True Botanicals Review: Top 10 Products for 2023

Today is all about my True Botanicals Review. I am sharing my Top 10 True Botanicals products which includes some of their newest products that they have released.

Bringing you my True Botanicals Review! I originally found True Botanicals out of a need to find skincare that was not only effective but also had clean ingredients. This is one of the first clean beauty brands that literally changed the skincare scene for me 7 years ago.  I wanted to share an updated True Botanicals review on this powerhouse line and what makes it different.  A lot has changed for this luxe line since I last reviewed it.  From product changes, name changes and new products-a lot’s been going on for True Botanicals!  I couldn’t be more excited for all the newness!

Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.

I am diving in right away and sharing my Top 10 True Botanicals Products – which includes some of the very newest products! If you want to read more about the brand you can skip past the product reviews to the bottom of the post.

***Keep in mind that my skin type is dry overall, so as I share about which products I use specifically from True Botanicals obviously I will love anything that will hydrate my skin and nourish it. What I love about the True Botanicals line is the variations in it – with their Renew, Clean and Calm Lines you are bound to find products to address your skincare needs.

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Love the Moisture Lock Overnight Mask and the Chebula Active Immunity Serum!

What are The Top 10 True Botanical Products?

While it wasn’t easy, I am sharing my picks for the Top 10 True Botanical Products with you.  These are a combination of my faves over the years, readers favorites, clients favorites and of course best sellers from True Botanicals.

  1. Pure Radiance Oil
  2. Antioxidant Booster
  3. Nourishing Cleanser
  4. Moisture Lock Overnight Mask
  5. Pacific Glacial Detoxifying Mask
  6. Pure Radiance Body Oil
  7. Repair Nightly Treatment
  8. Chebula Active Serum
  9. Chebula Extreme Cream
  10. Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream

Gurl Gone Green’s True Botanicals Review 2023

1. RENEW Pure Radiance Oil

Where do I start with this oil?  Gahh…I really love it.  It’s their number 1 product and for good reason.  It seeps right into your skin, leaves behind no greasy residue, and makes your skin feel hydrated throughout the day and night.  Besides being highly hydrating it also helps smooth wrinkles, shrink large pores and fight free radical damage. 

I love the scent as well.  Not heavy at all, but with notes of frankincense, neroli, rose and jasmine.  Many people wonder what makes this oil so special, here’s a blurb from TB on their website that explains it so well:

When therapeutic oils are applied to the skin without the interference of waxes, they can be absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis, where they instantly go to work to improve lipid barrier function. By replenishing the oils you’ve lost due to natural attrition and exposure, you enable your skin to properly do its job: hold moisture in and keep the elements, like sun and wind, out.

So many people are afraid of oils who suffer from acne.  Oils are actually necessary and help create balance in the skin.  This oil, as with all of TB’s products, is also available in the CLEAR Line and CALM Line.  Grab your bottle here and thank me later!

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2. Antioxidant Booster

I talk a lot about this beauty on my Instagram- if you don’t follow, what are you waiting for?  To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement.  This booster is all around the star when it comes to keeping my skin looking youthful- no joke.  Allow me to share some wisdom on why this works so well.

Free radicals are constantly at work in our skin causing damage.  They are caused by the foods we eat, stress, the sun, air we breathe and so on.  They can cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea and of course aging.  The thing that we need to give our skin to fight free radicals are antioxidants.  Antioxidants counteract free radical damage and help to repair and restore the skin. Our skin produces antioxidants on their own, but as we age we lose antioxidants.  That’s why it’s important to keep feeding our skin antioxidants as we age.

The Antioxidant Booster does just that!  It gives your skin the most potent form of antioxidants the minute it touches your skin because you don’t activate it until right before you use it. 

Since it’s in powder form, it hasn’t lost its potency because it’s not been mixed with liquid. The minute you mix it with a liquid you activate the formula.  Imagine all those serums you’ve been buying that have promised to be filled with antioxidants but they’ve basically been deactivated since they’ve been sitting in liquid. This gives you the freshest antioxidants delivered right to your skin! Plus, the Antioxidant Booster is made using whole apple peel which has been shown to be more effective than Vitamin C- hello!  It’s basically like your skin’s best friend if you ask me. 

I mix this with the Repair Serum(you could use the Clear Serum from True Botanical’s, The Calm- whatever line that matches up to your skincare needs).  Then I apply it my skin.  I apply this before my oils.  I find this helps my skin to absorb the oil better. Then I apply my oils.  I can’t recommend this product enough!

I like the Vitamin C Booster too, but this one has done amazing things for my skin. I’ve seen hyperpigmentation fade, sun spots and an overall brightness and evenness to my skin.  People ask me all the time how I apply it.  I don’t follow True Botanicals recommendation of applying my oils first and then applying my Antioxidant booster and cellular repair serum.  They recommend you start with their oil, then mix the Antioxidant Booster or Vitamin C Booster with one of their serums and apply to the skin.  This isn’t how I was traditionally taught in esthetic school.  However, True Botanical’s Oils are different then most oils.  Here is an explanation they sent me:

We use oils that are specifically formulated to have smaller particle size and therefore be more easily absorbed into the skin, the oil doesn’t sit on top of the skin and create a barrier that the serum would be unable to penetrate

So if you want to apply your oil first and then Antioxidant Booster or Vitamin C Booster and serum do it.  If you want to do it the other way- you can do it that too.  They did inform me that the Vitamin C Booster is only water-soluble (not oil-soluble), so if you apply it first and then add the oil, it can sometimes create a bit of a pilling effect if the Vitamin C/Serum mixture hasn’t fully absorbed yet. The Antioxidant Booster is both water and oil soluble, so it’s easier to switch around the order of the products when you’re using that one!  Bottom line- It’s my skincare must have!  Get it here!

3. RENEW Nourishing Cleanser

This cleanser is milky in consistency.  I apply it to damp skin and rub it all over in circular motions, even over my eye makeup.  I double cleanse with this cleanser or use a balm before it and then use the Hydrating Cleanser second. 

It leaves your skin so smooth and not dry at all.  Your skin feels balanced all over.  So many cleansers blast your face and your skin is literally crying out for moisture-not the case with this cleanser.  I love the mild earthy smell of jasmine and grapefruit.  If you’ve been searching for a cleanser that balances your skin and removes all the junk this is your gem!  Grab your bottle here!

4. Moisture Lock Overnight Mask

This mask really offers some serious hydration.  You cleanse your skin and apply your products as you would normally and then you apply the mask.  Instead of rinsing it off you sleep in it!  When you wake up your skin is silky smooth and moisturized.  It’s like a big gulp of water for your skin. 

I put down a hand towel on my pillow so the product didn’t get on my pillow case.  But it really does soak into the skin so well you hardly notice anything.  I can’t think of a better product for your skin in the dry winter months!  It literally nourishes the skin so well.  I noticed minimized redness too.  Get it here!

5. Pacific Glacial Clay Detoxifying Mask

This mask contains some 5 star ingredients to help purify your skin.  The first is Glacial Oceanic Clay- this is a silt that is made up of over 60 minerals and earth elements.  I love how True Botanical’s describes this mask at work on their website:

when applied to skin, impurities are positively charged, while the particles in the clay are negatively charged. In turn, the negative ions of the clay attract the impurities in skin and are removed when washed away.

It detoxifies your skin, yet still leaves the moisture intact- something that is so hard to find in a detox mask!  It does this because the glacial oceanic clay uses osmotic strength and moves moisture up from deep inside the skin to the surface. This mask also has the beloved olive oil derived squalene that not only helps to regulate oil production but soften the skin overall and tone it.  It helps to protect your skin by locking in moisture. 

Activated bamboo charcoal is another active ingredient in the mask, helping to remove skin impurities, toxins, heavy metals and dirt.  Your skin feels so smooth!  I love using this mask at night when my skin needs some TLC after a day in the elements.  I apply it to clean dry skin.  Then I let it sit on my skin for 15 minutes. I love using this mask a couple times a week to really help purify it.  It’s like a good skin purge!  Get it here!

These are just two of my top 10 True Botanicals Products

6. Nourishing Body Oil

I’m obsessed with this body oil!  It literally is so luxurious.  It smells like sandalwood, cedarwood and orange.  I love how it comes in a pump form- easy application.  It is filled with so many antioxidants and fatty acids that make this a power packed oil, while at the same time a very nourishing and hydrating oil.  But get this- it doesn’t feel greasy, not at all!  It glides on your skin effortlessly but doesn’t leave that slimy feeling.  Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!  Grab it here!

**Pro Tip: Take your skin to the next level with True Botanical’s Resurfacing Body Mask and Pure Body Oil**

7. RENEW Repair Serum

This serum-another good one.  I mean am I sounding like a broken record yet?  This serum is designed to reverse the cellular damage caused by sun exposure and aging.  Pretty sure everyone wants to sign up for that-am I right?! 

Besides reversing cellular damage it also replenishes moisture and plumps up skin.  It’s highly concentrated and goes past the surface of the skin to really get to the cellular level.  Most serums sit at the top of the skin-not TB’s. 

Another thing I love about this serum is it’s ability to calm redness and ease congestion.  My skin looks clearer over all and more even toned.  I apply it after toning/misting my skin.  Since it’s a serum my skin doesn’t feel moisturized but slightly dewy.  This is a serum that is going to work for your skin everyday.  An anti-aging, redness reducing serum all rolled into one.  Invest in your skin and grab yours here!

8. Chebula Active Immunity Serum

Chebula is an ayurvedic fruit known to have huge antioxidant benefits.  Specifically helping with skin and aging.  It helps to counteract it by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone, smoothing out the skin overall, as well as brightening the skin and bringing a firmness to it.  It’s basically like your skins newest bestie when it comes to an anti-aging serum!  Plus, it has even more antioxidants in it from elderberry, ginger, and echinacea.

I apply this morning and night after the nutrient mist.  It helps to prep the skin before any oils.  It really helps to blurb fine lines and fill in cracks.  My skin feels supple and hydrated.  Check out Chebula Active Immunity Serum here.

9. Chebula Extreme Cream

Where do I even start with this cream?!  Wow.  This is one of the newer products from True Botanicals and let’s just say it took me by storm.  I have not stopped using it since the moment I got it. 

It uses Chebula, a breakthrough bio-active antioxidant that fights five signs of aging. I have dry skin and so this works for me both morning and night.  The texture feels like a creamy whipped texture.  It instantly melts into your skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all.  The best part?  My skin literally feels hydrated for the whole day!  I touch my skin at 5 pm after putting it on early in the morning and it still feels so supple and moisturized.  

It has anti-aging super powers that take it to the next level.  Plus, major skin barrier benefits that really protect the skin and keep moisture levels intact.  All of this without the pore clogging waxes you may have been used to in the past!  

I was so obsessed, I also had one sent to my V.A. for her to try out, here are her thoughts: Living in the Midwest means harsh, cold winters. Add to that I already have dry skin and I am constantly on the hunt for the most hydrating of products. And the True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream is just that! It is so creamy and the perfect amount of hydration for my skin. I typically wear a cream in the morning and night because of how dry my skin is and this literally makes it all day and my skin is still feeling so moisturized. Plus, I can have a tendency to get breakouts at times, so knowing it has no pore clogging waxes like other creams moves it straight to the top of my list of face creams!  Check out the Chebula Extreme Cream here!

10. Chebula Extreme Eye Cream

Another new favorite from True Botanicals. I’m not one for eye creams because I find they can get heavy and weigh down the eye area, however, this one is different.  It is a cream but instantly melts into your under eye area.  It not only brightens, but helps with dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s power packed!  Oh and did I mention puffiness too?!  It has a unique tea tree bark extract that helps to address dark circles at the root.  All while Turmeric, Coffee and Licorice Extracts help to brighten and de-puff.

And it’s pregnancy safe!!  So you can bet this mama used it when I was pregnant!  I even use a little in the morning before I apply my makeup and it soaks right in.  My eye area looks more revived and awake and my makeup goes on so smoothly.  A total eye game changer!  Check out Chebula Extreme Eye Cream here!

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The new Chebula Extreme Cream and Chebula Extreme Eye Cream are next level…so good!

What Are The Key Ingredients in True Botanicals Products?

When I think of True Botanicals as a brand, what sticks out to me is a luxe anti-aging line.  Using the most potent ingredients, True Botanicals spares no expense when it comes to creating their products.  From their creams, to their oils, they are filled with the best vitamin rich ingredients that contain key extracts to help care for and target wrinkles. 

They care about quality and seeing products that actually perform, while at the same time are safe.  A truly unique company in the green beauty industry.  True Botanicals takes their sourcing very seriously.  Sourcing certified organic and wild-harvested ingredients, they make sure from start to finish that the ingredient is both sustainable for the planet and for the community. 

They use plant-derived peptides, antioxidant rich oils, soothing ceramides, plant based oils and other natural extracts. The scents of their products are some of the best.  Nothing is too strong but smells fresh and real.  I also love how they do clinical tests on their products.  Something that is rare among the natural skincare industry.  Proven results, with clean ingredients-what more could you want?  Oh and I can’t forget to mention that all their products come in frosted glass bottles, can you say luxurious?  Not only do they make skincare products but also some stellar body products.

What Makes True Botanicals Different?

True Botanicals goal is to create beauty products you can feel good about, but are also effective for your skin and safe for the environment.  They are constantly reading the latest research, seeking out the botanicals to ensure their formulas are the best they can be for the skin.  They let science do the talking and follow suite. 

The founder Hillary Peterson’s mission when starting True Botanicals still rings true today.  After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she was on a mission to discover products that would be pure and potent.  She did just that.  This is what makes True Botanicals so different and what makes them a clean beauty company.  They believe that we can get the skincare results we crave, without the unnecessary toxins.

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Is True Botanicals Cruelty Free?

True Botanicals is cruelty free, but they are so much more than that! They are also Leaping Bunny Certified, meaning they are a cruelty free brand AND do not contain genetically modified organisms.

True Botanicals was also one of the first companies to become Made Safe Certified.  A new certification done by third party testing that ensures 6,500 toxins stay out of their products. 

I was also excited when I saw Olivia Wilde join True Botanicals as a spokesperson back in 2017.  You often see celebrities endorse conventional beauty brands but I was ecstatic to see Olivia Wilde choose to support True Botanicals.  I love this quote by her:

“These are leaders of a movement that I have been passionate about for a long time, and they’re actually doing it, and I really wanted to be a part of it.”-Olivia Wilde

When you have research to back up your claims like True Botanicals, you know you are using top notch skin care!

Does True Botanicals Really Work?

Yes, True Botanicals does work and you don’t have to take my word for it because there is actual research to prove it! True Botanicals prides themselves in backing up their claims with research. They work with leading researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Cornell, to ensure they are creating products that are full of actives that change the skin.  From antioxidants to vitamins and essential fatty acids.  

They want to address the common skincare concerns like wrinkles, redness and breakouts. They let the research speak for itself with third party testing done on products to make sure they are performing optimally.

Check out some of their third party test results below:

True Botanicals was started by Hillary Peterson.  She was a long time lover of luxury skincare.  However, she realized the price she was paying for luxury skincare also cost her toxic ingredients.  Having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she knew a change needed to be made.  After 8 years of research with chemists, studying botanicals and talking with sustainability experts, she created True Botanicals. Her goal was to make skincare products that were not only effective but clean.  Well she did it and since then has won some awards…

True Botanicals’ rule-breaking approach to luxury skin care and ability to bring together superior results and safety has earned it ELLE magazine’s coveted Genius award and placement at several of the world’s top spas. 

Unilever does own a minority stake in True Botanicals, however, True Botanicals is still privately owned.

They have 4 different lines depending on your skin type.  RENEW is for Normal skin to dry skin, CLEAR is for acne-prone, CALM is for rosacea- prone skin and Pregnancy is for well you guessed it- when you’re pregnant.  They also have a pregnancy collection.  So you don’t need to think twice about what skincare line to use when pregnant. I mean what more could you want?  A clean and effective skincare line when you’re pregnant?  Sign me up!

And there you have it! My True Botanicals Review including my picks for their Top 10 products.

Have you used any of their products?  What are your faves?

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Cheers, Suzi


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  1. Lauren

    Hi there! I like to stick with one skincare line if possible… for a 40 year old and anti-aging concerns, what would be your top choices and in order. I’m debating between Ursa Major, True Botanicals, beautycounter, and open to other suggestions! Thank you!!!

    • Suzi

      Hi Lauren,

      I would definitely lean towards True Botanicals and Beautycounter if your concern is aging. I also love Maya Chia. Their Straight A Serum is great for targeting fine lines. 🙂


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