless- this does the job perfectly!  I love that it comes in 22 shades too.



H2Glow Serum

This serum is jam packed with skin loving ingredients!  Say goodbye to dull, drab skin.  From niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, willow bark extract, it helps to not only hydrate the skin but also brighten it too. It has a gel texture, so it doesn’t feel like a heavy oil on the skin. It soaks in instantly and then leaves behind skin that is plumped and ready for makeup.  I love applying this first to my skin after misting with a hydrating mist and then applying the BlurFlex Priming Serum.  It’s the perfect combo before makeup.  Not too oily feeling- but just enough hydration.

BlurFlex Priming Serum

I have fallen hard for this priming serum!  Having a primer for your skin before makeup can really make a huge difference in longevity and wear time but also for helping to fill in fine lines and create a smooth even canvas.  It’s really a 2 in 1 product-  a face primer and a face moisturizer.  It contains organic rosehip oil with a patented tripeptide and then the BlurFlex technology helps to soften texture, fine lines and pores.  I love that this serum is packaged in glass too- another win!  I apply this right before I apply my makeup and my skin feels so hydrated and prepped.  My makeup stays longer and looks dewier and more youthful.  I’m a fan! 

Lock & Rock Luminous Priming and Setting Mist

This priming and setting mist is such a fun product!  There aren’t that many setting sprays in clean beauty and when I saw this I couldn’t wait to try.  This isn’t just a setting spray though.  It also has shimmer in it, which Clove and Hallow refers to as fine pearl spheres which give the illusion of a serious glow.  It helps to draw moisture to your skin with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5- both nature’s humectants.  Then a safe synthetic PVP layer adheres to the skin and forms a layer between your makeup and your skin to help enhance the longevity of your makeup for the whole day.  So you don’t get smudging, or melting of your makeup but can rock it for the whole day.  I’ve been loving using it!  It gives my skin a glow with the added fine pearl spheres and it helps to extend my makeup.  I feel like my skin still looks fresh at 7, even after applying it at 8!  One trick I figured out is to spray it before you apply mascara.  That way your mascara doesn’t smudge everywhere.  I spritz it right before my mascara, especially great for setting eyeshadow too. 



Cheeky Cream Color

I mean I’m kind of obsessed with cream blushes!  They instantly perk up any drab complexion and give all the youthfulness back into the skin.  It truly does make your skin look so much more awake and dewy.  The Cheeky Cream Color not only offers the creaminess but also some serious pigment from the color selections.  It comes in 5 colors.  I have been using Ransom and love how it gives me such a warm natural look overall.  With organic jojoba oils and rosehip oils, the cream blush nourishes the skin while adding a pop of color.  You will feel glowing from the inside out! I love that you can refill with just their single pan once you’ve used it up, instead of purchasing the whole compact again.



Bronzed Up Cream Color

Ok, if you love a cream blush, then you’ll love a cream bronzer!  I love bronzer in general because it instantly brings life back to any drab complexion. There’s something about a little golden glow that really helps the skin to look revived.  This Bronzed Up Cream Color comes in 3 shades.  I have loved the Beachy Keen.  It is a medium bronzed hue that gives my face a serious lift.  I love that it doesn’t look orange at all, but the perfect bronzed brown hue.  I apply this wherever the sun would naturally hit my face.  I start applying near the upper hair line, then on the sides of my nose, along the jaw line and blend in.  I have used both my fingers and a beauty blender sponge to blend in.  My skin feels so dewy with creaminess of the bronzer but also has the perfect hint of warmth!  I love that you can refill with just their single pan once you’ve used it up, instead of purchasing the whole compact again.

Glow Skin Cream Color

Take your skin to the next level with this glow skin cream color- seriously.  I love how glowing my skin looks after applying this highlighter.  Again, I love that this is a cream.  It really makes a highlighter in my opinion because it gives the illusion of a dewy, lit from within glow.  This formula also contains skin soothing organic jojoba oil and rosehip oil. It comes in two colors, a champagne glow called Ripple and a golden shimmer called Ray.  I have been loving Ripple.  It gives such a pearlescent look to your skin.  I apply this on the bridge of my nose, in the middle of my forehead, cupid’s bow, middle of chin and upper cheek bones.  It pairs so well with the Bronzed Up Cream and Cheeky Cream Color! 



Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette

I have been wearing this palette nonstop!  It comes with six shades of shadow.  2 are purely matte and then 4 have a bit more sheen or shimmer to them.  The sheen is very subtle overall and doesn’t look overdone but actually enhances the overall look of the shadow when applied.  I love applying the lightest shade under my eyebrow and then the next lightest shade on my lid and then playing with my crease color depending on what mood I’m in.  I love using the darkest shadow color for the inner corners or even as a liner.  It’s such a universal palette overall! I apply their concealer first to my lid to help prep it before I apply the shadow.  This really helps the shadow last longer and really helps the pigment to stand out. 

Line and Define Liquid Liner

Anyone else have a hard time finding a liner in clean beauty?!  I have been using this Line and Define Liquid Liner for 6 months and love the formula! The mark of a good liquid liner is the longevity in my opinion and this one has it going on.  I can put it on at 8 am and it stays put by 8 pm.  I apply it with the brush applicator it comes with or I’ll use a liner brush if I want even more precision.  I always do one eye and then I wait and let it dry before doing the other.  I’ve found this helps to eliminate any smudging from occurring.  It comes in black or brown.  I’m partial to brown!  I’ve always loved how it softens the eyes a little.



FlexLash Mascara 

I really love the brush on this mascara, it’s not too big.  The formula is very light overall.  This isn’t going to give you the big drama lashes, but more of a natural look overall.  I have found I get the best success from it by applying one or two coats to one eye and then doing the other eye, then coming back and adding a few more coats to the first eye and so on.  This allows the first eye to dry and I find it doesn’t smudge up on my as much.  It’s a wetter formula overall and so you really need a little time to let it dry before you keep applying more product. 



Lucious Lip Laquer Serum

I have been a long time fan of Clove and Hallow’s Lip Velvet’s but had never tried their Lip Laquer Lip Serums. Well, the new Lip Laquer Serum got a new formula with even more long lasting shine and slip!  This is similar to a gloss texture but doesn’t feel goopy at all.  It has such a great shine overall to the formula.  I love how it gives your lips pigment and color but also some shine.  It also has a minty fresh smell.  It’s basically your new favorite lip product!  Combining the pigment of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the moisture of a lip mask.  I have been wearing the color Fizz- a brick red perfect for fall!  I really want to try Bubbly, a pale peachy nude.  

Lip Velvet

I’m pretty sure this was the first Clove and Hallow product I tried and fell hard for!  Their best-selling Lip Velvet’s are a liquid lipstick that lasts.  If you’ve been searching for a lip stain in clean beauty then look no further.  This combines the power of a lip stain but offers even more creaminess to the formula and gives you a velvet texture.  It dries matte and doesn’t budge.  I’ve eaten, drank- done all the things with these on and they really do stand the test of time!

Clove and Hallow Brushes

I’ve been using their brushes for a year and have to say I’m a huge fan!  For the price and quality you really get stellar makeup brushes.  You can either purchase them separately or as a set depending on what you need.  The set comes with the Perfecting Buffer, Precision Buffer, and a Shade + Blend Dual- Sided Eye Brush.  I love the perfecting buffer for blending any facial product, from cream blushes, to cream bronzer.  I use the Precision Buffer for applying lighter shadow colors all over my lid and then I use the Shade + Blend Dual-Sided Eye Brush for darker shadow colors.  I love that this brush is dual sided!  It makes it so easy to have in my makeup bag and not have to bring another shadow brush- especially for travel. 



Reusable Bamboo Facial Rounds

I was so excited when I saw these in Clove and Hallow’s newest launch!  I love when companies go the extra mile with helping the environment and Clove and Hallow did just that creating their bamboo facial rounds.  These facial rounds are so soft and get even softer the more you wash them.  They come with a cloth bag that you can use to keep soiled rounds and then wash them together.  I use these to remove my eye makeup or to apply a toner.  I love that these are saving the environment one round at a time!

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Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. Carolyn

    How exactly do I use liquid light? Do I wash it off and then use the other products or layer it on under the everything oil?

    • Suzi

      Hi Carolyn,

      You would just layer it on. First use it after cleansing then apply the oil.


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