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50 Natural Gift Ideas

50 Natural Gift Ideas

There’s two weeks until Christmas and I’ve got 50 natural gift ideas to help keep you on the right track when it comes to all your holiday shopping.  These 50 natural gift ideas are tried and true favorites of mine that could be used as a stocking stuffer, gift for mom, sister, hubs, and friend.  I’ve got your back!


50 Natural Gift Ideas:

  • Blue Lotus Roobios Chai Tea- I love this chai tea! I can’t do caffeine so when I found this caffeine free chai I was over the moon.  It comes in this cute little tin with scooper.  I steam some of this coconut milk, add some stevia drops and it’s tastes like a serious treat!  Get it here!
  • Honest Beauty Mascara- This is hands down my favorite natural beauty mascara- obsessed!  And it’s the cheapest one too!  Get it here.
  • Fitglow Beauty Lip Serums- Anyone would love to get one of these!  From sister, to mom- they are the best little lip product.  Completely clean, hydrating, and filled with antioxidants to keep your lips looking fresh and young. Get them here!
  • Minted- I love everything Minted does.  From holiday cards, stationary, framed art, framed photos- I use them every year for our holiday cards and I’m always so happy with them.  I also love their framed art!  Check out Minted here!
  • Leahlani Mermaid Mask- Not sure what to get your teenage daughter?  Or maybe a co-worker?  This is it.  This mask works with any skin type and leaves you glowing afterwards.  Plus, it’s super budget friendly!  Get it here!
  • Beautycounter Countertime Collection- Would it even be a gift guide without this natural skincare collection in it?  This is it when it comes to clean skincare that gives results!  Plant-derived retinol doesn’t mess around. Get it here! 
  • Ursa Major Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant- My hubs and I just starting using this a couple weeks ago and are officially obsessed!  Get it here!
  • Fed and Fit’s Cook Once Eat All Week Cookbook- I love how easy this cookbook sets you up for success for the week.  Eating healthy shouldn’t have to be complicated and Cassy makes it so simple with this cookbook.  Get it here!
  • Madewell Beanie- I’ve been living in this beanie for quite some time now.  It’s cozy and chic all rolled into one. Check out the colors here!
  • No More Dirty Looks- This book is where it all started for me 10 years ago in my journey into natural beauty.  It may be a little dated but the principles still ring true.  They simplify the whole clean beauty process.  Get it here!
  • Rachel Hollis Start Today Journal- I got this for my birthday and I’m obsessed!  It walks you through prompts each day in living out your goals and life.  Such a simple practice with profound impact.  Get it here!
  • The Detox Box Subscription- This natural beauty box doesn’t just have skincare, but makeup and hair products.  A little of everything.  Anyone would be thrilled to get this box each month!  Get it here!
  • Organic Sheets- Since we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, it’s important to know what you’re sleeping on.  We love these organic sheets! Get them here!
  • Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat- This book basically helps you learn the fundamentals of good cooking and breaks it down easily.  Since we know cooking our food ourselves yields so much more nutrition, it’s important to know the basics of cooking.  Get it here!
  • Four Sigmatic Cacao Mix- This hot cocoa is not only clean but it takes it to the next level with added mushrooms- a superfood.  Don’t worry you can’t taste the mushrooms. Get it here!
  • Instant Pot- Basically anyone can benefit from this and it will make your life SO much easier.  I cook meat, soups, eggs, oatmeal- it does everything!  Get it here!
  • Stainless Steel Dehydrator- I love my dehydrator and I’ve gotten several questions about a stainless steel one. I wasn’t aware of one until now!  It looks so chic and it’s not made of plastic- what more could you want?!  Get it here!  
  • Salt Lamp- This is not only a great night light but also great for helping reduce EMF’s, provide air purification and create a sense of calm.  I have one on my night stand.  Get one here!
  • Mark and Graham Scarf- My friend just bought me this scarf as a gift for Christmas and I love.  It’s monogrammed and so beautiful!  Get one here!
  • Deep Nutrition Book- This book will change your life if you let it!  I couldn’t put it down.  Back by so much research it will get you eating life giving foods in no time.  Get it here!
  • Kasandrinos Olive Oil- If you have a foodie in your family, this is the gift.  It’s authentic olive oil from Greece.  The flavor is insane!  I always tell people about it and they fall in love.  Get it here!
  • Hair Barrettes- These chic hair barrettes are so fun!  Barrettes have made a come back.  These offer a feminine touch with the pale pink and tortoise look.  Get them here!
  • Flawless in Five- This makeup set from Beautycounter is the perfect set to give for someone transitioning over to clean beauty.  It takes the guesswork out of shopping at 5 different online stores too!  Get it here!
  • Elite Fuel- Looking for a pre-workout drink that isn’t loaded with chemicals?!  This is it!  Elite Fuel is made by a naturopathic doctor and works.  My hubs is obsessed.  Get it here!
  • Activ Whey Protein Powder- This is my favorite protein powder.  It is squeaky clean and feels so light.  I never feel bloated or heavy after taking it.  Finding a decent protein powder is no small feat these days.  Read more on why I love this protein powder so much here.  And buy it here!
  • True Botanicals Advanced Hydration Mask- This mask is a favorite for the winter season when skin can feel parched and dry.  This gives your skin all the moisture and hydration it craves during this colder season.  Get it here!
  • Hot Tools Nano Ceramic Curling Iron- I love this curling iron! It not only gives me lasting curls but it helps protect my hair from heat damage.  Plus, it adds shine to my hair!  Get it here!
  • GHD Flat Iron- This award winning flat iron is the best.  I love how smooth it gets my hair and how it doesn’t pull my hair when I curl my hair with it too.  Check it out here!
  • Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray- Switching over your hair spray is one of the best things you can do for the health of you and the environment.  Conventional hair sprays are loaded with the worst chemicals.  This is the best natural hair spray in clean beauty!  Get it here!
  • Beautycounter Lip Sheers- I don’t know who wouldn’t love one of these lip sheers!  They are perfect for a teenager, young adult, mom, and grandma.  They add a pop of color and lots of hydration.  Get them here!
  • Primally Pure Deodorant- This deodorant takes the cake when it comes to smelling clean and squeaky clean ingredients.  I love the blue tansy and my hubs loves the charcoal!  Get them here!
  • Atomic Habits Book- Everyone and anyone should read this!  Who doesn’t want to start a good habit and have it actually stick?  This book breaks it down for you and makes it easy to do the things you set out to do.  Get it here!
  • Jade Roller- This is perfect for any skincare aficiando.  It helps to de-puff and increase circulation, as well as minimize fine lines.  Get your jade roller here!
  • The Sill- This is the perfect gift for someone who lives far away.  You can send them a plant.  Plants not only help clean the air but have been shown to help with mood.  I’ve sent this as a gift before and my friend loved it!  Get them here!
  • Patagonia Pullover- I’ve had this for over a year and love it!  I wear it all the time and always get compliments on it.  Worth every penny.  Get it here!
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses- These are essential, especially if you’re looking at a screen the whole day.  Now they have super chic ones.  Check them out here!
  • Quay Sunglasses- I get compliments on these sunglasses all the time!  They help cover up puffy eyes and are so chic looking.  Get them here!
  • Nut Pods- Do you have someone who is obsessed with creamer but the really bad kind?  Then get them these!  They are made with nut milk and not dairy and no artificial ingredients.  Get them here!
  • Live Botanical Glowing Honey Mask- It wouldn’t be a gift guide if I didn’t include this on it.  I’m obsessed with this little mask.  I use it in the morning before I brush my teeth and when I remove it, I’m left with glowing skin.  Get it here!
  • West Elm Bedding- I love their organic blankets and coverlets- so chic but also sustainably sourced.  Get them here!
  • Simplified Planner- This planner is super cute but also super practical.  Get a head start on the new year with a planner.  Get them here!
  • Beautycounter Cream Blush- I love a good cream blush for winter.  It makes skin look dewy and youthful, especially during the cold weather.  Get one here!
  • Kosas Lipsticks- I love a good Kosas lipstick!  The pigment, longevity and color options are so good.  If you’re looking for a red, get Electra- you’ll be getting compliments left and right.  Check them out here!
  • Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliation- Say hello to your favorite exfoliant.  No matter how many products you use, if you don’t have a good exfoliant, your skin isn’t going to glow.  This is the best one in clean beauty!  Get it here!
  • Innersense Whipped Cream Texturizer- I use this product everyday on my girl’s hair and on mine and my hub’s uses it.  You could say it’s well loved.  It helps to define curls, eliminate frizz and smooth hair, as well as add a bit of texture.  I can’t recommend it enough!  Get it here! 
  • Josh Rosebrook Serum Spray- Looking for a heat protectant spray, that also helps to smooth and eliminate frizz?  This is it.  I spray it on before I blow dry.  Get it here!
  • Eco Tan Self Tanner- Looking for a self tanner that warms up your complexion and doesn’t look orange?  Then check out Eco Tan.  Coventional self tanners are filled with so many toxic chemicals, not this one!  Get it here!
  • Osmia Organics Soaps- These are more like works of arts versus just a bar of soap.  They are packaged so beautifully.  The perfect hostess gift, stocking stuffer or Christmas gift.  Check out all the scents here!
  • 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask- These under eye masks help eliminate under eye puffiness in minutes.  Anyone could use these.  Get them here!
  • -Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser- This is the essential oil diffuser I have and love!  It looks modern and blends well into decor.  I like that it isn’t plastic and has 3 hour continuous or 7 hour interval settings. Plus, you can get it on Amazon!  Get your Vitruvi here!


That concludes my 50 natural gift ideas!  Tell me what’s one of your best gift ideas?


Here are some more gift guides:


50 natural gift ideas

Sharing my 50 natural gift ideas on the blog.

Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Sharing my healthy postpartum meal prep with you in my newest video.  Everything from how I went about prepping before I actually prepped the day of and what I used to store the food in.  I’m even sharing all the recipes in my free download, along with all the food storage options I used!  

Watch the video here!!

I didn’t use plastic to store any of the food, but also didn’t spend a ton of money on glass food storage containers either.  Check out the storage options I used in my free download here.

Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Sharing all my healthy recipes I made for my postpartum meal prep.

Most of the meals are paleo friendly and all of them are gluten free.  You can find them all linked in the free download below. I made a month’s worth of food over a 2 day period and I’m sharing how I did it in the video- check it out below. 

I would love to hear if you’ve meal prepped after baby and what that looked like! Leave me a comment. 

Also, check out my post on how to make the best green smoothie!  I will be making these for breakfast each morning.  They are full of nutrients and actually taste delicious.  You can grab my recipes there too. 



Healthy Postpartum Meal Prep

Sharing all my tips and tricks for postpartum meal prep in my new video!

Organic California Travel Guide

Organic California Travel Guide

So excited to share my Organic California Travel Guide with you!  If you’ve been following me then you know I took a 2 week trip throughout California hitting up some of the best organic food, and eco resorts.  California has it all when it comes to living out a natural lifestyle.  Their produce is some of the best, the ocean is always a welcome calming playground and when it comes to eating out they’ve got the natural and organic menus down to a science.  Oh and they have loads of sunshine!

I wanted to outline all my favorites after traveling there for so many years and also share some of my favorite resorts and lodging accommodations with you.  Whether you’re traveling with your family, a significant other or just by yourself, I’ve got something for everyone.

I’ll be sharing my favorite places by city so you’ll know exactly where to find them.  California is one place where any organic and natural traveler can have their cake and eat it too!  They have a little of everything.  You will be sure to have the best time and come back refreshed and with a full belly.


Laguna Beach organic

There’s nothing like playing at the beach in your dress!


Laguna Beach, California

I mean what’s not to love about Laguna Beach?  Really nothing.  It’s the quintessential little beach town.  Standing on one of the highest points it almost looks like a little Italian coastal village.  The shops are all quaint and easy to access, as well as the beach area.  There’s a playground on the beach where the kids can play, volleyball games taking place and lots of sunbathing.  Everyone who lives there seems to loves it.  It feels like you step back in time a little to a slower pace.  I love how walkable the little city is.  Bottom line, if you haven’t been then you need to go- it won’t disappoint.

We had the pleasure of staying at one of the finest resorts there.  It was truly a little getaway even from the hustle and bustle of Laguna Beach.  I wanted to share my full experience as this resort is one of kind and truly special, especially when it comes to sustainability.


The Ranch At Laguna Beach Review

Sharing my full experience staying at The Ranch At Laguna Beach.


The Ranch At Laguna Beach

Check out the video below to take a peek inside The Ranch!

Where do I even begin with this gem?  It was such a treat to stay here.  If you want to feel completely relaxed, away from it all, yet still close to the action- The Ranch At Laguna Beach is it.  You feel completely carried away into the resort’s slower chill pace.  It’s between the canyon and the beach.  You wake up to birds chirping and golf games happening.  You can easily get right to the heart of Laguna Beach quickly, but it feels nice to be away from it all as well.

Trust me, you won’t get bored.  There’s a salt water pool- yes salt water, I was ecstatic to find this out.  Also, Sycamore Spa complete with facials, massage, wraps, scrubs and a co-ed infrared sauna.  You can easily get a golf cart lift to the beach where you can enjoy dining at their Lost Pier Cafe.  Of course the Ben Brown’s 9 hole golf course can keep you busy.  And don’t you worry about food, there is plenty to go around at The Ranch.  From their Harvest restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as has a full bar.  If you’re wanting a more casual feel Ben’s Pantry is a great pick, or even grab some food in your room through in room dining.


The Ranch At Laguna Beach

We stayed in one of the cottage two bedroom suites.


I love how they have Spring on The Porch Mondays- Saturdays at The Ranch.  Live music is played, corn hole games are on and the fire pits are going with toasty specials.  It feels like grown up glamping.  Plus, you can stargaze at night with their master astronomer. In between all the activities I would recommend just pulling out your favorite book and settling down on your resort rooms porch into a rocking chair- now that’s the good life!  Check out all the activities they offer here.

Of course you know I’m always looking for resorts taking it to the next level when it comes to sustainability and The Ranch At Laguna Beach is a cut above.  I was so impressed with all the efforts they take to make this resort eco friendly.  I had the pleasure of getting a tour of The Ranch and seeing their sustainability practices in action.  There are a few I wanted to highlight.


There Ranch At Laguna Beach

The organic gardens on site is one of my favorite things about the resort!


  • Glass Bottles Repurposed- Every glass bottle on The Ranch is crushed on site into sand and used to fill bunkers on the golf course, filtration in the pool and pavement repairs.  The Ranch is the first resort in America to have a GLSand glass-bottle crusher on site.  It is a compact machine that creates sand like product from glass bottles.  Pretty cool if you ask me!
  • New Eco Water System- The Ranch also installed a new water system in 2015 that uses reclaimed water for watering the resort grounds, including gold course.  This new system will save 21.2 million gallons of water annually.
  • Organic Garden- 1/2 an acre of land is dedicated to organic gardening at The Ranch.  The produce is then used in The Harvest Restaurant by the Chef for seasonal specials, seasonal drinks and for testing new recipes.  They also practice composting as much as they can.  I got a full tour of the garden and it was amazing!  Truly taking farm to table to the next level.
  • National Geographic Unique Lodges Of The World- The Ranch is the first hotel in California to be in The National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.  It is one of only 6 members in the United States alone to hold this title. Such an honor considering the criteria for receiving this recognition is showing a dedication to sustainability, unique local experiences, and superior service and hospitality.
  • Paper Staws- In an effort to reduce plastic use, The Ranch only offers paper straws for use with their partnership with National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.
  • Room Keys- Their room keys are so cool!  As a designer himself that was one of the first things my husband noticed.  Instead of plastic key cards, they are made wooden and bamboo circles.  You can keep them as a souvenir or return to the front desk.  If they do get thrown away they will just dissolve into the soil.  The Ranch estimates that around 25,000 less plastic key cards will not go into a landfill because of this small change.


*Check out all of The Ranch’s sustainability practices here.


Organic California Guide

The bathrooms were my fave!


I can’t forget the rooms.  They are as luxe and relaxing as you would imagine.  I had my husband and two girls with me so we stayed in the two bedroom canyon suite.  It was perfect.  It has a living area downstairs with outside porch and bathroom. Then you go upstairs and you have two bedrooms and a bathroom.  It can technically sleep six since the sofa downstairs pulls out into a bed.  The rooms upstairs are roomy and the closest spacious.  We had more than enough room with our little family.  The beds felt so soft, I slept like a baby.

One of the bedrooms upstairs had a deck off of it as well, complete with rocking chairs.  The bathroom was complete with two sinks and ample room.  Plenty of room for even a larger family.  I loved knowing we could go out and enjoy the activities, yet come back and retreat to our room if we wanted.  A true resort feel.  Check out all their accommodations here! 

If you’re in the Laguna Beach area and you’re wondering where to stay- wonder no more.   The Ranch At Laguna Beach has it all.  It is truly a sustainable resort, leading the way with their efforts.  Even though their sustainability is a hallmark for them, every other detail doesn’t go unnoticed.  You still feel like you’re staying in complete luxury.  This definitely won’t be my last stay at The Ranch, already planning a girl’s trip with my sisters!

Check out The Ranch At Laguna Beach here and book your stay! 



These gluten free and dairy free ice cream sandwiches from hiveXO were off the hook!



A lot of you had recommended this place to me and let’s just say it did not disappoint.  They offer a ton of dairy and gluten free treats that are absolutely delicious.  I got two gluten free chocolate chip cookies between some coconut ice-cream.  Let’s just say it was a match made in ice cream sandwich heaven!  They also list all the ingredients on the label!  Pretty cool to see exactly what you’re eating.  All the ingredients are organic too!  Trust me, you need to go there.  They don’t really have a website, I had just found them on Yelp.  Check them out here!

Some other recs that we didn’t get a chance to try out but people recommended to us are:

  • The Stand Natural Foods
  • Babette’s Newport Beach- not right in Laguna but super close


Newport Beach


I love Newport Beach!  It has the ocean, fun restraints, good shopping and lots of good food.  I love the walking/biking path along the ocean.  Renting bikes there and riding along that path is seriously therapy in itself.  Feels so good.  The beach is always hopping with activity.  I love how you can walk to a lot of things too.  If you get the chance to go, do it!

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach-


We stayed here our first night in Southern California.  I was a little disappointed in the room size.  It felt really small and just not as nice as the photos had shown online.  I’ve learned that internet photos are very deceiving.  I did mention to you on my stories that we were bummed.  My hubs actually went and spoke with them and they ended up giving us a different room in the main hotel.  It was much roomier and the door didn’t hit the bed when you opened it.

I’m not one to complain but the hotel wasn’t cheap by any means and typically when I book a Hyatt I think I’m going to be getting pretty good quality.  Anyways, they were very sweet and accommodating about it all and even comped our parking.  I would stay there again if we were staying in the main building.  The pool was amazing and girls didn’t want to leave it.  It has a slide and water fountains for them to play in.  I also love the location.  It’s close to a lot of fun shopping and restaurants.  Check it out here!


True Food Kitchen

I got the seasonal chicken gluten free wrap from True Food Kitchen- so good!


True Food Kitchen-

I’ve gone to this True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach more times than I can count.  It’s always fun because you can sit outside.  If you haven’t been to a True Food Kitchen you need to go!  This is the holy grail of organic, local, real food.   Dr. Andrew Weil founded True Food Kitchen.  His desire was that food should make you feel better not worse.  They offer gluten free, organic, vegetarian, vegan- really however you want it.  They believe in the anti-inflammatory diet and eating food that truly nourishes the body.  I love their whole mission!  They have so many good options there.  A few of my favorites are: Herb Hummus, Kale Guacamole, Charred Cauliflower, Ancient Grains Bowl, Inside Out Quinoa Burger, Grass-fed Burger, Spaghetti Squash Casserole, and Grass-fed Steak Tacos.  For drinks I love their Kale Aide and Original Ginger “O.G.”- so much goodness there!  Check it out here.


Organic Newport Food

The organic açaí bowls at SEJUICED were nothing short of delicious.



This is a new gem I stumbled upon this last trip.  It is this superfood cafe that is just over the top!  Their standards are amazing, organic, non-GMO, plant based, and dairy free.  They offer smoothies, smoothie bowls, superfood lattes, vegan treats, cold pressed juices, and salad bowls.  I basically had to restrain myself from trying one of everything!  We got the Warrior smoothie bowls and they were delicious.  FYI you could definitely share it with someone, they are huge.  We also got the blue mojo cold pressed juice and raw almond joy bar.  They did not disappoint.  If you have a chance to go there, do it!  Check it out here.


Cafe Gratitude

The Black Bean Burger on a gluten free bun never disappoints.


Cafe Gratitude-

This is a staple I always go to when I’m in Newport Beach.  It’s an all vegan farm to table restaurant.  Side note they’re decor is always on point and so chic.  Every time I go I want to order something new.  I’m not vegan but I do appreciate eating vegan on occasion and the variety of flavors they offer.  If you can go for brunch you should make it happen- so good!  A couple items I love our their guacamole, roasted brussel sprouts, Mucho Mexican Bowl, Magical Black Bean Burger.  Their Effervescent House Gingerale is amazing as well as their Healing Chlorophyll.   You really can’t go wrong with their selections, the atmosphere and overall vibe. Check it out here! 


Organic California Food

Blue Bowl has won my heart for best açaí bowl!


Blue Bowl-

This isn’t technically in Newport Beach but they have several locations not crazy far.  I have to mention it because it’s my favorite açaí bowl place I’ve found!  What makes them so great is you can customize it to your liking.  You literally get to create your own bowl!  Sometimes I find I don’t like what’s being offered on açaí bowl menus.  So this is amazing.  They also offer unique toppings, like chia pudding or steel cut oatmeal.  I love how I can layer different things in.  Trust me, once you try them you will be hooked!  I discovered them last November and every time we are in the area we make a point to stop there.  Check them out here!


Palm Desert


We stayed in Palm Desert for a week with my mom and dad and siblings and their families.  It was so fun!  If you want some heat and sunshine the desert is the place to go for sure.  It was only an hour and 45 minute drive from Newport Beach.  We made most of our meals here since we had a kitchen.  We stocked up at Costco, Whole Foods and Sprouts.


Organic California

We loved staying at the Wyndham Indio Resort!


Club Wyndham In Indio-

We stayed at Club Wyndham in Indio, California.  It’s a little over a 20 minute drive from Palm Desert.  I absolutely loved staying here!  They are condos.  So you have a full kitchen and washer and dryer.  We stayed in a 2 bedroom unit with 2 bathrooms.  We had plenty of room.  The pool was the highlight for sure! Or I should say pools.  They have a main pool that is quite large and offers a lazy river and kiddie/toddler pool, plus hot tubs.  The lazy river was so fun!  You pick up a tube and just plop down and float around the river.  I didn’t want to leave.  They also have another pool and kiddie pool in a separate area of the resort.  The kiddie/toddler pool was so nice!  It is so shallow you didn’t even have to worry about the kids as much and they loved playing in there.  I was kind of surprised how much they liked it.  They also have 2 tennis courts, game room, tons of outdoors grills, fitness center, and playgrounds.  If you’re looking for a family friendly place to getaway, I would definitely recommend it!  Check it out here.


Organic California food

This organic dairy free ice-cream hit the spot!



One night we went out for ice cream to Nitroinfusions.  They actually make the ice-cream right in front of you- pretty cool.  All the kiddos liked that!  All their ice cream is organic and not made with any additives or preservatives since it’s made right in front of you.  They also had some dairy free options that I was excited about.  I got the dairy free chocolate made with coconut milk.  So good!  If you’re needing a sweet treat, check this out here.


Organic California Guide

These were some tasty açaí bowls!


Bowl Of Heaven-

This açaí bowl and smoothie place is super yummy.  My hubs and I both got the Almond Butter Bowl.  This was our dinner one night- super filling and refreshing.  Great after a long day in the sun too!  Check them out here!


Organic California Guide

The little shops and streets are so charming in Santa Barbara.


Santa Barbara

This was my first time in Santa Barbara and I must say I was smitten with all the charm.  It’s so cute.  Seems very European with it’s architecture and close shops.  I love the old world feel it has.  It’s right along the ocean.  Making it fun for outdoor activities.  But they also have so many fun shops I wanted to check out too.  The vibe feels laid back and easy.  We were only there a night, so definitely need to go back to check out all that it has to offer!


Organic California Guide

These bikes were the cutest at Hotel Milo in Santa Barbara.


Hotel Milo-

We stayed at Hotel Milo in Santa Barbara.  I was drawn to it by it’s charm and closeness to the beach.  You literally cross the street and the beach is right there.  I loved looking out and seeing the water.  It’s a boutique hotel.  They have table and chairs outside the rooms where you can sit and eat.  Also, the cutest basket bikes that are complimentary as part of your stay.  It didn’t work for us to use them on this trip but I could see just my hubs and I going back and taking them for a spin.  They offer daily wine tasting from 4-6 pm. I loved how close it was to everything.  I don’t know if I would go there with a group of girls, as the bathroom was really small.  Might make it a little tricky.  But then again maybe not.  Just something to think about.  Check out Hotel Milo here!


Viva Modern Mexican-

This was so good!  My hubs and I both wanted Mexican food when we were there.  Viva offers cauliflower tortillas as an option and organic ingredients.  I ordered the filet mignon tacos and my hubs ordered the steak fajitas.  SO good!  The food tasted fresh and had such a good flavor.  Check them out here! 


Organic Santa Barbara Food

Loved everything about Lilac Patisserie!


Lilac Patisserie-

This was also delicious.  A lot of readers had recommended it to me.  Their whole menu is gluten free, which is amazing and their fruit was all organic.  I got the vegetable quiche which was amazing!  I don’t remember the last time I had quiche!  Typically they aren’t gluten free, so this was a real treat.  My daughter got the homemade gluten free granola with oat milk.  My hubs got the breakfast sandwich and then we got a bowl of organic berries. It was all so good and tasted fresh.  It’s so cute in there too!  You feel like you’ve been transported to a french cafe- not that I know what that feels like haha but it’s what I imagine in my head.  If you get the chance to go there, do it.  Check them out here.


Green Table-

We also made a quick stop at Green Table.  They offer vegan and gluten free food.  I wished we had stayed in Santa Barbara longer but since our stay was so short we just couldn’t eat as much as we wanted- first world problems!  I did want to stop and just check them out.  Their smoothies and juices looked amazing, as well as their matcha menu.  They also had so many salads, and food creations that looked so yummy.  I had to get a little sweet treat while I was there after checking out there raw and vegan desserts.  We all shared a raw matcha mint brownie and a flourless raw chia chocolate-cupcake.  They were tasty to say the least!  Check them out here.


Northern California

We stopped at a couple places on our way down from Washington in Northern California and on our way up from Southern California.  It’s amazing what you can find when you’re looking for healthier food and eco lodging options.


Organic California

The views from Costanoa Lodge of the ocean were amazing!


Costanoa Lodge

I was so excited to stay here!  I had heard great things about them and it sounded like the perfect place to share some special memories with my family.  It is definitely a family friendly place and one of the reasons I was drawn to it in the first place.  It’s right on the coast of northern California.  It’s liking camping but you’re really glamping.  My kind of camping!  They have a variety of options for accommodations.  You can stay in the lodge, the cabins or tent bungalows.  The cabins offer different options depending on your needs. We chose the Coastal Studio RV.  They can accommodate up to 5 family members.  They offer a queen bed, two bunk beds, sleeper sofa, full bathroom with amenities, two flat screen TVs, full refrigerator, microwave, coffee station, front porch, and outdoor picnic deck.  For us a bathroom was important to have in the unit.


Organic California

The Coastal Studio RV was perfect for our family of four!


I was so impressed with how clean everything felt and well maintained!  Even my hubs commented.  I love that all the floors were wood and there was no carpet.  Just felt easy to keep clean.  The bathroom was roomy and nice too.  I also loved having a partial kitchen in the unit.  They had two stovetop burners where you could cook something on.  I want to go back and stay there with my extended family.  It would be the perfect blend of nature, yet still having modern conveniences.  They had playgrounds, fire pits, tons of biking and hiking trails, kayaking, horseback riding, and even yoga.  They even offer guided bird watching tours, stargazing, the-dye workshops, and wine tasting events.  Plus, a spa that offers a variety of massages.  Great after all your outdoor activities. You can even  have group meetings there and weddings.  They were actually setting up for a wedding when we were there.  Check out all their activities here. 


Organic California lodging

The bunk beds were a hit with my girls!


I have to tell you about my experience at their Cascade Restaurant and Bar.  It was over the top amazing!  The food is farm to table and they are committed to organic produce and practices.  They source from local farmers but also have an organic garden that they use for the dishes as well.  I mean how cool is that?!   My husband and I said it was the best meal we had our whole trip.  I wish I had met the chef because I wanted to thank her for all the deliciousness.  We ordered the Deviled Green Eggs and Ham for an appetizer, Rib Eye Steak and the House Salad.  Everything tastes so fresh and bursting with flavor.  It was the best steak ever- clearly my hubs and I are still talking about it!  Sometimes simple foods are the best foods.  I can’t recommend the Cascade Restaurant enough.  They are open for brunch and dinner. Plus, they have a full bar as well.


Organic California Guide

The Cascade Restaurant at the Costanoa Lodge was the best meal we had all trip.


I can’t forget the general store on site.  I was so impressed with their offerings!  Most of the time stores on site can be lacking in the organic food department but not this one.  They offered a lot of local and organic food options.  Especially for packaged goods.  They even had wine you could buy as well.  It was nice knowing if I needed something quick or was in a bind I could make a quick trip there to get it.


Organic California Guide

The deviled egg appetizer was legit at the Cascade Restaurant.


I have been raving about Costanoa since we stayed there!  It feels like a truly relaxing getaway especially in today’s fast paced technology driven world.  Hearing the ocean, smelling the salt air and being surrounded by the ones you loves is definitely a recipe for a good time.  Costanoa offers it all.  Check them out here! 


Organic California Guide

The cauliflower pizza at Pieology was really good.



We ate at this pizza place in Sacramento.  Its not organic but sometimes you just have to do the best you can when you’re on the road.  This is a prime example.  What I liked about it, is they offer cauliflower pizza crust and gluten free pizza crust.  I also avoid meat at places I’m not sure of the sourcing.  For me meat is one I’m picky about.  I got a cauliflower pizza crust and it was great!  All the toppings seemed fresh and I love that they bake it right when you order it.  If you’re needing something kid friendly, and semi-quick this is a decent option.  Check them out here!


Organic California Guide

Nature’s Pantry hit the spot for an off the freeway lunch spot in Yreka.


Nature’s Kitchen-

I was so impressed with this restaurant find!  It’s organic and uses fresh ingredients.  It proves if you do a little digging you really can find so many fun treasures!  We stopped here in Yreka for lunch on our way down through Northern California.  They have an organic menu with vegan and gluten free options.  They also have a small health store attached to it.  I even found my favorite stevia sweetened ginger brew there by Brooklyn Crafted- score!  It’s more of a breakfast, late lunch spot.  They don’t serve dinner.  I got the chicken sandwich and salad.  They had this gluten free bread that was amazing!  I wished I would have asked the server if they made it.  Check them out here!


Roots Juice Bar-

We also stopped at Roots Juice Bar in Redding, California.  One of my good friends from college lives there and we met up there.  She knew I would love it and she was right.  All organic ingredients, they have smoothies, juices, açaí bowls, wraps, and shots.  I got the Popeye Smoothie and added cashews and chia seeds to it- so good.  Definitely worth going!  Check them out here.


That sums up my Organic California Travel Guide.  I hope you found it helpful!  What are some of your favorite organic food and sustainable resorts in California?


Organic California Guide

Sharing all my favorite organic and natural food and lodging in California.


Meet LuckyVitamin: Your one stop shop for natural living

Meet LuckyVitamin: Your one stop shop for natural living

I wanted to share a new online retailer I came across recently, Meet LuckyVitamin: Your one stop shop for natural living.  LuckyVitamin is different than any online retailer I’ve used in the past.

*This post is sponsored by LuckyVitamin, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

I was so intrigued reading LuckyVitamin’s story!  It started as a pharmacy and has turned into an online natural wellness store.  A legacy that’s been passed down for 3 generations.   They have a passion for health, community, and spreading wellness.  

LuckyVitamin takes the guesswork out of living a natural lifestyle.  It’s your one stop shop for all things wellness.  From natural and organic foods, supplements, herbs, baby, health aids, exercise and more!  They literally have it all. 

One thing that I loved when shopping LuckyVitamin was how smooth the whole experience was.  They make it so simple with their easy to navigate website.  You can shop by health concern, by brand, department, by diet and they even offer a specialty tab for those who may have specific needs such as wanting products that don’t contain artificial fragrance.  They really have thought of it all!  

They also have a tab called “Deals” that indicates what sales and promos are happening.  Making sure you don’t miss a thing!

I love their mission statement!

Mission Statement:


Lucky Vitamin Review

LuckyVitamin’s Mission Statement.


They also have a new membership program called LuckyVitamin+ that I joined.  I was so excited to learn of all the perks that came when becoming a member!

You can become a member for $49.95 a year.  This includes so much!


Lucky Vitamin Review

LuckyVitamin takes your health to heart!


What A LuckyVitamin+ Membership Includes:

  • You get an extra 10% off savings that can be stacked with promotions and offers
  • Free standard shipping on orders over $25 (continental US only)
  • A certified personal Wellness Consultant
  • Member exclusive gifts
  • Content and other member-only perks

It’s so easy to become a LuckyVitamin+ Member!  You just add the membership to your cart when shopping and it automatically gives you your savings.  Check out all that the LuckyVitamin+ Membership offers here!

I love that you can also use other rewards with the membership which increases your overall savings.  

The wellness consultant is another huge perk of membership.  Being able to ask an expert about a product or diet really helps so much.  It can seem so confusing sometimes with labels and knowing really what the best option is.  LuckyVitamin takes the guesswork out of it all with wellness consultants.  I love that it’s actually a phone consultation too and not just by email- makes it so much more personable. 


Lucky Vitamin Review

In your order you get a copy of WellPower, a mini publication filled with health inspiration.


The community you gain from LuckyVitamin is also huge!  When you join you are invited to a members only community where you’re able to share healthy tips, recipes and learn from one another in your own health journey.  This is also where you can really get to know your wellness consultants.  

The membership really creates an environment for those wanting to take their health journey to the next level and get all they can from a natural lifestyle.  

Membership is kind of a no brainer!  The amount of savings and benefits you receive really makes such a difference.  Check out LuckyVitamin+ Membership here!


Lucky Vitamin review

I was so excited LuckyVitamin had some of my favorite collagen powder!


On my first order I bought some Primal Kitchen Collagen Powder.  I love knowing that they offer one of my favorite natural proteins.  Plus, I got it for such a deal!   My order was so easy to process and I received it quickly and intact.  

I can’t wait to shop from them again!  They really bridge the gap between so many stores for me and make it so easy to just shop in one place for everything!  I love knowing that I’m also saving time and money.  

Check out all that LuckyVitamin+ membership has to offer here!  

Have you placed an order with LuckyVitamin before?


Lucky Vitamin review

Sharing my LuckyVitamin Review on the blog.

Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Favorite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

So excited to share with you my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets.  Eating real food can seem daunting when you’re first starting out but I’ve found some of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets that have made making real food so much easier.  

Welcome to the #betterforyoucrew! I’ve teamed up with my girls Lisa from This Organic Girl, Sarah from Whoorl, Kate from Root & Revel, Caroline from Olive You Whole and Kristina from Love & Zest to highlight green, yet effective food, beauty and lifestyle products that are rocking our natural mama worlds. This series will publish the last week of every month so check back for the latest. You can also search #betterforyoucrew on our blogs and Instagram to access the entire series. Wanna join in? Tag #betterforyoucrew on social with your picks. We want to see your faves too!  For last month’s post on Natural Hair Routine- check it out here.

Sometimes you just need a good kitchen tool or gadget to really help make the process so much smoother.  They can take you from dreading to cook, to getting excited about real food!  Which is what it’s all about- getting real food on the table.


A couple things to keep in mind-

  • I didn’t buy these all at once.  It was a gradual process.  So don’t feel like you need to get everything on the list unless you have an endless budget for kitchen tools and gadgets- which if you do, go girl!
  • Know what you would eat most.  I’ve slowly collected favorite tools and gadgets over the years as I’ve learned more about real food and realized what I eat pretty regularly.  For ex. I wouldn’t go out and buy a tool or gadget that is only going to be used once in a blue moon on Thanksgiving.  It’s just going to get annoying taking up space in your cabinet or on your counter.  Plus, it’s a waste of money. 
  • Invest in tools that help with foods you eat consistently. Instead, I would invest in items that you know are going to get a lot of bang for your buck.  I like to keep my kitchen minimalistic.  Then I can see what I have and use it, instead of being overwhelmed by clutter.  Trust me, you want counter space when you’re making real food!


Not every kitchen tool or gadget is going to work for you just because it works for someone else.  

You really have to know how you’re going to use it and if it serves you.  Plus, take in to account the time.  Some kitchen gadgets are cool but not practical.  For ex. making homemade pasta might be a great idea but realistically you need to figure out if that really is going to be happening on a weekly or even monthly basis.  

Also, keep in mind that it might be as simple as getting a good kitchen knife for yourself and not having 10 different choppers.  Know your kitchen personality.  I don’t like a lot of extras personally.  A good knife is gold for me but some people really love a quality chopper and the ease of it.  Don’t just assume one thing will work for you since it worked for someone else.  We’re all different.  From the amount of time we are willing to spend in the kitchen to what we make. 

Ok, now that you’re understanding your kitchen personality type and what you might lean towards.  Allow me to share my favorites with you.  These are tried and true!



favorite kitchen tools/gadgets

This Blendtec blender takes the cake when it comes to making the best smoothies!


Blendtec Blender

A high powered blender is a must in my book.  I’ve had this blender for almost five years now and I love it!  It works so well.  I had a Bullet before I had a Blendtec but felt like I was limited to what I could put in the blender and it wasn’t has high powered.  This blender can shred kale, and anything else until smooth and creamy.  I use it every single day.  Yep, you heard me right.  Sometimes a couple times a day.  This thing definitely gets a workout.  

I make a smoothie for my husband and I every morning in it.  I can’t recommend getting a high powered blender for smoothies alone.  Honestly, in my opinion it’s worth it.  The amount of money you save from making your own smoothies and the nutrients it provides your body makes such a difference.  It works for my lifestyle too as I mentioned earlier.  I’m a busy mom of two with a third on the way.  I work and try and balance it all.  Which we all know doesn’t really happen- balance is a nice thing to say but hard to achieve. 

Anyways, I love the blender for smoothies because it provides me a quick real food option.  It fits right into my lifestyle of wanting real food but also not having all the time in the world to make it happen.  I also love using it for making so many recipes.  Batters, puddings, really the list is endless.  I have the smaller jar too, for making nut butters, and sauces.  I love it too.  Since it’s smaller it makes it so easy to whip up a quick sauce or nut butter.  The larger jar just doesn’t allow for it in the same way.  If you’ve been on the fence about a high powered blender, allow this to be your invitation to get one!  It’s changed my life. Also, be sure to check out the refurbished blendtec blenders.  They save you a considerable amount of money and work great!  Check out my Blendtec here!


favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

This immersion blender costs less than $30 but is a game changer in the kitchen!


Immersion Blender

I know you’re probably thinking why are recommending an immersion blender after you just talked about your Blendtec blender.  Well friends this is used so much in my house and has become a staple since I got it.  It’s not even $30 but I can’t sing it’s praises enough!  

I would always have to add my hot soups to my large plastic blender and it bothered me.  Not only could I not stop thinking about all the plastic leaching into my soup, but the whole process of pouring the soup into the blender was cumbersome to say the least and usually it wouldn’t all fit.  Needless to say I finally used my sister’s Immersion Blender and my life was changed.  I literally remember thinking where has this been all my life?!  

I’m totally a late bloomer on so many levels so it made sense why I didn’t know about it.  Now I can easily plug it in and quickly blend up my soups in a matter of seconds to a smooth consistency.  No pouring or plastic leaching.  It’s so easy to clean too.  Just take off the attachment and rinse.  I use this for mashing cauli mash and making coconut cream whip cream real quick.  But really it changed the game for me when it came to soups.  I make soups often. It’s my bestie in the kitchen!  Get it here!


favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

Love my chef’s knife!


A Good Chef Knife

I’m totally not the girl with a knife for every vegetable, meat or fruit.  Just give me a good quality chef knife and I’m good to go.  It makes my life so much easier when I can quickly pull out my cutting board and chop up some veggies.  

I remember I had asked for a quality knife for Christmas years ago and my hubs delivered.  Even though I’m pretty sure he asked if that was really what I wanted a hundred times!  I mean when you’re the one doing majority of the cooking a good knife is worth it’s weight in gold!  He got me the Wusthoff Chef’s Knife from Williams Sonoma.  This knife can cut anything.  And that’s exactly how I use it- for anything.  

What’s cool about Williams Sonoma is they actually will sharpen your knife for free the first time.  If you’re a minimalist in the kitchen like me and haven’t invested in a good all purpose knife, this may be a good purchase for you!  Check out my Wusthoff Chef’s knife here.


favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

Almond Cow changes the game when it comes to making non-dairy milks!


Almond Cow

This is another gadget that I really thought would be unnecessary but I’ve come to love!  It makes creating nut milk so easy.  When I stopped drinking dairy milk I quickly was thrown into the world of non-dairy milks.  When I realized there wasn’t great options to buy I knew I would need to start making my own.  

I did make them but it was a tedious process compared to the Almond Cow.  It required a nut milk bag and blending, pressing- you know all the things that go into making real food.  When I discovered the Almond Cow it was game over.  Not only does the Almond Cow take away the blending process but also the pressing through a nut milk bag too.  

You add nuts or seeds to this colander, attach it to the Almond Cow device, add water, push a button and literally less than a minute later you’re left with creamy non-dairy nut milk- minus the crazy additives that store bought versions like to put in there.  It also neatly condenses the pulp you can use for making crackers or pancakes, or muffins- so many uses.  My non-dairy milk is creamier and easier to make each week thanks to this bad boy!  Use coupon code: GURLGONEGREEN for $15 off your purchase.  Check them out here!


favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

We’ve had this Breville Espresso Machine for 9 years and love it!


Espresso Machine

My hubs and I got this almost 9 years ago as a wedding present and we still LOVE it!!  It wasn’t cheap by any means but it’s lasted us 9 years.  If you’re serious about your coffee, then this is for you.  Nowadays, you can easily spend over $5 on a cup of coffee.  Well, once you start adding things like organic coffee, non-dairy milks, the price goes up even more. 

It may sound like a lot initially as an investment but it pays for itself so quick if you’re making yourself coffee everyday!  Imagine how much you would spend on coffee for a month if you bought it somewhere?  $150 a month…I did the math and that’s on the low end for most people.  You would quickly pay for this in several months time.  Plus, you would know exactly what’s going in your coffee.

I love that it’s stainless steel, so plastic isn’t leaching into my coffee. I also love that it grinds my beans right before the water goes through the espresso handle.  Making the espresso shots so fresh.  It also steams milk so nicely.  I am a Seattleite so maybe that has something to do with making the perfect cup of coffee, either way I can’t get enough of this espresso machine!  Check out the espresso machine here!



favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

Berkey is a must for me! Drinking filtered clean water is a non-negotiable.


Berkey Water Filter

This is definitely a must in my opinion when it comes to kitchen gadgets.  We all need water and filtering your water is so important to avoid the common contaminants.  Tap water can contain fluoride, bacteria, pesticides, viruses, chlorine chloramines, heavy metals and more. Berkey filters out these contaminants and more, plus has testing done on their purification process.  

I recommend getting the Big Berkey for most people, as you want to have extra for cooking too.  If you’re single you could get by with the travel Berkey.  Check out all the Berkey’s here!



favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

The instant pot will stretch your time in the kitchen so much more!


Instant Pot

I finally caved two years ago and bought an instant pot and I have to say it was the best investment!  As a busy mom this is kind of the best gift I could give myself.  I use it for so many things.  From hard boiling eggs, making soups, cooking rice, cooking whole chickens, making shredded meat from beef and chicken and making steel cut oats.  There are so many things you could use it for.  It cuts the time in half for everything and does it all for you. 

I love cooking a whole chicken in it for the week.  It cooks in 35 minutes!  Then I’m left with great broth for soups.  It’s really such a great investment.  I have the 8 quart and it has been perfect for my family of 4.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ll throw some random ingredients from meat, veggies, some broth and spices and it tastes so good.  

It takes all the time out of cooking food in a slow cooker and does it in half the time.  I use this at least twice a week for something.  It might sound like one more thing but really, once you get the hang of it, it’s worth it’s weight in gold! Get it here!


favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

If you’re a fan of sparkling water then you need this glass soda stream in your life!


Soda Stream For Sparkling Water

This is definitely an extra but one that both my hubs and I love!  It makes sparkling water.  The particular model I have uses glass bottles and not plastic.  What I would recommend, since you don’t want plastic chemicals leaching into your water. I like it because you can use filtered water.   Sparkling water you buy from the store is typically not filtered and you don’t know where it’s from.  I love knowing my water is filtered.  We take our sparkling water pretty serious around here! 

I love adding lemon or lime to it and having a little refresher.  Plus, it saves so much money!   Check it out here!  


favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

This food processor is so powerful and makes whipping up recipes so easy!


Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor

This food processor is amazing. I got it a year ago and I’m not sure how I lived without it. I thought I could use my blender for everything but really the food processor is different and does things the blender can’t because of it’s wide bowl. I use this for my raw veggie breads, making paleo granola, bars, hummus, random recipes- so much.  But I think in the beginning you can get by with just a high speed blender.  Also, I want to note that the 14 cup food processor is the one I would recommend.  My sister has a 10 cup and it’s not as powerful, especially for raw veggie breads.  Get the food processor here!


Also, don’t forget to check my other natural lifestyle bloggers favorite kitchen gadgets and tools too:


Don’t forget to share what you’re using for favorite kitchen gadgets or tools on Instagram using the hashtag #betterforyoucrew!  



favorite kitchen gadgets/tools

Sharing my favorite kitchen gadgets and tools.

What I Buy At Vitacost

What I Buy At Vitacost

Sharing what I buy at Vitacost on the blog!  I’ve gotten so many requests to share what I get at Vitacost that I thought I would just write it up in a blog post.  Easy for you to go back to when you’re going to place an order.

*This is NOT sponsored by Vitacost.  Just my thoughts.

I’ve been ordering from Vitacost for the past couple years and love how easy it is to buy a variety of natural goods all in one place.  From my favorite organic natural snacks and dry goods to even natural body care products. All in one place!  Plus, they’re always offering serious deals.  If you sign up for their emails you will always be updated with the latest offerings.

I’ve saved so much money too!  Besides having sales, they always offer competitive low prices as well.  I also have to mention the shipping, they always get my order to me in such a timely manner!  It’s typically 2 business days and then it shows up on my doorstep.

I’m all about finding shortcuts and ways to make my life easier as a mom when living out this natural lifestyle.  Vitacost makes it so easy!

So here is a list of items that I buy from Vitacost.


Vitacost Faves

We get pretty excited when our Vitacost order arrives!

Vitacost Haul


  • Muir Glen Organic Pasta Tomato Sauce- I love getting this tomato sauce. It’s organic and it doesn’t have any added sugars.  Most tomato sauces have added sugars to them.
  • Siete Chips- We love these grain free chips!  They’re a nice alternative to corn chips and taste great.
  • Frontier Organic Spices– It’s important to buy spices organic and non-irradiated. When you buy organic you’re usually also eliminating the irradiation process too.  The quality of their spices is next level!
  • Herbamare- This is an organic all purpose seasoning that I use on everything. From meat, to veggies, it works for it all!
  • Jovial Gluten Free Organic Pasta- Love having this pasta on hand for a quick dinner to throw together for the girls.  There’s no weird fillers, just simple clean ingredients.
  • Native Forest Coconut Milk- I always have some canned coconut milk on hand.  This brand is great because it doesn’t have the BPA lining.
  • Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips- I always have a bag of these on hand.  They are sweetened with stevia and no sugar!
  • One Degree Organic Sprouted Oat Granola- This granola is so tasty!  But I also like it because One Degree tests their oats for glyphosate.  Super important since oats are sprayed towards the end of harvest with pesticides.
  •  Milkadamia Macadamia Milk Unsweetened- My hubs loves using this as a dairy alternative for his lattes in the morning.
  • Redmond Real Salt Ancient Sea Salt- I like getting the larger bag and then just refilling my smaller containers.  This salt is the real deal and is mined in Utah.
  • Nutiva Organic Chia Seed Black- We use chia seeds in our smoothies everyday, so have to have a bag on hand always.
  • Simply Organic Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract- Always need to have vanilla in the cupboard.
  • Once Again Organic Cashew Butter- I love this cashew butter because it’s organic and comes in glass.  We use nut butters in our smoothies everyday.
  • Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil- I always have this on hand!  It’s my go to oil for cooking since you can use it at high temperatures.
  • Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil- I also always have coconut oil on hand for cooking and recipes.
  • 4th & Heart Grass-Fed Ghee Butter Himlayan Pink Salt- This ghee is my favorite!  The flavor is amazing.  I use this in recipes and for cooking.
  • Coombs Family Farms Organic Maple Syrup- I’m picky about my maple syrup.  This comes in glass and is organic, plus it tastes great!
  • Organic Gemini TigerNut Granola Banana Cacao- This granola is great if you can’t do oats and follow a more AIP diet.  Instead of oats it’s made with tigernuts, which aren’t actually a nut but part of the tuber family.
  • Otto’s Cassava Flour- I love having this on hand for making cassava tortillas, or waffles.  I also make a pizza crust with this.
  • Terra Plantains Chips- These plantain chips have only 3 ingredients, salt, plantains and coconut oil.  They taste so good and are a great substitute for corn chips.  Not all Terra chips are made with coconut oil so double check the label.
  • MadeGood Organic Granola Bars Gluten Free- I like getting these granola bars for my girls when were traveling. They are low in sugar and also have some veggies in them.
  • Kettle & Fire Bone Broth- This is my favorite store bought bone broth.  It doesn’t have any bad additives, it’s made from grass fed bones and it’s organic.
  • HU Chocolate- These chocolate bars are next level!  They have so many good flavors, few ingredients are organic and taste amazing.
  • Organic Gemini TigerNut Flour- I use this tigernut flour for recipes of all kinds.
  • Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar- This vinegar is a staple in our house.
  • Artisana Organics Raw Coconut Butter- This coconut butter is used for all kinds of recipes in our house.
  • Navitas Organics Camu Powder- I use all the superfood powders for my smoothie recipes.  This is one of the most potent forms of Vitamin C!
  • Navitas Organics Acai Powder- I also add açaí powder to my smoothies too for more antioxidant power.
  • Navitas Organics Pomengrante Powder- I use this powder for my smoothies too.
  • Arrowhead Mills Organic Golden Flax Seeds- I use these for a lot of recipes.
  • Nutzo Organic Nut and Seed Butter- I love this nut butter, it’s not only organic but has a variety of seeds, not just nuts.
  • Primal Kitchen Dressing & Marinade Made with Avocado Oil Paleo Ranch- I love getting this ranch dressing for recipes and salads.  It doesn’t have any funky oils in it.
  • Cocomels Organic Coconut Milk Caramel Bites Vegan Sea Salt- These are definitely a treat but so delicious!
  • Living Harvest Tempt™ Hempmilk Unsweetened Creamy Non-Dairy Beverage- Love having this on hand when I don’t have nut milk made.
  • Mediterranean Organic Black Olives Pitted- Love getting these olives from Vitacost since they’re in glass.
  • Divina Organic Pitted Green Olives- Also love these olives since they’re in glass.
  • Jovial Organic Diced Tomatoes- These organic tomatoes are not only organic but come in glass.  Glass is especially important when getting tomatoes since they’re so acidic and can soak up more BPA when in cans.
  • Bionaturae Organic Tomato Paste- This tomato paste is always on hand in our cupboard.  I use it for recipes often.
  • Emperors Kitchen Organic Chopped Garlic- I can’t be without my minced garlic!  I use it all the time in recipes instead of fresh garlic.  I know some of you are shaking your head but it’s one shortcut I take right now that’s made my life easier. 🙂
  • Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips- These are a great alternative to a traditional chip.  Simple ingredients and satisfy the crunch!
  • Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Chocolate Coconut- I love this collagen!  It makes smoothies tasty, and hot chocolate dreamy but with no sugar!  Just sweetened with monk fruit.  I like the vanilla too but they don’t carry it at Vitacost.
  • Wild Made Organic Fruit Rolls Gluten Free Grape- I’ve gotten these for my girls and they love them.  It’s like a fruit roll up but without the crazy ingredients  Just made with real fruit!
  • Made Good Crispy Bars- These are a nice treat for the girls instead of traditional rice krispy squares. These are made with some veggies and are low in sugar.
  • Purely Elizabeth Probiotic Granola Gluten Free Chocolate Sea Salt- This is another granola I like to get from them.  We especially like the chocolate sea salt one!
  • Smart Sweets Gummy Bears Gluten Free- These are gummy bears but without the added sugar!  They are sweetened with stevia.
  • Arrowhead Mills Organic Tapioca Flour- Use this gluten free flours for a variety of recipes.
  • Bob’s Red Mill Arrowroot Starch-Flour- This is another gluten free flour I always have on hand.
  • Primal Kitchen Mayo and Chipotle Mayo– We love these mayos!  They are made with simple ingredients and aren’t filled with any weird oils.


Vitacost Faves

They carry a little of everything at Vitacost!


  • Laundry Detergent- I like that they offer a variety of laundry detergents.  From Molly’s Sud’s, GreenShield Organic, Rebel Green and Fit Organic Laundry Detergent.
  • Bambo Nature Baby Diapers– We love these baby diapers!  They are great for even the most sensitive skin types and are the cleanest disposable diaper I’ve found.
  • Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner- I use this to make Live Simply’s DIY Dish Soap recipe.  It’s easy and cleans so well.  Plus, cost effective.
  • Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste- My holistic dentist recommend this toothpaste and I love it!  It works so well.
  • Dr Tungs Smart Floss- This floss is great and isn’t coated with petrochemical waxes.
  • If You Care Parchment Baking Paper- I always have this in my house.  Makes cleaning up so easy.  This one is best since it’s unbleached.


I hope this helps when shopping at Vitacost!  Leave me a comment and let me know what you like to buy from there!  Get your shop on here!


Vitacost Faves

Giving you my top product faves I get from Vitacost on the blog.

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