Brook There: An Organic Cotton Lingerie Brand Review

I have been lucky enough to try out a variety of sustainable clothing brands over the past few years. This has definitely become more important to me as I have learned more about it. And, I am sharing a full Brook There Review - an organic cotton lingerie brand!

Brook There is an organic cotton lingerie brand that I discovered this past year when I was on the hunt for the best organic cotton underwear. The brand has so much more to offer that I hadn’t had a chance to try – so I am bringing you a full Brook There brand review!

*This blog post is sponsored by Brook There  – but thoughts and opinions are my own.

Brook There

Brook There was founded by Brook when she was unable to find the style of undergarments she was looking for. She wasn’t interested in anything uncomfortable and was wanting something more minimalistic. Basically, something that made her feel confident and comfortable as herself.

After teaching herself how to design lingerie, she was able to create her first pieces. And, just like where the brand began, Brook continues to design every single garment that Brook There has and a team right here in the USA sews them.

The brand steers towards more ethically minded and sustainable fabrics. This includes organic cotton that is milled and dyed in California and is the root of most of their garments. You will also notice the colors they choose are very earthy. I love the ethos of it all!

I always like to pick natural fabrics for my clothing – but truly believe that organic cotton is one of the very best fabrics!

Why Choose Organic Cotton Lingerie?

You might wonder if choosing organic and natural fabrics for your lingerie is really necessary. Per Brook There, they chose organic cotton for 2 reasons.

  1. Personal preference – it feels better against the skin
  2. It’s better for our Earth.

While a natural fiber used in garments is better then a synthetic material for sure, I stand behind organic fibers – including cotton – being the best!

First, synthetic materials are not breathable. Which means they can cause irritation and make temperature control more difficult versus the breathability and softness of a natural material.

For example, polyester is a synthetic material that is a type of microplastic that is derived from petroleum. Definitely not surprising that something made of a micro plastic wouldn’t be breathable. Plus, studies have shown that when you wash garments made of polyester they shed microplastics. Not only do I not want to wear something like this that is going to be in contact with my skin all day, it is definitely not good for our environment!

Next, when comparing organic vs conventionally grown cotton is important to know that 

conventional cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops because it is sprayed with so many harmful chemicals.

The chemicals they are sprayed with include glyphosate – a probable carcinogen- and aldicarb – one of the most toxic chemicals used in agriculture. Definitely makes me think twice about using conventionally grown cotton in my house and as a material for my undergarments and clothing! 

And that’s why I love when I come across a brand like Brook There who is changing the landscape of women’s lingerie. From the materials, to the production and shipping, they have managed to balance sustainability with quality and the end product is just so good!

I love what Brook There offers for organic cotton lingerie!

What Does Brook There Offer For Organic Cotton Lingerie?

Brook There offers a variety of organic cotton lingerie. This includes the following:

To be noted is there is a variety of colors for all garments offered!

Brook There Organic Lingerie Review

I have been lucky enough to test out a variety of Brook There’s products and I am sharing my review on each of them!

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Conclusion: Is Brook There Organic Cotton Lingerie Worth It?!

I think Brook There is 100% worth it when it comes to organic cotton lingerie.  They really provide an incredibly soft product that feels luxurious but is also practical too.  As a mom of 4 I love wearing pretty lingerie, and knowing that it can also work with an active lifestyle too.  You really get the best of both worlds with Brook There!

If you have tried Brook There, let me know your thoughts below!

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Cheers, Suzi


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