12 Days of Holiday Giveaways- Day #5 White Lotus Home

Day #5 White Lotus Home

Welcome to 12 Days Of Holiday Giveaways!  We do this every year and it just gets better and better!

So in honor of the holidays upon us and the season of giving we’ve decided to extend our gratitude to our audience and share some of our favorite natural beauty and natural living brands with you.  After all this is the season of giving!  

We are pulling out all the stops and giving away almost $5K in product!  It’s about to get real good.  




Giving away a Twin Size Organic Cotton Stow (value $717) from White Lotus Home!


White Lotus is a store that offers pure and natural organic mattresses, bedding, and home furnishings all made in the USA.  It’s your one stop shop to clean up your bedroom! If you have been around for any sort of time, you know I love their products! I have their pillows for our whole family and we all love them.  You can choose from so many varieties- kapok, latex, organic cotton and more.  Our personal favorites are the shredded latex and the kapok.  My daughter also has their twin Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Mattress.  Free of harsh chemicals and fire retardants.  


White Lotus Home sent me 3 different pillow options to try when I first was deciding which pillow would work best for me.  When I was choosing my pillow options to try out they were so helpful.  Walking me through the whole process and asking questions to ensure I had the best options for how I sleep.


I initially ended up with the Shredded Latex pillow for my husband, a 100% cotton pillow for myself and the Kapok pillows for my kids. 

  • Shredded Latex Pillow My husband LOVES this pillow!  I’m not just saying that. When we first got it he had been on me for a while to pick up a new pillow. And when was trying this pillow out he couldn’t get over how good it was! He’s a side sleeper and likes his pillow to have some softness with it, but still offer some support.  The shredded latex pillow hit the nail on the head for him.  He said he’s never had a pillow he’s loved more!  The overall weight of the pillow is pretty heavy, it reminds me of a down pillow a little.  What’s great about White Lotus Home is you can customize the fill amount.  Just get a zippered case for the pillow when selecting the type of pillow and you’ll be able to take latex out if it’s too much.  I love this feature!  I did try my husband’s pillow too and I have to say I really loved it as well.  It offers the support I like but still feels fluffy. Although I initially got the 100% organic cotton pillow for myself, I do prefer the shredded latex pillow.  Read my review on the organic cotton pillow below. Check out the shredded latex pillow here!
  • 100% Organic Cotton So this is the pillow I initially got for myself.  It offers more of a firm support than the shredded latex. This is especially great if you sleep on your stomach.  I don’t sleep on my stomach but I do like a decent pillow firmness.  I used to sleep with two pillows before getting this one.  I also got the medium fill because I knew I could always take some fill out if I wanted too.  It felt a little firm initially so I did take some of the cotton out.  Another perk of getting the zippered case!  That helped a lot.  Then I felt my head could sink more into the pillow and not be so stiff.  It’s also nice because once the pillow flattens out a little, I know I can go back and add more fill that I took out. After trying this out and the shredded latex, like I said, I prefer the shredded latex. Check out the 100% organic cotton pillow here!
  • Kapok  A great option for a side or back sleeper.  This one felt light on the head and not as firm as the cotton.  I like how it molded to my head after a while and didn’t feel as firm as it did in the beginning.  It seemed more breathable than my cotton one too.  The pillow we got to try was a travel pillow so it was a little harder to get an accurate idea of what a kapok pillow might be like since the pillow itself is smaller but overall I was happy with it.  I think the next time I order one I would order a kapok pillow.  I’ve been letting my son use the travel size pillow and he loves it!  It’s the perfect size for a toddler pillow.  The kapok pillows are also more budget friendly compared to the other two options above. Check out the Kapok pillows here!


Like I said, my daughter has the Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Mattress, and we have loved it!  Even better, she seems to do great in it.  Super soft and durable.  It’s especially great for toddler beds because it doesn’t have a box spring. No fire retardants, pesticides, VOC’s.  Love knowing she’s sleeping on something nontoxic. Check it out here!   


White Lotus has so many great options to help you detox your bedroom. Use code: GGG to save 20% off your purchase!




Enter to win Twin Size Organic Cotton Stow below!

White Lotus Home’s GOTS Organic Cotton Stows are such a great sleep solution to use in place of an air mattress. They are so convenient PLUS you get to avoid all the extra chemicals when you are needing a temporary sleep solution – like at a grandparents home, when you have an extra overnight guest, when camping/traveling or when creating extra sleep space in your room or you child’s room. It can even be used to increase comfort by placing on top of your current mattress.  It is easily stored either under another bed or rolled up. Set up is a breeze when you do need to use it. Not to mention it’s firm and comfortable. And, did I mention, someone is going to win a twin size organic cotton stow!! You can check out the Organic Cotton Stow HERE!


And that’s it!  Make sure to go back and check out all 12 days of giveaways and get yourself entered to win some really great products! 


Shop all of White Lotus Home here with code GGG to save 20%!


*Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!! 

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


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