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Best Natural and Organic Foundations

Best Natural and Organic Foundations

Sharing in my newest video the best natural and organic foundations in clean beauty!  After 10 years in the clean beauty industry I’ve waded through all the natural beauty foundations and I’m sharing the best of the best with you.  From liquid foundations, to powder and everything in between.  I have something for every skin type too.  I’m even showing you how I apply the foundations and what they look like on a bare face.  It can sometimes seem hard to find your perfect foundation but it doesn’t have too.  There are so many great formulas out now that make swapping over to a clean foundation SO easy!  

I also have a whole blog post dedicated to natural foundations.  I share even more in the post on different formulas, before and after pictures and what skin type they would work for.  I also have a free download where I share all my tips and tricks for achieving flawless foundation coverage.  I go over what brushes to use, how to prep your skin and so much more.  Often people tell me they don’t like a certain foundation, but really they are applying it all wrong.  In this download I’m giving you all the details on how to get the perfect application so you’re skin will glow and not look cakey.


Check out my best natural and organic foundations video here!


*Also, be sure to check out my natural and organic foundations blog post here and get my free download!


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Sharing the best of the best when it comes to natural beauty foundations in clean beauty.

Clove And Hallow’s Skin Tint Foundation Review

Clove And Hallow’s Skin Tint Foundation Review

I’m so excited to share with you Clove and Hallow’s Skin Tint Foundation Review.  This is their most requested product!  Not surprised.  Foundation can be hard to find in general.  There are so many factors to consider.  I’ve tried a handful of Clove and Hallow Products and I’m always impressed!

Not only are their products affordable but also cruelty free, and vegan.  All the products are made in the USA and follow the EU’s stringent standards.  They have a Clean Fifteen guarantee:

“No cheap fillers or unnecessary fluff. Just the good stuff, delivered in 15 or fewer ingredients per base formula.”

The founder of Clove and Hallow Sarah Biggers went through her own personal health journey that led her to creating Clove and Hallow.  She went through depression, and panic attacks so severe she was bedridden.  She quickly realized after consulting with a naturopath the importance of what we put in our bodies.  Once she went down that road she then wondered what was also in the products she was recommending to clients, friends and family members as a makeup artist.


Clove and Hallow Review

Meet Clove and Hallow’s newest addition: Liquid Skin Tint!


After looking into many natural beauty brands she quickly realized she couldn’t find the products she was looking for.  She wanted performance but also a product that was affordable.  Soon she realized she needed to create this line she dreamt up and Clove and Hallow was born.

I love that each Clove and Hallow product serves a purpose.  There aren’t a ton of filler products in their line.

One of the products that Clove and Hallow continually was asked about was a foundation.  Something that would hit all the marks.  From texture, to shades and performance.  That’s when Clove and Hallow’s Liquid Skin Tint was born!

This foundation is unlike any other I’ve tried.


Clove and Hallow review

Left side of photo I’m wearing Clove and Hallow Liquid Skin Tint in 04, the right side I’m wearing nothing.

Here are some unique characteristics of the formula:

  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes in 12 shades(they even did a focus group with 20 women and all were able to find a shade for their skin type)
  • Provides a demi-matte finish
  • Price Point is really affordable at $26
  • Feels creamy to the touch but dries matte


A lot of clean beauty foundations are known for their dewiness.  They add oils to foundations to really give that dewy skin look.  However, it’s hard to get rid of that dewiness once you have it on your skin.

With Clove and Hallow’s Liquid Skin Tint you’re able to add oils of your choice, or a liquid highlighter to bring out the luminosity if you like.  Really making it a truly versatile product all around.


Clove and Hallow Liquid Skin Tint

These are some of the color swatches they offer of the Clove and Hallow Liquid Skin Tint.


I especially love the Liquid Skin Tint for the summer months when humidity is on the rise and often you want to eliminate any shine from the skin.  This makes it so easy to create that matte effect on the skin without adding more shine to the skin.

I tried several shades: 03, 04, and 05.  04 was a perfect match for my skin!

This is how I’ve been wearing it.  I apply a facial moisturizer first, then wait a minute or two and then apply the foundation with my fingertips.  I’ve tried using a kabuki brush and my fingers to blend the formula and I prefer my fingers.  It helps to warm up the product slightly I’ve noticed.


Clove and Hallow's Liquid Skin Tint Review

Wearing a full face of Clove and Hallow’s Liquid Skin Tint in 04.


This would be ideal as I mentioned for use in the summer but also for those with oily skin types that want to cut down on shine in general.  It provides a medium coverage overall.  Nothing too heavy, still feels lightweight on the skin.

I’ve even mixed the Liquid Skin Tint with Clove and Hallow’s Hydraglow and love the result!  It gives some great dewiness and glow to the skin.  Especially great if you are a little older and want more dewiness in the skin or your skin tends to be on the dry side.

Check out all the Clove and Hallow shades here!


Clove and Hallow Review

Sharing Clove and Hallow’s Skin Tint foundation review on the blog.

How To Heal Your Body With Foundation Training Expert Kate Murphy

How To Heal Your Body With Foundation Training Expert Kate Murphy

In episode #26 we are learning how to heal your body with foundation training expert Kate Murphy. Kate Murphy is a kinesiologist(human mechanics/movement expert), certified Foundation Training Instructor, Wellness Guru, and the founder of Health Revolt.  She has worked thirteen years as a personal trainer.  For seven of those years she wrestled with chronic pain, failing to find relief on the symptom-chasing treadmill of conventional health care.  During her journey to find relief she spent thousands of hours researching and consulting with leading fitness, nutrition, and wellness experts.  She truly believes that we don’t have to settle for a life of adjusting to our symptoms and rearranging our lives around problems we’re told have no solutions. The answers and freedom Kate found drastically changed her life and now it’s her passion and purpose to help other’s change theirs. 

Connect With Kate-

Topics Discussed- 

  • Who is Kate Murphy from Health Revolt?  How did you get to where you are today?
  • What was your health awakening or “Golden Hour” moment in your life?
  • Do you feel being your own health advocate is what’s helped you take control of your health? 
  • Can you give those listening a brief overview of what foundation training is and how it changed your life?
  • Obviously as a personal trainer you understand the importance of moving your body, how did Foundation Training change your mindset on body movement?
  • Why is it important for people to include foundation training in their lives?
  • If someone wanted to start including foundation training movements in their own life where should they start?
  • You have so many testimonials on your site from working with clients who have had success since incorporating foundation training in their life, what is the most common thing you hear when people start doing the movements?
  • This is a question we ask all our guests: what are 3 health habits that have made the biggest impact in your life?

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Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

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