Le Prunier Review

The 'Power of the Plum' is the concept behind Le Prunier. This is a brand that founded in 2018 by three sisters that discovered that plum seed oil came with many skincare benefits. Check out my Le Prunier review below where I am sharing all about their Plum Beauty Oil and Plumscreen Broad Spectrum SPF31.

Le Prunier is a brand you have probably heard me talk about. They are unique in that they carry just 2 products, but those two products are total standouts in clean beauty. I am sharing a full review on both of their products and what exactly makes this brand so exceptional!

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Le Prunier

A brand that is based on plum seed oil, Le Prunier has 2 amazing skincare products. The Plum Beauty Oil and Plumscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 31 are of the highest quality and perform so well.

All About Le Prunier

Le Prunier is a newer clean beauty brand that was founded in 2018 by three sisters: Elaine, Jacqueline and Allison Taylor. Each sister brings their unique background and education to the brand resulting in a powerhouse trio that created a beauty line based on the “Power of the Plum.” 

Le Prunier is rooted all the way back to 1916. The founders’ great grandfather farmed the land of Northern California laying the groundwork for generations to come. At the heart of his farm was the California plum. 

As the years passed, the farm continued to evolve and grow. In 1985 they not only transitioned to organic farming methods but they expanded operations internationally to Europe and Asia.

As the Taylor sisters traveled with their father, it was through their experiences in Western Asia that they discovered how other cultures regarded the plum. Specifically, there is a region that regards the dried plum as the “Fruit of Life.”

Inspired by all they had learned about this amazing superfruit, in 2014 they decided to dive in deep on the skincare benefits of plum oil. And with the help of 2 world renowned skincare labs they were able to create their first plum based beauty product – Plum Beauty Oil

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The Plum Beauty Oil has just one ingredient in it!

Le Prunier’s Sustainability

Le Prunier takes sustainability to a whole new level. First, the family farm has been committed to organic farming practices since the 1980’s. This was long before ‘organic’ was the buzzword it has become today. Their farm is:

  • Herbicide free
  • Uses natural methods for fertilization that include compost, cover crops, fertilizer and heat-treated chicken manure.

The farm has eliminated waste by using what was once a waste byproduct and turning it into a usable product. This requires being innovative to discover new ways to use plum based ingredients.

Other sustainable farming practices that are used include:

  • BioFiltro: This is a waste water system that processes their water.  
  • Solar: Their process facility has been 100% solar powered for 10 years.
  • Goats: After harvest has been completed, 2000 goats roam the orchards. They eat down the excess cover crops which eliminates the need for large machinery to be used – thus reducing emissions and keeping the soil as healthy as possible.

WOW! To say they have thought of everything is an understatement. And with how forward thinking they have already been, I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

There are areas in Western Asia that consider the plum the “Fruit of Life.”

Details On The Plum Seed Oil

So, what’s all the fuss about plum seed oil? If you are thinking it must really be amazing to have a whole brand focused on this one oil, well…you are exactly right!

Plum seed oil is full of so much that is going to nourish and improve your skin. Here are a few of those components:

  • Omega’s 6 and 9Keeps the skin barrier strong so that moisture is locked in.
  • Polyphenols: Powerful anti-oxidants that have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-DNA damaging effects.
  • Vitamin A: Stimulates collagen production which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E: Protects the skin from sun damage, has anti-inflammatory effects, and promotes wound healing

Le Prunier Product Reviews

Like I mentioned, Le Prunier has just 2 skincare products at this time. But they are just so good! I am going to be sharing all the details on each one.

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Have you tried out Le Prunier yet? Let me know your thoughts below!

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