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Loving Lately- August

Loving Lately- August

How is Summer almost over?!  I feel like it just started.  I love the long summer days.  Washington really shows off in the summer- if you haven't been up here in the  warm months you need to make the trek up.  I just got back from the CrossFit Games and to say I'm motivated to step up my game in the exercise department would be an understatement.  I went to watch my 63 year old dad compete.  This was his 4th year going and he got 4th place- so proud of him!  It really made me realize how there are no limits- only limits we put on ourselves.  Age is just a number.

I don't love traveling with kiddos though- I mean who does?  Love being home but don't love the laundry pile sitting next to me- such a dichotomy!  Can I hire out for this kind of stuff?  It does feel nice to get back in the kitchen to fix my food.  Whenever I'm traveling I always feel like my options are a little more limited and my body is out of synch.  I got my daughter's preschool open house flyer in the mail- I was a wreck!  I still can't believe she is going to school in a month.  I can just see it now.  I'll be in tears, while she waves happily goodbye.  She's a social butterfly to say the least.

I've rounded out some current favorites.  These made the cut for my Loving Lately Top Ten-

  1. Birkenstocks- If you don't have a pair of Birks I recommend you get yourself a pair stat.  They are the most comfortable pair of shoes.  I've had mine for over a year and have worn them walking through Disneyland, CrossFit Games, hiking, while prego and so much more.  No blisters, no sore feet- they're kind of magical.  The trick is to wear them in so they form to your feet.  You'll thank me!  Get your pair here!
  2. Hashimoto's Protocol This book has completely changed my thinking on Hashimotos and low thyroid.  I listened to it first, then bought the hard copy book too.  The author Izabel Wentz even suggests that 90% of those who have low thyroid actually have hashimotos.  I've had antibodies present in my blood since before having Finley- my first daughter.  I didn't really dive into anything at the time since I was trying to get pregnant and wasn't going to do anything extreme.  Then when I was done nursing her, I practically got pregnant with my second daughter.  Anyways, I'm diving deep into an AIP diet now.  I'll be sharing more in the future.  I was surprised how the author Izabel Wentz talked about how she realized her mascara by Benefit cosmetics was giving her crazy headaches and the minute she stopped using it they were gone.  I was quickly reminded of why I do what I do in sharing clean product recommendations.  Bottom line- the book is amazing!  Hashimoto's Protocol
  3. True Botanical's Basic Cleanser– I really love this cleanser.  I like it better than the regular True Botanical's Cleanser- yep I said it.  It cleans my skin, doesn't dry it out at all, takes off all makeup(yes even eye makeup), and comes in a handy glass pump bottle.  Plus, the smell is so much lighter than the original formula.  I can't get enough!  I already wrote a full review on their Basic's Line here.  The whole line is amazing and so budget friendly.  Check out the line here! 
  4. Josh Rosebrooks Vital Balm CreamThis balm has become a staple in my routine.  Everything about it I love.  From the glass container it comes in, to the whipped formula, to the vanilla scent that is just perfect- it hits all the marks.  My skin is dry, but can be oily around the t-zone, especially in the summer months.  This balm works so well with my skin.  I put it on in the mornings after using a hydrosol and before makeup.  My makeup stays put throughout the day and doesn't slide off.  Balms are too heavy to wear during the day, and creams can be too greasy- this is the perfect mix.  I'm obsessed!  If you haven't tried it yet, you need too!  Grab yours here! 
  5. Organic Sliced TigerNuts – Have you heard of these?  They're actually not a nut at all, but a root vegetable.  I know I had never heard of them until I started diving deep into the AIP diet.  They offer some good resistant starch for the body.  I want to add them to my raw veggies breads.  I ordered them the other day- I'll let you know what I think!  If you want to join me in eating these little guys grab your Organic Sliced TigerNuts  here!
  6. SodaStream Penguin Sparkling Water Maker- I'm about to order this!  We like our sparkling water a lot around here.  We usually buy it from Whole Foods in the glass bottles by the case.  But I really like knowing my water is completely filtered, plus this is so much more convenient and will save us money in the long run.  My sister in law has this one and I always drool a little when I see it.  It's uses glass bottles, not plastic.  Imagine having filtered, fizzy water in glass bottles waiting in your fridge at all times?  I know, now you want one too!  Get yours here!
  7. Lark Ellen Granola Bites I recently discovered this granola and fell hard for it.  I mean have you found paleo, grain free granola that is organic, vegan, non-gm0, sweetened with honey or maple syrup and has sprouted nuts and seeds? I didn't think so.  This stuff is next level and so tasty!  I pretty much ate the vanilla cinnamon all by myself- opps!  Check them out here! 
  8. Max & Me Circle of Protection Body Oil– I never considered myself a body oil snob, but then I tried Max and Me's Circle of Protection.  This body oil is unlike any I've used.  The smell is insanely good- not too much at all and the formula is perfect- no joke.  It melts into my body and I'm left with baby soft skin.  I've never gone through a body oil as a beauty blogger and this one I used up within two months.  If you want to splurge on yourself I recommend you pick this up- you won't regret it! 
  9. American Eagle Floral Head Scarf- I've tried head scarfs before and they failed.  Part of the problem was tying it.  It would end up slipping and coming out completely.  I randomly saw this head scarf on vacation back in June and snagged it.  Yes, I went into American Eagle- I felt 16 all over again.  It has a stretchy part that keeps the scarf in place and then you tie it so you don't see the stretchy part- genius!  I'm all about bringing the 60's head scarf back and making my hair look cute in 1 minute!  Snag your head scarf here! 
  10. Activ Whey Protein Powder- I can't get enough of this goat whey protein.  It is the best protein powder I've ever used!  I personally know the creator and founder and can vouch for it's purity and standards.  It comes in chocolate and vanilla and I love them both!  I put it in my smoothies, make protein balls with it and use it in bar recipes.  The list is endless!  Check out the protein podcast and my protein blog post here to learn why it's so important to choose a clean protein powder.  I also list tips on how to choose a clean one, and why goat whey is completely different than cow's whey in every way. Check out the protein here and use my coupon code– GURLGONEGREEN for 10% off!

What are you loving lately?


Protein Powder

Protein Powder

So I recorded a podcast back in June with Dr. Matt all about protein powder and it was a huge hit!  You can listen to it here.  A lot of people have since asked if the information from the podcast could be put into a blog post written form.  So here it is!  These are all the takeaways from the podcast.  Dr. Matt shared so many nuggets!

Why Take Protein:

  • Athletes-easy to get some quick protein that doesn't feel heavy/helps build muscle
  • Mom's
  • Busy Life/Anyone on the go

What you do NOT want to find in a protein: (basically any word that looks sketchy-question!)

  • Sucralose-synthetic sweetener
  • Aspartame-synthetic sweetener
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Maltodextrin
  • Polyethylene Glycol(basically myralax which is a laxative)
  • Any Isolate-(Whey Protein Isolate, Soy Protein Isolate, etc…) causes gas, bloating, diarrhea, increases allergies. Wreaks havoc on gut flora. Very easy to store because it's been processed so much.
  • RBGH
  • Sodium caseinate
  • GMO's
  • MSG
  • Hydrogenated anything
  • Soy Lecithin

What to look for in a protein:

  • Grass-fed/Grass-finished if it's an animal protein
  • Organic
  • Little ingredient list as possible
  • Whey Protein Concentrate

Heavy Metals in Plant Based Proteins:

  • Can't tell the heavy metal content by looking at the label
  • Pea, Rice, Hemp are all plant based proteins
  • Get 3rd party testing from the manufacturer(call/e-mail them and ask for the papers with the lab testing done and make sure there is a signature so you can go back to them and say this person signed off)
  • If they didn't have testing done-then move on, not a good protein
  • Just because your protein was tested doesn't mean it's good though-make sure you see what the heavy metal levels are
  • The reason there is heavy metals in plant based proteins is because whatever is in the soil it soaks up.  So if the soil contains a lot of heavy metals then the plant is soaking that up. If you take pea protein for instance you essentially are eating 100's of peas each time you're taking your pea protein, so you want to make sure the the quality of the peas is good. Overtime that could add up to a lot of heavy metals if not careful.

What if a protein is cheaper:

  • Proteins are often cheaper because they skimp on quality ingredients and sourcing

Can I find a clean protein at Whole Foods or other health food stores:

  • It can still be hard to find a clean protein at your local health store or Whole Foods
  • Best thing to do is e-mail/call them and ask questions

Why should I drink protein 30-40 minutes after a workout:

  • Want cortisol to come down after workout
  • Helps to spike hormones in a good way after workout
  • Build muscle
  • 15 grams of protein is great after workout

Why you don't want to blend a whey protein too much:

  • Whey collects air and the more powerful your blender the more air is collected
  • The air can cause you to feel bloated, have gas, and make you feel like the protein is just sitting in your stomach
  • Just add the protein in after you've blended all the ingredients
  • If you still feel bloated, gassy or like a ball is sitting in your stomach you may just have a bad protein

What protein is best:

  • Goat Whey Protein
  • Whey Protein Concentrate(best sources are going to be from New Zealand, Australia, or Germany-although really expensive)
  • Vegeterian- Pea Protein(however plant based proteins don't contain all the amino acids)
  • If you add some rice and pea protein together you will get more of a complete protein since they both are missing certain amino acids

*Collagen is really popular now and is great for hair, skin, nails and joints. But it doesn't build muscle tissue or immunity.

I personally take goat whey protein.  A lot of people haven't heard of goat whey, but it's really an amazing protein source.

Here's why:

  • Goat whey has demonstrated positive anti-inflammatory effects in the digestive system. Cow whey has shown increased inflammatory effects.
  • Cow whey is considered allergenic whereas goat whey is considered hypoallergenic.
  • Whey protein is the “gold standard” for serious athletes. Goat whey is the “gold standard” of that “gold standard.”
  • Goat whey is amazing for our immune systems, supporting lean muscle growth and repair, as well as optimal body composition.
  • Goat whey has the full range of essential amino acids in ratios that best support the athlete in all of us.

The goat whey protein I take is called Activ Whey.  There are many reasons why I like it!

  • It is really light and doesn't ever make me feel bloated. That's because there is nothing added to fill up space, just the purest goat whey and flavoring.
  • Activ Whey is a goat whey protein that comes from goats that are grassfed all the way through their lifecycle. There are zero antibiotics or hormones used on the goats or the vegetation they eat from.
  • I personally know the creator and can vouch for the legitimacy of the protein and where it is sourced from.

You can snag Activ Whey Goat Protein Powder here!

That sums up the protein blog post. What protein powder do you take?

Top Healthy Food Bars

Top Healthy Food Bars

Ok, so who would have thought 20 years ago that bars would be such a big food group!  As time goes on it seems our already fast paced world gets even faster.  People don't have time to make a nutritious snack or meal so they grab a bar.  Unfortunately, the market is saturated with a lot bars that aren't real food.  Some of them should really fall into the candy bar category.  Then we have the bars that are filled with chemicals and junk.  It's easy to get sucked into thinking a bar is actually good for you by all the marketing ploys of companies these days.  From catchy words like, natural, whole ingredients, plant protein, and even organic.  These companies are catching on to what consumers are looking for.

Here are a list of ingredients I avoid in bars:

Folic Acid(synthetic form- often an added vitamin or mineral, you want folate)

Cyanocobalamin(synthetic form of Vitamin B-12 that contains cyanide-a poison)

Soy Protein(especially if it's not organic. I try and avoid soy as it's in so many foods already and unless it's organic or says non-gmo it likely is a GMO)

Soy Protein Isolate(Processed soy and same as above for soy protein)

-Soy Lecithin(Helps keep things together, but again soy)

-Whey Protein Isolate(causes gas, bloating and diarrhea, wreaks havoc on the gut flora)

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sucralose(artificial sweetener)

Inulin(Most Inulin used in food bars is extracted from chicory root and can cause a lot of problems- upset stomach, bloating, diarrhea)

Brown Rice Syrup(Often it's found at the top of an ingredient list in bars and is used instead of sugar.  People think it's better but be careful because it can contain high levels of arsenic from the brown rice)

-Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil(it's processed to separate the liquid from the oil. It can be used a lot for chocolate coating on bars.  And results in higher saturated fat content)

-Natural Flavors(may come from a natural source but then they are manipulated in a lab. It's hard to really know what's in a natural flavor)

Carageenan(You can often find this ingredient in protein bars)

-Sugar Alcohols(these tend to be hard to digest and can make you feel bloated even though the calorie count is low. Watch out for maltitol, sorbitol, erythritol)

-Hydrogenated Oils(trans fat)

*Keep in mind this is just a small list.

Tips When Shopping For Bars:

  • Look for short ingredient lists– If the ingredient list looks overwhelming and contains words you can't pronounce or aren't sure what they are, then move on.  Chances are the bar is full of more chemicals than real food.
  • Avoid Cheap/Synthetic Ingredients- If you see a lot of soy(really cheap ingredient), isolates, folic acid, etc. (basically any of the above ingredients I listed) then keep walking. If a company skimps in one area, they are probably skimping in other areas too.
  • Avoid Sugar Bars- If sugar is the first or second ingredient you can bet it's more of a candy bar than a health bar. Look for bars that add sweetness as naturally as possible.  Think dates, coconut nectar, etc.
  • Look For Marketing Tactics- Don't assume a bar is healthy or good because it has the organic or non-gmo symbol on it.  I can't tell you how many times I've picked up a bar that has the organic symbol on it thinking it would be good, only to find it contained a lot of cheap ingredients, folic acid and Cyanocobalamin.  So disturbing!  Sometimes your best bet might not be organic, but at least it only has 7 real food ingredients and you can recognize each one of them.

Favorite Bar Picks:

Skout Backcountry Organic Trail Bar-

I discovered these bars not too long ago and instantly became hooked!  I mean they're so good!  My first thought when eating one was how it reminded me of no bake cookies-yes you heard me!  The chocolate coconut one specifically.  They also have an almond blueberry flavor, apple cinnamon, and chocolate peanut butter. Made with only 7 ingredients, these bars are organic, gluten free, non-gmo, vegan and free of refined sugar.  These have oats in them, but are still gluten free. Plus, I love that they're just sweetened with dates.  My daughter loves them too!  These are more of a snack bar in my opinion since the protein isn't super high.  A great pick for kid's lunch boxes or after school snack.  To make them even more protein dense I like adding a little nut butter on top!  Skout Backcountry has been so kind to offer 25% off using code: GONEGREEN. Shop here on their website!



These bars are one of my very favorites!  They are a protein bar and great for grabbing when you need something substantial quick.  They literally only have 6-8 real food ingredients per bar.  They are dairy, soy, and gluten free. They also are considered paleo friendly and Whole30 approved. I love the texture of these bars.  They are chewy and satisfying.  Plus 12 grams of protein per bar!  My favorite flavor hands down is Maple Sea Salt- try it and thank me later.  I also like the Mint Chocolate flavor.  You can find these at Trader Joe's(Usually just a couple flavors) and other health food stores.  They often have sales or different promotions, so follow them on social media.  Check out RXBAR! 


Perfect Bars-

These are hands down my daughter's favorite.  They are a protein bar but made with 20+ superfood ingredients.  They aren't chewy but more dense and soft.  All the flavors are gluten free, soy free and non-gmo.  There is one flavor that is vegan and that is Vegan Almond Coconut. Most bars are certified organic but some don't have the symbol because not every ingredient is organic-although most of them are.  They include superfood ingredients like, kale, kelp, carrot and spinach-just to name a few.  These are definitely a fill you up kind of bar in my opinion.  My current favorites are Blueberry Cashew, and Coconut Peanut Butter. You can find these at Whole Foods, most health food stores, and a lot of conventional grocery stores. You can also by them at Costco!  They are in the refrigeration section at the grocery store. Shop the full selection here!


Go Raw Grow Protein Bars-

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen me share these in my stories.  I love that they use organic raw sprouted watermelon seeds as the protein source!  A completely vegan bar with 12 grams of protein and made with only 8 ingredients.  These aren't super chewy but more like a granola bar texture but denser.  The bars are also organic and non-gmo.  These bars are nut free too-a great option if you or your child is allergic to nuts! Which is sometimes hard to find when it comes to health bars.  If you can do nuts these are great dipped in some nut butter or even sunflower seed butter.  I really like the Mint Chocolate flavor and Cinnamon Spice.  Use Coupon Code: RAW25 for 25% off your purchase online.  Shop here!


Thunderbird Real Food Bars-

These bars are so good!  They have a Fruit and Nut Bar selection and then a Nut and Seed Bar selection.  The Nut and Seed collection is more for those wanting a little more substance and a little less sugar.  I love the chewy texture and the flavors.  They use a variety of real food ingredients in their bars.  Everything from pecan meal, quinoa, pecan butter, carrots, hemp seeds, buckwheat groats…are you getting the picture?  I love the variety!  The flavors are so good too!  I haven't tried all of them but my favorite so far is Pecans+Goji+Pistachio from the Nut and Seed collection.  All the bars are gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, soy and refined sugar free.  Some bars have more protein depending on ingredients.  These aren't organic but they all only have a handful of real ingredients, which is pretty hard to find nowadays.  I get these at my local Co-op PCC.  These are also paleo certified.  Shop all their flavors here! 


Square Organics Bar-

These honestly taste like a candy bar but without the chemicals!  All of them are chocolate coated with a different flavor on the inside.  I love that they're dairy, soy and gluten free.  They sweeten them using coconut nectar and use a plant based organic protein.  They are vegan as well and of course organic and non-gmo. My personal favorites are the coconut and mint.  I ate these a lot after having my second baby girl.  They were quick energy when I was nursing like crazy!  They  hit the spot for those sudden hunger urges.  If it’s been hard for you to find a protein bar that tastes good and has decent ingredients, then check out Square Organics- you won’t be disappointed.  You can find these at Whole Foods and a lot of other health food stores.  Also, use coupon code: gurlgonegreen for 20% off a box! Shop here.


Two Mom's In the Raw Soul Sprout Granola Bar-

These bars are just so nutrient dense!  They are raw obviously and filled with sprouted nuts, sprouted seeds, sprouted oat groats, sprouted buckwheat groats and fruit.  They are organic and non-gmo and sweetened with coconut syrup.  Also, they are soy, dairy, and gluten free and vegan.  These are thinner and more like a slightly crunchy granola bar.  Again, I love spreading mine with some nut butter!  They aren't a super heavy bar at all, with only about 3 grams of protein and only 6 grams of sugar per bar.  I buy these on Thrive Market but they also sell them at Whole Foods in the granola bar packaged section.  You get them in a package of 6.  They also sell nut bars that are a little more protein packed, truffles and crackers that I haven't tried yet but want too!  Also, if you enter your e-mail on their website you'll get 20% off your first order!  Shop the full product line here!



These are a great option if you just want to be able to run to the store and get a good quality bar.  You can find these at most conventional stores as well as health food stores, and even Thrive Market carries them.  They just have a handful of real ingredients and are sweetened with dates.  They taste similar to a Lara Bar but are organic.  They are soy, dairy, and gluten free as well and non-gmo.  My daughter really likes these too!  They are more of snack bar in my opinion since they are lower on protein. I've been known to dip these in some nut butter though for a little extra substance! Our favorites are the Dark Chocolate Walnut, and the Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut. Shop KIT'S ORGANIC !


That concludes my favorite healthy bar round up!  What are your favorites?  Did you see any you want to try?

5 Facts You Should Know About Chocolate

5 Facts You Should Know About Chocolate

A collaboration post between Healthfully Hannah and GurlGoneGreen

Have you ever walked down the chocolate aisle at a grocery store? It can be downright overwhelming if you're a chocolate lover! Do you want dark, milk, or white chocolate? Do you want a candy bar, chocolate covered nuts, mint, or raspberry with it? Sound familiar? Contrary to popular belief, not all chocolate is created equal. Chocolate lovers can still rejoice though, because we’ve given you a few simple guidelines to ensure you’re buying the best of the best!

It’s true – chocolate can provide multiple health benefits, when it is high quality. But before indulging, here are a few things to consider about chocolate (some may surprise you!)

  1. Cacao vs. Cocoa – There’s a Difference

Maybe you’ve seen both and assumed they were the same, but there are several important differences between cacao and cocoa.


All chocolate actually starts as cacao, from the cacao bean (which are technically seeds). When you see “cacao”, that means it has been processed at low temperatures and usually has fewer additives.

You can get all the benefits from cacao by consuming raw cacao powder, cacao nibs, or chocolate bars with a high % cacao. In fact, raw, unprocessed, cacao has even been associated with improving a variety of health conditions.

*See below why cacao is important to buy organic.


Cocoa on the other hand is processed at extremely high temperatures, which destroys some of the beneficial nutrients. This is what we find in mainstream chocolate products like hot cocoa, cocoa powder, candy bars, chocolate desserts, and other chocolate products. If consuming cocoa, be sure it does not contain additives like milk, high fructose corn syrup, soy, oils, artificial flavors, and dyes (as it often does!)

  1. Chocolate Should Always Be Dairy-Free

Cacao naturally contains polyphenols (a compound that has antioxidant properties) but when it contains dairy, we’re not able to absorb the health benefits of the chocolate. Milk protein inhibits absorption of these beneficial polyphenols.

This is why dark chocolate is a much healthier option. The higher the percentage of cacao, the better (at least 70%).

  1. White Chocolate Isn’t the Same

White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, milk, and sugar. It doesn’t contain any cocoa solids, which is where the health benefits come from. The polyphenols and flavanols, found in cocoa solids, function as antioxidants to fight free radicals. Unfortunately, white chocolate usually contains more sugar and little fiber, making it inferior on many levels.

If you do choose white chocolate make sure you read the label. Always look for low sugar, organic milk ingredients, and a high cocoa butter content. Companies often use a lot of unhealthy fats (linked to inflammation) and a very small amount of cocoa butter – which eliminates the health benefits found in dark chocolate.

  1. Fair Trade Is Extremely Important

Did you know that the majority of American Chocolate companies (think Mars, Hershey, Nestle) use child labor to grow their cocoa? Most of these farms are in Africa in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.  The children have little clothes on their backs, their faces scarred from the machete they use to cut down the cocoa and even worse they are being exposed to hazardous chemicals through the pesticides they spray on the crops.

“The farms of Western Africa supply cocoa to international giants such as Hershey’s, Mars, and Nestlé—revealing the industry’s direct connection to the worst forms of child labor, human trafficking, and slavery.” (Source)

*Due to these factors, Hannah and I carefully choose companies that do not participate in these inhumane practices.

What can we do? First, stop supporting these companies with your purchases. As we like to say often, vote with your dollars. Then, purchase chocolate products from companies that offer Fair Trade. It is expensive for companies to receive the fair trade labels and some simply cannot afford it. Others terms to look for are “Bean to Bar”, and “Direct Trade.”

Here are the fair trade symbols to look for on your chocolate:

Keep in mind that the higher the percentage of cacao, the better. We like to stick with 70% cacao or higher.

  1. Next time you’re picking out chocolate, make sure it is:
  • Dairy free (If you’re consuming a little chocolate every day it’s best to avoid dairy to make sure you are able to absorb the antioxidants it offers but of course there are times when you really want a little dairy in your chocolate which is fine-got to a live a little!)
  • Fair Trade
  • Free from additives like GMOs, soy, added sugars, artificial colorings, and more organic if possible (Did you know cacao is often heavily treated with pesticides?)

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Brands We Love & Our Favorites From Them-

Wei of Chocolate

  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and Soy Free

Our favorites: It’s hard to choose a favorite, but you can’t go wrong with Wei Beautiful, the perfect mix of chocolate and peppermint. We’re also huge fans of their Wei Inspired, a mix of himalayan sea salt and dark chocolate.  Use code: LOVELY, good till 2/28/17 for15% off one-time purchases, and 20% off on-going subscriptions.

Eating Evolved

  • Paleo
  • Vegan
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • Soy Free & Gluten Free
  • Dairy-Free

Our favorites: Huge fans of the Crunchy Caramel Bar and the Almond Sea Salt.  As well as the Caramel Sea Salt Cups and Mint Cream Cups.  Oh and if you’re really into chocolate spreads then check out their Toasted Coconut Chocolate Spread-it might change your life!

Theo Chocolate

  • Organic
  • Gluten Free & Soy-Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Vegan

Our favorites: A staple is the Salted Almond 70% Dark, the Mint 70% Dark and we can’t forget about the Coconut 70% Dark too. We also really love their Baking Bars for baked goods. We like breaking them into chocolate chunks to use in cookies.  They aren’t dairy-free but they are one of the few baking bars that is soy free and organic.  Plus, this is something for a special holiday than to use every week.

Alter Eco

  • Soy Free
  • Mostly all Fair Trade Certified
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic

Our favorites: Their chocolate does have dairy in it but we’re ok with that once in awhile as we mentioned earlier.  Sometimes chocolate needs to just be an indulgent treat!  That being said their truffles are amazing-a serious treat. We also love their Dark Brown Butter Bar-it may also change your life!

Enjoy Life

  • Dairy-Free
  • Free from top allergens (milk, soy, wheat, eggs)
  • Non-GMO

Our favorites: Love the mini chips for baking, especially cookies!

Heavenly Organics

  • Only 3 ingredients in each chocolate pattie
  • Non-GMO
  • Fair-Trade
  • Dairy Free
  • Organic

Our favorites: The Mint Chocolate Patties and the Almond Chocolate Patties are both amazing!  

Equal Exchange

  • Organic
  • Up to 88% Cacao
  • Soy-Free & Vegan
  • Fair Trade & Worker Owned

Our favorites: We love their 55% and 70% dark chocolate chips for special treats and baking.  

Giveaway! We’ve teamed up to giveaway a box of Wei of Chocolate on Instagram, so stay tuned to enter to win.

What are your favorite chocolate brands? Did you learn something new about cacao or cocoa? Share below!


Hannah is the founder and educator of Healthfully Hannah, a blog empowering others to live healthfully through Clean Eating, Natural Beauty, and Nontoxic Living.  She discovered the power of real food and natural living through her own health journey and is passionate about sharing it with others.  In addition to her research and blogging, Hannah is pursuing her Masters Degree in Functional Medicine and Nutrition, and plans to use this knowledge to identify and address health concerns naturally through a whole-body approach.

You can find all the latest on Hannah through her blog: Healthfullyhannah.com


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My Whole30 Experience

My Whole30 Experience

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I started Whole30 with my mom.  I had asked her if she wanted to do it with me.  It was important for me to have someone else who was doing it with me, good accountability.  I wanted to do it for many reasons.   (more…)