6 Steps to Creating A Simple No Makeup Makeup Look

Creating a no makeup makeup look can be so simple if you use the correct products. I am sharing the 6 steps I use to create mine!

When going through our makeup routine there are times we want to look like we are wearing makeup – like a big event or holidays. Other times we want to have more of an effortlessly flawless makeup look for everyday. You know where you spent time polishing up your look but want to look like you aren’t wearing a whole bunch of makeup – a more natural look. And I am going to share with you exactly how to achieve a no makeup makeup look like this!

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What Is A No Makeup Makeup Look?

Like I touched on above, a no makeup makeup look is (just like the name implies) going to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup. You will use your makeup – and skincare for that matter – to highlight your natural features. It is a minimal look as well that works for everyday makeup.

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Tips For Creating A No Makeup Look

It’s all in your skincare routine!  When your skincare routine is on point and skin is hydrated- you don’t need a ton of makeup.  You want your makeup to be light and airy, not heavy.  

  • Wear Foundation or Skip It? It really depends on what you feel comfortable wearing.  Skip the medium and full coverage foundations and opt for something light or don’t wear any at all. Tinted moisturizers are great.
  • Grab all the cream makeup products.  Reach for cream blushes, cream shadows, cream bronzers, and highlighters.  These really give your skin a natural look and the illusion of wearing no makeup.  Powders can look cakey and not natural.
  • Invest in a good concealer.  A concealer can help to minimize redness in areas and create a clean/natural canvas, without making it appear like you have a lot of makeup on. 
  • Subtle Pigments- You want subtle pigments, nothing bold.  You’re going for a natural look so you want it to appear like a natural flush on the cheeks and natural stained lips.
I love a polished no makeup makeup look!

How To Create A No Makeup Makeup Look in 6 Steps

  1. Start with skincare first– You want your skin to be hydrated and moisturized.  Not dry.  Dewy skin will really amplify your no makeup makeup look. 
  2. Apply Concealer/Light Foundation– Next spot treat your face with concealer where needed or apply your light foundation.  Really blend so you get a seamless look.
  3. Brush out brows– Fluffing brows with a brow brush can really help add volume to them. Then applying a clear brow gel can help hold them in place.
  4. Add cream blush– Using your fingers can often give you the best natural looking application.  Applying on the upwards part of your cheek and blending up.  
  5. Highlighter/Bronzer– You can use both a bronzer or highlighter or just one depending on your preference. If you’re using a highlighter, grab your highlighter and use your fingers to apply the product on the bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, upper cheek bones, and middle upper forehead.  If using a bronzer, grab your bronzer(I prefer a cream formula) and apply along the upper forehead close to the hairline. sides of nose and on the indentions of the cheeks when you make a fish face. Then blend in with a beauty sponge. I’ve found a sponge works great for blending well and achieving a natural look.
  6. Add a lip tint– I love using a subtle gloss or moisturizing lip product that offers a hint of pigment but not a ton.  

Products Used in My No Makeup, Makeup Look

So simple and quick! You can create your everyday no makeup makeup look too. What’s your must have product when creating a look like this?

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Cheers, Suzi


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    Is this makeup you recommend even with perioral dermatitis?

    • Suzi

      Hi Maria,

      If I had perioral dermatitis I would skip makeup entirely. At least any face makeup. It’s only going to aggravate it more.


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