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Day #5 – OSEA

Welcome to 12 Days Of Holiday Giveaways!  We do this every year and it just gets better and better!

So in honor of the holidays upon us and the season of giving we’ve decided to extend our gratitude to our audience and share some of our favorite clean living and natural beauty brands with you.  After all this is the season of giving!  

We are pulling out all the stops and giving away over $5K in product!  It’s about to get real good.  

*This blog post and giveaway is sponsored by OSEA – but thoughts and opinions are my own.

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product.

Giveaway Day #5 – All My Favorite OSEA products (Undaria Algae Body Oil, Hyaluronic Sea Serum, Undaria Algae Body Butter, Anti-Aging Body Balm & Oceans Eyes value $308)

**Please note all giveaways are open to U.S. only

If you’re not familiar with  OSEA Malibu allow me to fill you in on this natural skincare line.  This brand is truly unique.  I was so intrigued by the founder Jenefer’s story of how she started it.  She was inspired by her grandmother who credits the ocean to healing her.  She had been on bedrest after a severe leg injury.  Her grandmother recalls having a dream about the sea and the next day went for a swim.  A few weeks later her grandmother was healed!  Jenefer went to her roots when creating OSEA.  From what she learned from her grandmother of the healing properties of the ocean and her knowledge, she chose seaweed as the base of her skincare line.  Seaweed contains powerful minerals and ingredients to help restore and nourish the skin. The products truly speak for themselves!

In 2002, OSEA was the first company to sign “Compact for Safe Cosmetics,” an initiative started by the Environmental Working Group that holds companies accountable for ensuring that their products are “free of chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.” Since then, over 1,000 companies have joined OSEA in pledging to phase out the use of toxic chemicals in all beauty products! 

OSEA Malibu products include: 

Seabiotic Water Cream: This cream has basically become a staple in everyone’s skincare routine the minute I give it to them!  I remember first trying it and just being SO impressed.  It delivers such hydration but doesn’t feel heavy or greasy but instead instantly soaks into the skin.  The best part?  Your skin still feels hydrated the next morning!  From my V.A to my hubs, everyone has been loving it! What’s even better is the price.  Most creams can be close to $100, but this cream lands right at $54.  Get it here! 

Ocean Cleanser: This cleanser is a definite fave!  I love that it comes in a frosted glass bottle- so chic.  It’s such an overall soothing cleanser, yet highly effective. It removes all my makeup and grime from the day- yes even my stubborn eye makeup.  I get my skin damp first and then apply several pumps to my hands.  Then I rub in circular motions all over my face.  After rinsing with water my skin feels so hydrated, and clean.  Not stripped or dry.  It does such a great job of imparting hydration to the skin, and nourishing it with vitamins and minerals.  Did I mention it smells like candy?!  The lime really stands out to me.  There also are notes of juniper, and cypress.  A great all around cleanser- can’t get enough! Get your Ocean Cleanser here! 

Sea Minerals Mist: This mist is SO good!  I even had my hubs try it because it felt so soothing and hydrating.  Often a toner can feel like a spritz of water on the skin and that’s it.  Not the Sea Mineral’s Mist, it is truly a cut above.  It feels like a hydrating layer is applied to the skin and it stays even after the dampness fades.  It is packed full of aloe and seaweed to completely nourish the skin.  This is perfect for after cleansing before your serums and oils to help balance your skin and add moisture back in.  Also great after being out in the sun all day.  This is the perfect skin treat to perk your skin up and cool it down at the same time.  If you’ve been looking for a toner that does more than just spray some water on your skin, look no further. Get it here!

Hyaluronic Sea Serum:  If you have dry skin or wrinkles this is for you.  It instantly adds moisture to thirsty skin and smooths fine lines.  Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to attract moisture to the skin.  Just to give you a little visual, hyaluronic acid attracts 1,000 times its weight in water- making it a powerful player in improving elasticity.  Your skin will feel supple and smooth.  Not only does this serum have hyaluronic acid but also three different kinds of organic seaweed that help deliver antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  In other words it’s a powerhouse serum for the skin!  I love applying this after the Sea Vitamin Boost and then pressing this into my skin before my oils.  It makes my makeup look better and gives me an overall polished look- can’t recommend it enough!  Get your Hyaluronic Sea Serum here! 

Atmosphere Protection Cream: This is the perfect everyday lotion for the face.  It feels hydrating but isn’t greasy at all.  Such a great weight overall.  Perfect for under makeup too.  A lot of daily moisturizers can feel too heavy, but this feels so light and airy on the skin.  This formula is full of seaweed, shea butter and Omega- rich oils.  It is one of those products I recommend a lot and everyone always loves it!  Get it here.  

Undaria Algae Body Oil: This body oil is truly a decadent treat for the body!  I can’t stop using it.  It is full of skincare nutrients.  This oil is infused with seaweed.  They do this by soaking the Undaria Oil in seaweed for 6 months.  This creates an antioxidant rich body oil that is full of minerals.  Your skin will feel completely nourished and so soft after using it.  Plus, it smells incredible!  The sweet refreshing scent comes from passion fruit oil and grapefruit oil.  I apply it right after I shower and while my skin is still slightly damp to give it some serious hydration.  I can’t recommend it enough!  Get it here! 

Salt of the Earth Body Scrub: Talk about a scrub!  This body scrub doesn’t mess around.  It is filled with Dead Sea and Himalayan Pink Salts, Bolivian Rose and Organic seaweed of course.  Plus, it boasts some Acai, shea butter and passionfruit that leave your skin feeling like butter.  I applied to wet skin and used circular motions.  My skin felt so refreshed and clean!  Sometimes we focus on facial exfoliation but our body needs great exfoliation as well!  Grab your Salt of The Earth Body Scrub here!  

Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub- This scrub does it all!  My skin is not only brighter, but so much smoother too.  The formula not only includes flower acids, but also oceanic physical exfoliants. This helps to improve cell turnover as well as minimize pores. But that’s not all- it also acts as a cleanser too, washing away dirt and grime from the day.  Get it here!

And, you can enter to win my favorite OSEA products below valued at over $300! 

And that’s it!  Make sure to go back and check out all 12 days of giveaways and get yourself entered to win some really great products! 

Shop all of OSEA Malibu here and use code gurlgonegreen10 to save 10% off your purchase!

And from 12/5 to 12/11, you will receive a FREE mini Vagus Nerve Oil on purchases $75+.

 *Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!! 

Cheers, Suzi


Suzi is a wife, and mama who is passionate about sharing her natural lifestyle with those around her. She created Gurl Gone Green to show how our everyday decisions, from what we use on our face, home and the food we eat affect us more than we know. She loves holding space where people can weed through the marketing clutter to find truth, and ultimately make the best decision for their families.


  1. Kimberly Wyns

    WOW. Osea is one of my favorite clean brands. I am 60 years old and love for my skin. Thank you for this chance. and Happy Holidays to you.

    • Suzi

      Yay! We love hearing that! Good luck! 🙂

  2. Kelley Ranaudo

    I LOVE all things Osea!! Thank you Suzi!! xo

    • Suzi

      Of course!! 🙂

  3. Tracie

    Love clean beauty and would love to try OSEA!

  4. Cassie Eastman

    The ocean eyes sounds amazing!! So many great products!


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