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Summer Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Summer Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Sharing my easy summer bronze makeup tutorial on the blog!  Everything from the products I use to achieve the look, to the exact order I apply the products and more.  Sometimes people assume achieving a bronze makeup look is hard but it's not.  It's just using the right products and knowing how to use them.  I walk you through what brushes I use, and how I apply the products with them.  You will have glowing skin in no time!  


Watch the summer bronze makeup tutorial here!


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Dazzle Dry – Our 2021 Guide with ALL You Want to Know!

Dazzle Dry – Our 2021 Guide with ALL You Want to Know!

So excited to share my Dazzle Dry complete 2021 guide with you on the blog!  I've been using this brand for the last year and a half and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.  I thought it was high time to give it a proper Dazzle Dry Nail Polish review.  As a natural beauty blogger there is a lot controversy over what constitutes a natural nail polish.  At the end of the day I've come to the conclusion that there is no truly “natural” nail polish.  There are better and safer options but no truly perfect nail polish that performs the same as conventional.  

Studies have shown that we do absorb what's in our nail polish. (2) So it's something to be concerned with.  Especially if you're someone who likes to get a regular mani and pedi.  

When it comes to cosmetics, the term “non-toxic” can be difficult to decipher. With regard to nail polish, a commonly used term is “five-free.” Five-free refers to polishes that do not contain five specific ingredients: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.  (2)

I'll discuss more below about what Dazzle Dry doesn't include in their polishes and how they're 5 free. 

Dazzle Dry has all the colors!


While I do think it's important to know what's in your products, I also want to enjoy my life and not constantly be “afraid” of harmful chemicals.  It really comes down to making an informed decision for yourself.  I used to really avoid anything and everything when I first went green- nothing was safe!  Then I slowly came out of my shell and realized I can't live that way forever.  It's about balance!  They say stress is linked to so many health issues- I agree.  Sometimes just relaxing and enjoying life is better medicine for us than avoiding everything.  That being said, ultimately the choice is up to you.  My job is to help you make an informed decision by presenting information to you. With Dazzle Dry you get a safer nail polish system that actually strengthens your nails and is user friendly- like drying in 5 minutes!  Is it perfect?  No, but the best safer alternative I've found for a clean nail polish.

With that let me introduce you to my favorite safer nail polish out there Dazzle Dry– yes this one takes the cake when it comes performance and cleaner ingredients.

What is Dazzle Dry?

You're probably asking ok, what makes Dazzle Dry so special?  Well, allow me to introduce you.  Dazzle Dry is a healthy gel polish alternative to conventional nail polish.  It uses a 4 step system to achieve its superior results.  It is cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, non-yellowing, long wearing, and quick drying.  It does it all!  The system is from 30 years of research and development.  Dazzle Dry is a safe alternative to traditional gel polish.  Conventional gel polish leaves your nails brittle and yellow, especially with prolonged use.  Many polishes contain the ingredient nitrocellulose, which is what turns your nails yellow.  However, Dazzle Dry does not contain that so it doesn't turn your nails yellow.  My nails feel stronger and don't turn yellow, even after using multiple times in a row. 

One of my favorite colors from Dazzle Dry is Anticipation.


What Are The Ingredients In Dazzle Dry?

Dazzle Dry does not contain the most common harmful chemicals found in conventional nail polish.  These are Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP), Butyl Benzyl Phthalate, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Nitrocellulose, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Acrylates, Monomers, MEK, Isocyanates, Anhydrides, Thiocarbamates, Peroxy Compounds, and Hydrazines. Nitrocellulose is an ingredient that can cause your nails to yellow.  Dazzle Dry does not contain any plasticizers like conventional nail polishes.  Many customers have told them how they've been able to use Dazzle Dry after having had allergic reactions to other nail polish brands.  Dazzle Dry did not give them a reaction.  They are free of carcinogenic, and endocrine disrupting chemicals.  Really the proof is in the pudding.  Once I tried Dazzle Dry the first time I could tell the difference.  My nails weren't yellow, they were stronger and my nails didn't ache after removing the polish, something that often happens with conventional polish. 

How Long Does It Last?

Dazzle Dry nail polish lasts for 7-14 days.  It depends on application.  If you follow their 4 step system and instructions it really can lost a very long time.  It can last for even longer on your toes!  I've noticed for me as long as I follow the steps they outline and then make sure and seal the free edge then my polish will last for 7-10 days.  Sealing the free edge really is SO important!  This helps your nails to not chip.  The longest I've personally had my polish last on my hands is 10 days.  By then I usually want to change my polish and get a fresh new look anyways.  

The Dazzle Dry System.


How Long Does It Take To Dry?

It takes 5 minutes for the Dazzle Dry polish to dry- my favorite thing about it!  You don't need a special light of any kind- it just air dries in 5 minutes.  As a busy mama of 3 this really has been the reason I've stuck with Dazzle Dry for so long and love it.  I would always do my nails before and then they would get ruined because I needed to use my hands in some way with kids and so I would never do my nails!  It felt like a lost cause.  Now it's easy to do them because I know it will be completely dry in 5 minutes!

How Much Does The System Cost?

The whole Dazzle Dry System costs $60.  This includes nail prep, base coat, top coat and revive.  Revive is for the top coat and helps too thin it out if it gets too thick and create a better consistency.  They also have a system + a nail polish for $77.  You can check them out here.  You can also purchase a mini kit to start as well.  These retail for $35 and are a great way to try Dazzle Dry on a budget.  They include the base coat, top coat, revive, and nail prep and also a nail polish color too.  You can check them out here.  The polishes themselves cost $20 a piece.  However, they do have 20% off sales pretty often, so I would wait for a sale if you're wanting to try them out.  

All the Dazzle Dry colors!


What Are My Favorite Colors?

There are so many colors to choose- 150 to be exact!  When it comes to Dazzle Dry nail polishes- the options are endless!  Another reason I love the polish so much.  I have several favorites that I've tried over the last year and a half.  

  • Red Hot Chili- This is the perfect orangey red!  It goes with anything, can be worn in all seasons too.  I love this on my nails and toes.
  • Mind Your Mani- This is such a great nude pale pink to have in your nail polish collection.  Can be worn with anything and all seasons too.
  • Starstruck- This is a super pretty rose gold metallic color.  It looks great on toes or nails.
  • Perfectly Plaid- This really is the quintessential cool red.  It's perfect for the holiday season too!
  • Less Is Mauve- This is another great neutral color that is more mauve and opaque but still very subdued overall.
  • Midnight Express- Everyone needs a classic black polish in their nail arsenal!  This one fits the bill- a rich black cream polish.
  • Anticipation- A great slate grey that works as a neutral.

Is Dazzle Dry Worth It?

I think Dazzle Dry is totally worth it!  The kit itself and polishes might be an investment up front but they last a very long time.  Plus, it pays for itself because it saves you from going into a nail salon which quickly adds up.  I've had my kit for a year and a half and finally just replaced my top coat!  That's a lot of life in a small bottle.  I love knowing that I'm saving money and able to do my nail in the convenience of my own home, versus going out and having to book an appointment and drive somewhere.  This saves me a lot of time too!

Does Dazzle Dry Damage Nails?

Dazzle Dry does not damage your nails.  It really is the best when it comes to preserving the quality of the nail bed.  Unlike conventional gel polishes that leave your nails damaged and yellow, Dazzle Dry really makes your nails stronger overall.  That's one of the things I've noticed after having Dazzle Dry on my nails for a while is how strong they seem and not weak at all.  

Wearing Red Hot Chili.


Can You Touch Up Dazzle Dry?

You can totally touch up Dazzle Dry.  I've done this a couple times when one of my nails has chipped but the rest are still really good.  I just add the polish and top coat but not the the base coat.  It's all about making sure you seal the free edge if the chip is somewhere around there.  That way you don't get another chip. 

Does Dazzle Dry Come Off With Regular Polish Remover?

Yes, Dazzle Dry does come off with regular polish removers.  I have to soak them a little at first if I'm using a more natural polish remover but if you're using a regular polish remover with acetone you won't have a problem at all.  I will soak mine in a bowl if I'm using a more natural nail polish like this one.

Is Dazzle Dry 5 Free?

Yes, Dazzle Dry is free from the 5 most common harmful chemicals found in nail polishes.  These include, formaldehyde(even formaldehyde resin), toluene, DBP, camphor, TPHP.  Dazzle Dray is also free of nitrocellulose.  

Nitrocellulose is a highly flammable polymer material used in making guncotton and films for cinema and x-rays in the 19th century. As the primary film former in regular nail polish, it creates a hard, shiny surface. It is not stable and one of its decomposition products causes the yellowing of the natural nail plate. (1)

Be leery of companies telling you their polishes are 8 free or 10 free.  I often see this in nail polish marketing now.  Brands are catching on and using these to entice the consumers.  However, many are falsifying information because ingredients they aren't including are actually ingredients that have been included in nail polish in years or at all.  That's why you won't see Dazzle Dry saying they are 10 free. Make sure and do your research if they're making such claims!

Is Dazzle Dry Better Than Gel?

Yes, Dazzle Dry is 100% better than gel in my opinion!  Conventional gel as I mentioned dries out your nails and can discolor them.  It also contains a lot of the most harmful chemicals found in nail polish.  You also need a special light whether it's LED or UV to use Dazzle Dry.  But with Dazzle Dry you don't need a special light, the polish doesn't turn your nails yellow, it strengthens the nail and doesn't include the most common nail polish toxins.

Who Sales Dazzle Dry? 

You can get Dazzle Dry from their website online at dazzledry.com.  You can also get Dazzle Dry on Amazon too!

The Biggest Takeaways For Dazzle Dry And What Sets Them Apart:

  • Dazzle Dry dries in 5 minutes
  • It's a clean gel nail polish that doesn't strip the nails but strengthens them
  • It lasts for 7-14 days when following their 4 step system
  • There is no need for special UV or LED light


If you have more questions on Dazzle Dry, check out their F.A.Q's here.  They have so much great information there!


Check out all the Dazzle Dry has to offer here!


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  1. Dazzle Dry. Advantages and Ingredients. https://dazzledry.com/advantages-ingredients/
  2. Harvard Health Publishing.  A look at the effects of nail polish on nail health and safety. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/a-look-at-the-effects-of-nail-polish-on-nail-health-and-safety-2019112118231


5 Free Ways To Detox Your Home

5 Free Ways To Detox Your Home

Excited to share 5 free ways to detox your home for free!  Often people think you have to spend a ton of money to detox your home getting all the latest gadgets.  But the truth is, you don't have to spend any money!  I'm sharing 5 free ways to detox your home in my new video, plus, I have a free download that shares my other 5 free ways to detox your home!  So 10 FREE ways to Detox Your Home!  Stop thinking you have to spend money to start detoxing.  You can start detoxing your life today and not spend a money!


Watch 5 FREE Ways To Detox Your Life Video here!


Grab your FREE download that will give you 10 ways to start detoxing your home today for FREE here!


5 Ways To Detox Your Home For Free:

1.Take off your shoes

2. Sunday Organic Fertilization

3. EWG Clean Fifteen List

4. Say no to any synthetic fragrance in your home

5. Open a window to let fresh air in


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Westman Atelier Our 2021 Review and Guide

Westman Atelier Our 2021 Review and Guide

It's here, Westman Atelier our 2021 review and guide!  This has been a long time coming.  I've been teasing products the last several months as I've shared with you my thoughts on a few here and there, but had yet to put them all in writing until now.  I also wanted to have enough time to really test out all the products and really speak to them properly.  After testing out much of the line I feel I am able to give you a full review on this clean beauty makeup line. 

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product. 

*Suzi (Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

I especially wanted to give it time to test the products because if you've heard or browsed Westman Atelier then you know the line isn't cheap!  It's definitely a luxury clean beauty makeup line.  I'm just like anyone else and want to know what I'm investing in is worth it or not.  This is the real, real!  I'll be sharing my likes and dislikes with the brand and what you can expect overall from Westman Atelier. 

Also, I wanted to share a snippet when it comes to clean beauty.  If you haven't noticed, it's not going anywhere!  I know we are seeing newer brands come out all the time, but the real reason is there is a demand for sustainable, clean products. The industry is expected to grow to $54 BN by the year 2027- nothing short of WOW! (1)

This stat gets me excited!  Knowing that the more we vote with our dollars, the more change happens!

Check out my full Westman Atelier Video Review and how I use the products here!

Westman Atelier has got the makeup cream stick down to a science!


Who Is Westman Atelier?

Ok, first things first.  Let's dive into how Westman Atelier came to be and who's the founder behind this luxe makeup line.  Gucci Westman is the creator of Westman Atelier.  She is a longtime celebrity makeup artist.  With 20 years of experience creating looks for celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few.  Her work has been featured in top publications like Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue and she's done numerous ad campaigns for top luxury brands like Dolce and Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton, and worked on in fashion shows with brands like Oscar de la Renta and Brock Collection.

Gucci is a lifelong vegetarian with a commitment to holistic living and truly believes that ‘luxury,’ ‘efficacy,’ and ‘clean’ don't have to be a contradiction when it comes to exceptional makeup.  (2)

She is known for her “second skin” approach to makeup.  Amplifying the skin naturally and not trying to hide it. Skin that is radiant through her range of creamy foundations, blushes, bronzers and highlighters.  

I thought there's no point in launching a line that simply is going to color the skin. I really wanted my products to correct and heal and soothe the skin. -Gucci Westman (2)


The Les Nuits Eye Pods collection.


What Sets Westman Atelier Apart As A Clean Beauty Brand?

Westman Atelier is a luxury makeup line that prides itself on not only creating clean products but effective products that work.  They believe that makeup should be fast, easy and flawless.  Not something you need to spend hours on perfecting.  They create formulas that blend easily and make your life simpler.  After all makeup shouldn't be complicated.  Every ingredient that is used has been vetted and looked at by Gucci and top chemists to make sure it's safe.  They are also constantly re-evaluating ingredients as more research comes out.  I love their commitment to sustainability.  Their mission is to always be improving and growing in this area.  With a focus on reusing, reducing, recycling and rethinking.  You can read more about their sustainability efforts and packaging here.

Fast. Easy. Flawless. Safe. Makeup that makes life simpler. Skin that feels as good as it looks. -Westman Atelier (2)

It really comes down to the formulations for creating the “second skin” as Gucci Westman is known for in setting Westman Atelier apart from other makeup brands.  A lot of formulations do a great job of hiding the skin, while Westman Atelier's products really showcase the skin and enhance it.  You get this dewy canvas that looks like you but with redness, hyperpigmentation and the like taken away.  It's really the secret sauce to creating luxe makeup looks and Westman Atelier nails it.

I also think with the rise of minimalism in all aspects of living, it's also carried over into our beauty routines as well.  People crave simple and effective products.  A recent study also noted that those who were interested in a minimalistic lifestyle were more inclined to live in a more sustainable way. (3)

Westman Atelier really embodies that mission of minimalism in my opinion.  Creating products that are both sustainable and efficient so you don't need a ton to do the job.  A less is more approach to creating a makeup look for everyday wear.


Where To Purchase?

I get my Westman Atelier products from Credo Beauty.  They carry the entire line and always are offering samples and you earn points every time you shop with them.  Westman Atelier products are not cheap by any means.  Sephora also carries Westman Atelier.  All of their products are made in Italy, expect for the brushes which are made in Japan.  


Is It Worth It?

This is a luxe clean beauty makeup line.  With the exception of a few products I totally think they're worth it after testing and trying them.  You'll find several in my review that don't live up to the hype and high price tag but the rest I really do think are a cut above other products and as the saying goes- you get what you pay for.  I didn't try out the mascara as I mention below because I'm not going to buy a mascara that is $58- sorry but just too much, it better give me the PERFECT set of lashes.  From reviews I've read it doesn't, but I always only try products I'm willing to purchase myself.  So I didn't try it.  Plus, if you've followed me for any length of time you know I'm obsessed with Honest Beauty Mascara and it's $16 on Amazon– can't beat that.  Check out my full Natural Mascara Review and Guide here.


Favorite Westman Atelier Product?

Hands down the Vital Skin Foundation Stick is my favorite.  As you read my review below you'll see why.  I will say the brushes are a close second- nothing else like them in clean beauty!


Westman Atelier Product Review

I have tried nearly all of Westman Atelier's line.  Excluding the mascara, super loaded tinted highlight and some of her brushes.  But other than that I've tried all of the rest and I'm here to report my thoughts.  

The Vital Skin Foundation Stick is my newest foundation obsession!


Vital Skin Foundation Stick- This was the first Westman Atelier product that I tried and fell hard for.  It is unlike any clean beauty foundation that I've used.  It's creamy, and gives your skin the perfect balance of coverage and glow.  It provides a dewy finish that looks like your skin but enhanced.  The foundation comes housed in a stick form.  You can apply directly on your skin or use a brush to pick to get the product and then apply to skin.  I've done both and prefer using Westman Atelier's Foundation brush to get the product and then applying to the skin.  But I've seen Gucci do both ways- it's whatever you prefer.  What is unique about this product is that it's not only a foundation but also a concealer in one.  So you don't need an additional product.  Something I've come to love about it.  While the foundation stick may seem pricey at $68, you're also not having to purchase a concealer as well.  It's a buildable texture foundation, so if you want more coverage you can simply add more product to your skin.  You can also use your fingers to blend as well.  

Wearing a full face of Westman Atelier. Minus the mascara- which is Honest Beauty my fave.


After watching Gucci apply the product to herself and many of her clients through her YouTube I've noticed that she recommends using two shades.  She does this because she says that skin is never just one tone but multiple tones.  This creates a more natural look overall and depth instead of it being just one tone overall.  I've used two shades in the foundation stick and can attest to this being true.  A lighter shade I'll use under my eyes and then I use a shade that matches my t-zone where I'm typically darker.  It gives a more life like quality to the skin and dimension.  Obviously it costs more upfront but you'll not be having to purchase more foundation as soon either!  I love the longevity of the foundation too.  It looks great at  8 pm as it does at 8 am.  A nice worn in look that's not melted off your face.  I'll even use it to act as a concealer to cover redness if I'm going more for an extra causal look and I love the way it covers but still looks like my skin.  Can you tell I'm obsessed?!  I've gone through a whole tube of the foundation and for a beauty blogger that's saying a lot!  I'm now on my second and third tube.  I would recommend this for mature skin, dry skin, normal skin and even combination skin if you tolerate coconut oil ok.  I wear the color III and IV. Get it here!

Baby Cheeks Blush Stick-  This is another Westman Atelier product I fell hard for!  It also comes in a stick form and is creamy and dewy just like the foundation.  It instantly awakens your whole look and brings to life skin that is lackluster and dull.  I love the color range Gucci created.  From minimalist everyday colors to bright shades that demand a little more attention.  I have the color Petal, a dusty nude rose perfect for everyday wear and Poppet, a bright poppy pink.  They give your skin the color but also the extra moisture surge which really helps skin to look more alive and younger.  Powder blush can often look drab and lifeless, whereas cream blush really can bring the warmth and life back to the skin.  I apply straight on my skin from the tube and use either the Westman Atelier Blender Brush to blend in or my fingers.  Your skin will be popping with these!  Check out all the shades here.

Face Trace Contour Stick- Another one of Gucci's brilliant creations!  The Face Trace Contour Stick is all about giving skin a luminous dewy glow.  Reviving drab skin and perking it up.  Creating the “second skin” that Gucci is known for.  Available in 3 colors, from a glassy iridescent shade, glassy golden peach shade and a glassy bronze gold hue.  These are meant to give you a shine that doesn't look greasy or like a 3 o'clock shine and more of a light catching, flattering glow.  This isn't your teenage daughter glimmer stick, but a sophisticated highlight stick that gives you your younger skin vibes back in a few swipes.  I have the colors Nectar- the glassy golden peach shade and Brûlée- the bronze gold hue.  I love using on my cheekbones, cheeks, cupid's bow, and tear duct's to help get the glow going.  My skin instantly looks more awake and revived!  Gucci said she loves how these mimic a post facial look.  You know that fresh faced skin you have right after getting a facial.  Luminous and glowing!  Check out the Face Trace Contour Sticks here!


This bronzer is so true to it's name!


Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer- Yet another product I've been loving from Westman Atelier- I promise I don't love all the products. This one totally lives up to it's name and is buttery to the max.  Some bronzers can feel drying and almost like they sit on top of the skin and opaque.  Not this one.  It feels very hydrating for a powder bronzer and nourishing.  While it is a matte finish bronzer since it's a powder, it still gives the skin an overall subtle glow unlike other bronzers.  It blends so nicely into the skin that it really looks like the sun naturally bronzed you instead of you caking on some powdered bronzer. In other words you're not going to look like an Oompa Loompa with this bronzer!  It comes in two shades, Coup de Soleil- a true matte terra cotta and Soleil Rich- a rich terra cotta.  I have the Coup de Soleil shade and love the true terra cotta color it gives off.  It's not orange at all but a true brown bronzer that really mimics a natural glowing tan from he sun.  It instantly warms up my while complexion, giving some depth and color to my skin.  I apply it with my Westman Atelier Blender Brush.  I really want to get the Powder Brush to go with it though- it would be even better for application.  Check out the Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer here!


The Les Nudes Lip Suede.


Lip Suede- Ok, my first product that I wan't in love with from Westman Atelier.  The Lip Suede.  It has four lip colors in one palette.  You can either use the colors by themselves or blend them together to make one shade.  The formula is dewy of course, and hydrating.  It gives your lips a very moisturized and slightly wet look overall.  I love how the formula feels on the skin.  I like the hydration, and texture.  The palette comes in two shade options.  The first is the Les Nudes, which is a combination of 4 nude shades ranging from the lightest cafe creme to the most pigmented mulled wine.  The second palette is Les Rouges and contains bolder colors from a fuchsia to a brick red.  With the Les Nudes my biggest complaint is not being able to see the product that much on my lips, even after applying several coats.  

In photos it looks like I hardly have anything on, even if I applied it right before a photo.  The Les Rouges is definitely my fave of the two.  I like the bolder colors and more pigment.  Even though they are bolder they're not loud and can be more dubbed down too.  It actually looks like I have something on my lips.  I feel like for $85 I want to see something on my lips, even if it's nude!  I think if the nudes were slightly more pigmented it would help.  I also felt like the longevity overall wasn't great on the product.  I would apply it on my lips and an hour later it was gone, even without eating.  I guess for such an expensive product I had higher hopes.  The texture is there in the formula but the pigmentation needs some work in my opinion.  Just didn't hit it out of the park for me.  Check out the Les Rouges Palette here and the Les Nudes Palette here

Squeaky Clean- This is essentially Westman Atelier's version of a lip gloss, even though they don't call it a lip gloss but a liquid lip balm.  I am glad they don't actually call it a lip gloss because I feel it is a little different than a traditional gloss even though people may assume it is just by looking at the product.  It's also not sticky at all but so smooth.  You get that sheen that you crave but a nonstick smooth finish that's perfect by itself or layered over a lipstick.  It comes in 6 shades.  I have Nana- a cool beige.  It is the perfect nude.  I love wearing it over a lip liner to add that pop of hydration.  If you're into hydrated lips but without the typical tackiness you get from a lip gloss- this is your product.  Especially great for mature lips.  As you get older you lose the plumpness you had in your youth in your lips.  This helps to plump them up with hydration making them appear plumper overall.  Check out all the shades here.


The Les Jours Eye Pods.


Eye Pods- This is my least favorite product of Westman Atelier.  I really love so many of her formulas but this one just didn't work for me for so many reasons.  Allow me to explain the eye pods.  So they come in 2 different sets.  Each set has three colors.  I like to think of it as a light, medium and more deep shadow.  They come in these magnetic pods that you can easily just link together since they're magnetic.  I love this about them!  Really innovative and actually helps me keep them more organized in my makeup bag because they all link together.  The formula is what I don't love.  While the overall feel and texture is more creamy for a powdered shadow, it isn't very pigmented.  I tried applying the product both with my fingers and with the Westman Atelier Eyeshadow Brush II and I felt like it didn't really make too much of a difference which I used.  I did feel like my fingers may have got a little more product on my lid overall.  

It looks so pretty initially when you apply the three colors.  Especially doing the lighter color on the upper brow bone, the medium color on the lid and the darker color in the crease.  However, the problem is it quickly fades!  Within an hour I have lots of creasing, by the end of the day it doesn't look like I was wearing anything.  I did use concealer and foundation on my lids to help act as an eyeshadow primer and a translucent powder and still the same result.  While I love a natural look, I also want the product to stay and for it to look like I'm wearing something, especially when the Eye Pods are $88 a pop!  I will say I like how the product doesn't get dispersed under my eye like many powdered shadows.  I have both color options, the Les Jours and Les Nuits and while they're both beautiful I wish there was more longevity and pigment to them for the price.  Check out Les Nuits and Les Jours here.

The Westman Atelier brushes are unlike any makeup brushes I've used- the best!


Westman Atelier Brushes Ok, here's where the Westman Atelier scores some major points again- with their brushes!  These are hands down the BEST clean beauty vegan brushes I've used.  And you all know I've used them all.  They are made by hand in Kumano, Japan by the best brush makers that use traditional techniques.  Made with nylon fibers, their lacquered handles are made from sustainable hardwood birch that is a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe.  These brushes are what makeup enthusiasts dream of.  They feel ultra silky soft and glide over your skin like butter.  I've never had a brush feel so luxe before.  They offer 8 different brushes.  I have the lip brush, blender brush, the eyeshadow brush II and the foundation brush.  But of course I want them all!  I've actually already cleaned these so much more often than other brushes.  The lightness of the nylon really makes me want them to be clean so they look their best!  Buy the brushes and thank me later.  Check out the whole brush collection here.  Check them out individually here!

Wearing the Les Jours Eye Pods, Vital Skin Foundation Stick in III, Lit Up Highlight Stick in Brûlée and the Lip Suede in Les Nudes.

I hope this Westman Atelier review was helpful when thinking about what to try from the line.  This is one luxe clean beauty makeup line that isn't going anywhere!  Can't wait to share more with you as new products come out.  


Shop the whole Westman Atelier Collection here!

*Check out my full video review and tutorial below!  



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Clean Beauty Box Roundup For July

Clean Beauty Box Roundup For July

It's hard to believe it's time for another clean beauty box roundup!  Time flies!  This month we are seeing boxes from the usual clean beauty box tribe but I have a new box that I'll be debuting soon that I can't wait to share with you.  It's a budget friendly one too!  So many of you have asked for a more budget friendly option, I was excited to be able to find one that hits all the marks but also is easy on the wallet- so stay tuned!

First up we are seeing the Beauty Heroes Box, then it's The Detox Box.  Finally, I'll be sharing the new clean beauty box with you!

Beauty Heroes- LILFOX

So excited to see LILFOX in Beauty Heroes Box this month!


LILFOX was created by founder, Alexis Rose.  A native southern Floridian, she is a certified aromatherapist, and essential oil educator.  Each product has a blend of organic wildcrafted essential oils and isn’t watered down.  The products are aimed to deliver a glow, and to help you find your own unique skincare ritual.  I love that each product is crafted in their studio and not outsourced.  I also swooned over their luxe packaging when I saw it.  Their products are packaged in amethyst glass to help preserve the contents, and protect the biodiversity of the formula.  Who doesn’t love that?  

In the box LILFOX is debuting two new products!  YES, two!  We are seeing Marshmallow Poof- a 15% peptide concentrate firming and filling crema.  Also, we are seeing Acid Glow- a moisture surge rapid retexture peel. 

Marshmallow Poof- This is packed full of all the things!  You can say bye to fine lines without all the crazy procedures.  Filled with 15% peptides that work to boost collagen, resurface the skin and firm the skin.  Plus, it's filled with antioxidants that help to support the peptides in doing their work.  Antioxidants like shiitake mushroom, Superoxide dismutase, Purslane, and Tetra-C.  You could say the formula is active!  The marshmallow poof smells divine too.  I haven't used it long enough to speak to it's fine line fighting power but I will say my skin appeared brighter and had an even texture after using it- keep you posted.

Acid Glow- This will help your skin go from drab to glowing in a matter of minutes with it's ingredient cocktail!  Filled with lactic, glycolic and tartaric acids combined with a 10% multi-weight hyaluronic acid that instantly goes to work on your skin to help exfoliate and give it an overall smoothness. Plus, it since it's infused with hyaluronic acid it helps to plump up the skin even more and leave it feeling hydrated instead of dry.  The formula doesn't stop there, it also includes skincare powerhouses like niacinamide, prickly pear, maracuja and moringa.  I actually just tested this on my hand because my skins been a little sensitive lately and I didn't want to disrupt it.  But I loved how it made my skin on my hand brighter and hydrated!  Once my skin settles down, I definitely will be trying this on my face.

This Beauty Heroes Discovery is valued at $266, but you can get it for $58.95!  Get it here before they sell out.

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Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

Trust me, I get it, switching products over can be expensive and mentally exhausting. But I’ve taken out the guesswork with my top 10 Best Budget Friendly Green Beauty Swaps!

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