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Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Sharing my healthy postpartum meal prep with you in my newest video.  Everything from how I went about prepping before I actually prepped the day of and what I used to store the food in.  I’m even sharing all the recipes in my free download, along with all the food storage options I used!  

Watch the video here!!

I didn’t use plastic to store any of the food, but also didn’t spend a ton of money on glass food storage containers either.  Check out the storage options I used in my free download here.

Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Sharing all my healthy recipes I made for my postpartum meal prep.

Most of the meals are paleo friendly and all of them are gluten free.  You can find them all linked in the free download below. I made a month’s worth of food over a 2 day period and I’m sharing how I did it in the video- check it out below. 

I would love to hear if you’ve meal prepped after baby and what that looked like! Leave me a comment. 

Also, check out my post on how to make the best green smoothie!  I will be making these for breakfast each morning.  They are full of nutrients and actually taste delicious.  You can grab my recipes there too. 



Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Sharing all my tips and tricks for postpartum meal prep in my new video!

Before And After Using Beautycounter’s Countertime Line

Before And After Using Beautycounter’s Countertime Line

Finally sharing my before and after using Beautycounter’s Countertime Line!  I’ve been using the products for several months now and wanted to share my results.  This line really speaks for itself when it comes to giving your skin results.  Using plant-derived retinols and peptides, plus potent antioxidants it delivers a serious dose of youthfulness to your skin.  

Check out my before and after using Beautycounter’s Countertime Line here!


Best Anti-aging products

The Beautycounter Countertime line is making waves!


In the video I share:

  • What results I’ve noticed specifically with my skin since using the products for 2 1/2 months.
  • How long the products are lasting me.
  • What products you should invest in first.
  • My favorite products.
  • When I use certain products.

Check out the before and after using Beautycounter’s Countertime Line below and let me know what you think!  Also, if you want more information on the Countertime line, including what plant-derived retinols are, how they work and what specific ones are in the line, check out my blog post I did.  I go in depth on what makes Countertime so unique compared to other skincare lines when it comes to anti-aging benefits.  

Check out the blog post here.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have used the Countertime line and what your thoughts are!

Stay tuned- I’ll have another video for you this Friday!

Before and after using Beautyocounter’s Countertime Line below!

Natural Beauty Box Roundup September

Natural Beauty Box Roundup September

Natural Beauty Box Roundup September is here!  Can you believe it?  Where did summer go?!  This month is definitely a stellar month when it comes to organic beauty boxes, so hold on to your seats- it’s about to get good!

First on deck for the natural beauty box roundup September is Beauty Heroes…It’s their 5th anniversary and let’s just say they are pulling out all the stops for this special occasion!

Be sure to check back as the natural beauty boxes September rollout for the month! I’ll be updating them as they come.


Natural Beauty Box Roundup September

What an epic lineup in honor of Beauty Heroes 5th Anniversary!


Beauty Heroes September Discovery: 5 For 5 Beauty Rediscovery

Beauty Heroes celebrates 5 years and is curating the best of the best in honor of the celebration.  In 5 years there have been so many products that have landed in their hands.  After testing it all when it comes natural beauty, they’ve chosen 5 standout products.  All of these products have been hero products in the past. 


Here’s the lineup:

  • Laurel Sun Serum
  • Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask
  • Honua Skincare Aloha Youth Serum
  • Ayuna Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream II
  • LILFOX Kalahari Eye Serum


Get the box here!


Talk about some serious natural beauty goodness!  I’ve tried each of these beauties in the past and I’m here to report on their heroic status.

Laurel Sun Serum This is a serum and oil in one that helps to repair sun damaged skin.  The formula contains 27 whole organic plants!  It helps to reverse the signs of aging that the sun brings.  It also helps to brighten and fade age spots.  The oil feels richer on the skin but it also seeps right in.  When I used it I noticed a decrease in overall redness, faded sun spots and clearer skin tone.  I just love how this oil feels on the skin too.  Laurel really uses the power of plants to restore the skin. The scarlet pimpernel flower does wonders to help reverse the signs of aging.  Not to mention, organic licorice and carrot seed oil(packed with vitamin A).  It doesn’t stop there.  Not only does this serum help with current sun damage, but it also has red raspberry seed oil, jojoba and cranberry seed oil that protect for future sun damage.  The whole serum is off the charts.  It melts into your skin and leaves behind the scent of rosehip and sandalwood.  This is a must have item for anyone looking to transform their skin!

Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask- First, it comes in this chic glass jar.  You open it and instantly get a whiff of rich cacao-just like the name suggests.  I’m in love!  It looks like dark rich frosting but not the kind you eat. This decadence is the kind you apply to your face.  Before application I mist Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator over my face.  Leaving my skin dewy and ready for masking.  I just use a spoon to apply some of the mask on the back of my hand and then use my fingers to apply to my face.  I’ve found the formula is too thick for a brush. Once applied, I wait 45 minutes to let the mask do it’s magic.  You can do less time but I like to get the full effect.  Then I just wipe off with a washcloth.  After, my skin feels revived, refreshed and awake.  I love applying my oils after and then waking up to skin that is seriously happy and radiant.  

The mask detoxifies while at the same time nourishing and giving back so many nutrients into the skin.  A serious skin treat!  So what’s in this mask that makes it so magical?!  The ingredients in the mask are amazing and really make this “glow” happen.  Cacao is a known antioxidant that helps to slow the aging process and beef up collagen to give skin it’s health back.  Plus, it helps to bring circulation to the skin, causing it to absorb nutrients better.  If that wasn’t enough there are a chockfull of plant oils that help moisturize, repair and calm the skin.  Best of all?  This mask is perfect for any skin type! Dry, sensitive, oily-anyone can benefit-I’ve seen it for myself.  I have dry skin and my sister has oily and it does wonders for us both.


Natural Beauty Box Roundup September

These products have all been heroic products in Beauty Heroes boxes in the past.


Honua Skincare Aloha Youth Serum- This is the perfect morning serum for the skin.  It instantly wakes it up.  It’s not necessarily hydrating on it’s own.  If you have dry skin you may need an additional lotion or oil on top of the serum.  The serum’s scent is a total floral Hawaiian scent.  You’re transported to the island vibe when you smell this serum.  The consistency is milky, different than many serums.  It has a blend of Hawaiian kava kava and kukui.  It gives your skin a glow- especially great in the morning when skin needs a little pick me up.  

Ayuna Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream II- This cream is creamy, decadent and addicting.  I remember after first using it waking up and literally touching my skin and thinking- wow!  My skin felt so good.  Smooth and supple, completely hydrated.  Now you might be wondering what’s in this luxurious cream- allow me to explain.

It has a combination of phyto-peptides, and restorative botanical factors.  Not too mention it is preserved through probiotics- how cool! It is also vegan.  This cream is meant to firm and restore your skin’s texture and color.  I use it morning and night.  It’s light enough to apply in the morning before makeup.  It smells wonderful too!  If you’ve smelled Ayuna’s products in the past then you know what I’m talking about- their signature scent.  But if you haven’t let me give you a little preview.  It has an essential oil natural fragrance of Gurjum Balsam, Holy Wood, Myrrh, Chamomile, Rosemary, Buchu.  You will love the smell

LILFOX Kahlahari Eye Serum- Love that this eye serum comes in a rollerball form.  Such easy application!  This eye serum is a mix argan oil, prickly pear, watermelon and passion fruit. The vitamins A and K really help to brighten the eye area.  Something pretty much anyone can use! I know I can as a mama of two.  There is also peridot gem inside the formula which has been known to help the skin and heart take in all the plant has to offer them.  I’ve been rolling this on in the morning and at night.  I love how it feels cooling from the rollerball and hydrating but not greasy.  It quickly soaks in!

Ok, are you drooling yet?!  The natural beauty box roundup September is off to a stellar start.  I mean talk about a serious organic beauty lineup! This Beauty Heroes box is just plain off the hook.  This whole lineup is valued at $256!!!  Should I say that again?  I know crazy.  But you can get it for $58.95!  I wouldn’t delay- clearly this box will sell out!


Get the Beauty Heroes 5th Anniversary 5 For 5 Box here! 


Detox Box: Naturopathica 


Natural Beauty Box Roundup September

Naturopathica is in the house for the Detox Box for September!


The Detox Box is back this month featuring Naturopathica.  This line is made in East Hampton, New York.  Created by an herbalist, esthetician, and aromatherapist.  Barbara Close is on a mission to educate people on natural beauty.  Naturopathica has been going strong for over 20 years.  Excited to share this box as part of the natural beauty box roundup September.

Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil- This is the perfect oil for skin that needs a little love. Maybe it’s been overworked or stressed from environmental factors, either way this oil will sooth the skin.  Rich in carrot seed, evening primrose and lavender oils.  It feels rich on the skin and weighty but absorbs nicely.  My skin felt so hydrated even the next day!

Oat Cleansing Facial Polish- This is such a great mild exfoliant. Using the power of jojoba beads and oats to gently remove dead skin cells.  It leaves skin feeling smooth and vibrant.  It’s really a 3-in-1 product.  Not only is it an exfoliant but also a cleanser and mask too.  A triple threat for your skincare routine!  I love how it wasn’t harsh for an exfoliant.

Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream- Where’s my dry and sensitive skin gals at?  This is for you!  Not only does it have soothing calendula in it but also borage, trehalose, and saccharide.  A winning combination of comforting, hydrating and protection from environmental factors.  It literally feels like butter on the skin.  Perfect as the weather transitions to cooler temps.

Easy to see how this box made it into the natural beauty box roundup September lineup!  This whole box is valued at $145, but you can get it for $55!  Another jam packed box from The Detox Market.  Snag this month’s Detox Box here!  


Boxwalla Box: African Botanics


September Natural Beauty Box

This box by Boxwalla is off the hook! Featuring African Botanics Le Masque Hydralift Intense.


I’m always so excited to see what’s in the box for Boxwalla.  It’s usually filled with a new unique product I haven’t tried- which is kind of amazing considering I’ve tried a lot of product as a natural beauty blogger!  I’m no stranger to the brand this month, but I am to the actual product.  This month we are seeing Le Masque Hydralift Intense from African Botanics. African Botanics has been in Boxwalla Boxes before and it is always a home run.  

This month is no different.  I love the theme of this month’s box- Dream A Little Dream Of Me.  This mask will make you dream of the best skin because that’s what your skin will feel like after using it!  Combining micro and mini Hyaluronic Acids, South African Aloe Ferox, fermented Yeast, along with Saccharides, Resurrection Plant and Mallow this is a one, two punch for increasing your skin’s overall hydration.  Not only does it add moisture but also helps to lift, firm and smooth the skin.  

I like to think of the mask like this: Not only is it feeding and nourishing my skin but it protects it from environmental factors and normal pollutants.  It really goes much deeper than any mask I’ve used.  Really getting to the cellular level to deliver deep nutrients.  I also loved how soothing it was on my skin.  With ingredients like Niacinamide that help to brighten and calm redness.

I would apply to slightly damp skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes.  You can also leave on overnight!  I noticed an increase in overall brightness, hydration and suppleness.  The mask is made for dry, thirsty, stressed skin.  

I can’t recommend Boxwalla’s September box enough!  It really is such a unique product and for a stellar deal.  The box is valued at $180 but you can get the box for $49.95 through Boxwalla- crazy amazing!  Get the box here!

Check out past reviews of some of my favorite natural beauty boxes:


Natural beauty box roundup September

Sharing my favorite natural beauty products on the blog in this month’s Beauty Heroes box.

Organic Labor Day Sales 2019

Organic Labor Day Sales 2019

Organic Labor Day Sales 2019 is here!  Who’s ready to save some money?!  I know I am!  I’ve got the pulse when it comes to organic beauty sales, organic living sales and more.  This is the time to save since most companies don’t offer sales again until Black Friday/Cyber Monday!  So hop on the deals now.

Whether you’re searching for an organic pillow, organic sheet set, maybe a new natural beauty foundation or just want to start stocking up on organic beauty for the holidays, there’s something for everyone.  The organic Labor Day sales 2019 edition is off the hook with sales galore!

I’m going to list each online store and then under them I’ll list the deal.  Some I may have to leave blank until a specific date. Be sure to check back throughout the week and weekend as I’ll be updating with the latest sales happening!

*Oh and P.S. if you need help, or aren’t sure on color, etc- send me an email to [email protected] I would LOVE to help a friend out!


organic labor day sales 2019

Some of my favorites in organic beauty on sale for Labor Day 2019 this week!


Organic Beauty-


Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty is your one stop shop for all things organic beauty!  It has it all.  From natural deodorants, natural makeup, organic skincare, natural hair products and more.  They’re like the Sephora of clean beauty!  I’m beyond excited to share their Labor Day promo with you!!  Love getting Tata Harper from Credo. Love their Clarifying Mask. Also, love that they carry Goop- I get their Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo there. Also, if you’ve followed me you know I love Kosas lipsticks and Credo carries them too! 

*For every $125 purchase, you get a $100 gift!  I mean talk about a deal! Starts August 27th- Sept. 2nd

Shop Credo Beauty here! 



This is another favorite of mine!  They have all the brands when it comes to organic beauty products.  I love getting Ilia products from Aillea.  Obsessed with their True Skin Serum Foundation, Highlighters, and Radiant Skin Primer.

*They are offering 15% off site-wide use code: LD2019.  (Cannot be combined with any other promotions.  Brands excluded include May Lindstrom, Vintner’s Daughter, Josh Rosebrook, and Kypris). Starts August 29th- Sept. 2nd. 

Shop Aillea here!


Detox Market

Detox Market is one of the first green beauty stores to launch back in the day.  They carry an assortment of natural beauty brands from all over.  I love getting Lily Lolo from Detox, love their bronzer in Miami Beach and their mascara, also Agent Nateur Deodorant in Holi Rose.

*Get 10% off orders over $150- use coupon code: DETOX10  & 15% off orders of $200- use coupon code: DETOX15. Starts August 29th- Sept. 2nd.

Shop Detox Market here!


Integrity Botanicals

Another one stop shop when it comes to organic beauty products, Integrity Botanicals has all the natural beauty goodness.  I love getting Fitglow beauty products there, especially their concealer- fave in green beauty and their lip serums! 

*With orders over $100 or more receive 15% off with code: LABORDAY19. (cannot be combined with any other code and is not valid on the following brands: May Lindstrom, Kypris, Vintner’s Daughter, La Bella Figure and Laurel Skin). Starts August 30- Sept. 2nd.

Shop Integrity Botanicals here!



This is your one stop shop for all of clean living and organic beauty!  Pharmaca has it all.  From organic baby products, natural supplements, organic home products and more.  Always offering sales and Labor Day is no different.  I love snagging inika organic beauty products there, W3ll People, and Juice Beauty

*Take 25% off with code: LABORDAY. Starts Friday August 30th-Monday Sept. 2nd.

Shop Pharmaca here!


Live Botanical

This is one of those organic beauty skincare lines I fell for years ago!  They offer clean and effective products that really make your skin sing.  I also love that they’re budget friendly!  Love their Luna rose and honey cleansing mask and Lavender Cacao Body Polish.

*For Labor Day they are offering 35% off using code: REFRESH.  Starts Monday Sept. 2nd- end of the month or until they sell out!

Shop Live Botanical here!



This is another natural beauty store that offers a ton of organic beauty brands.  From natural makeup to organic skincare products and natural hair products.  I love their soap collections– the reusable bottles look so chic, and you can get Josh Rosebrook’s Active Enzyme Exfoliator there too- the best!  

*Get 15% Off Sitewide with code: SUMMER15. Starts August 27th-August 29th.  (Exclusions include kits, bundles, May Lindstrom, Josh Rosebrook and Vintner’s Daughter).

Shop Follain here!



A natural skincare line that delivers amazing results.  I love their Ocean Cleanser– one of the best, and their Atmosphere Protection Day Cream.  

*Free Bodycare Essentials Trio- All 3 travel-sized body products- when you spend $125+. Or a free bodycare Essentials Trio and Vagus Nerve Oil when you spend $200+. Starts August 29th-Sept. 2nd. 

Shop OSEA here!



This is one of the very first skincare lines I used in clean beauty and fell hard for!  All of Leahlani’s creations are made in Kaui, Hawaii.  Some favorites are the Mermaid Mask, Honey Love and Kokoleka Mask.  

*15% off Beauty Oils (Serums + Elxirs) using the code: LABORYAY. Starts Friday 8/20 – Monday 9/2.

Shop Leahlani here!



The Choosy Chick

This is a family friendly organic beauty store.  They offer something for the whole family, from women, men, baby and kids.  Love getting Earth Mama Organics from them and Pleni Naturals.

*For Labor Day they will be offering a gift with purchase on all orders $50 and over.  Lily Lolo just launched some new vegan nude lipsticks and they will be giving away one with each purchase over $50.  They will also have an end of summer sale with savings up to 30% on select items.  Starts Aug. 31-Sept. 2nd or until lipstick runs out. 

Shop The Choosy Chick!


Organic labor day sales 2019

Sharing all the best organic beauty box sales for labor day 2019!


Organic Beauty Boxes-


Beauty Heroes 

This is the “it” organic beauty box in natural beauty.  It offers the best of the best when it comes clean beauty.  This is a monthly organic beauty box that primarily focuses on natural skincare.  Occasionally they have organic makeup offerings or natural hair boxes too.  They have a store full of organic beauty faves too. Check out past reviews of Beauty Heroes here in my clean beauty box roundup and how to subscribe here.  

*Free Shipping on all US orders. Enter code LD2019. Additionally stay tuned for a very special Beauty Heroes Box that launches on Sunday Sept. 1st!  You are going to want to subscribe for that now- trust me!  Subscribe here.

Shop Beauty Heroes here!


Clean Beauty Box

This is another organic beauty subscription box.  They offer their boxes bi-monthly.  A nice change of pace from the monthly beauty box. They also have a store full of organic beauty faves! Check out past Clean Beauty Box roundup reviews here and how to subscribe.

*15% off store-wide discount, 20% off summer recovery & essentials, 20% off sale items. **Promotions are automatically applied at checkout**Starts Friday August 30- Monday Sept. 2nd. (Brand exclusions may apply and it will not apply to subscriptions or gift cards). 

Shop Clean Beauty Box here!



This is such a unique and well thought out organic beauty box.  It’s bi-monthly which is nice, you really get to savor each product.  It also gives you access to some of the most unique and effective products in natural beauty.  I am always finding new favorites in the Boxwalla box that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.  Check out past Boxwalla reviews and see how to subscribe here. 

*Free International shipping on the one-time page, with no minimum using the code: ENDOFSUMMER. Valid till Labor Day, September 2. New listings of the one-time boxes, including the Heart of Gold Box, 5YINA, Malaya Organics, Flower & Spice. Check them out here!

Shop Boxwalla here!


Organic labor day sales 2019

Sharing my favorite organic labor day sales for organic bedding and home.


Organic Bedding/Home-



This is the water filter we use in our house and love!  We actually just upgraded to the Royal Berkey.  We realized we needed more water!  Especially with a third baby on the way.  I can’t recommend it enough.  It even filters out fluoride if you get the fluoride filter.  Can’t beat that!  

*They haven’t posted their sales but they are always offering some serious deals for Labor Day weekend, so check back!

Shop Berkey here!


Smoothie Box

I have loved this new smoothie subscription!  It makes drinking smoothies so easy!  You literally just put everything from their pouch into a blender, add liquid and blend away.  I love that they are organic, and don’t have a ton of sugar, but are loaded with healthy fats and veggies.  It makes eating healthy that much easier.  My faves are the chocolate and berry!  

*They are offering $20 off your first box!  Just click the link below.

Shop Smoothie Box here!


SOL Organics 

These sheets are what luxury is made of!  They are made with fair trade certified cotton, and certified organic cotton.  The second party certifications include GOTS, Oeko-Tex and FLOCERT- a global fair trade certification.  These 300 thread count cotton sheets wrap you up in softness the minute they touch your skin!  They come in a variety of colors too. We chose white and are happy with how crisp and clean they look.  They also have 3 different sheet sets.  You can get a hemmed version, classic or pleated.

*They are offering 25% off a minimum purchase of $99 using code: laborday19. Starts Aug. 26th-Sept. 2nd.

Shop SOL Organics here!


White Lotus Home Pillows

They are store that offers pure and natural mattresses, bedding, and home furnishings all made in the USA.  It’s your one stop shop to clean up your bedroom!  When I was choosing my pillow options to try out they were so helpful.  Walking me through the whole process and asking questions to ensure I had the best options for how I sleep. I love their Kapok Pillows for my kids and my husband and I love their shredded latex pillows for ourselves.  

*They are offering 20% off using coupon code: GGG. Starts Aug. 26th- Sept. 2nd. 

Shop White Lotus Home here!


West Elm

I love West Elm for their organic quality products, but also their sustainability and fair trade practices.  I’ve purchased my all wood bed frame from them, and many bedding items.  Check out my blog I did on detoxing your bedding here. They offer so many great organic bedding options- from sheets, blankets and duvet covers.  

*They have all the sales listed right on their website.

Shop West Elm here!


Whew!  Organic Labor Day Sales 2019 are coming in hot!  What are you buying?


Organic Labor Day Sales 2019

Sharing all my favorite organic Labor Day Sales 2019 on the blog!

Organic Beauty Products- August

Organic Beauty Products- August

Organic Beauty Products- August is here!  Is it just me or did summer fly by?  As much as I love summer, I’m SO ready for fall and to meet this little babe!  6 weeks out- crazy.  

So this month I have some new products and some old ones as well that I’m sharing with you.  I should say I rediscovered some old products!  I forgot how awesome they were.  Trust me, it happens when you’re a clean beauty blogger!


Suzi(Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.


organic beauty products

These new Honest Beauty Liquid Lipsticks are giving me all the feels!


Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick

This was an easy one to include in my organic beauty products- August roundup!  These are a new product for Honest Beauty.  They are highly pigmented like a lipstick, but go on similar to a gloss and come in a tube form.  They give your lips some nice sheen too.  I love how high impact they look on your lips!  They come in 7 colors and are super hydrating too.  I was really impressed by the longevity as well, they lasted for a good 6 hours on my pout!  And the kicker?  They’re $12.99!!  I mean talk about a steal.  Get them here!

Honest Beauty Mascara

Ok, I still get this question all the time- “What’s your favorite natural mascara?”  I feel like a broken record but it’s Honest Beauty through and through.  Why do I love it so much?  It separates my lashes, gives them volume, and doesn’t smudge on me.  I don’t have raccoon eyes by the end of the night and I get compliments on my lashes all the time- I’m telling you, this mascara doesn’t mess around!  It has a primer on one end and the black pigment on the other.  The primer definitely helps give your lashes some extra volume and length.  

I also use this Beautycounter Mattifying Powder to give my lashes an extra boost of vavoom every now and then too.  I just use an eyeshadow brush and apply it right on top of my lashes after I’ve applied a couple coats of mascara.  Then I go back and apply more mascara on top to make them really stand out.  This mascara is only $14.99!  I guess maybe this August clean beauty roundup should also be called best budget clean beauty! Get the mascara here!


organic beauty products

These new W3ll People Nudist Shadow Palettes are the perfect everyday eyeshadows.


W3ll People Nudist Eyeshadow Palettes

These are a new release from W3ll People.  They come in a palette with 5 different eyeshadow colors.  I love that they have matte and shimmer shadows in them.  Sometimes I’m feeling matte and sometimes I want something a little more pumped up.  One palette is violet hued and the other is taupe.  Both equally gorgeous colors!  I definitely am drawn more to the taupe palette.  It has basics for everyday wear or for kicking it up later on. A great palette to  take you from day to night.  PLUS, these palettes are so budget friendly!  You get an entire eyeshadow palette for $25!  I’m definitely hitting it out of the park this month when it comes to going easy on the wallet- your welcome! 😉 Use Coupon Code: GURLGONEGREEN for 10% off!  Check out the palettes here!

Antonym Baked Highlighting Blush

I’ve been wearing this blush and loving it!  It’s not a new find but one that I definitely can’t get enough of lately.  It gives the perfect hint of blush color with some slight shimmer.  I’m not talking teenage glitter makeup but a mature glow look.  It’s so pretty even in the package!  I love the color Lily, it’s the perfect punch of color without being too dramatic.  No more dull, lifeless blush!  This will make you glow from the inside out.  Check it out at Pharmaca.com and save 20%!  Get it here!  


organic beauty products

Some oldie’s but goodies- these two have been taking up residence in my makeup bag lately!


Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer

This is another oldie but goodie!  First of all it’s pressed, which is nothing short of awesome- who wants to deal with bronzer everywhere.  But it’s also a pretty taupe color and not orange.  I’m partial to the Miami Beach color but it also comes in several other colors too depending on how dark you want to go.  And get this, another budget find!  I know it’s kind of awesome this month for saving a little money.  Check it out here!  


Organic beauty products

Best exfoliator in green beauty- active enzyme exfoliator by Josh Rosebrook!


Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Still my favorite exfoliator. Gets my skin super smooth and clean.  Haven’t found anything else like it.  This exfoliator uses a mechanical exfoliant of walnut shells, and also an enzyme exfoliant. Not only does my skin feel smooth after but it looks brighter!  It is chockfull of plant oils and active honey- a serious treat for the skin.  I’ve tried to pinpoint the smell and I’ve come to the conclusion it smells like black licorice to me-which I love or used too…haha.  I apply this to slightly damp skin and then I massage a small nickel size amount all over my face.  I let it set for 15 minutes, I found that’s my sweet spot.  But you can do it up to an hour.  This is another must have!  If you’ve been looking for an exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling smooth but also looking bright-this is it.  Get it here!

 Foot File And Pumice Stone

Ok, this might be random but this is something I use literally every time I shower and I realized I’ve never told you about it!  Especially in the summer my feet can get pretty nasty.  Being outside, and barefoot and just in elements can do a number on the feet.  Before I get in the shower I’ll file down any calluses I have with the foot file and then once I’m in the shower I take the pumice stone and add some soap to it.  Then I scrub the bottom of my feet with the pumice stone.  I’ve found my feet will get rough and dirty and this helps to really smooth things out and keep them looking clean.  I’m obsessed!  If you have feet that could use a little tlc between pedicures this will be your best friend!  Get the foot file here and the pumice stone here!

That sums up my organic beauty products- August edition!  Want to see some of my past favorites from previous months?  Check them out below!


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Sharing my favorite organic beauty products for August on the blog!


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