Clean Beauty Box Roundup February

It’s time for another clean beauty box roundup for February.  This month we are seeing a variety of boxes.  


Clean Beauty Boxes:


Beauty Heroes


We are seeing the brand Earth Wise Beauty in the Beauty Heroes box this month. I was excited to learn that they are actually made in Spokane, Washington- not too far from me!  The basis of Earth Wise Beauty products is to heal the skin.  They’re an organic skincare line that go to great lengths to produce a product that is both holistic in every way and effective.  I was impressed with their whole process.  No detail goes unnoticed.  They even share a love for sustainability. Basically they check all the boxes!  I was SO excited to dive into their skincare treats.

Black Locust Firming Concentrate- This firming serum is filled with fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients.  It’s meant to help the appearance of the skin appear firmer and more supple overall.  Made especially for mature skin to help with loss of firmness, wrinkles and elasticity.  But it doesn’t clog the pores. The serum is a dark forest green and can be used both morning and night.  You just need a few drops.  I apply it at night and then follow with my regular moisturizer as my skin needs some extra hydration during these winter months.  Such a great product to really address the signs of aging!

Isadora Face Balm- This is one of Earth Wise Beauty’s newest creations.  It’s a balm that melts into the skin, hydrating and plumping it as it blends in.  It has a mix of baobab oil, cupuacu, carrot seed and prickly pear oil.  This balm really helps to protect the skin from getting dehydrated at night.  Great for the winter months.  I apply mine at night over my facial oils.  It felt like it stayed on top of my skin, instead of melting in.  It just made my skin feel greasy.  I’m not a balm lover for the skin, so this just didn’t jive with me but I’ve heard rave reviews from those who love balms!

This Beauty Heroes Discovery is valued at $186, but you can get it for $58.95!  Get it here before they sell out.




We are seeing New Zealand-based brand Verité Spa Organics in the Boxwalla box this month.  I love getting a Boxwalla box!  It’s always a new clean beauty brand that is unique that I haven’t tried.  Verite Spa Organics did not disappoint!  

Goodnight Recovery & Repair Sleep Mask-  This is such a unique product!  It’s totally a mask but also very nourishing to the skin and hydrating.  It contains New Zealand spring water, and Damask Rose Hydrosol, Pohutukawa extract (used traditionally in Maori medicine), Vitamin C-rich Quandong, Kakadu Plum, Marshmallow extract and Manuka Honey.  It’s not just another manuka honey though! Read on to learn more.

Janin from a small local farm in Matakana in New Zealand, directly from the beekeeper. This beekeeper only runs a small number of hives so that he can ensure the bees remain healthy and happy. He says, “My goal is to make sure the bees have a good quality of life, so I only manage a small number of hives to ensure this.”

How cool is that?!  You are literally getting the absolute best with this mask.  The scent has neroli and Melissa.  They help to calm the mind, relieve stress and to regenerate the skin.  I apply the mask after cleansing and my hydrosol and then let it sit on my skin overnight.  It really does sink it!  I wake up with fresh, happy, revived skin!  That feels plump to the touch.  Such a different mask overall but I’ve been loving it!

Japanese Lemon, Vanilla & Jasmine Hand Cream- I was SO excited to see a hand cream in the box!  It’s not often I get hand creams and I definitely was in need of a good one.  This one hits all the marks.  It’s hydrating, nourishing, not greasy at all and completely sinks into the skin.  Your skin feels moisturized for a long time without reapplying too- obsessed!  Plus, the scent is perfect.  Not too overwhelming at all.  Just enough of each essential oil.  I’ve been keeping this at my desk to use everyday.  

This Boxwalla Box is valued at $163, but you can get it for $49.95!  Get it here before they sell out.



The Detox Box


Of course I was so excited to see Fitglow Beauty featured in this month’s Detox Box. And to see that all their products take aim at a winter skincare routine, I already knew I was going to love what they had. As someone with skin on the dry side, winter can be an especially hard time of year to keep it hydrated. But with these products in hand, it will become so much easier!

Cloud Foam Cleanser – With the right cleanser your skincare routine can be off to the right start…with the wrong cleanser you will be stripping your skin and making your skincare products have to work so much harder to make up for that. The Cloud Cleanser is a nutrient-dense lather (and what a foaming lather it is), enriched with rice ceramides, gotu kola, and arnica. This leaves you will fresh skin that is, of course, never stripped. With the foaming action I really noticed that squeaky clean feeling from makeup, dirt and grime. You can use this cleanser on its own or as a part of a double cleanse. 

Cloud Ceramide Balm – I love that I got to try out this balm because anything that is going to moisturize my skin, I can’t wait to get my hands on. It is a whipped texture with a very light scent. I added it on top of my oil at night to seal it in and my skin felt so hydrated! With the amazing skin plumping ingredients of ceramides, cloudberry, and chia this balm will help to restore moisture resulting in more smooth and bouncy skin. Even better, when I woke in the morning my skin was still feeling so hydrated!

Night Lip Serum – Last but certainly not least is Fitglow Beauty’s Night Lip Serum. The lips are such an important part of the skincare routine because they can show show signs of aging if not taken care of. Using the Night Lip Serum will help lock in moisture, making those lips oh so much softer. This serum also uses plant ceramides which is what strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier and is responsible for locking in the moisture. And this time of year, I want ALL the moisture!

This Detox Box is valued at $173, but you can get it for $57.99. Get it here before they sell out!


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