Top 10 Credo Clean Beauty Brands

If you’re not familiar with Credo Beauty allow me to introduce them to you.  This is one of my favorite online natural beauty retailers.  They have it all when it comes to clean and effective products. They’re like the Sephora of clean beauty.  All the “IT” brands in one place. And I will be sharing my picks for top 10 Credo Clean Beauty Brands with you!

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All About Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty was founded in 2015 by 2 veteran beauty industry experts, Annie Jackson and the late Shashi Batra. Both founders have quite the resume from working in the beauty industry. Annie worked for some time with beauty industry giant Estee Lauder while Shashi had worked on the team that built Sephora North America as well as with Estee Lauder and Victoria’s Secret. 

Credo Beauty was born out of a shared desire to clean up the beauty industry. And have they ever done that! Credo carries 130+ brands with 2,000+ products. There is definitely something for everyone!

While many think of Credo as an on-line retailer (myself included!), they do have physical retail locations as well. The first store location was in San Francisco. Including that location, they have a total of 10 retail stores with other locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Plano and New York.

Credo’s Clean Beauty Standard

What makes Credo Beauty extra special is that they have a Dirty List like no other!

“Europe has banned over 1300 ingredients. The U.S.? Just 30. And Credo? Over 2700.” (1)

The best part is that all of their brand partners agree to not use any of the 2700 banned ingredients on Credo’s Dirty List, making shopping with this retailer so much easier!

The Credo Beauty Clean standard goes even further than their Dirty List.  This standard includes the following:

  • “Use official ingredient terminology (called INCI) and use ingredient source codes where possible
  • Obtain documentation on their ingredients’ composition, purity and sourcing information
  • Conduct basic consumer safety (on humans…that volunteer!) and product stability testing
  • Back up product and ingredient claims
  • Be transparent about “fragrance”—at a minimum they must categorize the type of fragrance they use, and we encourage full disclosure of all fragrance ingredients.” (2)

Credo Beauty has 5 categories they recommend to start with when swapping out your conventional beauty products for clean ones. 

  1. Mascara
  2. Moisturizers
  3. Deodorant
  4. Lip
  5. Sunscreen

Using some of my favorite Credo Clean Beauty Brands below, you can easily find better options for each of these categories!

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Top 10 Clean Beauty Brands You Can Find at Credo Beauty

1. Alpyn Beauty

Alpyn Beauty takes natural beauty to new heights with their attention to every detail of the formulation process.  Alpyn Beauty uses wildcraft ingredients from Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the formulas are created. They harvest these botanicals that are able to survive some of the harshest of conditions. Per Alypn Beauty, when these same botanicals are applied to the skin they “perform just like they do in the wild—preserving, protecting and strengthening your skin for increased resiliency, which results in skin that looks, feels and behaves more youthfully. Some of my Alpyn Beauty favorites:

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There are few Ilia makeup products I don’t like!

2. Ilia Beauty

Ilia is one of my favorite natural beauty makeup brands!  They were one of the first on the clean beauty scene years ago and continue to keep making exceptional beauty products.  From their True Skin Serum Foundation, to their Ilia Beauty Lipsticks- Ilia Cosmetics has it going on. Some of my Ilia favorites include:

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Pump bottle container

This curl cream has become one of my faves for my daughter’s  curly hair.

3. Evolvh

Evolvh has been delivering clean hair care products since 2009 when the founder, Boris Oak, saw a need for clean hair care that could also actually perform. And I have to say that Evolvh has some of the best natural shampoo that I have tried! Here are a few Evolvh product standouts:

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Josh Rosebrook hair spray is the best I’ve found in clean beauty!

4. Josh Rosebrook

If you haven’t tried Josh Rosebrook’s products, then you are missing out!  The premise that the body heals itself is how Josh crafts his products.  Whether in skincare, or hair, the body knows when to produce the correct amount of oils, when to exfoliate and when to cleanse.  Josh believes it’s our job to help the process along.  I love his whole concept and fully subscribe to it.  Another huge part of the products Josh creates is the ingredients.  There’s nothing toxic, or synthetic about them.  All ingredients from plants are 100% organic or wild harvested.  It’s very important that not only are the ingredients high quality, but that the ingredients work together to create something truly special. Check out my favorite Josh Rosebrook products:

So many amazing choices for Kosas products!

5. Kosas

Kosas offers some of the best natural beauty makeup products.  From their tinted face oil, to their lipsticks- you can’t go wrong with a Kosas product.  The pigments are rich and colors are beautiful!  They remind me of my conventional favorite MAC products. You can check out my picks for Top 10 Kosas Makeup Products here.  Here area just a few of my favorites:

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OSEA products are always on rotation in my skincare routine.


OSEA is a truly unique skincare brand. Jenefer, the founder, was inspired by her grandmother who credits the ocean for healing her. From what she learned from her grandmother of the healing properties of the ocean and her knowledge, she chose seaweed as the base of her skincare line.  Seaweed contains powerful minerals and ingredients to help restore and nourish the skin. The products truly speak for themselves! Check out my favorites below:

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RMS Beauty was one of the first clean makeup brands I discovered years ago!

7. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty was founded in 2009 by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift when she noted there was a need for beauty products that were as pure as possible.  She uses her 36 years of beauty industry experience to create products that are clean and high performing.  This allows her customers to focus on their makeup looks and not what is in their makeup! I have used RMS Beauty since the beginning of my clean beauty journey.  These are some of the products I continue to love:

Love so many of Westman Atelier’s products!

8. Westman Atelier

Westman Atelier is a luxury makeup line that prides itself on not only creating clean products but effective products that work.  They believe that makeup should be fast, easy and flawless.  Not something you need to spend hours on perfecting.  They create formulas that blend easily and make your life simpler.  After all, makeup shouldn’t be complicated. Some of my Westman Atelier favorites include:

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beauty products on bathtub

A unisex line that delivers with performance and ingredients.

9. Ursa Major

I love that they keep things simple in the Ursa Major Skincare line.  They are obsessed with natural skincare and creating formulas that truly work. They don’t want another product sitting on the shelf but something that they love.  They want products that perform and only have the essentials, not a long laundry list of ingredients.  Simple is best.  Lastly, their line is focused on all gender types- so it works for everyone!

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Natural Beauty Favorites

Maya Chia’s Skincare products are some of the best in clean beauty.

10. Maya Chia

The all star ingredient in Maya Chia is the supercritical chia oil.  Not only is chia oil heralded for its fast absorbing ability, but also for its antioxidants, minerals, and omega’s- a skin’s dream team!  You can say bye to fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, it has clinically been proven to increase hydration. What’s not to love about this brand? Here are some of my favorite Maya Chia products:

And there it is! I narrowed it down to just 10 brands from Credo Beauty that are my favorites. But, even better, there are so many more!

What are your fave products that Credo Beauty carries?

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Cheers, Suzi


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