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Valentine’s Gifts For The Green Girl

Valentine’s Gifts For The Green Girl

Ok, maybe most of us are too old to be handing out Valentine's Day cards but we can certainly still get…I mean give gifts! ūüôā Since most of you are probably women reading this, I thought I would share my top gift ideas for Valentine's Day with you all. ¬†(Hint, this is where you send this post to your honey and hope they get the memo). ¬†Ok, now that we've cleared that up, let me share with you my top picks!

I've got some green beauty, some subscription boxes and some special green beauty collections.

Subscription Boxes-

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Beauty Heroes  I don't mean to beat a dead horse but this box isn't going anywhere and is just so good!  If you want the best of green beauty then I highly suggest you jump on this train.  Each month you get delivered one full size 100% non-toxic hero product plus deluxe size sidekick products.  You get to really experience each product to the fullest.  You can either purchase a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription.  The best gift for the green beauty addict!

Ecocentric MomРAre you a new mom or know a new mom, or have kids at any age?  This may be the perfect gift for them.  This box tailors your curation each month according to your stage of motherhood.  You can pick the pregnancy box, mom and baby box or mom box.  As a mom of two tikes it's nice to have a box that relates so well to this season of life I'm going through.  From baby lotions, food bars, facial lotion for mama and so much more-this box really encompasses so much.  I was really impressed with how much was in the box!  It's not all about baby, but it's also not all about mama, the box does a good job of remembering everyone.  A nice treat for a mama to get each month who may need a little fun mail! $24.99 per month or subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months.

KloverboxРThis is a great box for those that are wanting a more lifestyle approach to green living.  From beauty products, home, nutrition, this box covers a little of everything.  It's all cruelty free as well!  I love seeing what's in my box each month.  From eco toothbrushes, home cleaning spray, hair products and so much more-every month keeps me guessing and on my toes.  A great option for introducing you to new product that you may have not heard of otherwise.  Plus, it's a serious steal!  At $25 a box, this box is a great budget friendly option.  You can also purchase memberships at 3, or 6 months.

Green Beauty Picks-

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Live Inspired Organics Body Velvet & Sugar ScrubРI recently just tried their body velvet(body butter) and their sugar scrub in Peace a Vanilla Essence scent.  It smells so amazing!  It's been really hard to find a vanilla scent in body products in green beauty.  I love the simplicity of vanilla and how it's not overpowering at all.  The combination of vanilla with hints of peppermint chocolate, mandarin and clove.  Completely natural and non-toxic.  If the scent doesn't get you the formula will!  The consistency of the Body Velvet is so smooth and literally soaks right into your skin.  No greasy residue left behind.  I'm obsessed!  Moving on to the sugar scrub-where do I start??  They nailed it with the sugar scrub.  My skin feels so soft but not slippery, just completely smooth and hydrated.  The combination of the oils and sugar are perfect-not rough at all.  These two together make the ultimate luxurious treat!  Any woman would love this combo. Use code: gurlgonegreen for 20% off plus free shipping!

Hynt Beauty MascaraРThis mascara is loved not just by me but by a ton of other green beauty bloggers.  And for good reason!  It works and gives your lashes the three musts for any mascara- volume, separation, and length.  Now what women doesn't want her lashes to look all that and a bag of chips?!  This mascara will do the job-minus all the nasty ingredients.  Plus, mascara is fool proof, you don't have to think about which color to get-hint go with black. Oh and free shipping always on Hynt's website. Your welcome!

Josh Rosebrook Ethereal Botanical Fragrance– Now what doesn't say Valentine's Day like some good ol' perfume! ¬†Now, this isn't your ordinary headache inducing perfume but rather a truly natural fragrance-that mind you smells Ah-mazing! ¬†This is the first natural spray perfume that really lives up to the hype. ¬†It doesn't smell too natural/essential oil like…know what I mean? ¬†Instead it smells musky, woodsy, and warm. ¬†I get hints of vanilla…swoon! It stays put too, compared to other natural fragrances. ¬†AND my hubs loves it-the biggest win! ¬†Want to wow that special someone with a luxe natural fragrance? ¬†Then this is it. ¬†$145

Osmia SoapsРThese soaps are truly a special soap anyone would love getting.  The packaging alone is drool worthy- you won't want to unwrap it, but then you will because you'll smell the amazing scent and can't help but peek inside.  The coffee mint soap wakes me up every morning, who needs coffee when you have coffee soap?!  This coffee plus the mint is a match made in soap heaven.  Did I mention how pretty the soap looks too?!  Gorgeous.  Oh and if you're not into coffee or mint, there are a ton of other scents to choose from.

Lily Lolo Smoke and Mirrors PaletteРThis smoky eyeshadow palette is such a fun addition to any green beauty's collection.  It offers a ton of colors and is bound to match any eye color.  Great for those who are just getting into green beauty to and might not have switched their eyeshadow collection over yet.  Did I mention the price-$34, a steal indeed for all the shadow colors offered!

True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture MaskРNeed a mask to give you that instant glow in 5 minutes?  This is it!  Not only will your skin glow but it will feel so smooth and hydrated.  A powerhouse indeed!  Perfect for putting on before getting ready for the big Valentine's Day date or right before work when you've stayed out too late the night before and need a little pick me up.  Trust me, you'll love this mask.

Kahina Beauty Moisturizing MaskРThis mask is so good.  It just came out not too long ago and I'm addicted.  It feels like a thick lotion when you put it on.  Then it seeps right into your skin the longer you wear it.  When you take it off your skin feels so hydrated and smooth.  Especially great for this winter season.  I can't get enough!  I've never had a mask that moisturized so well.  If you have dry skin or just need some extra hydration during these cold winter months this is it.

Green Beauty Collections-

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Leahlani Sea Collection– Yes, there is a Leahlani Collection and yes you need it. ¬†The Sea Collection comes with the Tropical Infusion Body Oil, Siren Serum and the beloved Mermaid Mask. ¬†A truly decadent collection! ¬†Your skin will literally be radiant from head to toe. ¬†I've tried most of Leahlani's creations and I must say I get smitten with each one…seriously. ¬†They are such skin treats. ¬†The scents of everything take you away to sounds of the ocean, warm summer breezes and serious happiness. ¬†Handmade in Kaui, Hawaii you can't go wrong with any of Leahlani's treasures. ¬†Treat your special someone to something truly decadent.

Lotus Wei Mini Mist CollectionРThis is a great starter kit for anyone wanting to sample all of Lotus Wei's tantalizing mists.  Perfect for travel too!  These mists each have a specific mood they represent.  Whether you want more love with Infinite Love, joy with Joy Juice or Peace with Inner Peace.  They each bring a different state of mind with them.  I have the Infinite Love and spray it all around me everyday to feel emotions of love, endearment, charisma, affection and compassion.  Made from essential oils and real flower essences-nothing toxic about these.  A great gift for someone who wants a little of everything.

The Detox Market's Best of Green Beauty 2016– Each year The Detox Market offers a best of green beauty box for the year. ¬†This year it's full of some serious green beauty faves-eight to be exact. ¬†The Odacite mask is in the box and is definitely an amazing detox mask, that can be catered to your skin depending on what you're needing. ¬† The W3ll People Bio-Bronzer is another fave in the box and I can't forget about RMS Beauty “Un” Powder. ¬†There's much more and they're all great. ¬†This box has a little of everything and would make any green beauty heart happy!

Henne Lip CollectionРThis collection is so luxe!  Henne is known for it's moisturizing lip balm.  Well now you not only get the lip balm in a jar but also in their new tube form and their rose exfoliator.  Your lips will feel hydrated, smooth and ready for some serious kisses from your valentine.  Plus, the box it comes in is so chic!

That wraps up my top picks for Valentine's Day gifts for the green girl!  What are you eyeing for V-Day??

Spring Break Green Beauty Picks

Spring Break Green Beauty Picks

So since Spring is officially here, I figured people were starting to have spring break.  You know the week off you had all through school and college, and then somehow it mysteriously disappeared once you entered the work force?!  Hopefully you're heading somewhere sunny for spring break, I thought I would round out my top picks on what I'm bringing with me.  After all, I'll take any excuse to snag some green beauty loot!

My top spring break green beauty picks include a little of everything, from best tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, to coffee scrub(hello cellulite), and a spring scent that will make you want to dance all night.

Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage SPF 30 tinted moisturizer-

I'm going to be reviewing more products from Marie Veronique in the future but for now, I just had to tell you about this tinted moisturizer with spf 30.  It's not like other tinted moisturizers with sunscreen I've used that leave my skin feeling greasy and shiny.  This one actually feels hydrating when applied, but then settles into the skin perfectly with no sheen.  I'm addicted!  Not to mention, the sunscreen in it is full spectrum, non-nano and 30?!  That's hard to find.  It comes in extra light, light and medium.  I chose light and it's a perfect match.  It isn't super heavy coverage but just enough to even your skin out and look pulled together.  Plus, when I'm on vacation I always go with less, especially when I'm prancing around in the water.  I love that it comes in a glass pump bottle too, so easy to use.  I'll be wearing this all spring and summer.   Trust me, you will love it! $48


INA DAYLE Coffee Time Body Scrub & Lip Scrub-

Not only will this wake you up in the shower, but also target those stubborn little dimples.  I mean swimsuit season is here peeps, and we all could use a little help evening out skin tone.  This scrub is made from just a handful of natural ingredients.  It smells like a fresh cup of coffee and leaves your skin silky smooth.  Let's just say I'm addicted.  I also have the Pucker Lip Scrub from INA DAYLE as well, and I've been using it in the morning as a little pick me up.  It has a cinnamon coffee smell that is divine!  My lips can get chapped and peel in warm or cold weather, so this will be the perfect companion for a sunny spring break trip.  Plus, spring break can mean late nights, and what better way to wake up then to some coffee scrubs!  Oh and did I mention they both come in these really cute glass jars?  Yeah, I'm a fan.  INA DAYLE has been so kind to offer 10% off your purchase using code: gurlgoneID.  Snag some before your trip here!  $22 & $18

organic+coffee+body+scrub                     pucker+up+organic+lip+scrub-1

Kahina Essaouira Perfume-

Who doesn't want to smell good for spring break?!  This perfume just came out not too long ago, and has me craving sunny weather like nobody's business.  It comes in this chic little glass roll on-so easy to take with you on a trip.  The scent is perfect for spring, light and airy.  With notes of rose, sandalwood, geranium, lavender and petitgrain, it will have you thinking happy thoughts.  I love being able to still wear perfume, and know it's completely natural.  All the essential oils in Kahina's perfumes are steam distilled.  Snag one of these if you want to smell yummy!  $78


Kostmatology Herbal Fresh Body Wash and Scrub-

Kostmatology recently came out with a new scent for their body wash and scrub and I'm loving it!  I love anything with mint, and this is made with spearmint and rosemary-a match made in scent heaven.  I've been using both and can't get enough.  It makes you crave the lightness of spring and sunny days.  My husband is obsessed with the scrub, I've had to tell him to rotate, because he uses it everyday!  Both the scrub and body wash give your skin that fresh tingly feeling.  They remind you spring is here, and summer is just around the corner.  I love anything Kostmatology.  Janis the founder, uses only the best ingredients and nothing harsh.  My skin always feels moisturized when I'm done using her products.  If you haven't used their hand soap yet, get on it-it's the best I've tried!  My hands never get dry.  Check out my review of it here.  $11.99 & $18.99

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DeVita Solar Body Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen-

This is the perfect all over body mineral sunscreen. ¬†It just contains zinc oxide, offering both UVA and UVB, an SPF of 30+ and is of course non-nano. ¬†It doesn‚Äôt make you look like a ghost either! ¬†Best of all it works! ¬†I love that this is fragrance free as well. ¬†It feels more like a lotion, than an oily sunscreen. ¬†They also state on their website that they‚Äôre safe for the ‚Äúgluten sensitive.‚ÄĚ ¬†It gets two thumbs up from me for it‚Äôs large size too. ¬†Sometimes on vacation I‚Äôll need to bring a couple because the size is so small, but DeVita‚Äôs is a large 7 oz. tube! ¬†$27.95


That sums up my spring break green beauty picks!  What are some must have green beauty items you're bringing with you?