The Best Organic Skin Care for Anti-Aging

Many wonder if natural anti-aging skincare products can perform as well as conventional products. I am here to say that, yes, you can get some amazing results with a consistent skin care routine, the best performing organic skin care products and consideration of some lifestyle factors. Check out all of my favorites below!

No matter your age, we all are looking for the same thing – to age gracefully! And to do this, we can support our bodies with a natural skincare routine that is made up of products that have the best natural ingredients. Not to mention, our lifestyle does matter when it comes to the appearance of our skin! I am sharing everything you need to know to create your own skincare routine -full of nontoxic ingredients – that will help you to maintain a more youthful glow.

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As we age our skin changes, which is what results in things like wrinkles, thinner skin and discoloration.

What Happens To Our Skin As We Age?

Amongst a few other things, changes to our skin are some of the most outwardly visible signs of aging that we exhibit. This can range from thinning of the skin, discoloration, dry areas and the dreaded wrinkles. But what exactly is causing these changes?! Here are some of the main reasons we exhibit what most describe as more mature skin as we get older:

  • Outer layer of the skin (epidermis) gets thinner due to a slower rate of cell production while also losing fat.
  • Less elastin and collagen are produced as we age
  • Decrease in sebum production results in dryer skin and rough patches

There are also things we do (or are exposed to) that can contribute to the visible signs of aging in our skin. This includes:

  • Sun damage – UV rays from the sun are able to penetrate into the skin and damage the elastic fibers that keep our skin firm (this damage allows wrinkles to form) and can also cause ‘age spots.’
  • Dehydration – Consider that our skin contains 64% water. So, if we are dehydrated it makes sense that we will notice our fine lines and wrinkles are deeper versus if we are consistently hydrated.
  • Environmental stressors (air pollution, tobacco smoke) – We get damage to our skin straight from the environment too.

“Oxidative stress, inflammation, and damage of the cutaneous barrier and in the extracellular matrix (of the skin) are effects of pollution and are observed in skin aging.”

You should start an anti-aging skincare routine as early as your 20’s!

When Should An Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine Be Implemented 

Depending on your current age, there may be different products that you will want to focus on to get the most out of your skin care routine.

20s- The first thing you can do in your 20s is to implement a skincare routine.  Be consistent with at least cleansing skin, exfoliating, and moisturizing.  You’re setting your skin up to win when you do this.  Also, the appearance of fine lines may be visible by the time you’re in your late twenties because of slowed collagen production.  Now is the time to start using a clean retinol, as it helps with a quicker renewal of skin cells and helps aid in new collagen production.  Using hyaluronic serums are great too as this will help to plump up the skin and add hydration.

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30s- Your hormones dip in your 30s and that means your skin does also.  You’ll find your skin seems less plump and dryer than in your 20s.  Overall, your cell turnover rate has slowed down.  If you’re not already using a form of clean retinol, now’s the time to start.  Plus, adding in a Vitamin C serum that can help to brighten skin and a night cream that can replace moisture loss is huge.  Adding in regular exfoliation to the skin can really help to eliminate dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin, making it appear more youthful.  If you aren’t using a serum, now is the time to start.  A serum is smaller in molecular size and can really go deep in the skin and produce results.  As I mentioned, a Vitamin C serum or clean retinol is ideal.  Also, a hydrating serum, as more moisture is lost in your 30s.  I would also start using an eye cream as this is the decade when fine lines around the eyes start to show up.

40s- Continue using Vitamin C products and if you haven’t, definitely start.  These can really help to fade age spots and help with sun damage.  A study proved that people associate youth with a less sun damaged complexion compared to fine lines and wrinkles.  Meaning, someone might have fine lines and wrinkles but not have age spots and people agreed they looked younger.  Sun protection when you go outside is important. A mineral based sunscreen is great, but also wearing a wide brimmed hat is a good idea too. Keep exfoliating several times a week as skin can start to look dull at this age.  Glycolic products can really help your skin as well since they can help to boost collagen, as well as reveal a brighter complexion. Daily use of a hydrating serum is going to really help amp up moisture levels and keep skin looking plump, which in turn looks more youthful. All the clean retinol products are still important and implementing some deep hydrating face masks and facials tools such as the Solawave that can help with skin rejuvenation can help. 

50s- As your skin ages, continue being consistent with your routine.  Using all the products mentioned above like a clean retinol, Vitamin C, and hydrating serums.  As well as eye creams and hydrating masks.  This is a great decade to pamper your skin with facials.  Getting a facial every now and then can really amp up your skin’s appearance and rejuvenate it.  Keep exfoliating the skin to keep skin looking smooth and bright.

Vitamin C is a must have in an anti-aging skincare routine!

What Is The Most Powerful (Natural) Anti-Aging Ingredient?

While clean retinols are definitely amazing for helping to keep skin youthful, finding a clean version can be hard and many people are sensitive to retinol products.  Vitamin C in my opinion is the most powerful natural anti-aging ingredient.  It not only helps with cell turnover which helps to stimulate collagen production but it also helps to fade spots and discoloration and gives skin an overall brighter complexion.  It not only can treat your skin but also help to protect it from future environmental damage.

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Other Key Ingredients To Look For In Organic Anti Aging Skin Care

  • Reinoids/Retinol- This is considered to be at the top of the list when it comes to anti-aging ingredients that really deliver. They are derived from vitamin A.  Not only do they help with increasing cell turnover, but also help to boost collagen which helps to keep the skin plump and looking youthful.  It also improves skin tone and color.  There are a lot of issues with retinol, however.  Most conventional retinols contain BHT(butylated hydroxytoluene) which is a lipophilic synthetic antioxidant.  It acts as a preservative in many beauty products and as a stabilizer for retinol in anti-aging products.  The problem is that BHT has been shown to cause liver damage in rats even in small amounts.  Plus, the supply chain with BHT is very unstable.  That’s why I don’t recommend conventional retinoids or retinol.  But, the good news it there are some clean retinols that I’ll mention below.  Also, with conventional retinol there are many side effects to the skin as well, such as dry flaky skin, sensitive skin, and redness. Also, they can thin the skin if overused and the dosage is higher. Experts have argued that long-term use could actually be doing more harm than good. 
  • Niacinamide is a great addition to a skincare routine.  This ingredient helps combat redness in the skin, as well as brighten the skin.  
  • Ceramides are essential for keeping the skin barrier at its best.  They keep skin healthy by adding in hydration.  When your skin is hydrated it always looks more youthful. These are essentially fats that hold water in.  
  • Glycolic acid is another stellar ingredient to add to your skincare routine.  It really helps with skin texture and tone. Also, can help with pore size.  Plus, glycolic acid can boost collagen levels in skin and improve tone.  
  • Hyaluronic Acid helps to draw moisture to the skin and keep it there.  This can help to fill in lines as it will plump skin.  Giving you a more youthful-looking skin.
  • Plum Oil is naturally rich in Omega fatty acids, as well as polyphenols.  Plus, this face oil is antioxidant rich and hydrating. 
  • Essential Fatty Acids- These are the acids that the body does not naturally make so we need to supplement internally as well as apply them topically.  These can really help with premature signs of aging.
  • Bakuchiol- This is a natural plant-based alternative to retinol.  It works similar to retinol but without the side effects.  
  • Squalene- This is an intensively moisturizing oil for the skin.  It is great for sensitive skin types.  
  • Coenzyme Q10- This is an antioxidant and is great at helping to protect the elastic and collagen that shape the skin.  
  • Peptides- These are short chain amino acids that are the building blocks of protein.  Peptide creams help to stimulate collagen.
  • Vitamin E- Found in a lot of skincare oils and is a great antioxidant for the skin. It can really help to protect against cell damage as well as strengthening the skin barrier.
  • Green Tea- Loaded with polyphenols and phytochemicals, it can energize the skin and help to minimize dark circles and repair damage that has happened through oxidation.
  • Ferulic Acid- This ingredient helps to fight free radicals that are trying to minimize collagen production.

Best Organic Skin Care Products

Anti-Aging Peel

Alpyn Beauty Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel

This mask from Alpyn Beauty has been taking up some serious residence in my beauty routine since it came out!  It leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and soft- all within 5 minutes.  It’s a mini facial in a jar.  I mean what more could a woman want?  Perfect before putting on makeup for the day or at night to unwind. Plus, it smells so good you might be tempted to eat it!  It helps to increase cell turnover with a combination of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) that brighten and smooth skin.  Plus, with the addition of bamboo powder and berry seeds you get an almost microdermabrasion effect on the skin. Get it here!

Anti-Aging Serum

Beautycounter All Bright C Serum

This vitamin C serum really takes your skin to the next level.  It uses two forms of stable vitamin C and is formulated in such a way that it doesn’t lose its potency like many vitamin C products.  It not only protects your skin from environmental damage, helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles but gives your skin an overall brightness with camu camu and turmeric. I remember using this for the first time and instantly noticing a difference- like that day.  Some Vitamin C serums take time, but this one really amps up your skin’s brightness quickly.  Over time I noticed fading in one dark spot in particular and an overall glow to my skin.  It never felt irritating at all.  My hubs is obsessed with this!  He can’t be without it. Let’s just say I always have a backup on hand.  I can’t recommend this enough!  Get it here!

Anti-Aging Face Oil

Maya Chia Straight A Serum

Although this is called a serum it’s really more of a facial oil that means business and gets results…quickly.  I have been using this for a while and definitely can speak to the overall experience of it.  My skin looks brighter, more even and overall alive and not dull.  I use it at night. It contains the plant retinol bakuchiol which I’ve used before in other skincare products and it also contains moth bean extract- another plant derived retinol.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The formula also has an advanced retinol using an encapsulated Retinol.  This is a derivative of Vitamin A without BHT.  As I mentioned above BHT has been shown to cause liver damage in rats- even in small amounts.  Conventional retinol typically contains BHT.  

Besides the powerful retinols it also contains other active ingredients. Vitamin C and Vitamin E will brighten the skin and help fade dark spots.  You’re also going to get some serious hydration from this oil as well with Buriti oil, and chia seed oil.   I can’t tell you how many people have used this and have become sold overnight- literally.   A skin-changing serum for sure!  Don’t forget to check out my full Maya Chia review here. Check out The Straight A Serum here.

Anti-Aging Exfoliant

Beautycounter Reflect Mask

This mask is brand new this year from Beautycounter and so good!  It uses AHA’s to help exfoliate your skin and give it an overall brightness.  You are left with the smoothest skin!  It’s like a facial in a jar, but you don’t have to leave your house.  I’ve been obsessed with it and have been using it nonstop since it was released. Great for all skin types, even sensitive skin.   Check it out here!

Anti-Aging Face Cream

True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream

Where do I even start with this cream?!  Wow! It uses Chebula, a breakthrough bio-active antioxidant that fights five signs of aging. I have dry skin and so this works for me both morning and night.  The texture feels like a creamy whipped texture.  It instantly melts into your skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all.  The best part?  My skin literally feels hydrated for the whole day!  I touch my skin at 5 pm after putting it on early in the morning and it still feels so supple and moisturized.  It has anti-aging super powers that take it to the next level.  Plus, major skin barrier benefits that really protect the skin and keep moisture levels intact.  All of this without the pore clogging waxes you may have been used to in the past! 

I was so obsessed, I also had one sent to my V.A. for her to try out, here are her thoughts: Living in the Midwest means harsh, cold winters. Add to that I already have dry skin and I am constantly on the hunt for the most hydrating of products. And the True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream is just that! It is so creamy and the perfect amount of hydration for my skin. I typically wear a cream in the morning and night because of how dry my skin is and this literally makes it all day and my skin is still feeling so moisturized. Plus, I can have a tendency to get breakouts at times, so knowing it has no pore clogging waxes like other creams moves it straight to the top of my list of face creams!  Check out the Chebula Extreme Cream here!

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Beautycounter Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream

Anyone else feel like it’s hard to find a natural eye cream in clean beauty?  Yeah, I’m right there with you.  This eye cream isn’t your average eye cream.  With the powerful plant-derived bakuchiol and alpine rose giving any other eye cream a run for its money!  I use this am and pm and gently tap the product into the undereye area using my ring finger(the ring finger has the least amount of muscles so less pulling).  This helps to hydrate, minimize fine lines, under eye shadows and give brighter eyes.  Get it here.

Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Line-Filling Eye Balm with Bakuchiol (more budget friendly)

This eye balm is so unique.  It looks similar to a cream but it’s not.  It is lighter in texture and soaks seamlessly into the skin.  I pat it on with my ring finger- the finger with the least amount of muscles, so less chance of pulling the delicate eye area. It has the plant-derived bakuchiol in the formula as well as vitamin C, bearberry leaf, and licorice root.  Plus, caffeine which really helps to brighten, hydrate and de-puff.  The formula offers the long term benefits of faded fine lines- yes I’ll take it!  I  use this morning and night.  It works really well under makeup too.  Get it here.

Anti-Aging Toner

Beautycounter Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence

This is similar to a toner/hydrosol.  Instead of spritzing it on your skin you shake some into your hands and press it on your face.  I apply this right after cleansing before I use serums, oils, moisturizers. It has a milky consistency compared to other toners I’ve used.  This has the plant-derived retinols bakuchiol and alpine rose but also mineral-rich sea water, and a fermented blend of sugars.  It gives your skin hydration but also an overall glow- you’ll love it.  It’s so refreshing, especially in the morning- wakes up my skin.  The smell is incredible as well.  Get it here.

Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask

True Botanical’s Moisture Lock Overnight Mask

This mask really offers some serious hydration.  You cleanse your skin and apply your products as you would normally and then you apply the mask.  Instead of rinsing it off you sleep in it!  When you wake up your skin is silky smooth and moisturized.  Like a big gulp of water for your skin.  I put down a hand towel on my pillow so the product doesn’t get on my pillow case.  But it really does soak into the skin so well you hardly notice anything.  I can’t think of a better product for your skin in the dry winter months!  It literally nourishes the skin so well.  I noticed minimized redness too.  Get it here!

Best Overall Brand Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Brand

Beautycounter really hits it out of the park with it’s Countertime line.  Made with the plant-derived retinol bakuchiol, peptides and antioxidants.  True Botanicals is also another heavy hitter when it comes to products filled with actives and skin changing ingredients. Both of these brands are top notch and have the best natural skin care products on the market – especially when it comes to anti-aging.  Check out more products from Beautycounter Countertime in my review hereCheck out my True Botanicals review here. 

Lymphatic massage with the use of a gua sha stone will help you achieve a brighter complexion.

Anti-Aging Lifestyle Factors

  • Sleep- This is huge when it comes to keeping skin in tip top shape.  Little sleep can greatly impact the skin overall.  When you sleep your body repairs itself, and so does the skin.  Shedding old skin cells to form new ones.  When you don’t sleep well, your skin barrier can be compromised and tone can be dull.
  • Moving Your Body- This is one way to get brighter skin.  By moving our body we are getting our lymphatic system moving which helps to increase blood flow and remove toxins.  Have you ever seen someone post yoga or after a spinning class?  They have a glow and it’s because they have moved their body and their blood is flowing!
  • Facial Massage- Giving your skin a massage can really help to get a glow on.  Getting our lymphatic system moving is key to achieving a brighter complexion.  Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump, so we have to manually move our lymphs so that toxins can be removed.  After a facial massage with hands or a gua sha or facial roller you are getting your lymphs going and stimulating blood flow.
  • Ditch The Sugar- Sugar actually causes glycation in the body.  Which turns into free radicals.  In the ends it ages your skin!
  • Stress- Stress can play a huge role in overall skin health. Just look at a before and after photo of a president when they take office and then after.  You can tell a huge difference in their appearance!  They age so much.  Regularly processing your emotions and meditating/praying can really help to manage stress more effectively.
  • Drinking Water Daily- Making sure you’re hydrated will in turn help with hydrated skin.  Hydrated skin looks more plump, youthful and you guessed it- brighter!
  • Eating Fruits and Veggies- These are loaded with antioxidants that literally can make you glow from the inside out.  These feed your body in all the right ways, giving your body a dose of antioxidants naturally. 
  • Limit Alcohol- I hate to be the bearer of bad news but alcohol doesn’t do much for the skin at all.  It dehydrates the skin by taking the fluid out.  It also causes inflammation which causes a histamine reaction and causes redness.  

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The Solawave has been a great addition to my anti-aging skincare routine!

Best Skincare Tools For Anti-Aging

  • Red Light Therapy- I was so excited when I first started reading about red light therapy!  From how it fades scars, stimulates low thyroid, lowers inflammation, helps improve sleep quality and duration, helps with seasonal effective disorder, hair growth, weight loss and red light therapy for skin alignments.  From psoriasis, eczema, hyperpigmentation, wounds, and ant-aging benefits.  I mean what doesn’t it do!?  I was specifically excited for red light therapy for the skin.  Several studies have shown people having increased collagen and clearer skin when using a red light device.  There also haven’t been any adverse side effects from using red light therapy either.  After using the red light therapy for a couple weeks, I felt I could see a difference in my skin.  Less hyperpigmentation, and an overall clearer complexion.  My skin just looked brighter too.  I saw my sister and she asked what I was doing different with my skin.  I said nothing.  Then realized the only thing I had started to incorporate into my skincare routine was red light therapy.  Bingo!  Needless to say my sister now uses red light therapy everyday too!  
  • Gua Sha- This is an Ancient Chinese massage practice that involves scraping or moving the skin.  It’s often performed using a jade stone or rose quartz.  It originally started on the body, but since has been adapted for the face using more gentle massage strokes.  It helps to increase circulation, help drain lymphatic drainage, tone the skin, and give an overall lift to the skin.  As you glide the stone across your skin, you are de-puffing it and bringing new blood into your skin.  When new blood is present, cell regeneration happens more quickly, which makes it easier for your skin to repair itself.  It also helps to remove toxins from your skin which can cause acne or dull skin.  Our body has the heart to pump the blood throughout for our circulatory system however, our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump.  Our lymphatic system is twice the size of our circulatory system and needs to be moved.  So our skin needs to be manually massaged to get it moving!  I notice an increase in brightness and a glow when I do it.  I also notice less puffiness and an overall face lift- it’s the cheapest face lift you’ll find. Check out my Wildling Empress Gua Sha Stone Review here + I share how to use it!
  • Solawave- This device includes microcurrent, red light therapy, Facial Massage and Therapeutic warmth to help achieve a more youthful appearance.  The microcurrent helps to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin and muscles, while promoting healthy skin.  The red light therapy helps to fight signs of aging and combat breakouts. The facial massage you give yourself as you use the tool helps give you a lifted face overall. The therapeutic warmth helps to open up pores and let your products absorb better.  I really noticed an overall glow to my skin and brighter appearance.  Also, my skin appeared more plumped and youthful overall and fine lines were less visible.  It feels like your skin gets a little energy boost using it! Check out my full Solawave Review here!

Can You Age Gracefully With Natural Products?

Yes!  You absolutely can age gracefully with natural skincare products.  When you feed your skin consistent nutrients it responds and regenerates daily.  The right products with skin-loving ingredients and consistency pay off!  Often people complain about not seeing results but the secret really is hidden in your daily routine.  Taking care of your skin daily is what will really start to improve (and maintain) your skin’s more youthful look.  Practicing lifestyle practices for your skin such as sleep, hydration and feeding your body really makes a huge difference in how your skin looks and feels too.

What’s your favorite anti-aging skincare products?

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  1. Melissa

    Can you outline your daily skincare routine with these products? Step by step for day & night

    • Suzi

      Hi Melissa,

      I always start with a cleanser, then a hydrosol or toner before then applying a serum. A serum is the active product so you really want to apply it first before a moisturizer. After the serum I apply an oil or a moisturizer depending on how dry my skin feels. Sometimes I apply an oil, plus a face cream. Other times just a face cream and no oil. Then I’ll apply my eye cream. I do the same thing for the day except I don’t use an oil ever. Too much for day and wearing makeup I find for my skin.

  2. Dee

    Wow, you have done a lot of research. I feel a bit overwhelmed by all this information. Can you share products from above that match a routine for a beginner that is 40? There are a lot of great products you mention but I don’t know which ones to get and don’t want to spend over $30/ month. I don’t know how long these products last.

    • Suzi

      Hi Dee,

      It would be hard to know which products to recommend if I don’t know your skin type? You can email me at and I’ll let you know what I would recommend.

  3. Jan

    Can you recommend something for 78 year old skin that has seen better days???

    • Suzi

      Hi Jan,

      What are you specifically looking for? Hydration, smoother skin, hyperpigmentation faded? Give me a few more details and I can narrow it down. Send me an email:


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