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Natural Baby/Child Gift Guide

Natural Baby/Child Gift Guide

My natural baby/child gift guide is here!  I hope it helps you get some ideas on gifts for that special baby or child in your life. I have everything from toys, to bedding, and practical items.  Leave me a comment on what you love getting baby or kids as gifts.  Would love to hear!

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product. 

*Suzi (Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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Natural Baby/Child Gift Guide:



1.Ugg Boots-

I want to get a pair for my girls this year.  I have had mine for 13 years and they're still going strong.  I know they would love them because of how cozy they are inside and easy to put on.  I got little Ugg shoes for my little guy this year and they're so cute on him.  Check out his shoes here and Ugg boots here!


2. Pottery Barn Kid's Sleeping Bags-

My mom got these for my girls a couple years ago and they have come in handy so much!  They aren't organic but they're also not sleeping in them all the time so I'm ok with it.  They are so cute and wrap us easily.  They even have furry animals on the pillow end so they don't even bring a pillow with them.  Great for sleepovers at their grandparents or road trip.  Check them out here!


3. Cuddle + Kind Dolls- 

I got these as a gift for Finley, Gracie and SJ and absolutely love them!  They love them too. They are handmade in Peru and for every doll purchased they feed 10 children.  Pretty awesome!  They are so intricately made and have so much character.  The perfect doll your kids will love for years to come.  Check them out here!


4. Pottery Barn Organic Bedding- 

We love Pottery Barn's organic kid's bedding.  We have their organic crib sheets, their organic twin size sheets and organic duvet covers.  I love how they are all organic and still so cute with their fun designs and prints to choose from.  Also, they're always having sales, making them a great deal too!  Check them out here!


5. Zara Clothing-

I love Zara clothing for my kiddos!  It's simple, yet classic and not crazy expensive.  They also offer a fair amount of organic clothing too.  I got this puffer vest for my son this year and it's adorable on him!  Check out all of their baby and kid clothing here!


6. Minted Kid's Art-

If you've followed me for a hot minute then you know I'm obsessed with all things Minted!  I've been getting our holiday cards printed from them for years, their stationary and their children's art.  When we moved this last year to our new house we redid the girls room and made it completely over in Minted Kid's Art.  It looks so good!  I love the sweet and simple sayings they have and art prints.  Plus, you are supporting independent artists.  What's not to love!  Check out all their children's art here!


7. Kid's Beeswax Candle Making Kit- 

If you're a parent then you know your child would love this!  My kids love any sort of art project or craft.  I love that these are made using beeswax, a clean burning candle.  The beeswax actually cleans the air!  It also helps give you a platform to speak about fire safety too.  Check out the Kid's Beeswax Candle Making Kit here!


8. Play Makeup Set-

My girls love anything having to do with play makeup or dress up!  This make believe makeup set is perfect for letting their imaginations run wild and feeling like they are just like their mama.  Check it out here!


9. Play Picnic Set-

My girls love playing picnic, even inside for the winter!  This play set is the perfect set to let them pretend wherever they are.  It comes with all the essentials to make any imaginary picnic come to life.  Check it out here!


10. Slouch Hats-

I discovered these with my son and have gotten him the next size up every 6 months as he's grown! They are perfect for keeping his head warm and look so chic.  They are great for boy or girl and come in a variety of colors. Check them out here!


11. H&M Baby Clothing-

I've already been browsing H&M for some of their baby clothing for this fourth baby!  I love that so much of their baby clothing is organic but doesn't come with a hefty price tag.  Plus, so cute!  I absolutely love their simple designs and basic sets.  They make dressing a baby even more fun!  Check them out here.


12. Chef Apron & Hat-

I have the Minted Aprons for my girls but for my little guy I've been searching for a chef hat and apron and finally found one!  He loves helping me in the kitchen as much as the girls do and this is just the cutest little chef set to keep him clean but also let him feel a part of cooking or baking by wearing an apron.  Get it here!


13. Aprons- 

I couldn't not include these in my natural baby/child gift guide! Minted makes the cutest monogrammed aprons.  I swooned over these this year!  They come in small sizes for even toddlers.  Every year we do a baking day with my sister and a gingerbread house day with my mom.  These are perfect for wearing as they're baking.  The prints are too cute and designed by an artist.  I love how Minted showcases the artist and really promotes supporting artists around the world.  Can't think of a better gift for kiddos!  Especially getting them in the kitchen!  Check them out here!


14. Kiddobloom- 

I love these plates, bowls, cups and utensils for everyday use! They have toddler size utensils and then bigger kid utensils. No plastic leaching!  We've had ours for over 4 years and they're still in great condition.  Get it here!


15. Zutano Booties-

These booties are the best for babies! They actually stay on their feet and keep their little tootsies warm. I tried socks and little shoes but nothing stayed on my girls feet. These booties are a game changer! Can’t recommend them enough. Get them here!


16. Organic Bath Fizzies-

If your kids are anything like mine then they love bath fizzles! As a mom I don’t love what’s in most bath fizzies. However, these are a cut above!  Get them here!


17. Orgaianatura Body Washes-

This brand has some really fun scents while still having squeaky clean ingredients. My girls have been loving the strawberry body wash! They also have cherry, orange, pomegranate, apple and mango papaya. Such a great idea for a stocking stuffer! You could even pair it with a body spray too. Use the code gurlgonegreen20 to save 20% off your order through December 9th, 2021. Check out all their body washes here!


18. Hunter Boots-  

My kids still go outside even when the weather gets wet- I mean we live in Washington state so we don't have much of a choice! 😉  We love how durable Hunter boots are.  My oldest gets a new pair every year and then we pass them down to her younger sister.  They are still in such great condition!  They're having a sale right now too.  Check them out here!  


19. Burt's Bees Organic Jammies-

I've gotten the girls these organic jammies the last couple years and love them!  They even have family organic jammies.  So not only your kids can get them but even the adults too!  They have some of the cutest prints too.  Even baby jammies! I love how they are a little less expensive then other organic jammies too.  Check them out here! 


20. Ergo Embrace Carrier-

I didn't realize all the new products Ergo has since my last baby!  I've been using the new Embrace Carrier and absolutely love it!  Even my hubs is obsessed. It can fit infants from 7-25lbs.  It's so soft and comfortable for them as newborns.  It's also not as big and bulky as the Omni 360.  I love the Omni as they get older but the new Embrace has quickly become my new favorite for when they're smaller.  It's similar to a wrap but not as cumbersome to put on.  You just use the buckles to snap it on- so easy!  Trust me if you have a friend or relative that's having a baby they need this!  Check them out here!


21. Magnetic Tiles-

My kids love building things with these magnetic tiles.  They are great for taking places too.  It's nice because you can add to them as you want more.  Check them out here!


22. Imagination Magnets-

This is also a great toy that helps kids to use their minds.  It comes with cards that have designs on them and you create the design with the magnet shapes.  It's also a great travel one in the car too.  Get it here!


23. Uppa Baby Nontoxic Car Seat-

We love our Uppa baby Infant flame retardant free car seat!   I love knowing that my baby isn't being exposed to harmful flame retardants and that it still looks sleek.  We have this one and we also have this stroller!  This Cruz stroller is awesome because it makes it so easy to pop into places easily.  It also folds up and lays flat.  The car seat just attaches right in.  No additional attachments needed.  Love them both!  Get them here!


24. Buckle Backpack-

This backpack is perfect for helping kids gain fine motor skills.  Gracie was obsessed with it when she was younger and now we use it for SJ!  It's great for car rides or travel in general. Keeps them busy but learning!  Check it out here!


25. Skiphop Floor Tiles-

These really make a playroom standout but are also super practical.  They help keep the room a little cleaner.  Sometimes things spill and it's nice to be able to just wipe it up, especially if the room has carpet.  Plus, my kids like to take them apart and put them back together.  It's like one big puzzle.  Check them out here!  


26. Scooters-

My girls love their scooters! They are such a great investment.  I love that it keeps them active but also is easier to bring with us instead of a bike.  We got Gracie one when she was 2 and she still loves it!  We love the brand we have too.  Super durable.  Check them out here!


27. Web Spinner Swing-

This swing has provided hours of fun. It gets the kids outside and is so perfect if you have a tree in your yard to hang it from (or if you don't it would be a great addition to a grandparent's home). Plus it fits multiple kids, so they can all swing together. Get it here!


28. Chess & Checkers Set-

I always like adding a new game to our stash at the holidays. I have my eye on this Chess/Checkers combo set. Love that we can start with checkers and once that is mastered we can move up to learning Chess (myself included!). And it's all in one, so only one box for storage. Get it here!


Hope my natural baby/child gift guide was helpful!  If you need more ideas for gifts when it comes to natural beauty and natural living- check them out below!

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Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide

Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide

The ultimate clean beauty gift guide is here!  I thought I would share my top 20 natural beauty gifts for you on the blog.  It can often be overwhelming when you’re searching for natural beauty.  What works, what doesn’t and what would someone really want!  I totally get it.  Plus, instead of listing 50 bazillion clean beauty products I thought I would simplify it and share with you my top 20 to take away any confusion.  After all it shouldn’t be stressful when you’re shopping!


*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product. 

*Suzi (Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.


As a seasoned clean beauty blogger, esthetician, and hair stylist I would say I know a thing or two when it comes to natural beauty.  I mean I’ve tried a few products in my day and by a few I mean 100’s!  I really thought long and hard what I would recommend as a gift when it comes to clean beauty and what I would want.  I ended up writing down several ideas and then narrowed them down to the absolute best.  I also enlisted my trusty V.A. Becky for her opinion as she's tried a lot of clean beauty products within the last year!  It's always fun for me to hear what she loves.  I want you to get that special someone the perfect gift and I really think you’ll find it in this comprehensive ultimate clean beauty gift guide.

As always, I’ve got your back when it comes to holiday shopping and this ultimate clean beauty gift guide is living proof!   I’ll be sharing so many more gift guides.  From men’s products, to nontoxic home products, natural baby/children and more.  Stay tuned for all my gift guides!  If you want to stay up to date on all the latest when it comes to natural living sales- be sure to sign up for my holiday email list.  You’ll be the first to know of all the holiday goodness dropping- from sales to gift guides!

Sharing in my ultimate clean beauty gift guide my top 20 clean beauty gifts of 2021!


Top 20 Clean Beauty Gifts 2021:

OSEA's Seabiotic Water Cream-

This cream has basically become a staple in everyone's skincare routine the minute I give it to them!  I remember first trying it and just being SO impressed.  It delivers such hydration but doesn't feel heavy, greasy but instead instantly soaks into the skin.  The best part?  Your skin still feels hydrated the next morning!  I knew I wanted my V.A. to try it, and she loved it as much.  Then my hubs was next, he literally has stolen the jar from me every night- it's good, that good!  What's even better is the price.  Most creams can be close to $100, but this cream lands right at $48.  Get it here!

One Love Organics Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover-

If you haven't heard of One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, allow me to introduce you.  The is an iconic clean beauty product.  I mean it has RAVING fans to say the least and everyone who tries it loves it.  It is an oil cleanser but then turns into this creamy consistency the minute you add a little water.  It smells divine, like you just landed yourself in the tropics.  I mean who doesn't want to pretend like their on vacation every time they cleanse their skin?!  Needless to say I gave it to my V.A. to try and she loved it.  Another win for this legend of a cleanser!  Get it here.

Beautycounter All Bright C Serum-

It wouldn't be a proper ultimate clean beauty gift guide without this serum in it. This Vitamin C Serum is packed with all the things!  You apply this serum first thing in the morning before you apply your makeup.  It helps to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and environmental damage.  It’s filled with a 10% stable blend of Vitamin C that helps to brighten your complexion, while also reducing dark spots.  It also has camu camu and tumeric, heavy hitting antioxidants that help protect your skin from new hyperpigmentation.  My skin is brighter and younger looking.  If you’ve tried it then you know!  The perfect gift for anyone wanting to take their skincare to the next level.  My husband is obsessed!  And by obsessed I mean he literally opened all my gift sets with it in them and put them on his side of the bathroom sink.  Not too mention he always asks for me to order more.  I can't blame him, since he started using it he's gotten more compliments on his skin.  It's a winner!  Get it here.

Clove & Hallow's Lip Velvets-

Looking for a lip product that stays put and won't budge but's also clean?!  Well, look no further.  Clove and Hallow's Lip Velvet's are where it's at when it comes to high pigment and longevity.  They're like a lip stain but with way more color payoff.  Great for anyone wanting to make the switch to clean, but also as a gift for yourself for holiday parties and get togethers!  Love all the colors but I'm partial to Road Trip, Fiesta, Roulette, and Napa.  Check out all the colors here.

Innersense Beauty Hair Products-

Anyone else had a hard time finding clean beauty products when switching over to natural beauty?  Yeah, both my hands are raised too!  However, that was until I found Innersense.  I have a deep fondness for so many of their styling products.  The Whipped Creme Texturizer is a non-negotiable in our house. We have one in our bathroom, my kids and downstairs in the kitchen- you could say we're obsessed!  I use it on my hair after curling or styling to add texture and some hold. It also helps to smooth frizz and those tiny baby hairs that like to pop up around the hairline.  My hubs loves it for adding definition and some hold to his hair and I use it on my little guy for the same thing.  My two girls I use it to add hold, and smooth flyaways.  Then theirs the Leave In Conditioner we always have on hand too!  Great for detangling hair, but also for adding smoothness and de-frizzing my daughter's hair.  I also love their I Create Volumizing Foam– the best volumizer I've found in clean beauty. Their I Create Waves Spray is perfect for adding tousled waves to hair and giving curls the beachy look.  I also always have their Detox Hair Mask in my shower at all times- a product everyone needs!  Check out all their products here.

Leahlani Mermaid Mask-

I'm pretty sure this mask has been on my ultimate clean beauty gift guide for the last 5 years- it's that good and a staple. This is a green beauty hall of fame product.  It has a cult following and for good reason.  It literally works for any skin type and delivers results!  I remember it was the first natural beauty mask that left my skin glowing.  It smells insanely good.  A mixture of rose, orange, vanilla and other essential oils send the scent profile over the top.  It helps to increase circulation, nourish the skin with superfood ingredients like raw hawaiian honey, chlorella and microalgae.  Plus, it moisturizes the skin.  This would be perfect for a teenager or young adult just getting into natural skincare, a college student, mom, or even a grandma.  It really can benefit anyone! Get it here.

Beautycounter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick- 

I don't know who wouldn't love this little lipstick?! I love how these feel on my lips.  They're hydrating, give a slight sheen and give the perfect subtle pop of color.  They are the everyday lip product you won't want to stop wearing.  Give one to your mom, daughter and grandma and have them all swoon over it!  I have Rose, Lilac Petal, Plum and Rosewood. Check them out here!

Honest Beauty Mascara-

This is hands down my favorite natural mascara in clean beauty currently.  I know, that says a lot but it’s true.  The formula checks all the boxes.  It offers thickness, length, separation- it’s just awesome!  The formula isn’t too dry or too wet and I love that I don’t have to apply 5 coats of mascara to see product on my lashes.  In just two coats my lashes are instantly lengthened, thicker and have overall more volume.  I’m sold!  On one end of the mascara wand is a primer and the other the mascara color.  I apply the primer first and then the mascara.  It doesn't smudge by the end of the day either- it's a win/win overall.  Did I mention it's also the most budget friendly mascara I've found?  Yes, just at $16.99.  Get it here!

Beautycounter Countertime Deluxe Mini Set- 

I love that Beautycounter is offering their coveted Countertime plant-derived retinol line in a mini set!  Perfect as a gift or to try out for yourself.  Beautycounter wanted to create something that not only proved to be effective but safe.  This is where they created a plant-derived Retinatural Complex of Bakuchiol and alpine rose.  The line was formed in a lab with over 100 trials performed to test for contamination as well.  Beautycounter didn’t want to win some awards for best in natural beauty but they wanted to be the BEST in beauty.  Countertime has been in the works for 3 years- not an after thought.  Beautycounter brought research and development in house, along with 5 chemists.  The goal is to create natural products but in the end people want products that are going to be effective.  Countertime definitely delivers on this front.  The line is amazing and my go to for fighting signs of aging with it’s plant-derived retinols, antioxidants, and peptides.  Get it here.

By\ Rosie Jane Natural Fragrance-

I don't know what it is about by\ Rosie Jane scents but they are just so good!  I discovered them last year and have been talking about them every since.  I'm not a person that loves scents in general.  Whether they are natural or not but by\ Rosie Jane has definitely changed my whole outlook.  These aren't too strong and are more complex than just one fragrance note.  I've already gifted her 7 Day Detox Fragrance Discovery Kit to so many people!  It's the perfect gift for someone branching into natural perfume and trying to find their natural fragrance favorites.  It's only $25 and you get all 7 of her scents in the cutest box!  Then once you've tried them you can purchase the larger size.  I can't recommend her fragrances enough. Plus, the perfect gift for someone who hasn't swapped out their conventional fragrance yet. Check them out here.


Westman Atelier Clean Makeup-

If you've been following me for a hot minute then you know I love a good Westman Atelier product.  I discovered them this last year and haven't looked back.  They are a luxury clean makeup brand and deliver on all fronts when it comes to performance, ingredients and overall ease of use.  Some of my favorites are the Vital Skin Foundation Stick, their Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Poppet and Petal, Lit Up Highlight Stick in Nectar, and Face Trace Contour Stick in Biscuit, Lip Suede in Les Rouges, it offers such bright pigement and their Beauty Butter Bronzer in Coup de Soleil– best powder bronzer.  I also can't say enough about their brushes- handmade in Japan, they are literally what makeup brush dreams are made of.  Totally an investment but once you make it, you won't want another brush.  I love the Blender Brush– your do it all brush.  If you shop Credo Beauty, they are offering a Les Petites Clean Glow Trio which includes the blush stick, highlighter sitka and the contour stick in minis- such a great gift set!  Check out all their products here!

Athr Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes- 

Aether Beauty is a sustainable clean beauty brand that was founded in 2018.  For this company, being sustainable goes into everything they create – the formulas, the ingredients and even the zero-waste, recyclable packaging (no mirror or magnets makes it FULLY recyclable)! The Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette features the perfect mix of shimmers and matte colors, not to mention a great range of colors. This would be perfect even if you have mature eyes as the shimmer shadows aren't sparkly looking but more subdued.  With ingredients like shea butter, rosehip oil and coconut oil, the formula feels so silky smooth on the skin.  Trust me, you'll be hooked after your first swipe.  Check out their Moonstone Crystal Gemstone Palette here.

Ilia Clean Line Liquid Liner-

Truth be told I felt like I had tried Ilia's whole line except their Clean Line Liquid Liner.  I kept hearing how amazing it was but had yet to try it.  It has everything you could want in a liquid liner in my opinion!  While most liners can be a paint brush for an applicator, Ilia's is a felt tip applicator.  This makes it so much easier to apply and get the winged eyeliner look.  So much more control.  I also love the longevity on this liner.  It really lasts the whole day!  I can put it on at 8 am and by 8 pm I still have the winged look going on.  (note: I always prep my lids with a translucent powder to soak up all the excess oil first before applying liner).  This is my favorite translucent powder.  I can't recommend this liner enough!  It does what it's supposed too and so well.  Get it here.

OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil-

This body oil is full of antioxidants!  It has Undaria seaweed which is then mixed with a ton of skin loving oils like açaí, babassu and passion fruit.  This combination helps to smooth and firm skin from stretch marks, as well as tone your skin.  It doesn't feel too heavy or greasy.  It absorbs nicely into the skin.  The Algae alone is soaked in barrels for 6 months in order to extract all the rich vitamins and minerals from it.  It's basically a living oil that transforms and treats your skin!  It feels very energizing too with an overall citrus scent.  Great for in the morning after your shower and you want a little zesty pick me up!  I gave it to my V.A. Becky to try and she reported back on how much she loved it- was I surprised?  No, this stuff is what body oil dreams are made of!  If you're not into oils, then check out OSEA's Anti-aging Body Balm, also obsessed with it!  Get it here.

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish-

Dazzle Dry is a healthy gel polish alternative to conventional nail polish.  It uses a 4 step system to achieve its superior results.  It is cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, non-yellowing, long wearing, and quick drying.  It does it all!  The system is from 30 years of research and development.  Dazzle Dry is a safe alternative to traditional gel polish.  Conventional gel polish leaves your nails brittle and yellow, especially with prolonged use.  Many polishes contain the ingredient nitrocellulose, which is what turns your nails yellow.  However, Dazzle Dry does not contain that so it doesn't turn your nails yellow.  My nails feel stronger and don't turn yellow, even after using multiple times in a row.  I tell everyone about this natural nail polish system because it truly is so great!  Get their system here and check out their colors here!

OSEA Salt Of The Earth Body Scrub-

Talk about a scrub!  This body scrub doesn't mess around.  It is filled with Dead Sea and Himalayan Pink Salts, Bolivian Rose and Organic seaweed of course.  Plus, it boasts some Acai, shea butter and passionfruit that leave your skin feeling like butter.  I applied to wet skin and used circular motions.  My skin felt so refreshed and clean!  Sometimes we focus on facial exfoliation but our body needs great exfoliation as well! Another product my hubs is obsessed with as well. Grab your Salt of The Earth Body Scrub here! 

Primally Pure Deodorant-

Primally Pure as I mentioned takes the natural deodorant cake in all areas.  From an affordable price, squeaky clean ingredients, smell good scents and no irritation.  Overall the formula works so well!  They have a couple blog posts that really help understand natural deodorant.  Check out what you need to know about using natural deodorant and also their blog post on the science of natural deodorant and why their formula works so well.  My hubs loves the Charcoal Deodorant.  I love their Blue Tansy.  Although I tried the Charcoal and I have to say I would use that any day too!  It's crazy because the more I tell people about their deodorants the more feedback I hear on how amazing they are.  It seems to work for the majority of people.

Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray

The best natural hairspray I’ve found!  It’s in pump form, there’s no aerosol.  I love the smell!  It has a list of essential oils but the ones that stick out to me are the rosemary and lavender.  I love knowing exactly what I’m breathing in, no hidden fragrance!  Second, it doesn’t goop up when you spray.  And it actually has a mist feel.  Yeah, pretty cool.  Lastly, it just works.  With my hair being fine and thin, this product delivers hold throughout the day, volume, and doesn’t get crunchy…you know what I’m talking about.  It’s just good stuff.  I would recommend this for anyone transitioning from a mainstream hairspray. Get it here!

True Botanical's Moisture Lock Overnight Mask-

This had to go in my ultimate clean beauty gift guide.  This mask really offers some serious hydration.  You cleanse your skin and apply your products as you would normally and then you apply the mask.  Instead of rinsing it off you sleep in it!  When you wake up your skin is silky smooth and moisturized.  Like a big gulp of water for your skin.  I put down a hand towel on my pillow so the product didn’t get on my pillow case.  But it really does soak in to the skin so well you hardly notice anything.  I can’t think of a better product for your skin in the dry winter months or even in the summer months when your skin takes a beating from the sun and gets dried out.  

The mask includes all star ingredients like mango butter, squalene- both known for their healing properties.  Mango butter has a blend of vitamin a and vitamin c, plus essential fatty acids,  While squalene-derived from olive oil, helps to firm the skin.  Another key ingredient in this mask is hyaluronic acid.  Able to hold 1,000 times it's weight in water, this ingredient really draws all the moisture to your skin.  Keeping it well hydrated.  I also can't not mention a key ingredient called AC collagen Pre-peptide, this ingredient comes from seaweed and is known to increase collagen synthesis by 400% after 48 hours!  I know- kind of amazing.  It's small molecular size, makes it easy for the product to get deep into the skin and do the work.  I also love that it doesn't contain a lot of the typical pore clogging ingredients like many facial creams.  Another fave from my V.A. Becky as well!  Get it here!

Saint Cosmetics Velvet Lip Cream-

I had the pleasure of testing these lipsticks out this past summer and did I quickly fall for them!  They are true to their name, velvety soft on the lips. They're offer some hydration and don't feel drying like so many lipsticks, but they don't bleed.  They also stay put and offer loads of pigment.  A truly clean lipstick without any added artificial dyes.  I can't recommend them enough!  Plus, they have so many colors to choose from.  Check them out all here.

*That sums up my Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide!  Check out my other gift guides below:


Best Foundation For Women Over 40

Best Foundation For Women Over 40

It's finally here!  My complete guide to best foundation for women over 40!  This has been a long time coming to say the least.  I initially thought the post would be much quicker but after diving into it I realized I wanted to be as thorough as possible and answer all the questions that I get on a consistent basis when it comes to mature skin and foundation.  

*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product. 

*Suzi (Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

You might be reading this and thinking, wait is she over 40?!  No, I'm not but getting closer every year.  However, I enlisted some family and friends to test out the foundations for me.  Of course I tested them out as well just to be able to speak to them but I really wanted to hear from the models themselves who are 40+ on what they thought was the best formula overall.  


Huge shoutout to Credo Beauty for sending me all the foundations so I could get them in the hands of the models!  Credo Beauty is my one stop shop for all things clean beauty!  They have it all, from natural skincare, makeup, body products and more.  Like the Sephora of clean beauty but squeaky clean.  Shop all of Credo Beauty here!


What Your Changing Skin Needs:

As we age, so does our skin.  It might seem like a no brainer but often we can forget that when it comes to our makeup and skincare products.  What once worked may not work anymore.  Why is 40 the magic number?  Typically when you turn 40 your skin starts to show pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced.  The skin has lost elasticity and firmness which causes overall volume in the skin to be lost.  Your skin needs more hydration, plus products that are going to naturally give your skin a glow and the plumpness that it's lost.  Foundation can really add some depth and warmth back to mature skin if done correctly. 


How to Apply Foundation to Mature Skin:

The key to flawless looking foundation for women over 40 or even women under 40 is hydration!  You want to make sure and hydrate the skin properly so you have a great even canvas you're working with from the start.  And hydrate everywhere!  Especially under your eye area as well.  Get to know your skin type and what it needs.  Some may just need a primer if they have naturally oily or combination skin.  Others who have more dry skin may need an oil or face lotion to really moisturize the skin properly.  Find out what feels good on your skin by trying a few different products and seeing which look the best.  Take a selfie in natural light and see which look better under foundation.  You don't want anything too oily or greasy that will disrupt the foundation application and longevity but just enough to wear your skin doesn't feel dry but plump to the touch.

  1. Do you need a primer/Does a primer fill in the wrinkles? A primer is a great additive to your makeup routine as you age because it really can help create a seamless canvas.  Even after moisturizing with an oil or a facial lotion a primer can be the little extra that takes your foundation look to the next level.  I recommend primers because they can really help to seal pores.  As you probably know, no matter how big or small your pores are, if you wear a liquid foundation it's usually can sink into the pores.  Not the look we want.  That's not all they shield, they also help to make your makeup last longer by blocking the dust/debris from the day.  They also do help fill in fine lines and wrinkles by creating a smooth canvas for your whole complexion.  I heard one makeup artist say it acts like drywall for your face, filling in the gaps where needed and creating an even canvas.  Especially if you get one with silicone in it.  I know there has been some controversy over silicone being a mask and causing breakouts but I disagree.  I think it really depends on your skin and how you tolerate a silicone.  Apply a moisturizer first, then a primer.  A couple of my fave primers in clean beauty are Beautycounter's Glow First Primer, Exa Just Start Smoothing Primer and Vapour's Essential Day Primer.
  2. Do I put concealer on before or after my foundation? You always want to apply your foundation first, then apply your concealer.  Once you apply your foundation, you can spot treat where needed for more coverage.  Applying concealer first can create a cakey look quick if you're not careful.  You want coverage but nothing too heavy, especially for mature skin.
  3. Should I use my finger or a brush to apply the foundation?  I get this question often!  It really depends on what you prefer, there are a few minor differences.  I like applying with a foundation brush most of the time because it keeps my hands clean.  I might go in afterwards and blend a little with my fingers if needed.  Some makeup artists will say to use your fingers to get the most blended/natural look.  The warmth from your fingers helps to blend the product in more.  Also, I've found you tend to use less when you apply with fingers than with a brush.  But as I said, it's ultimately up to you!  This is my favorite makeup brush brand in clean beauty- amazing quality.  I have the Blender Brush and the Foundation brush and use them both for my foundation.  


Best Foundation for Mature Skin Over 40

Ok, let's get into all the juicy details when it comes to the best foundation for mature skin over 40!  I asked 4 family and friends to help me out who are a little older than me to test out 10 foundations in clean beauty.  I had already vetted these foundations, making sure they were somewhat suited for mature skin.  However, I wanted to see what others thought of the formulations and how they wore on their skin and ultimately which foundation they liked best.  After all, I wanted you to have some real life mature skin examples to help you find the best foundation for your mature skin!  

Here are the foundations they tested:

*I had a 43 year old, a 50 year old, a 60 year old and a 69 year old test out the foundations.  

Each one of them has a slightly different skin type too!  I really wanted to make this as comprehensive as I could for you.  Check out their skin types below and what they look for in a foundation.  This will help when seeing their favorites.

*43 year old- She has oily skin, larger pores.  She likes a medium to full coverage foundation overall. 

*50 year old- She has dry skin and large pores.  She likes a medium to full coverage foundation.

*60 year old- She has combination skin. She prefers light coverage and hydration for everyday wear, and a little more coverage on special occasions.

*69 year old- She has very dry skin.  She prefers a light coverage overall and lots of hydration.  She does like something to cover redness and pull her look together but not be too heavy that it settles into fine lines.


I'll be sharing all the foundation details on the following:

  1. Full Coverage
  2. Mature Oily Skin
  3. Mature Dry Skin
  4. Liquid Foundation for Mature Skin
  5. Mature Skin with Large Pores


Full Coverage

The best full coverage foundation for mature skin goes to:

The 43 year old preferred the Juice Beauty Phyto-pigments Flawless Serum Foundation for full coverage and so did the 69 year old.  The 43 year old said, “It adds a glow to my skin and doesn't feel heavy or cakey, nice flawless look.” 

The 50 year old and the 60 year old preferred Kosas Tinted Facial Oil for full coverage.  The 60 year old said, “I like how it doesn't feel heavy, yet offers more coverage on days when I want to wear a little more makeup.”

The 43 year old and 50 year old also loved the Vapour Organics Velvet Glow Foundation for full coverage too.  These were the 50 year olds words, “Very oil based in application and very full coverage! Wasn’t loving it goin on. I do like the look of this one on the skin vs other full coverage options I have sampled. Nice moisturizing without feeling tacky. Great job blurring pores and not much settling in wrinkles. I like it a lot! Really pretty.”


Mature Oily Skin

The best foundation for mature oily skin goes to:

The 43 year old has oily skin and larger pores and preferred both the Juice Beauty foundation and the Vapour Organics Velvet Glow Foundation for her skin for everyday wear.  She likes a medium- to full coverage foundation.

The 60 year old has more combination skin overall getting a little oily in the t-zone at times.  She loved how the Kosas Tinted Facial Oil felt for a more full coverage.  She also loved the Suntegrity  5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Face Sunscreen for everyday use and a lighter coverage.  She liked how it added some color and had sunscreen, but didn't feel over done or heavy at all.  


Mature Dry Skin

The best foundation for mature dry skin goes to:

The 50 year old has dry skin and really loved the Beautycounter Skin Twin the most after testing out the samples.  She said. “Moisturizing. Nice in between of matte and glowy. Light to Medium coverage. Super easy to blend and wear. Not a heavy look.”  Her second pick overall was the Vapour Organics Velvet Glow Foundation.  This is what she said about it as stated above, “Very oil based in application and very full coverage! Wasn’t loving it goin on. I do like the look of this one on the skin vs other full coverage options I have sampled. Nice moisturizing without feeling tacky. Great job blurring pores and not much settling in wrinkles. I like it a lot! Really pretty.”

The 69 year old has very dry skin overall.  She really likes a minimal look and light coverage.  Her favorite overall was the Lily Lolo BB Cream.  It offered a seamless, smooth look to her skin she said, yet didn't feel heavy at all.  She had been looking for something with a little more coverage than her tinted moisturizers she had used in the past and really liked how this one felt and looked overall.


Liquid Foundation For Mature Skin

The best liquid foundation for mature skin goes to:

Both the 43 year old and the 50 year old loved the Vapour Organics Velvet Glow foundation.  Loving the medium to full coverage, how it looked good even on large pores and didn't settle into fine lines.  Also, wore well during the day.

The 50 year old and 60 year old both loved the Kosas Tinted Facial Oil.  They liked that it offered better coverage and that it didn't feel heavy but like your skin.  Also blurs pores.


Mature Skin With Large Pores

The best foundation for mature skin with large pores goes to:

Both the 43 year old and 50 year old have larger pores and commented on how they loved these both for helping to blur their pores overall.  They felt hydrating still, but not too oily overall. 

*Here are some photos of the models who tested the foundations using natural light.  They were gracious enough to give me permission to share them with you. No filters were used.


Rose/43 Year Old- Her favorite foundations are Vapour Organics Velvet Glow and Juice Beauty Phyto-pigments Serum Foundation.

Rose is my older sister and her skin is completely different than mine!  She has had oily skin, larger pores her whole life.  I was so happy she was willing to try the foundations for me!  

Wearing Juice Beauty Phyto-pigments Serum Foundation.

The 43 year old is wearing Vapour Organics Velvet Glow Foundation.


Kristin Svets/50 Year Old- Her favorite foundations are Beautycounter Skin Twin and Vapour Organics Velvet Glow.

Isn't Kristin gorgeous?!  Kristin Svets is a Life Purpose + Mindset Coach helping growth-minded moms live a happier and more fulfilling life both at work and at home. Download her free 5-Day Gratitude Practice, which includes 5 short daily videos and a digital workbook that you can do on your own at anytime!  Kristin and I met on social media.  She is very well versed in beauty!  I knew I wanted to have her be part of the testing crew for this post.  She makes 50 look so good!

Kristin is wearing Beautycounter's Skin Twin Foundation.

Kristin is wearing Vapour's Velvet Glow Foundation.


Lisa/60 Year Old- Her favorite foundations were the Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and the Kosas Tinted Face Oil.  

I was so excited when Lisa took on the task of trying all the foundations!  She's a mom of 10, yes 10!  An amazing human and looks beautiful.  She ideally likes to have light coverage for most days and then wants to be able to have more coverage on days when she wants to feel a little more pulled together. 

Lisa is wearing Suntegrity's 5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen.

Lisa is wearing Kosas Tinted Facial Oil.


Carol/69- She liked the Lily Lolo BB Cream the best and the Juice Beauty Phyto-pigments Serum Foundation

This is my mama!  I asked her for a pic several times and she didn't give me one…:) haha so there's no photo! She prefers a more subdued and unfussy look overall.  Some days she won't even wear foundation.  So a BB cream like Lily Lolo is perfect for her.  She has very dry skin, so extra moisture is huge for her.  She doesn't like things that settle into her fine lines either. 

Here are a couple other questions that I've received when talking about mature skin foundations. 

What foundation is best for aging skin?

The best foundation for aging skin is one that doesn't settle into fine lines, adds some warmth back into your complexion and gives your skin a dewiness, which always makes you look more youthful!  My top picks for a foundation for aging skin in clean beauty are Vapour Beauty's Velvet Glow, Kosas Tinted Facial Oil and Suntegrity's 5-in-1 Tinted Moisturizing Face Sunscreen.  These will all add a little life back into the skin!

Why do my wrinkles look worse with foundation?

There are many reasons your wrinkles look worse with foundation.  One being your not priming your skin.  Getting your skin prepped with a good primer is essential in making sure your foundation isn't settling into fine lines.  Also, making sure your skin is properly moisturized before that is key.  A lot of times people won't hydrate their skin beforehand leaving it a little dehydrated when they apply their foundation.  The foundation then is soaked up into the fine lines. Application is another reason why the wrinkles can look worst.  Making sure your not being too heavy handed and using the correct brush for the correct foundation formula is vital too.  For instance, for a cream based foundation you want to use a flat synthetic brush, if you're using a liquid foundation you want to use sponges, fingers or makeup brushes using a stippling motion instead of a brushing motion.  

How Do I Choose The Right Foundation?

The key to choosing the right foundation is knowing your skin type first.  Then accessing what you prefer for coverage.  Some people don't like a lot of coverage, other people do.  Knowing what coverage you like can help determine what foundation you'll want to try.  Also, think about what you will actually use.  I think a lot of times we see people use products and think they'll be great, but then we don't actually use them ourselves because it's not us.  Get what you will practically use and fits in your lifestyle!

I hoped this guide on helping you find your best foundation for women over 40 helped you find your new favorite clean beauty foundation!

What's your favorite foundation for women over 40?


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The Best Non Toxic Cookware (2021 Ultimate Guide)

The Best Non Toxic Cookware (2021 Ultimate Guide)

I am rounding out the best non toxic cookware! There is so much to know when it comes to cookware. It's actually crazy how many toxic chemicals can be lurking in cookware.  It might not seem like a big deal but over time these chemicals add up and produce a toxic load! I am breaking it down so you know exactly what might be in your cookware and what the best non toxic cookware options are!


*Affiliate Disclosure: I do have affiliate links in this blog post. If you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale.  This comes at no cost to you, but is paid by the company.  I do not take becoming an affiliate with any company lightly.  If I am, it’s because I believe in the company and their product. 

*Suzi (Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.



What toxic chemicals are in conventional cookware that we should avoid?


Unfortunately there are many toxins lurking in your conventional cookware that need to be avoided. Non stick cookware or even many stainless steel cookware sets may seem great initially but when you dig a little deeper it's easy to uncover the toxins lurking in them. Below are some of the top offenders when it comes to toxins in your cookware.


1. Teflon (PTFE)

The most common nonstick cookware out there is Teflon (originally made by the company DuPont). Teflon contains the chemical Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).  It's a popular choice for most people when it comes to cookware because it's non-reactive, non-stick and stain resistant.  It basically is a cook's dream- that is until you read the fine print on the toxins it's releasing every time you cook with it!

The EWG took a deeper look into Teflon and DuPont’s claims that Teflon was safe under certain circumstances back in 2003. They reviewed studies that dated back as far as the 1950’s and showed that Dupont knew for quite some time that Teflon released harmful fumes at even low temperatures. They also knew that it could cause acute illness. (1

While Teflon was first made using the chemical Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), in the 1950's they started adding Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), or C8, to it to help alleviate some of the lumpiness from just using just PTFE.  However, this produced an even greater toxic substance overall.  It has been linked to many diseases, from cancer, liver disease, thyroid issues and growth issues. Not only that, but it accumulates over time in the body.  It is present in the air and water.  Those who worked and lived in the area where it was made were exposed at high doses that created significant health issues, from birth defects in babies, to cancer, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, and high cholesterol. (2) Thankfully, PFOAs were taken out of Teflon back in 2013.  (3)

As PFOAs were phased out, they were replaced by a chemical called GenX, which is very similar in structure to PFOA (they are in the same family of chemicals called PFAS).


However, GenX is nearly as toxic to people as what it replaced, according to an Environmental Protection Agency study. (4)


Bottom line, anything with Teflon needs to be avoided! And, you should look for PFAS-free, not just PFOA as there could be many other chemicals (GenX for example) still in that cookware.


2) Aluminum

Aluminum is affordable, readily available and a great heat conductor. Potentially a great resource when making cookware. Wrong! Aluminum is also a soft and highly reactive metal that can leach into your food.


It must be known that aluminum has been consistently placed in the top  200 health-jeopardizing toxins by the  Agency for  Toxic Substances  and Disease Registry (ATSDR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (5)


It is also a known neurotoxin that can inhibit up to 200 biological functions and it has been suggested that there may be a link between it and neurodegenerative diseases (like Alzheimer's, ALS, Parkinson’s, etc). Aluminum is bio-accumulative, meaning it will accumulate in the body over time! Not only that, but aluminum cookware has been found in simulated cooking in a lab to release cadmium, copper and arsenic into food as well. (6)


3) Copper

Copper is another great conductor of heat, allowing for quicker and more even heating than other options. It also has a unique look that many like. However, copper is also very reactive. Especially when cooking with acidic foods, copper can leach into your food. While small quantities of copper are essential to our health, larger quantities or over exposure for long periods can cause a whole host of health issues like nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Extremely high doses of copper can even damage the liver or kidneys.  (7


4) Lead

Unfortunately many different types of cookware and bakeware are manufactured with lead, including glass and ceramic (including both pure ceramic and ceramic coated) cookware. The lead is there for a reason – to make a product that is more rigid. Or, in other words, less likely to break and have more shock resistance. But, you guessed it, lead is likely to leach into your food! There is a laundry list of potential health effects from either short or long term exposure to lead that includes anything from headaches, abdominal pain, depression, miscarriage, etc. But especially scary is the effect lead can have on babies and children. 


Even low level lead exposures in babies can affect behavior and intelligence (8)


This isn’t a complete list by any means of all the toxic substances found in cookware. But I hope to emphasize that because toxic substances like these can be found in cookware, it is all the more reason to research and invest in cookware that is known to be safe. I am going to discuss in depth below my favorite non toxic cookware alternatives including my favorite brands!




What non toxic cookware alternatives are there?


There are some great options out there now when it comes to non toxic cookware!  I will say some of the cookware options are definitely a little pricier than non-stick conventional pots and pans, however the investment is worth it. These pots and pans are going to last you a lot longer and won't carry the toxic burden. My top choices for types of cookware that are the least toxic are:


  1. Cast Iron
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Ceramic Coated
  4. 100% Ceramic
  5. Porcelain Enamel
  6. Glass Cookware


I will dive in below on my favorite brands for each type of cookware. I will include a review on each type including what I like and don’t like about each kind of cookware.


What are the safest non toxic cookware brands?


1) Best Cast Iron Cookware – Lodge Cast Iron

This was the first type of nontoxic cookware that I switched over too.  It really has been around forever and that's one of the reasons I love it.  It does take a little bit of time to get used to it but once you've worked with it you figure it out.  

I really love the Lodge Cast Iron pans.  They're easy to find at Target or you can order them on Amazon.  They're also budget friendly!  I use this pan for cooking eggs, veggies, frying- really the list is endless. 

I have a couple of tips for cooking with cast iron.  First, make sure to slowly add heat.  I found this works best instead of blasting the food with heat.  It helps to not burn food as cast iron retains heat very well.  

Next, make sure you season it regularly. This helps to create a type of natural non-stick surface.  If you're unsure how to season it, The Wellness Mama did a whole blog post on it here.  When you season a cast iron it's basically adding a good oil to keep it hydrated and then baking it.  I avoid cooking acidic foods in cast iron because it can break down the seasoning or patina that's been made on the cast iron.  

Cleaning cast iron can seem intimidating at first, but it's actually not.  You don't want to use soap with cast iron- it can damage the seasoning and dry it out.  Instead, use some salt to clean it.  I just shake salt on top and then take a scrubby and scrub away.  Then rinse with water. Then you want to dry it and rub in a cooking oil.

While I used cast iron for many years since trying new brands such as 360 Cookware and Caraway, I have stopped using my cast iron that much.  The one thing I don't like about cast iron is how heavy it is and how you can't use soap on it.  I don't always feel it gets as clean. 

**The one caution I would make is that cast iron has been known to leach iron so if for some reason you have an abundance of iron you might want to switch up your pans every now and then.  I've been the opposite more anemic so I welcome all the iron I can get! Check out Lodge Cast Iron here!



Nontoxic Cookware

The 360 waterless cookware is unlike anything else I've used!


2) Best Stainless Steel Cookware – 360 Cookware

I have found the best of the best when it comes to stainless steel cookware – it is 360 Cookware!  I have a whole review on this waterless cookware line that you can check out here. 

Now, I’ve always wondered about the safety of stainless steel cookware when it comes to leaching metals into food.  I wasn’t so sure about it.  However, after looking into 360 I’m convinced this is one of the safest options out there when it comes to nontoxic cookware.  A 360 cookware pot or pan has a layer of T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel first, then the next layer is Aluminum Alloy- which helps to conduct heat throughout the cookware, and then the third layer is T-400 Series Stainless Steel.  Since the aluminum alloy is in the middle it never comes into contact with your food. Many companies are using scrap metal and calling it stainless steel.  The scrap metal could be from anywhere and often is from China.  You end up not knowing what your stainless steel actually contains.  I also love that it’s surgical grade stainless steel!  This is what they use in your body if you were having surgery for something particular- next level that they use the highest quality.

360 is unique because not only is it U.S. made surgical stainless steel, but it’s also manufactured in the U.S.  So everything is sourced and made here in the United States- so cool!  I love knowing exactly where they’re sourcing the product and how it’s being made.  360 doesn’t spare any detail when making their product- it truly is unlike any other stainless steel cookware!

If you’ve looked into cookware in the past you may have been met with the idea that the more layers the better when dealing with cookware.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the truth.  More layers isn’t better but the thickness of the layers is what you want to consider.  360 has one of the thickest layers overall at .11″.  Ensuring you can feel safe about what you’re cooking your food in! Can't recommend 360 Cookware enough, it's really one of the best options out there for those of us concerned about toxic chemicals!  Use coupon code: gurlgonegreen25 for 25% off through December 31, 2021!  Check out all of 360 Cookware here!


Nontoxic Cookware

Caraway Cookware is comes with lids with a ventilating hole.


3) Best Ceramic Coated Cookware – Caraway Cookware

I have a whole review on Caraway Cookware here as it is definitely one of my favorites!  Not only do these ceramic pots look sleek, but they perform so well too.  They are made using a mineral based coating that doesn’t leach into your food while cooking.  They also emit 60% less C02 than traditional non-stick coatings.  

They first start with an aluminum and stainless steel base and then cover it with the mineral based coating- the aluminum is completely covered and does not leach into the food.  The mineral coating is free of lead, cadmium and teflon.  As with most ceramic pots and pans it is a mineral-based coating made of silica, oxygen, binders, and color pigments.

People used to be concerned about the mineral coating chipping but I’ve found high quality ceramic pots and pans don’t do that.  It’s the poor quality, usually inexpensive ones that tend to chip or wear off after a short amount of time.  As I like to say- you get what you pay for! Plus, with correct use and care, they will also last much longer.

Caraway Cookware is definitely high quality.  Very durable and stain resistant.  I haven’t had any issues with stains or discolorations.  It really continues to look as good as the day I got it!  Something I really love about the cookware is that it is also very easy to clean.  All you need is some warm soapy water and a scrub pad and it cleans things up really well. I included Caraway Cookware in my picks for best non toxic, non stick pans here! You can check out all of Caraway Cookware’s options here!


Nontoxic Cookware

This is an all ceramic cookware line.


4) Best 100% Ceramic Cookware – Xtrema

This type of cookware is made of 100% ceramic – from the glaze on the cookware to the core. Ceramic is awesome because it's completely inert- meaning it won't leach any harmful toxins no matter how long you're cooking or the heat level.  

All of Xtrema has been tested for heavy metal content and is free from glues, polymers, coatings and dyes. If you want to see their testing results check them out here.  It heats very evenly.  You can take a dish from the fridge to the stove or oven- it's very versatile. It also can withstand high temperatures.  It's easy to clean Xtrema cookware too, with just using warm soapy water.  You can also use baking soda or an abrasive scrubby if you need to.  

The best way to heat an Xtrema is to turn the heat on low or low medium.  Since it's so great at heat conduction you don't need or want to crank the heat up to high.  Doing this would result in foods sticking or burning.  It's best to turn the heat on a couple minutes before you start cooking and then add a little cooking oil once it's heated.  I like avocado oil, ghee or coconut oil.  Don't add the oil to a cold pan, wait until it's heated up or it will cause foods to stick.  

I have their 8-inch Versa Braiser.  It's nice because it has a lid and can be used for cooking meats, quiches, casseroles etc, but also can be used for cooking eggs with. However, while I love the concept of Xtrema I find it very hard to work with overall even after years of working with it. There is a large learning curve and for an everyday pan it was hard to get the hang of it.  It is different from cooking with either stainless steel or cast iron.   Check out Xtrema here!

Nontoxic Cookware

Porcelain Cookware first starts with cast iron and then is dipped in a porcelain enamel.


5) Best Porcelain Enamel Cookware – Le Creuset

There has been a lot of confusion I've noticed about this type of nontoxic cookware.  It is cast iron but then has been given a coating of enamel.  This enamel is a type of glass.  It is completely safe.  There has been some controversy about the enamel being made of clay and therefore having lead but from various tests performed on it, there has been no lead detection reported.  

A common brand you may think of is Le Creuset.  Their cookware is made in France.  One might think that porcelain enamel is similar to cast iron and that is true, but it does have it's differences.  Porcelain Enamel will not rust where regular cast iron can if not seasoned properly.  Also, porcelain enamel won't leach iron because of the coating, where cast iron will.  

Porcelain enameled is also nice to have for acidic foods like chili or spaghetti sauces.  Acidic foods as I mentioned above can strip cast iron of it's seasoning, especially when simmered for a long period of time.  For cleaning you can use some mild dish soap on it and a scrub pad of some kind.  For stubborn stains or food that's stuck you can boil some water in it with a few tablespoons of baking soda.  Let it sit for a few hours or overnight.  

**Personally I love having a porcelain enamel skillet on hand for a nontoxic cookware option too.  It's great for using with acidic foods or making stir frys, soups, or stews.  I would stick with Le Creuset.  To my knowledge they are the only ones that have been tested for lead content and come back negative.  The only small trace amounts that were found were on the outside of the lids and pots where there was some color but not inside.  Also, I'm a skeptic of things made in China as they have been known to have higher metal content and most of the other porcelain enameled is made there. Check out Porcelain Enamel cookware here!


Nontoxic Cookware

Anchor Hockings is one of the best glass cookware options.


6) Best Glass Cookware – Anchor Hockings

This is a great non toxic cookware that is also a budget friendly option and easily available.  Anchor Hockings is definitely one of the most common glass cookware companies.  It is inert, meaning it doesn't add or take away from the food. I have several casserole/baking dishes that I use for both casseroles and special desserts.  I also have a round glass dish with a lid that's great for soups or stews that I use a lot.  For making bread I like to use a glass bread loaf pan too.  

**Glass is a great option for those starting to detox their cookware and looking for accessible and budget friendly options.  I really love Anchor Hockings because it's made in the U.S.! Check out this great set by Anchor Hocking here!

Nontoxic Cookware

This Oster waffle maker is made with titanium and doesn't contain the harmful PFOA and PTFE.


7) Best Non Toxic Bakeware – Stainless Steel, Stone and more!

When it comes to baking you can definitely use a lot of the cookware I mentioned above, but there are also some more options I wanted to mention. For the ones mentioned above you can use cast iron to bake breads or porcelain enamel for desserts such as crumbles, cobblers or pies.  

Also, glass cookware is a great option for baking too, as well as stainless steel.  Stainless steel is especially nice for cookie sheets or cake pans! These are a great option for stainless steel cookie sheets! If you're still concerned about the possible metal leakage just use some parchment paper.  I love this brand that doesn't leach any toxic chemicals. I always use parchment paper when baking because it makes clean up so much easier and is sometimes essential when making cakes. You can also get stainless steel muffin trays. I also like these nontoxic paper muffin liners.   I really love these stainless steel cake pans.  They feel sturdy and don't have the nonstick coating. 

Another option I haven't talked about is stone cookware.  They have stone baking sheets, loaf pans and cake pans.  I personally haven't used them.  I know that you have to be really careful when cleaning as you can't use soap or get them wet.  They're also heavier too. Rada is a good American made brand that is lead free. 

I also get asked about nontoxic donut pans a lot.  This is the one I have and love!  **When it comes to bakeware I think about what you use the most and swap that out first.  As I mentioned earlier, you can always buy some nontoxic parchment paper and use that as a protectant too.

I really like this nontoxic griddle.  It has worked great for us when cooking pancakes, tortillas and crepes.  I also love this Oster Titanium Infused Waffle Maker that is free from PFOA and PTFE.

I have never used silicone for cooking or baking other than some silicone muffin liners.  However, I stopped using them because I started to wonder if they were actually safe.  I had read a lot of information saying there just isn't enough research out there yet and I agree.  Until more long term studies come out, I'm going to stick with using silicone when food isn't heated or cooked.  


What is the absolute safest cookware for your health?

It really comes down to personal preference when it comes to the safest cookware for your health and where you are at in your own personal health journey.  Also, what you are most comfortable using.  Many people just want the ease of use similar to conventional nonstick cookware, in that case I would recommend Caraway Cookware.  If you’re wanting the safest stainless steel I would definitely go with 360 Cookware.  If you want a budget friendly option, cast iron is a great place to start.  As I always say, the absolute safest cookware is the one you’ll use!


What is the best non toxic cookware?

I've personally been using 360 Cookware and Caraway Cookware the most!  I have different pots and pans from each cookware company and find I use some of the pots for certain things.  I really love 360 Cookware because of the nutrients it leaves in my food and the flavor profile that is left.  With Caraway Cookware I like the ease of use and knowing my hubs can quickly whip something up.

The biggest takeaway I hope you are getting is that I highly recommend switching out your cookware! It is something you use all the time and the cumulative effect is great.  Even if you could replace one item every quarter, by the end of the year you would have a whole new cookware set! While some of the cookware sets are more pricey, there are definitely budget options as well. Get started today!


What is your favorite non toxic cookware?


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November Clean Beauty Box Roundup

November Clean Beauty Box Roundup

Another month brings another clean beauty box roundup!  This month we are seeing boxes from Beauty Heroes and The Detox Box.  I've got the full scoop for you below.


Beauty Heroes: KHUS Khus

Beauty Heroes hits it out of the park again with their Khus Khus box!

I've long been a fan of Khus Khus and was excited to see them in this month's box.  The line was birthed from an herbalist, yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic health practitioner Kristi Blustein. She believes plants are our allies and shares this in her products.  I love how she combines the science of Ayurveda and ancient art of alchemy in her formulations.  Khus Khus was founded in Denver, Colorado where every product is made by hand in their lab.  Their sourcing is impeccable with 99% of their ingredients from organic growers.

LEMON Body Potion- This body soufflé is what skin hydrating ingredients are made of.  It really envelops you in all senses.  The scent is a bright lemon that lifts your spirits and sandalwood and Bulgarian rose that help to add a soothing calmness to the Body Potion.  It has a whipped consistency that is too good!  It has anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties, and overall hydration.  This Potion packs a serious punch. My skin loves it!  It soaks right in leaves it silky smooth. It also acts like a natural fragrance- keeping you smelling fresh and bright.  

D DROP Humectant Factor- This is a humectant serum that draws moisture to the skin.  It is filled with watermelon ferment which is loaded with water.  It gives the skin vitamin A which helps to lock in the hydration.  The French peppermint in the formula adds a refreshing and cooling sensation to the product.  It also contains hemp liposomes which are water based that also help to soothe, calm and offer antioxidant benefits from CBD.  I love applying it right after cleansing and my hydrosol to lock in moisture and to prep my skin for my oils or moisturizer.  It also provides a great smooth canvas for makeup.

This Beauty Heroes Discovery is valued at $126, but you can get it for $58.95!  Get it here before they sell out.

The Detox Box: Odacite

Seeing Odacite in this month's Detox Box!

Odacite is in the house this month for The Detox Box and I couldn't be more excited!  Odacite is a blend of clean California and French formulas that offer high-quality, targeted solutions for skin at any age.  The founder battled breast cancer and after she was determined to revamp her beauty routine.  She wanted high quality, effective French skincare, yet with the purity she desired.  So naturally she created her own line and Odacite was born.

Montana Harvest Omega Oil Cleanser- This cleanser has a blend of rich oils, from sea buckthorn, hemp and safflower.  This helps to not strip the skin but get rid of dirt in the pores.   Your skin stays nourished and hydrated, while also getting clean.  It has a sweet basil and lemongrass scent to it.  I love how it smells!  It leaves your skin feeling completely clean and balanced.  Great for the winter months as skin needs a little extra hydration.

Creme de la Nuit Restorative Night Cream- This night cream is a pretty bubble gum hued color.  It intensively moisturizes and hydrates the skin, leaving behind a luxurious feel.  It has a blend of botanicals from ashwagandha, pomegranate, and blue-green algae.  The formula not only brightens the skin but also plumps it all while you're sleeping.  They even included a Mon Ami Facial Acupressure Beauty Tool that not only helps you get product out of the jar but also doubles as a acupressure tool.  Warm the tool between your fingers and then use the tool across your face to relieve tension- so fun!

This Detox Box is valued at $166, but you can get it for $57.99!  Get it here before they sell out.

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