Lifeboost Coffee Review (Pros + Cons)

When I was testing out coffees to find the Best Mold & Mycotoxin Free Organic Coffee and I came across Lifeboost and I knew there was something special. Sharing a full review of this top notch coffee brand!

Lifeboost Coffee offers so much! Not only are they of the highest quality, but they have clean flavored options. This is something I had been on the search for but had come up short…that is until Lifeboost. Check out my full review on this clean coffee brand and what makes them stand out amongst the crowd.

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.

An Introduction to Lifeboost

Lifeboost Coffee was founded by Dr. Charles Livingston, a Doctor of Chiropractic, who lives by the following philosophy:

“Garbage in equals garbage out.”

Simply put, this means that what we put in our body matters. If we are consuming nutrient dense, real food, then our bodies will thrive. But, if we are consuming processed foods with inflammatory oils and high sugar content, our bodies will struggle to perform at their highest levels. 

And, coffee is no different. Especially considering that most of those who consume coffee have 1-2 cups per day, we want to ensure that we are drinking the highest of quality. Not only will you start out your day on the right foot, but you will even experience health benefits when consuming high quality coffee like Lifeboost!

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Such care is taken by Lifeboost every step of the process of creating the healthiest and tastiest coffee!

What Makes Lifeboost Standout

What makes Lifeboost coffee so good (not just tasting but good for you!) starts with the growing process and just continues from there. Here’s a peak at what they to do ensure they have a high quality coffee:

  • Individually Selected Coffee: The coffee beans are grown to full maturity. They are hand picked and then fermented for 26 hours so the skin can be removed without damaging the seed. 
  • Low Acid Coffee: The coffee beans are then washed with spring water and then sun dried to a humidity content of 11.5%. The beans then ‘rest’ for 30 days before roasting. To ensure the coffee is low acid, it is tested using a pH meter that you would find in a lab. 
  • USDA Certified Organic: When a brand carries this certification, it has been grown on soil that has had none of the prohibited substances (synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) for 3 years.
  • Single Origin: Your coffee bag will be filled with coffee beans that are from the same small region. Lifeboost uses Specialty Bean, Arabica Coffee grown on farms in the mountains of Nicaragua.
  • Shade Grown at High Altitudes (5,700+ ft): Coffee that is shade grown results in a higher quality, more optimal crop because the shade is able to help to maintain ideal coffee-growing temperatures. It also conserves soil and water, improves water quality and provides wildlife habitat. According to Lifeboost, only 2% of coffees in the world are shade grown.
  • 3rd Party Tested for Toxins:Lifeboost coffee is 3rd party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals & Over 400 Toxins! These test results are available upon request. They test each time they get a batch of green coffee beans from their farmers (1-2x per year).
  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Their sustainable farming practices start with a fair wage for the farmers. As I mentioned above the shade grown coffee allows for conservation of soil and water as well as provides wildlife habitat. But beyond that, a portion of profits from each bag of Lifeboost Coffee you purchase will be donated to Rainforest Trust and Project Alianza. Rainforest Trust helps to protect the most threatened tropical forests while Project Alianza help to build schools for the children of local coffee farmers.

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Lifeboost Coffee bring so many health benefits to the consumer!

Health Benefits of Lifeboost Coffee

Dr. Livingston says that he set out to make the healthiest (and tastiest) cup of coffee and, wow, did he ever succeed. The testing that Lifeboost does on their coffee beans is second to none. So you know you have one of the cleanest, if not the very cleanest, coffees there are.

With Lifeboost testing the pH of their coffee, they are also ensuring those with a sensitive stomach will still be able to consume their coffee. 

Lastly, even John Hopkins University agrees, coffee is good for you! But, you need to be consuming the highest quality coffee for this to be true. Here are 9 reasons straight from John Hopkin’s that will allow you to feel good about consuming your morning cup (or two) of joe:

  1. You could live longer.
  2. You may be less likely to get Type 2 Diabetes.
  3. You may be less likely to develop heart failure
  4. You are less likely to develop Parkinson’s.
  5. Your liver will be more likely to be performing at an optimal level.
  6. You will have stronger DNA.
  7. Odds of getting colon cancer will go down.
  8. You could decrease your risk of getting Alzheimer’s
  9. You are less likely to experience a stroke.

Wow! Not only do you get to enjoy a delicious cup of Lifeboost Coffee, but you can feel so good about all the benefits that may go with it.

It’s important to realize you can overdo it. Some, like myself, don’t do well with caffeine and can opt for decaf instead. Too much caffeine can cause unwanted side effects. So, stick with a reasonable amount!

Lifeboost Coffee bring so many health benefits to the consumer!

Pros + Cons of Lifeboost Coffee


  • Organic –  no extra chemicals!
  • Testing is done for mycotoxins, heavy metals and over 400 toxins
  • Low Acid so it is easier on the stomach
  • Swiss Water Method is used for their Decaf options – again no extra chemicals used with this method!
  • Available in whole bean, ground or pods
  • Flavored Coffee Available – this is something that was new to me and they have so many options
  • Burlap bags are available upon request for shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • More expensive coffee brand (check out my coupon code or use their Subscribe & Save to help reduce cost)
  • Availability – if you like a flavor make sure to stock up as flavors can go out of stock and aren’t carried all of the time
  • Flavored Coffee aren’t USDA Certified Organic yet, but they are working on this

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My hubs loved the Lifeboost Espresso

Lifeboost Coffee Review

Lifeboost’s Decaf Coffee- I was SO excited to try Lifeboost’s Decaf Coffee!  I had never come across a clean “flavored” coffee until finding Lifeboost.  Not only that but they have so many clean flavored options for decaf coffee- sign me up!  Typically flavored coffees have artificial flavorings and are anything but clean.  However, Lifeboost uses natural flavoring and essential oils to flavor their flavored coffee.  

  • Decaf Hazelnut Coffee and Decaf French Vanilla Coffee. I love having a flavored coffee in the afternoon with a little coconut milk- so good!  Both the Decaf Hazelnut and Decaf French Vanilla gave it a little extra flavor.  You could really taste the hazelnut and the french vanilla in the coffee.  They made the whole house smell so good too!  I love knowing that I can buy a clean “flavored” coffee.
  • Decaf Dark Roast  Such a low acidity overall with a smooth taste.  It really hits the spot in the mornings.  I love a bold flavor and for a decaf this really didn’t feel watered down, but robust even without the caffeine.

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Suzi’s Hubs– My hubs also tried some of the Lifeboost coffee options since I don’t drink caffeine. He tried the Lifeboost Espresso, Dark Roast Embolden and Medium Roast.  

  • Lifeboost Espresso- He loved the Espresso.  He would put the beans in our espresso machine.  Very smooth and rich tasting, really bold flavor overall.  Great by itself or in a latte.  He likes a dark cup of coffee in the mornings just black and this really hit the spot as an americano. 
  • Embolden Dark Roast- This was also a hit with him.  A strong flavor overall, slightly bitter with a medium smoothness to it. He would do a pour over with this roast.
  • Medium Roast- This was definitely a lot less bold compared to the Dark Roast and mild.  He didn’t love it. He said it seemed weak compared to the others, but keep in mind he likes a bold flavor.

GGG Team Member Becky’s Review-: I tried out Lifeboost’s Light and Medium Roast coffee. Overall, I thought both were very mellow in flavor with a smooth taste. The low acidity is definitely apparent! The Medium Roast didn’t have as much bold flavor as I would have liked. After having tested out so many organic, mold free coffees I have come to appreciate a more bold flavor. Definitely plan to try out the Dark Roast at some point. The Light Roast was the best light roast that I have tested out, but tastes more watered down if you like a stronger flavor.   

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Verdict: Is Lifeboost Worth It?

I do think Lifeboost Coffee is worth it!  They really go the extra mile when it comes to making sure their coffee is not only clean, but also tastes great.  They also offer something for everyone, which I really appreciate.  I love that they’ve tapped into the flavored coffee market too and make a clean option for that and offer espresso as well.  They really have all the options when it comes to a clean cup of coffee!

What’s your favorite Lifeboost Coffee?

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