Best Labor Day Sales in Green Beauty and Natural Living

Best Labor Day Sales in Green Beauty and Natural Living

Ok, I’ve got the best Labor Day Sales in green beauty and natural living for you all!  I’ll be updating it as I get new information in.  Some I can’t share until certain dates, so I’ll keep you posted as the new info. comes in.  One things for sure, there are deals galore happening and I don’t want you to miss out on any of them!

When Labor day sales happen it’s the perfect time to stock up on some serious loot for the holidays.  Before things have been picked over or sold out- if ya know what I mean.  Plus, you’ll get a head start on Christmas shopping- how cool!

I’m going to list each online store and then under them I’ll list the deal.  Some I may have to leave blank until a specific date. Be sure to check back throughout the week and weekend as I’ll be updating with the latest sales happening!


Best Labor Day Sales in Green Beauty and Natural Living

Labor Day Sales for Green Beauty

Live Botanical Skincare-

  • Check out my full review on this amazing green beauty skincare line!  So clean and effective.  Read my review to see my top faves.

Read and shop my full review here!

Aillea Beauty-

  • 15% off your purchase 8/31-9/4 Use Code: LABORDAY

Shop Aillea Beauty here!

The Detox Market-

Sale ends Monday Sept. 3rd at midnight!

  • 15% off orders over $200+ with code 15OFF
  • 10% off orders over $150+ with code 10OFF

Shop The Detox Market here!

Credo Beauty-

*Promotion valid from Aug. 29th-Sept. 3rd

  • Receive an $80 gift of products with any purchase of $125 or more. Use Code: LONGWEEKEND

Shop Credo Beauty here!


  • Pharmaca is your one stop shop for everything natural lifestyle!  From green beauty, supplements, natural living, and organic baby.  They are offering 25% off using coupon code: LABORDAY .  Starts Friday Aug. 31st- Monday Sept. 3rd.

Shop Pharmaca here!

Au Naturale-

  • Save 25% off your order!  Valid Aug. 31st- Sept 4th.

Shop Au Naturale here!


  • Receive any face mask for free ($48) value with any purchase of $125 or more.

Shop OSEA here!

Hynt Beauty

  • Thursday Aug. 30th- Tuesday Sept. 4th get 25% off sitewide! Use Code: LDAY18 at checkout.

Shop Hynt Beauty here!  


Best organic beauty boxes Labor Day sale!

Art of Organics- 

Sale ends Monday Sept. 3rd.

  • 20% off all store purchases- Use code: GOODBYESUMMER

Beauty Heroes-

  • Free shipping starting Friday Aug. 31st- Monday Sept. 3rd.  Use Coupon Code: LABORDAY1

Shop Beauty Heroes here!


Best organic bedding sales for natural living

Best Organic Bedding


  • August 30th- Sept. 3rd take $40 off your order using coupon code: GGG40!

Shop SOL Organics here!


  • I love West Elm for their quality products, but also their sustainability practices and fair trade.  I’ve purchased my all wood bed frame from them, and many bedding items.  Check out my blog I did on detoxing your bedding here. They offer so many great organic bedding options- from sheets, blankets and duvet covers.  They are having sales on everything and a certain percentage off for certain amounts you spend.

Shop out West Elm here!

White Lotus Home Organic Pillows-

Shop White Lotus Home here! 


Best EMF Shielding products for radition

Best EMF shielding products on the market

Defender Shield-

Check out Defender Shield here!

Natural Kitchen:

Best organic nut milk maker for organic and nontoxic living

Best natural nut milk maker for organic and nontoxic living.

Almond Cow-

  • I’ve been using the Almond Cow for over two months now and I can’t recommend it enough! Serious game changer when it comes to making your own nut milks!  It does all the straining and grinding.  You literally soak the nuts, add them to their special machine and voila- instant nut milk!  And guess what?!  It’s so smooth and creamy- even better than how I used to make it.  You will love!  They are offering my readers $15 off their purchase using coupon code: gurlgonegreen.

Shop Almond Cow here!

Raw Veggie Bread-

  • Offering 35% off August 30th – Sept. 3rd. If you’ve followed me for a hot minute you know I’m obsessed with raw veggie bread!  What is it?  It’s a combination of nuts, seeds, veggies, oils, herbs and spices.  The combination gives you such a nutrient punch.  From healthy fats to antioxidants- you’re body will thank you!  I started making it over a year ago and haven’t looked back!  It’s seriously been life changing.  I didn’t learn this myself- I learned from the master, Deanna Mutzel from @realfoodlab.  She’s the queen when it comes to making raw veggie bread!  She has two ebooks/courses on it.  One larger and one smaller.  I’ve taken the larger one and I can’t tell you how much it helped me!  It’s packed full of videos, tutorials, tips, recipes and so much more.  I’ve never eaten more veggies in my life and loved it!  I can’t recommend it enough.  Also, read my full blog post I did on raw veggie bread to understand what it is and why I love it so much!

Check out the Larger Course/Ebook here!

Check out the Smaller Course/Ebook here!

Ok, if you’re still wanting more Labor Day Sales- head to my girl Lisa’s blog, This Organic Girl!  She’s got a ton more roundups for you there!  Check out her site here!

Sprouts’ Grand Opening in Mill Creek Washington

Sprouts’ Grand Opening in Mill Creek Washington

So excited to share with you about Sprouts’ Grand Opening in Mill Creek Washington!  I was first introduced to Sprouts’ on trips to California, and Texas and instantly fell in love with their whole philosophy and shopping experience.  Then when I found out they were opening a store near me in Mill Creek in Washington state I was over the moon!  Sprouts’ makes the whole process of buying whole foods easy and affordable.

The Mill Creek Sprouts’ opens on August 15th!  This is Sprouts’ 18th state- so exciting!  I can hardly wait- you could say I’ll be there with bells on. So what makes their shopping experience so special.  Well, several reasons. One of the biggest reasons I’ve loved shopping there is because they offer fresh, natural, and organic foods at great prices!

Why I Love Shopping at Sprouts:

  • It’s my one stop shop for eating real, whole foods.  I can buy not only my produce there, but my meat, dairy products, natural body care and household items.  They cover the whole spectrum when it comes to health and wellness. I can get all I need in one trip!  Something that makes this mama very happy.
  • Sprouts’ makes eating healthy affordable.  Often you hear eating healthy is expensive.  But when shopping at Sprouts’ you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.  They make healthy eating accessible for anyone.  They just recently opened their 300th location!  Their produce selection alone is always 20%-25% lower than traditional grocery stores.
  • They carry around 18,000 products, 90 percent of which are natural or organic! How cool is it to know you’re shopping at a grocery store that takes natural and organic food seriously and embraces healthy living.
  • I love how specific Sprouts’ gets with their quality and product selection.  When shopping at Sprouts’ you can know exactly what you’re buying with their specific health attributes.  For ex. you can see if meat is grassfed, or if cheese is raw or organic by their easy to read labels.  They also have highly trained butchers that can cut anything to your liking, share tips, best practices and recipes.  Plus, they are able to sell quality meat that’s never frozen.
  • Great for healthy on the go.  Their market deli is a great option for those who are in a hurry and need quick options for eating real food.  You can make your own sandwiches, grab a fresh juice, grab some salad from the salad bar or soup.
  • One of my favorite things is the wide array of natural body and beauty options available.  I literally can grab some deodorant and toothpaste when picking up my groceries- I love how easy Sprouts’ makes living a natural lifestyle.  You can even grab your supplements from there too!  Say goodbye to running to several different stores- Sprouts’ has streamlined the whole experience.
  • Their weekly ads.  Their weekly ads are great because you can see what’s on sale!  They organize it so well from bulk sales, produce sales, dairy, etc.  Making it so easy to help plan out your meals based on what’s on sale.
  • Sprouts’ App.  The Sprouts’ app is something I just discovered but will be using a ton!  It shows you their weekly ads easily, offers mobile coupons to save the most on items you love and helps you earn check marks on certain purchases with their Checkout Challenges.  When you earn check marks you’re able to unlock instant rewards at checkout.

As you can see there are so many reasons to love Sprouts’!  One of the things I noticed right away with Sprouts’ was how it didn’t feel overwhelming.  Many times grocery stores are so large and you can get lost but not with Sprouts’.  Yet, I love how it’s bigger than many small health food stores.  I don’t feel like I have to stop anywhere else because Sprouts’ offers it all.

I can’t wait for you all to experience Sprouts’!  If you’re in the greater Seattle area then put August 15th on your calendar, Sprouts’ grand opening in Mill Creek.  This is the first Washington store!  For more information on the Mill Creek opening check out the press release here.

Will you be at the Sprouts’ Mill Creek Grand Opening? Have you shopped at Sprouts’ before?

What I buy on Amazon

What I buy on Amazon

I’m sharing today What I buy on Amazon.  Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to view on people’s blogs!  Call me noisy but I love seeing what other people are buying up.  My wallet doesn’t thank me but it sure is fun!

Suzi(Gurl Gone Green) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

So I thought I would show you what I buy- I can’t believe it’s taken me this long.  I’ve rounded out some of my top purchases, things I buy on the regular and some items I’ve bought that we use all the time but were just a one time purchase.  You can shop my whole Amazon Store here.  It has all my Amazon favorites in one place.

I’m also going to talk about some of my favorite purchases more in detail below.

Keep checking back too!  I’ll be adding to my Amazon Store as I find cool products and great deals.  I mean who doesn’t have Amazon Prime?!

I want to share with you my go too’s when it comes to saving money and time.  Amazon makes it so easy to buy organic, natural products.  I get them quick with Prime and I don’t have to shop at 5 different online retailers. Plus, as a mom it doesn’t get much easier than having things delivered right to my door!


I love buying my nuts and seeds from Amazon.  You can find all the raw organic nuts and seeds you could want.  These come in handy especially for my veggie bread making and my DIY trail mix for my hubs.  They are some of the most budget friendly options on Amazon too.

Grain Free Flours-

I buy most of my grain free flours on Amazon too.  They have so much variety and the prices you can’t beat.  Especially on AIP I’ve bought most of my flours from them since most of them are specialty flours and can’t be found at even some health stores.

Home Products-

I buy a lot of home products from Amazon on the regular too.  From baby products to natural cleaning products.  Amazon makes it easy and convenient to stay on top of my ordering too with subscribe and save.

Those are items I buy on the regular from Amazon!  Check out my full Amazon store here.

Here are some notable mentions that I have to share with you!  These items are one time larger purchases but totally worth every penny in my book.  We use them every week or everyday if not multiple times per day.  I love with some of the items you buy from Amazon you can actually buy them refurbished or used. I know it may sound a little sketchy but it’s not!  The items usually haven’t even been used but just opened by someone and sent back.  You get basically a new product for a fraction of the price!

Blendtec Total Blender Classic– 

I’m obsessed with my blender.  It does it all.  From smoothies, sauces, raw veggie breads, nut butters- I have yet to discover something it doesn’t do!  Why I love the Blendtec specifically is the Blendtec Twister Jar.  So you have to buy this separate from the Blender but it’s worth it!  It is a smaller jar and it literally makes any nut butter in a minute or less- no joke!  No more using your food processor for 20 minutes.  It also makes amazing sauces, like pesto a cinch, smaller smoothies, etc.  I use this everyday!  I can’t recommend the Blendtec Blender and Twister Jar enough.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Another item we use everyday.  I love that it’s stainless steel where it counts, like where heat comes in contact with the product with the steamer and espresso shots.  It makes the freshest espresso shots too because it grinds the beans right before you pull the shots through.  The steamer works amazingly too.  We’ve had this espresso machine for almost 8 years and absolutely LOVE it!  It was well worth the investment.  Plus, it looks so sleek on the counter!

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator

I’ve had my dehydrator for almost a year now and I can’t say enough good things about it.  It has been so fun trying out different recipes in it.  We use it nearly everyday too.  It makes the best kale chips- trust me, the oven has nothing on kale chips from the dehydrator!  We also use it for raw veggie bread all the time.  You can snag the raw veggie bread course here that I took from Deanna from Real Food Lab.  She’s the expert when it comes to raw veggie bread.  It has literally changed my life!  I’ve never eaten so many veggies and loved it.  The best part is, the dehydrator keeps the food in it’s raw state so all the enzymes are preserved.  It’s genius!  Trust me, check out her course and get the dehydrator! It’s amazing!

SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

My hubs and I love our sparkling water- a lot!  This soda stream has been a game changer.  Instead of having to buy glass sparkling water(we wouldn’t buy plastic), we just reuse glass bottles and carbonate our own water.  Not only does it save us money, but also helps the environment.  This Soda Stream offers glass bottles and not plastic!

Instant Pot DUO80 8 Qt

I’ve had an Instant Pot for a year now and love it so.  This saves me on so many busy days!  It’s a mom’s best friend and I mean that in the best way.  It can turn chicken into shredded chicken in 30 minutes, make a mean roast in 65 minutes and soups in 20.  It makes you look like Martha Stewart but in half the time.  If you haven’t gotten one, what are you waiting for?

That rounds out some of my top Amazon picks.  What do you love getting from Amazon? Check out my full product list here.  Leave me a comment!






My AIP Journey

My AIP Journey

I finally wrote my AIP Journey down.  If you’ve followed me for even a minute you know I’ve been doing AIP now for 5 months.  I started in August 2017.  It’s now January 2018.  So many of you may be wondering what is AIP?  Well, it stands for Autoimmune Paleo or Autoimmune Protocol.  It’s the paleo diet with some modifications.  Specifically removing nuts, alcohol, seeds, butter, ghee, eggs, chocolate/cocoa, coffee and nightshades(tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, all chiles(and chile spices), sugar alternatives like stevia, xylitol.  I found these guides from Paleo Autoimmune Protocol really helpful.  The purpose of the AIP protocol is to heal the gut, reduce inflammation and lower antibodies.  Now that you know what it means, you may be asking another question- why did I do it?

Ahh yes, why avoid SO many foods!  Well I have an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s.  Hashimoto’s is a condition where your immune system attacks your thyroid.  Literally your body is attacking itself- not cool!  Your thyroid is part of your endocrine system and produces hormones. Overtime people can develop hypothyroidism(an under active thyroid) as a result of Hashimoto’s from an inflamed thyroid.

I ended up reading Hashimoto’s Protocol by Izabella Wentz and it really opened my eyes to what Hashimoto’s was, how I could get it under control and didn’t have to succumb to it.  I ended up following her protocol she lays out in the book.  I extended mine past the 90 days per my naturopath’s recommendation.

There are many different autoimmune conditions out there, not just Hashimoto’s.  Many people who suffer from an autoimmune condition from rheumatoid arthritis, to lupus, celiac, graves, IBS, psoriasis, and multiple sclerosis, could possibly benefit from an AIP protocol.  Although there is no cure for autoimmune disease, it can be put into remission.

*The information discussed in this blog post is not a substitute for your own physician- please always seek a medical professional.

Symptoms Of Hashimoto’s-

  • Hair Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Puffy Face
  • Joint Aches/Stiffness
  • Depression
  • Memory Lapses
  • Brittle Nails
  • Pale Dry Skin
  • Constipation
  • Sensitive to Cold
  • Fatigue

To be honest the only symptom I had was fatigue.  Even that I questioned because I had an infant and a toddler, which any mom knows accounts for sleepless nights.  I also had some hair loss but it seemed normal since I had a baby in the last 6 months and it followed what had happened to my hair with my first child.  Many people who have Hashimoto’s will tell you their symptoms are blaring and so obvious.  Mine were not.  I’ve never felt any weird digestive issues or had stomach problems either.  Sure, if I have a big bowl of ice-cream I don’t feel the best but who does?  I really don’t think anyone should be pounding straight up dairy ice-cream on the daily.

I really don’t think I would have discovered I had Hashimoto’s if it wasn’t for my blood test.  My naturopath did a complete thyroid panel on me.  When I say complete thyroid panel here is what I mean:

Complete Thyroid Panel-

  • TSH(thyroid stimulating hormone)
  • T4(free thyroxine)
  • T3(free Tri-iodothyronine)
  • Reverse T3
  • ATA(Thyroglobulin antibody)
  • TPO(Thyroid Peroxidase antibody)

Most conventional doctors will only test your TSH.  However, there in lies the problem.  Your TSH may read normal but you could still have a thyroid issue.  To get a good picture of what your thyroid is doing you need a complete thyroid panel.  Check out the Thyroid Pharmacist for more information on thyroid labs and why to get them.

You can even order your complete thyroid test on your own and have a functional doctor interpret it for you.  Check out True Health Labs.  

So once I got my blood test results back I learned I had antibodies in my blood.  My antibodies were at 374.  So 0 antibodies is the ideal of course.  People can range all the way up to past 1,400.  They say the higher the antibodies the more noticeable your symptoms may be.  Which may explain why I may not have symptoms.  The thyroid is tricky too.   Some people may have really obvious symptoms but their test results come back and they have little or no antibodies.  However, their friend could have hardly any symptoms and have antibodies.  From what I’ve read this shows that the person with symptoms and no antibodies, may have a very compromised/weak immune system. You actually need some antibodies and sometimes your immune function is so weak to produce any.

The bottom line- I wanted to bring down my antibodies and figure how what was triggering an inflammatory response in my body.  Once you have an autoimmune disease it’s easier to to get more in the future if you don’t address it.  I really wanted to get to know my body and understand what was happening.  So often I’ve just relied on doctors but for the first time I wanted to take control of my health.  Food is a powerful tool in healing your body and I knew the first step was to eliminate foods so I knew what was happening in my system.

That is why I started AIP.  In a nut shell AIP takes out all the foods that may cause an inflammatory response in your body.  This gives your body a chance to heal.  You can’t heal if you’re constantly putting out fires.  Even healthy foods for some can produce an unhealthy immune response and trigger inflammation in the body.  The elimination phase of AIP can last anywhere from 30 days to 6 months for most people.  Once you’re done with the elimination phase and are starting to feel and see improvement you can start reintroductions slowly.  It’s really about getting to know what works for you.  Some people may go through AIP and when they reintroduce foods they can tolerate most foods again.  But other people find out what foods were bothering them.  Who wants to eat eggs if every time after eating them you feel nausea and your joints hurt?  Not me!  It gives you the power back to know your body and how it works best.

AIP is all about healing your gut.  When inflammation goes down and your gut begins to heal your antibodies will start to go down.  It really varies from person to person.  Be patient and trust the process.  Besides diet, stress and sleep are huge when it comes to overall healing of your body.  Don’t neglect them!  I know for myself, stress and sleep are the hardest for me.  I can follow a diet easily but my management of stress and getting enough sleep can be poor.  Throughout these 5 months my stress has gotten better but I still need to work on my sleep.

Was AIP Hard?-

Probably one of the questions I get asked the most is if AIP was hard.  It really wasn’t for me.  As I mentioned, I ate paleo for the most part before transitioning to AIP so it wasn’t a complete 360.  The hardest part was making sure I had food prepared as you can’t just grab a bar.  But once I found a system and knew snacks I could have it really helped.  I didn’t eat out at all hardly.  There were times I just brought my food to the restaurant if I didn’t want to miss out on something. However, for the most part, restaurants are really accommodating.  You can order a salad almost anywhere, so that helps.  I just customize the salad and then ask for olive oil as the dressing.

I would prep at the beginning of the week and that helped me to know I had some things on hand.  I also knew I could have a smoothie if I was in a pinch as well.  Snacks were hard to find at first but then you realize what you can have and you just make sure you have things on hand.

Favorite AIP Snacks-

  • Terra Chips Chip Plantain Sea Salt
  • Sweet Plantain Chips at Trader Joe’s
  • Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites
  • My AIP Energy Balls(download the recipe below)
  • Kale Chips(I would just put coconut amino and coconut oil on them and then dehydrate them)
  • Bare Natural Apple Chips(the ones with just apples, no added sweetener)
  • Apples
  • Raw Veggie Bread(I make mine in the dehydrator, all recipes from @realfoodlab E-book/Course)
  • AIP Muffins(I get my recipes from a lot of blogs)
  • I also liked making a cup of tea.  I would use Traditional Medicinals Peppermint or Ginger a lot.  I would add a little honey and some coconut milk for extra pizazz!  I really like this Aroy-d Coconut Milk 100% .

My Results-

So after doing the AIP protocol for 5 months I noticed significant improvement in my overall health.

  • No bloating
  • Less mood swings
  • Didn’t feel tired in the afternoon
  • Increased energy
  • Cut my antibodies in half

Plan Going Forward-

Going forward I am now reintroducing foods into my diet again.  I started with macadamia nuts(a less allergenic nut) and eggs.  When introducing foods it’s important to start with the foods that are the least likely to cause a reaction.  Here is a great resource for figuring out which foods to start with and which foods to not.  For ex. gluten is probably a food that would be last on the list.  Whereas seeds and eggs are easier for your body.

The next step as far as medical procedures is to do a stool test.  My naturopath recommended this as it helps to really see what’s going on in the gut. I may also do a food allergy test in a couple months.  I don’t want to be consuming foods, even though they may be good, if it’s causing my body inflammation. I’m realizing the more time goes on that there isn’t a finish line but a lifestyle and mindset shift.  Not that I think the AIP diet is forever.  From what I’ve read, AIP isn’t meant to be a long term diet.  Avoiding that many foods for so long can actually cause more problems.  Obviously everyone is different and should consult with their doctor.  I’m not where I want to be but I am better than I was.  I’ve learned it’s about getting to know your body and giving it what it needs in each season.

My next focus is to incorporate foods slowly and see how I react and feel.  Do a stool test, and focus on getting quality sleep each night.  Sleep is the hardest thing for me and something I know needs improvement.





*Phoenix Helix is full of so many nuggets and protocols for AIP.  I get sucked into here website every time I visit.  I highly recommend you check her out!


I hope you found this post helpful!  I would love to hear about your AIP journey, what’s been like for you and any tips you’ve picked up along the way!


Recipe To Download: AIP ENERGY BALLS


Non-Toxic Stain

Non-Toxic Stain

Ok, this non-toxic stain post has been a long time coming!  So long story short my hubs made me an amazing table as a birthday and Christmas present last year.  Yeah, he rocks.  I had been wanting a table I had seen at Restoration Hardware but didn’t want to pay $3k for it- anyone else feel me on this??   So he made one for me with my uncle, who is an expert craftsman.  To say I love it would be an understatement!  He nailed it and it’s a gift I will cherish forever.

He finished the table in December of last year but we weren’t able to stain it until now(8 months later in September).  It was too cold to stain it in the winter because the stain wouldn’t cure unless it was inside the house.  There was no way I was going to have it stained in the house with two little girls around.  I was concerned about the off gassing, but also having my 3 year old accidentally put her hands on the newly stained table- and with my 3 year old the probability of that was very high.  We don’t have a garage, so we simply had to wait until the temps warmed up.  We could have done it sooner but summer was so crazy busy that we hardly had a free weekend to do it.

Anyways, it’s finally done!  I wanted to share what we ended up with, the process of application and the final look.  I searched high and low for a non-toxic stain.  For those who may not know of the toxicity of wood finishes- it’s really toxic!  Wood finishes contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are not only harmful to the environment but horrible for your personal health.  Stains are solvents that can be derived from petroleum or synthetic chemicals and are highly toxic.  I didn’t want to be breathing in chemicals but I also wanted my table to be protected.

We ended up choosing Vermont Natural Coatings Furniture Finish Poly Whey Clear Semi-Gloss.  It is a sealer and topcoat.  I had read up on Vermont Natural Coatings and heard great feedback and reviews.  I also spoke to someone at The Green Depot here in Seattle and was very impressed with the product.  When it came down to the final decision, it was either Vermont Natural Coatings or Osmo.  However, we ended up going with Vermont Natural Coatings because with little kids we really wanted the surface to be protected and durable.  Osmo would give a more matte finish which I wanted and would be easy to touch up just one area if need be, but it’s not durable like Vermont Natural Coatins PolyWhey Furniture Finish.  Also, the Osmo would turn the wood more yellow and I didn’t want that either.  At the end of the day I wanted a durable stain that would last through many meal times.  You just have to weigh what’s important to you in a stain/wood sealer.

The Vermont Natural Coatings Furniture Finish uses whey protein from the dairy industry for a bonding agent.  It’s a natural and renewable resource.  It has very low VOC’s.  When I spoke with The Green Depot staff they said to let the table sit out for a week and it would off gas mostly.  You couldn’t even smell anything when my husband was applying it.  We did let it cure for a week outside to let it set, just because the directions say to allow one week for full product cure.  When we brought it in you couldn’t smell anything.  Score!



I was nervous about the amount of gloss but once my husband did the first coat I knew I had made the right decision- I loved it!  It doesn’t look super shiny.  You can choose from satin, semi-gloss and glossy.  We chose semi-gloss just because we knew it would be eaten on and used frequently.  We even had a wood worker tell us we could take a 220 grit electric sander and sand it just a little after to give a more matte look if we really wanted too.  We may in the future but for now I think it looks great!  Another big concern was not changing the color of the table.  I loved the light color and didn’t want to sacrifice that but also knew it would get a little darker but was fine with that.   The Vermont Natural Coatings Furniture Finish was the perfect solution.

My hubs just followed the directions on the back of the container.  Everyone I talked too recommended we do that since natural products can have very specific directions.  The drying time between coats was only 2 hours which was nice.  My hubs did sand it before the first application with a 220 grit sand paper and then after each application (there was a total of 3 applications) too.  This is what the directions said.

I’m so pleased with the way it turned out and would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural alternative to traditional wood finishes!  Have you used natural stain or wood sealer?  What were your thoughts?

Loving Lately- September

Loving Lately- September

My Loving Lately- September post is full of so many faves!  From a dehydrator that I can’t stop using- (ask my hubs) to a cookbook that’s been on repeat and a new multi-use blush and lip product.  I’ve got a little of everything.  I can smell fall in the air- the crisp cool nights, the fall leaves- I’m SO ready!

Excalibur Food Dehydrator This dehydrator is a game changer.  I pretty much always have it running.  From dried fruit, kale chips(that get devoured in minutes) and of course my favorite- raw veggie bread!  I’m kind of obsessed.  I make these raw veggie wraps in it and use them like you would a regular pita wrap for a sandwich.  You’re getting so many nutrients in the bread because it’s still in it’s raw state since I don’t turn the temp above 105.  Stay tuned for an ebook that Deanna from @realfoodlab has coming out soon- she’s the master of all the amazing raw veggie bread recipes!  Get your Excalibur Food Dehydrator here!

Ergo Omni 360 Carrier- (I did receive this carrier from Ergo for my honest opinion). Ok, this carrier is upping the mom game!  I actually have all three of Ergo’s carriers.  This one takes the cake though.  First, it does it all- I mean all!  You can have the baby inward facing, outward facing, on the hip, and on the back.  You don’t need an insert for when they’re really small too- so cool!  You can also breastfeed with it too.  It works for babies 7-33 lbs.  The straps can also be crossed in the back for extra support.  I have loved wearing my one year old in it!  Oh and did I mention it has a removable front pouch?  One of my favorite things about it. I always have a card with me and my phone and now I can just put them in the pouch and be hands free.  It’s genius!  My back and shoulders feel so supported with this carrier.  I can’t recommend it enough!  I also love the khaki green color- so chic!  Check out the Omni 360 Carrier here!

Aqua Fizz- I’ve talked about this before in a Loving Lately but I couldn’t help mention it again!  It’s changed our lives.  We love sparkling water but hated having to buy heavy glass water bottles all the time.  No we can have sparkling water that’s not only free of plastic but also filtered because we use our own water- brilliant!  I love the Aqua Fizz because it uses glass too.  I fill up the glass water bottles and put them in the fridge to get cold.  Then I take it out and charge it in the Aqua Fizz and it gets all bubbly!  It’s amazing! If you love some fizz as much as I do then this is you need this! Get your Aqua Fizz here!

RMS Lip2Cheek in Illusive-  I’ve been wearing this RMS Lip2Cheek nonstop.  The color is a pretty matte burnt rose hue with a hint of plum.  It screams fall!  I wear it on my cheeks and it gives the perfect berry stain hue and on my lips it not only gives great pigment but looks dewy.  I love that I can use this product on not only my cheeks but my lips too.  Perfect for travel!  Check out all the colors here!

Organic Sliced TigerNuts I recently discovered these little guys and have been loving them!  Since being on the AIP protocol I haven’t been able to have nuts.  Even those these are called tiger nuts, they actually are not a nut but a root vegetable.  Many recipes call for nuts and to make an easy substitute for them I’ve been using tiger nuts instead.  I’ve only gotten the sliced tiger nuts but I want to try the tiger nut flour as well.  I’ll keep you posted if I do. Check out the Organic Sliced TigerNuts I got here!

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook This cookbook has been a lifesaver since going AIP.  It not only shares simple and easy recipes but it also lists all the foods to avoid and foods you can have.  The lists really helped me in the beginning when I was still getting used to the protocol.  I’ve made over 10 recipes and I can honestly say there was only one I wasn’t a fan of.  But it wasn’t the recipe’s fault- I didn’t have all the ingredients so I made a lot of substitutions.  Opps!  Next time it would have a lot more flavor.  Even if you’re not on the AIP protocol this is a great cookbook for simple, whole food.  My hubs has loved the recipes too!  Snag The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Osmia Seasonal Soaps Osmia has seasonal soaps and the fall ones are officially out!  If you want a luxurious bar of soap that not only smells like pumpkin or chai then these are your jam.  This is one of my very favorite treats to myself.  Lathering up in the shower with them creates a little spa session in my own bathroom.  These soaps are so beautiful too- the perfect gift!  If the seasonal scents don’t stand out to you- check out their coffee mint- it’s a year round favorite!  Get some Osmia Soap here!

Vapour Beauty Clarity Makeup Remover- This oil makeup remover is one of my very faves.  It removes my makeup so easily and without any residue.  I love how my skin feels after.  I use a couple pumps and use circular motions on dry skin to remove all the day’s grime.  Then I take a warm washcloth and remove it all- simple and easy.  If you’ve been looking for a makeup remover- this is it!

True Botanicals Antioxidant Booster- This bottle is power packed!  It’s True Botanical’s newest launch.  The Antioxidant Booster is a revolutionary product made from whole apple peel.  The first of it’s kind, this formula is packed with antioxidants that will smooth wrinkles, firm skin, even skin tone, brighten hyperpigmentation, lighten scarring, clear acne, calm inflammation, reduce redness, and protect against UV damage.  There really isn’t much this little guy can’t do!  You just add a few shakes with your favorite serum or oil and then apply it to your face.  I’ve been applying this at night and I wake up with amazing skin- no joke.  This stuff doesn’t mess around.  My skin looks more even, less red, and brighter.  If you want to see some results- this is it!  Snag your True Botanical’s Antioxidant Booster here!

Laurel’s Brighten Mask- Ok, last but not least I had to mention Laurel’s Brightening Mask because you can score such a good deal on it right now through the Art of Organic’s Box.  The value of the box this month with the Laurel Brightening Mask is over $100- but you can get it for $39!  And I LOVE this mask!  If you’ve been following my stories you’ve seen me talk all about it.  I’ve been using it every other day and I’ve seen some serious changes in my skin.  From overall brightness, even tone, and less congestion.  This mask really performs.  If you’ve been on the hunt for a mask that works, I couldn’t recommend this one more- especially with the deal you can score right now on it!  Get your’s here!

Ok, that sums up my Loving Lately for September.  See any faves?  What are you Loving Lately?

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